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Know more about the spaces and prices in Casa Sheikh Zayed


Know about Casa Sheikh Zayed

This project belongs to Palm Hills Developments that owns a huge number of high residential compounds and touristic projects in many vital locations on Egypt, where it cared for constructing residential units that suit the low income in El Shiekh Zayed.

 The units vary between apartments and duplex on the highest level, in addition to the complete serving utilities and also it's close to many other vital locations in the 6th of October city and the near districts.

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Casa Palm Hills Developments Location

Casa Compound is located in a strategic location in the West of Cairo to attract many people to live near some huge and famous commercial malls like:

  • Hyper One, and it's 5 minutes away from Mehwar 26 of July.
  • It's 15 minutes away from the Desert Road so Carrefour-Desert road can be reached through it.
  • It's also near the International British School and some high residential compounds like Beverly Hills and Allegria.
  • Also, there are some high nurseries, Cafes, Restaurants, and Parking Garage.

So many people cared for owing special residential units inside the compound to benefit from these services and the main utilities.

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What's the space of Casa Sheikh Zayed?

  • The space of the project is very large compared to many other residential compounds that depend on the attached apartments' systems and residential buildings that are constructed on one pattern.
  • Where the apartment's spaces start from 80 meters up to 300 meters, as for the duplex, it starts from 600 meters to suit the large families and the division of the units that aren't finished yet according to the clients' desires.
  • The company cared for providing various units among two rooms, reception, kitchen, and bathroom, and another unit with three rooms, reception, kitchen, and bathroom, and there are units that have four rooms and wide reception, kitchen, and a large bathroom and a small one to suit all the clients.

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About the executing company of Casa Sheikh Zayed

  • As for the executing company of this project, it's Palm Hills Developments, PHDC, that owns a huge number of residential and touristic projects, commercial and administrating buildings in Egypt.
  • It was established since December 2004 where it constructed a huge number of projects and it was considered one of the largest real estate development companies in the market and it has companies that work in different countries like Singapore and Saudi Arabia.
  • It wanted to provide units that suit the low income and the middle-class families and at the same time to be near the different services and main utilities in the 6th of October City like commercial malls, restaurants, cafes, schools, and universities.
  • it also worked on providing green spaces and parks that surround the whole compound for providing charming natural views and purifying the air.

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What are the available services in Casa Sheikh Palm Hills?

The services are various to resemble the classy residential compounds where the compound was constructed near many serving utilities such as:

  • International schoolshospitals, and external clinics on the highest level of service.
  • Also, wide parks that surround the compound with high trees.
  • Many commercial markets and supermarkets and grocery markets.
  • There are transportation stations that allow many people to reach different locations in 6th of October city and the near districts.

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Know more about the units' spaces in Casa Compound

  • The spaces of the units are various as it starts from 80 meters up to 300 meters.
  • Also, there are double apartments which are called Duplex to suit the large families and their spaces start from 600 meters as it based on two floors connected together.

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Information about units prices in Casa Sheikh Zayed Compound

As for the units' prices, it also suits a large number of society's classes especially the low income.

  • 300 meters apartments with price start from 1,500,000 pounds and more.
  • You can pay a 10% downpayment and the remaining over a 7 years' installment.

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