Mivida New Cairo Compound

السعر مُتاح عند الاتصال
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2020
Developed by: Emaar Misr

About the project  Residential compound by Emaar Misr.

Mivida Location  Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.

Mivida New Cairo Compound Space  890 acres.

Units' Type  Apartments - Twin Houses - Town Houses - Mivida Villa For Sale - Offices - Clinics.

Units' Space  starts from 191 m² up to 779 m².

The Executing Company Name  Emaar Misr Developments.

Payment Methods  5% downpayment, 10% second payment, and installments up to 6 years.

Properties for sale

Unit Prices in Mivida New Cairo Compound
Office with an area of 123 meters in Mivida compound
Apartment with garden 93m in mivida compound
Villas for sale in Mivida Compound
Twin House in Mivida Compound
Twinhouse for Sale 330M in Mivida
Twin house with area 230m in Mivida New Cairo
Properties in Mivida compound
Units in Mivida Fifth Settlement
Apartment in Mivida Compound
Apartments For Sale in Mivida
Villas in Mivida New Cairo
Designing villas in Mivida Compound
145m apartment for sale in Mivida
A unit of 150 meters in Mivida
Twin House in Mivida New Cairo
Townhouse for sale in Mivida Compound


Mivida New Cairo Compound Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Mivida.

About the project: Residential compound by Emaar Misr.

Mivida Location: Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.

Mivida New Cairo Compound Space: 890 acres.

Units' Type: Apartments - Twin Houses - Town Houses - Mivida Villa For Sale - Offices - Clinics.

Units' Space: starts from 191 m² up to 779 m².

The Executing Company Name: Emaar Misr Developments.

Payment Methods: 5% downpayment, 10% second payment, and installments up to 6 years.

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Mivida New Cairo

Looking for a safe community with all the luxury services and amenities available? All this and more are waiting for you behind the gate of "Mivida Compound".

In this eco-friendly compound, you and your family and neighbors will have a good life and unmatched fun.

Compound Mivida is the latest residential compound by Emaar Misr in the heart of New Cairo and is meticulously designed on 890 acres and is a harmonious mix of residential compounds, commercial and administrative buildings, entertainment facilities and services.

Own your unit now in Mivida to ensure your family a full-integrated community and a quiet life that can meet all your needs.

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Mivida is one of the most important projects of Emaar Misr, as it is one of the highest residential complexes in the region, because of its distinctive design and its inclusion of green spaces and water bodies that reflect a wonderful appearance in addition to giving a sense of comfort and recreation when looking at it.

It depends on combining everythis that is natural in the environment and multi-use means, with the aim of creating an eco-friendly community, where customers can enjoy the magnificent views of the green spaces as well as the beautiful gardens, as well as a dedicated walkway that offers the greatest privacy.

Emaar Mivida Compound New Cairo also features residential units of different sizes to suit all customers according to their tastes, including separated apartments, penthouses, villa for sale in mivida and duplexes, in addition to the presence of all facilities and services, whether basic or recreational, to provide all the needs and requirements of customers within the compound.

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Mivida Egypt

it's of residential projects located in fifth settlement in New Cairo, one of the projects of Emaar Misr, and it extends on 890 acres, and it is also built with more than 5000 residential units, which range from apartments to twin houses and villas.

It provides many features including:

  • Residential units are illuminated by solar energy.
  • Security and privacy within the compound.
  • Close to international schools and universities.
  • The variety of residential units areas and prices as well as payment methods.

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Project Layout

MIvida Layout

Project Location

The project is characterized by its strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, specifically on The South 90th Street, in addition to its proximity to the vital areas where it is only five minutes away from the American University, while it is 15 minutes away from Heliopolis and Nasr City, and from Cairo Air Airport only ten minutes away.

The project is also easily accessible, due to its proximity to the main roads, as it is located in the best strategic areas on the Suez Road.

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Book your unit in Mivida Boulevard Residence..you will find everything you are looking for

Mivida Boulevard Residence Project is the first destination for people with high taste and those looking for luxury and sophistication, the compound offers integrated services and facilities, with a wonderful and distinctive design by a group of the best architectural designers. It also provided spaces and fantastic prices, so hurry now and book your integrated unit in Mivida Compound.

The project was designed on the latest contemporary Spanish designs inspired by the famous Ras Rambla design so that the client feels that he enjoys all kinds of sophistication and entertainment on Egyptian lands.

It is strategically located in the heart of Mivida New Cairo, close to many vital places, most notably:

  • It is located near the American University and the University of the Future.
  • It is located at a short distance of about 15 minutes from Heliopolis, and Nasr City
  • It is close to international schools such as Repton School.

