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The Estates Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound

The new city of Sheikh Zayed has become one of the most comfortable and quiet cities, providing its residents with luxury and splendor. In recent times, many real estate projects have been established, most notably The Estates compound in New Sheikh Zayed, which is a major breakthrough in real estate development and one of the most important projects of SODIC Real Estate. The project has a unique international design and offers amazing services to become one of the best projects in the area. For more information click Egypt Real Estate.

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The Estates Compound Designs in Sheikh Zayed

SODIC Real Estate Development Company, one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development and real estate investment in Egypt, is the real estate developer of The Estates compound project in New Sheikh Zayed. The company has provided all the latest capabilities to design the residential units within the compound, as the units are characterized by an innovative architectural design with great artistic touches. In addition, the compound units are modern residential units that also enjoy privacy. (What is the source of this paragraph?)

The Estates Compound Location in Sheikh Zayed

The most important thing that attracts an individual to live in The Estates compound is the distinguished location of the project, which the developing company succeeded in choosing. The project site was carefully selected as it is located within New Sheikh Zayed city west of Cairo at kilometer 44 Cairo Alexandria Desert Road opposite Sphinx Airport. The project is close to many important roads and is easily accessible as follows:

  • The compound is only 3 minutes away from Sphinx Airport.

  • It takes 7 minutes to reach Al Moharram Road from the compound.

  • Arkan Plaza Mall in Sheikh Zayed can be reached in 12 minutes.

  • It is 15 minutes away from the Egyptian Museum.

  • The Engineers Syndicate is only 20 minutes away, while Heliopolis is about 45 minutes away.

  • The compound is 4 km away from SODIC West and Allegria projects.

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The Estates Compound Facilities in Sheikh Zayed

The project was created to be a full-service compound, providing all the requirements that customers need. Everyone feels inside the compound that they have a private life and enjoy luxury, as all the elements of a decent life are available. Important services available within the project include:

  • A huge commercial area with everything the compound owners need, containing many shops.

  • Vast green spaces provide a great view to all residential units.

  • A clubhouse designed to the highest standards.

  • Large area allocated for crystal lagoons and landscaping to ensure exceptional views.

  • A 150 square meter green area surrounding the compound separates it from Cairo Alexandria Desert Road.

  • A fitness club and sports club for exercising all kinds of sports.

  • Top notch spas.

  • Medical services such as clinics and pharmacies equipped with the latest equipment.

  • An entertainment area suitable for adults and children, as well as a separate Kidz Area.

  • Nurseries equipped with the latest technologies.

  • Restaurants and cafes offering all kinds of drinks and food.

  • 24-hour security for the entire compound to provide safety.

  • Unbeatable prices for services and excellent location and space utilization.

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Other Features of The Estates Compound

In addition to the services provided by the compound, there are several other advantages to living inside this project. SODIC was keen to provide all the features to make the compound one of the most important real estate projects in the area. The most important of these features are:

  • Various swimming pools.

  • Mosque.

  • Aqua park for entertainment.

  • Various courts for all kinds of sports.

  • Water fountains.

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The Estates Compound Area in Sheikh Zayed

The Estates compound in Sheikh Zayed was built on a large area sufficient for the residential units and planned green spaces. The largest percentage of 87% was allocated for green spaces, while the remaining 13% was for buildings and residential facilities. The compound was built on an area of 150 feddans.

 This is a huge area out of about 5000 feddans allocated for building the new city, which is an extension of Sheikh Zayed city. The residential units in the compound varied between townhouses, twin houses and standalone villas in different areas:

  • Townhouse areas start from 268 square meters.

  • Twin houses start from 291 square meters, which are great residential units.

  • Standalone villas with areas ranging between 314 square meters up to 600 square meters suit families.

  • Small villas consisting of 3 bedrooms with an area up to 314 square meters.

  • Medium villas consisting of two floors with 3 bedrooms, a large reception area, starting from 348 square meters.

  • Large and spacious villas starting from 433 square meters, consisting of two floors with 4 bedrooms and a reception.

  • The area allocated for buildings is small, yet each individual enjoys full privacy inside their own unit, due to the compound's unique engineering designs.

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The Estates Compound Prices in Sheikh Zayed

The real estate developer, SODIC, has provided all the basic requirements for compound owners while setting reasonable prices. Prices are divided according to area, unit type, and price per square meter. The Estates compound prices in Sheikh Zayed are as follows:

  • The price per square meter for townhouses starts from EGP 23,000, with the total price of a townhouse reaching EGP 6,500,000 according to the area.

  • Twin house prices reach up to EGP 7,500,000, as the price per square meter for this type of unit is EGP 25,000.

  • Compound villa prices range between 1 million EGP up to 20 million EGP depending on the villa area.

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Payment Systems in The Estates Compound

SODIC provides all the necessary facilities for customers to pay for the unit of their choice. The company offers the longest payment period interest-free until full payment and handover of units. The payment systems are as follows:

  • The payment system depends on paying 5% of the total amount of the unit upon contracting, then paying 10% after 3 months.

  • After that, monthly installments are made regularly for up to 8 years without interest until completion of payment and receipt of units.

The Estates Compound Developer

The project owner is SODIC Real Estate Investment, one of the most important companies in Egypt and other countries at the moment. The company was established in 1996 and has carried out many huge projects to gain wide popularity among people. The company includes 27 companies operating in Egypt and abroad, building many real estate projects. The company employs important staff and has gained customer confidence, becoming one of the most important companies, especially after completing several major projects including:

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