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Project Description

Project Name: Advida.

About Advida Project: Advida New Zayed project is a sustainable and highly beneficial investment, which is fully aligned with the city's vision and environmental preservation. This project offers luxurious homes that meet all daily living needs in an ideal way, making it an ideal destination for those looking for a luxurious life in a quiet, nature-surrounded place.

Advida Location: It is located in Sheikh Zayed City near Al Dabaa Road.

Advida Compound Area in New Zayed: 5 feddan.

Types of units inside Advida: Villas - Townhouses - Twin houses.

Advida units area: Starting from 195 sqm.

Units price: Starting from 5,534,244 EGP.

Contractor: Advida Real Estate Development.

Payment system: You can pay a down payment starting from 0% and pay the rest of the amount in installments over 8 years.

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Seize the golden opportunity and start an unparalleled journey with us at the heart of our unique project that combines excellence and creativity, Advida New Zayed Compound

For those looking for a quiet life surrounded by beautiful nature, away from the noise and pollution of the city, and includes all the services you need,  Adva Real Estate Development presents its latest residential project in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed, Advida Compound, which provides you with the life you dream of. The owning company has paid attention to the smallest details of Advida  Adva New Zayed project, starting with the geographical location and elegant designs that mimic European projects and cities. Advida New Zayed units have also been precisely divided to provide different areas that suit all tastes at competitive prices and flexible payment systems. So do not miss the opportunity and take the initiative to book your unit in the largest residential edifice in Sheikh Zayed City.

Find your private sanctuary in the distinctive halls of Advida New Zayed Compound, where tranquility and comfort meet natural beauty 

One of the most important factors for the success of residential projects is the location chosen by the owning company to attract customers to buy.  Adva Real Estate Development has succeeded in choosing a strategic location for Advida New Zayed Compound at Gate No. 3, Basin 2 in New Zayed area, which is close to the most important vital areas and main roads.

Most notable main landmarks and roads near Advida Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • Advida New Zayed project can be easily accessed via Al Dabaa Road and Cairo Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Advida New Zayed project is close to the Middle Ring Road.
  • Advida New Zayed is about 10 minutes away from Arab Mall.
  • You can reach the Smart Village from Advida New Zayed project in 10 minutes.
  • The distance between Advida New Zayed compound and Dandy Mall is about 15 minutes.
  • Advida New Zayed project is 20 minutes away from Downtown.
  • Advida New Zayed project is about 25 minutes from the Pyramids.
  • Advida New Zayed compound is close to Genstaa project.

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Enjoy the best in architectural engineering with our modern and unique designs that embody innovation in every corner of Advida New Zayed Compound

 Adva Real Estate Development is renowned for its sustainable projects that rely on the latest technologies in building residential units and focusing on the green element. You will be dazzled as soon as you enter Advida New Zayed project, which has been designed in the latest international styles on Egyptian soil with the best raw materials and construction materials. The owning company has hired the best engineers and architectural designers to develop the engineering plans and elegant designs. Advida New Zayed project is divided with great harmony between the residential units, green spaces and water surfaces as follows:

  • Advida New Zayed project was launched on an area of 5 feddan, equivalent to 21,000 sqm.
  • Green spaces, artificial lakes and recreational facilities occupy the largest part of Advida New Zayed project, the rest is for residential units.
  • Advida New Zayed project includes about 30 independent villas, detached houses, townhouses and twin houses in different sizes.
  • The residential units in Advida New Zayed project consist of 8 rooms, and some villas in Advida New Zayed project range from 10 to 11 rooms.

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Experience the choice between a diverse and innovative range of units and spaces, specifically designed to suit all your needs and aspirations in Advida New Zayed

The area on which Advida Advida New Zayed was established has helped the developing company provide residential units with high privacy and varying areas, so that the client can obtain the residential unit that suits their needs from the following areas:

  • The area of detached houses in Advida New Zayed starts from 385 sqm.
  • The area of twin villa townhouses in Advida New Zayed compound starts from 255 sqm.
  • The area of townhouse villas in Advida New Zayed project starts from 195 sqm.