The project extends over a space of 860 acres distributed among green spaces and residential units, and it owns many different residential units, amounting to 5000 units, such as villas, apartments, and townhouses, to offer many options to customers.

The project includes many important and exclusive features and services to increase the entertainment and enjoyment of customers as follows:

  • Lots of green spaces and lakes that give a wonderful view to the client.
  • The wonderful design combines modernity and sophistication, and the diversity of units so that the customer feels that the unit was designed specifically for him.
  • Mivida Boulevard also includes a sports walkway, a games area, as well as restaurants and cafes throughout the compound to provide the most delicious food, and a huge commercial mall.
  • It includes a health club, a sport, and a social gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes to suit all age groups.

Emaar El Delta has provided unparalleled prices and payment systems for the convenience of the customer, as prices start from 3,799,000 EGP and prices vary according to the type of each unit. With easy and flexible payment systems up to 8 years.


Life among green spaces is truly different and has many advantages, the first of which is the refreshing atmosphere in which a person lives and is more comfortable and feels a great deal of happiness just by spending many times in this place.

All this beauty that you are looking for has been placed in your hands in Blue Views Residences Fifth Settlement because it is one of the phases of Mivida New Cairo Compound, which is one of the most famous residential complexes in the city and has many different advantages.

We must not forget that Blue Views Residences location is very special and close to several important places in New Cairo, including the American University, which is only 5 minutes away / and it is not far from several important areas, including Heliopolis and Nasr City.

The compound offers many different services to the residents, including basic and recreational ones. It contains a very distinguished landscape and there are more than one place to sit in order to enjoy your time in this fresh air and live a unique experience of happiness and joy, and the place contains sports fields, a health club, and other things. Miscellaneous services.

Blue Views Residences is one of the distinctive projects that provided you with many residential apartments of various sizes, which allow customers to choose from among them what suits them and the size of their families, and the project also gives you more than one view of the apartments, some of which overlook the green spaces, and some of them overlook large artificial lakes, and some of them include both.

The meanings of elegance are evident in the place and they are in the architectural design of the project, which is one of its best advantages because it bears the modern American character and has a hint of classicism that adds luxury to the decorations found in Blue Views Residences, and there are many apartments that start from one room to three large rooms.

It is worth noting that the diversity in the incision is not only in the area, but in the designs that the company offers in general, and also there is more than a variety of views that work in many times so that the person gets all the advantages he wants. As for the project spaces and prices, they are as follows:

  • Units space starts from 81 square meters up to 199 square meters.
  • The average price starts from 4,292,000 EGP.
  • The units will be delivered in 2024.


Being in Teseen Street inside Fifth Settlement is one of the elements of success that the place adds to the projects established there, and indeed this is one of the advantages that Downtown Mivida enjoys in Fifth Settlement, which is one of the largest commercial projects in New Cairo and has more than one medical and administrative interface.

The colors of the architecture gather in a beautiful aesthetic form within the sides of Mivida, specifically in the distinctive Downtown Mivida that has been allocated to luxury offices and developed clinics, as well as many shops of various sizes and has a lot of distinction and difference in design that mimics in its design the most luxurious commercial streets in the famous city of Barcelona.

The real estate developer was not satisfied with the design of the place being distinctive, but also made its location within the Mivida compound distinctive because it serves the units inside it in the best way, Downtown Mivida area has three large main gates which are located in the place to reduce congestion and also make it easier for you to come to the place from several different sides.

There are also many important ingredients for success in the place, as there are a large number of restaurants and cafes, in addition to providing resting places equipped with an atmosphere of complete calm, and there is more than one place dedicated to studying or practicing reading amid the calm green areas.

It is new when starting new projects or expanding an existing project that the client thinks of a place that opens up new horizons and provides more than one field and opportunity and increases the productivity of the place as well, so it is important to mention that Downtown Mivida Fifth Settlement provides you with many services that suit your business and give it a strong push forward.

The services available in the project are many, making it an integrated commercial area. The place has many well-equipped meeting rooms and resting places, as well as a very large garage so that you do not bear the burden of parking your car, and many other facilities that make it easier for you to be present and work inside the place in the best way.

And this is not all that the place provides for you, but there is more than anything else, including that it includes international schools with advanced educational curricula and allows students to learn in a modern atmosphere with more innovation, in addition to the fact that there is more place to practice sports, including open ones, and closed gyms.

Finally, the features offered by Downtown Mivida to customers, we must mention that there is flexibility in the units within the phase, which vary in size and design, as well as prices and convenient payment systems, in order to enjoy having an integrated unit in a large place with a huge number of services with ease.


My Park has also been allocated to be a large commercial area on a large space within Mivida Fifth Settlement, which varies in terms of units and designs available in it, and also gives customers and businessmen a lot of various advantages that contribute to owning an integrated unit in a distinguished place.

The environment surrounding the project is of great importance in that the place has many advantages and increases your production in it with time and also offers you many opportunities to find your right client and develop your field of work in general, all these details have been taken care of by the developer of My Park Compound Fifth Settlement.

Architectural design plays an important and effective role in making the place very different and gives you more than one special thing, including the diversity of units, and there are administrative, medical, and commercial units as well. Its space starts from 44 square meters and extends to more than one space, whether large or small, and the prices of the place start from 4,283,000 EGP.


Working in an appropriate environment and a very comfortable and distinctive atmosphere makes there is a big difference in production at the level of people and institutions in general, and indeed this is what has been worked on in THE PLACE Fifth Settlement because it is one of the distinctive places that care a lot about the customer’s comfort and the extent of services available to him in his workplace.

It is really a special project in which there are many services, including garages, places for cafes and restaurants, as well as advanced modern designs that help you get a better place to work in, in addition to the fact that there is more gate to the place, which overlooks important main streets, and in the project, there are many elevators and escalators that enable you to move around easily.

There are also many units of various sizes, whether administrative, commercial, or medical as well. The spaces start from 79 square meters and reach larger spaces. There are also several designs to choose from, in addition to prices that start from 7,544,000 EGP, and there are easy payment systems as well.


Mivida Compound is called because it is the heart of the Fifth Settlement, because it is one of the most famous residential compounds in New Cairo in general, and this is due to the fact that it offers everything new in the world of real estate and luxury residential facilities that bear the title of luxury and enjoyment in all its aspects.

Living in the midst of nature is a wonderful life that many people dream of, but few are able to achieve the dream, and Avenues Residences was one of the few places that turned wishes into a beautiful reality in which people live the best times and enjoy their distinguished presence in the place.

There are also many services and facilities provided by Avenues Residences to its residents, which would allow them to have greater opportunities to live a life of luxury and touch happiness with one's hand between the corners of the luxurious compound, beauty is surrounded from everywhere in the compound, starting with luxury homes and wide green spaces, reaching artificial lakes, restaurants, and cafes, until you reach the security system in place in the project.

Being in a special place became easy, and Emaar Misr was able to put various amenities at your fingertips in the unique Avenues Residences, which is one of the phases of Mivida Fifth Settlement, which is in the middle of this distinctive residential complex.

The place is characterized by being highly designed and equipped with the best-advanced systems of home administration and transportation, and there are also swimming pools and large water spaces arranged in different ways in the compound that contribute to living an atmosphere of calm near it.

There are many apartments in the project, which are spacious and designed based on the presence of many alternatives of designs that give you a greater opportunity to choose from among them and are suitable for families so that you can be assured that your children will live in the future from today.

You can find all this and more in Avenues Residences New Cairo, in addition to the diversity of spaces and prices in the place, which gives a greater opportunity for customers so that they can reach the unit that suits them and in line with their desires.


The term sustainable development has become one of the prevailing concepts that are concerned with large residential complexes by applying it in their distinctive units that give a lot of comfort to the residents, and the term depends on the number of sustainable services in it, which are varied between solar energy units, green spaces and a strong infrastructure capable of accommodating facilities better.

Mivida Compound Fifth Settlement is one of the compounds that relied on the idea of ​​sustainable development in the best way, which has already provided it in its phases, especially GARDENS, which bears the unique Italian character in design, which depends on being one of the best international models because it depends on the white color and large areas.

In addition, Mivida Gardens Fifth Settlement is a large green space interspersed with some buildings with a distinctive architectural design in line with the beautiful green color that the place is in, and there are various divisions of the twin houses in the project.

There are also a lot of solar energy units that supply the place with electricity without issuing any pollution or disturbing the place with any noise or pollution, and also contribute, with the landscaping in the compound, to the residents getting a different atmosphere with more than wonderful details.

The phase has been allocated to Twin House units, which are characterized by being highly luxurious and with many modern decorations, and meet the bright white color, which adds more comfort and tranquility to the place and gives a sense of beauty to the residents, and the spaces start from 354 square meters.

Greens II Phase

A life of elegance and luxury is precisely the type of part that you enjoy in Greens, Fifth Settlement, which allows residents to live in a place that is already filled with colors of happiness and luxury and gives residents various opportunities to go to wonderful worlds and has many advantages and includes more than one wonderful service with a lot of distinction.