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Discover the secret behind our excellence and innovation, and how we provide you with a unique residential experience like no other in Advida New Zayed Compound

 Adva Real Estate Development seeks to make its clients' dreams and desires come true. It has provided means of comfort and luxury in Advida Compound through several unmatched features in any other residential project, which are:

  • The location of Advida New Zayed Compound was carefully chosen to act as an element of attraction for customers and investors as it is close to the most important landmarks and service interests and main roads.
  • Advida New Zayed project includes luxurious residential villas with elegant designs and different areas at unimaginable prices that cannot be found in any other residential project in Sheikh Zayed.
  • All residential units in Advida New Zayed enjoy stunning views of green spaces and water fountains that provide mental comfort and relaxation.
  • Paths have been provided for running and cycling enthusiasts among Advida New Zayed Compound residents at any time amidst beautiful nature and fresh air.
  • People of determination among Advida New Zayed Compound residents can move freely through the existence of a paved walkway and facilities that make living easy.
  • A designated area for hosting barbecues and fun gatherings with family and friends amidst enchanting atmospheres has been provided in Advida New Zayed Compound.
  • There are places for caring for and looking after pets in Advida New Zayed Compound, suitable for walking with them freely at any time.
  • Electronic gates have been provided in Advida New Zayed Compound to organize traffic flow within Advida New Zayed project and ensure complete privacy of the units.
  • To protect residents in Advida New Zayed Compound, an advanced security system has been provided with high quality surveillance cameras that monitor all movements around the clock.
  • Advida New Zayed Compound has contracted highly trained security personnel at the highest level to control security and order 24/7.
  • To keep up with environmental preservation campaigns, solar panels have been provided to convert clean solar energy into electricity used for lighting.
  • There is a designated area for collecting waste and debris from the units and disposing of it safely and easily without harming the environment.
  • There are places of worship and mosques in Advida New Zayed Compound in an elegant Islamic style for performing prayers and religious rituals, annexed by a ladies' prayer hall.
  • High-speed internet is available in all residential units of Advida New Zayed Compound to easily control them, perform tasks accurately in a short time, and enjoy using social media.
  • The necessary facilities for living have been provided in Advida New Zayed Compound such as natural gas, electricity, sewage networks and high quality water stations.
  • All residential units in Advida New Zayed Compound are delivered with central air conditioning and showers to ensure living in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
  • Fire alarms and firefighting systems are available in all residential units in Advida New Zayed Compound to deal with and control dangerous situations and protect residents.
  • Electric generators have been provided in Advida New Zayed Compound that operate in case of power outages to ensure the enjoyment of facilities and services.
  • Water tanks are located above each residential unit in Advida New Zayed Compound, operating on solar energy to rationalize electricity consumption.
  • Waste and debris from the residential units in Advida New Zayed Compound are safely and easily disposed of and recycled.
  • Intercoms are available in all residential units of Advida New Zayed Compound to facilitate communication between residents and security personnel at the main gates.
  • Advida New Zayed Compound has a call center team to provide hotel services to residents and customers around the clock to enjoy living in Advida New Zayed project.

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Let every day of your life shine with luxury and excellence thanks to the set of advanced, integrated services we provide in Advida New Zayed project

Enjoy complete luxury and comfortable life that ensures you get all your needs in one place, Advida Advida New Zayed project, where recreational and basic services work to make you happy, which are:

  • Cleaning services for residential units in Advida New Zayed Compound are provided daily, as well as maintenance services for faults by specialist engineers using the latest technologies.
  • Advida New Zayed compound includes an elegant social club suitable for gatherings and practicing sports in courts designed to international standards for football, tennis and basketball.
  • There are large swimming pools in Advida New Zayed Compound suitable for children and all ages to have a fun time, in addition to covered pools for veiled women to ensure complete privacy.
  • A huge commercial area has been provided in Advida Compound with stores for the most famous and well-known brands and trademarks that residents look for without leaving Advida New Zayed project.
  • Advida New Zayed Compound residents get groceries and various household products from a hypermarket that has been equipped with all their needs, with the possibility of delivery to residential units around the clock.
  • To get some relaxation and rest, a comprehensive spa center has been established to offer saunas, jacuzzis and skin care sessions by specialists.
  • There is a large shopping mall in Advida New Zayed Compound with all the services residents need such as cinemas, meeting rooms, and telecom company headquarters.
  • A club house has been built in Advida New Zayed Compound suitable for having fun and practicing various recreational activities for all ages.
  • There is a kids area and games for children in Advida New Zayed Compound to enjoy living in Advida New Zayed project, equipped with surveillance cameras for complete safety.
  • A number of specialized nurseries have been established to receive children and provide them with age-appropriate educational and entertainment services by specialists in kindergartens.
  • There are accredited international schools and universities near Advida New Zayed Compound, allowing students living in Advida New Zayed project to receive high quality education from educational staff at all educational stages.
  • Residents can enjoy the experience of western and eastern cuisines by the best chefs in a series of restaurants and cafes established in Advida New Zayed Compound.
  • There are branches of various banks in Advida New Zayed Compound to facilitate transactions and banking services required by residents easily without leaving Advida New Zayed project.
  • A large medical complex has been established in Advida New Zayed Compound, comprising clinics, labs, and x-ray centers equipped with medical equipment and a highly trained team at the highest level of quality.
  • There are pharmacies in Advida New Zayed Compound that provide medicines and cosmetics needed by residents around the clock.
  • Garages have been allocated for residential units in Advida New Zayed Compound to ensure parking residents' cars safely and privately without causing congestion.