Greens II New Cairo offers you a wonderful way of living in luxury is an essential thing and allows you more than one way to see happiness in front of you in an integrated compound in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, specifically the 90th Street, which makes moving to and from the compound easy and in a short time.

Also, the image that Greens II draws for you is one of his advantages because it offers him many elements of beauty, including the beautiful gardens interspersed with artificial lakes, giving it a wonderful touch of calm and elegance, a self-loving appearance.

At this phase there are villas that are distinguished by their diversity in terms of the architectural design available to you in the place, as there are tracks in the place dedicated to cycling, exercising, and other services in relation to the spaces of the place, as it starts from 355 square meters and also has truly competitive prices.

Major services in Mivida Emaar

The project includes many services, whether basic or recreational, to provide all the needs of customers, and not to go outside the compound to buy their requirements.

These services are as follows:

Green areas: it has vast green spaces that give a sense of calm and comfort when viewed, as well as swimming pools and artificial lakes.

Sports Club: it includes a sports club for sports lovers of all kinds, as well as a health club and a social club, as well as sports playgrounds.

Shopping Mall: A mall has been established within, with many shops for shopping lovers.

Medical Center: The project includes a medical center equipped with the latest medical equipment to provide health care to all customers.

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Security and guarding: Security and guarding services were provided within the compound 24 hours a day, in order to keep the safety and stability within it, in addition to the existence of a garage for each residential unit within the project.

Restaurants and cafes: it includes a range of restaurants and cafes that offer the best and highest food and beverages.

Kids entertainment area: An entertainment area has been allocated with many fun games.

International Schools: It also has international schools, so that residents do not have to go with their children outside the compound to study.

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Units Types and Spaces in Emaar Mivida

The complex has many residential units of different types and sizes, including twin houses and townhouses as well as standalone villas and regular apartments, as well as penthouses, administrative offices and clinics, and has been allocated areas for creating green spaces and water bodies.

The project was divided into twenty-five different complexs and there are dedicated pedestrian walkways, open gardens and trees as well as artificial lakes.

They were divided as follows:

Twin Houses complex: it is surrounded by Central Park, a club as well as a hotel and medical unit as well as apartments, administrative offices, and schools.

Villas area: This area includes a lake as well as Mivida Business Park, international schools and a health center, as well as the presence of administrative units and integrated club services.

Apartments area: This area has a commercial market and a lake, as well as integrated clubs, an international school and a medical center, as well as business units.

Administrative units area: This area includes a security center, a commercial complex, a parking lot, a lake and a medical center.

Project Designs

It has been designed in a stunning Spanish architectural style, the complex finally combines a range of international certificates that reflect the beauty and elegance of the project, featuring many flowers and trees that are constantly smelling beautiful, as well as a distinctive and exquisite hotel works.

The project is also designed with home-style in St. Barbara area of California, where it features 5,000 residential units, a 30-acre central park and a 222-acre landscape.

Mivida New Cairo Prices

Mivida Emaar New Cairo has allocated 80% of the total area for gardens, green spaces and walkways dedicated to jogging and walking, and the areas of residential units in Mivida Compound Egypt are varied and different in price to suit many social classes.

The price per meter in the compound ranges from 20,716 EGP up to 36.564 EGP.

  • Mivida apartments for sale starts from 3,956.756 EGP up to 5,054,704 EGP.
  • Twin houses price starts from 6.321.417 EGP up to 7,941,708 EGP.
  • Villas price starts from 12.102.684 EGP up to 16,137,764 EGP.

Payment systems and the delivery date

5% downpayment, 10% second payment upon contracting, and the remaining amount will be paid over 6 years.

About The Real Estate Developer

Emaar Misr Developments is one of the leading real estate developers in the real estate field that was founded in March 2005, it's the third project to be launched by Emaar Misr, its most important projects include:

Housing Features in the 5th Settlement

The 5th Settlement area is considered one of the vital areas, where it includes all kinds of services, as it is characterized by calm and sophistication and this is what we have already seen in this Project, as it is not isolated from Cairo but is close to all places because of its presence next to the ring road that helps to reach Nasr City, Al Mokattam and Maadi.

The Fifth Settlement area is known for its many well-known malls, such as Cairo Festival and Downtown Mall, as well as international and private and languages schools, as well as private universities.

It is a vital area and is therefore one of the most important areas chosen to create real estate projects within it.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2021, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.


Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.

3,956,756 EGP


Emaar Misr Developments.

482 apartments

5% downpayment, 10% second payment, and installments up to 6 years.

890 acres


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Water Fountains
  • Aqua park

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