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With us, quality meets reasonable cost! We offer you flexible payment plans and prices that suit all budgets without compromising on quality in Advida New Zayed Compound

Advida Real Estate Development seeks to meet customer needs with the highest quality and best prices, so that the client can obtain a residential unit in Advida New Zayed at a price that suits their financial capabilities, which are:

  • The price of stand alone villas in Advida New Zayed project starts from 5,534,244 Egyptian Pounds.

In addition to these prices offered by the developing company, it has provided flexible payment systems with the lowest down payment and longest payment period, which are:

  • A residential unit in Advida New Zayed can be obtained without a down payment, with the rest payable over 5 years.
  • 5% booking deposit is paid, then 5% is paid after 1 year, 10% upon receipt, and the amount is paid over 5 years.
  • 8% of the unit value is paid, 3% percentage, 11% upon receipt and the rest over 7 years.
  • 10% of the total amount is paid, 3%, 11% upon receipt, and the rest is paid over 8 years.
  • 20% booking deposit for the unit is paid, 10% upon receipt and the rest over 6 years.
  • 10% of the unit value can be paid with the rest over 10 years.
  • 8% maintenance deposit is paid.
  • The first phase of Advida New Zayed project will be delivered during 2024.
  • The second phase of Advida New Zayed project will start during 2026.

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Disadvantages of Advida Sheikh Zayed New City Compound

Despite the many advantages of Advida Sheikh Zayed New City compound area, some people may find that its location distances it from vibrant areas and requires extra time to reach them. However, it should be noted that the New Sheikh Zayed area is surrounded by a massive network of roads and main axes that connect it to all areas inside and outside Cairo, making it easy for residents to reach their various destinations easily.

Experience Luxury and Comfort in New Zayed City!

New Zayed City emerges as an icon of modern architecture and sophistication, enhanced by tech-savvy and advanced residential units. The city, with its world-class schools, well-equipped hospitals, diverse restaurants, and comprehensive shopping centers, provides its residents with luxury and security through an advanced protection system. New Zayed City settles for nothing less than offering an exceptional lifestyle to its inhabitants, where they can enjoy private swimming pools, sports facilities, and lush gardens for leisure time. The city, thanks to its rapid expansion and appeal to investors and prospective buyers, now offers a wide range of upscale residential options, from elegant apartments to luxurious villas.

In addition to luxurious living, New Zayed City represents fertile ground for profitable real estate investment opportunities. Investors can benefit from the city's thriving economic climate, either by renting out properties or reselling them at a higher value later. This city is renowned for being a magnet for those seeking an unparalleled life of luxury and comfort, surrounded by natural beauty. For those in search of quality and exclusivity, New Zayed City will be the ideal destination for living and investing, with promising real estate opportunities waiting to be explored.

A Unique Modern Living Experience Awaits You in New Zayed City!

New Zayed City represents a prominent global attraction due to its modernity, pioneering design, and distinctive cultural and recreational diversity. This city stands out as an icon of modern urbanization, making it the focus of many people around the world aspiring to settle in a place that offers them comfort and development.

New Zayed City boasts high-quality urban facilities, including diverse recreational amenities that cater to all tastes and interests. It's easy to find world-class shopping malls and restaurants serving the most delicious global cuisines, making the living experience there comfortable and inspiring.

Additionally, the city is distinguished by a rich cultural environment reflected in recreational attractions such as museums and cinemas that offer diverse events, enriching the social life of residents. The city's urban design does not neglect residential comfort, as it offers luxurious housing options that cater to different preferences, from modern apartments to attractive residential compounds equipped with all services.

In the realm of healthcare and education, New Zayed City benefits from the presence of well-equipped hospitals with the latest technologies and schools offering high-quality educational programs, ensuring that residents receive the best services in these two crucial areas for any community.

For those seeking a more active and vibrant life, the city offers dedicated spaces for practicing various sports, from water activities on its stunning beaches to natural parks where one can enjoy the great outdoors.

Without a doubt, New Zayed City offers a comprehensive lifestyle that satisfies all tastes and needs, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an advanced and diverse living experience in a cutting-edge urban environment.

Discover the Options: Compounds Similar to Advida New Zayed Compound!

The New Sheikh Zayed area is home to several distinguished residential projects, including the "Advida New Zayed Compound," which enjoys an ideal location near major attractions such as the Smart Village, Dreamland Park, Mountain View, and Al-Ahly Club. This luxurious residential compound offers elegantly designed residential units at competitive prices, making it an ideal choice for those seeking housing in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed.

  1. Hills of One New Zayed Compound:

    • This unique residential destination is located in close proximity to Advida New Zayed Compound, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes that lend a serene and beautiful atmosphere to the area.
    • This compound features contemporary architectural designs that suit various tastes and includes several housing options that meet the demands of modern living.
    • The compound also houses a comprehensive range of amenities, including a health club, dedicated areas for sports and recreational activities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a complete and peaceful lifestyle, close to nature and breathtaking beauty.
  2. Lugar New Zayed Compound:

    • This compound is considered one of the prominent destinations in New Sheikh Zayed, providing its residents with a luxurious living experience through elegantly designed residential apartments equipped with high-end materials.
    • The project also includes diverse commercial facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and green spaces, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors.
    • To ensure residents' comfort, the compound features excellent security services and round-the-clock maintenance teams to maintain the quality of life within this unique residential complex.
  3. Mar Ville New Zayed Compound:

    • Located in the heart of the New Sheikh Zayed area, this vibrant spot embraces a modern lifestyle amidst the atmosphere of progress.
    • With its unique and contemporary architectural design, this location attracts lovers of elegance and luxury.
    • It offers a wide range of residential units, in addition to commercial areas and entertainment centers that provide comprehensive services to its residents.
    • It also features shared facilities, including swimming pools, sports clubs, and dedicated areas for walking and relaxation, making it the perfect place for those seeking exclusivity and tranquility in the heart of the city.
  4. De Joya New Zayed:

    • This residential project enjoys a strategic location adjacent to Advida New Zayed Compound, offering its residents a luxurious living experience amidst the captivating embrace of nature.
    • The residential apartments here boast innovative designs that combine luxury and modernity, ensuring each unit has stunning views of the surrounding green spaces.
    • The project includes integrated recreational and service amenities, such as vast green spaces, dedicated barbecue areas, a swimming pool, a health club, and sports courts to cater to all residents' needs and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Start Your Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Purchase a Unit in Advida New Zayed Compound on!

Advida Real Estate Company offers an excellent opportunity to acquire residential units within its new residential compound, Advida New Zayed, located in Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt. For those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, they can explore the details of the purchase process and flexible payment and installment plans by visiting the website. We provide an in-depth look at the range of options available to prospective buyers aspiring to own a unit in this upscale residential compound:

Cash Payment:

  • Buyers are given the opportunity to choose the cash payment method for acquiring the property, where the unit's price varies depending on factors such as size and architectural design.

Installment Plan:

  • Buyers have the option to purchase through an installment plan when acquiring residential units. They are required to pay an initial down payment equal to 10% of the total unit price as a guarantee. The website offers clients the opportunity to spread the remaining amount over a period of up to ten years. It's important to note that payment agreements may vary depending on the size of the selected unit and available financial options. Additional fees associated with maintenance and services may apply.

Contact Us:

  • To obtain details regarding the purchase or installment procedures, we invite our valued clients to contact us through the numbers provided on the website, or they can reach us via WhatsApp. At Advida Real Estate, we are committed to providing a qualified and friendly team, always ready to respond to all inquiries and offer the necessary support to clients throughout the purchase and payment journey. In Advida New Zayed Compound, strategically located in Sheikh Zayed City, we offer ideal opportunities for those seeking to own upscale residential units.

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