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Etapa Sheikh Zayed - The most important features of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

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Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound

Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of the latest and most prominent achievements of City Edge Development in 6th of October at Sheikh Zayed city in cooperation with Housing and Development Bank, Urban Communities Authority. For more information click Egypt Real Estate.

The project is a historic shift in the real estate field in Sheikh Zayed area to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and high standard of living in an atmosphere of tranquility and more privacy in one of the most elegant areas in Egypt.

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Location of Etapa Sheikh Zayed

The compound is located in a vital and distinctive location in Sheikh Zayed; It is located near a number of vital areas and prominent places as follows:

  • In front of Rabwa Compound.

  • Next to Ejiria Sodic Compound.

  • Near Hyper One and El Karma Compound.

  • Near Saudi Supermarket and El Yasmin Compound.

The compound is characterized by easy access from several roads as it is located in one of the most vibrant and distinctive areas in Sheikh Zayed, which is one of the suburbs of Giza Governorate and is classified as second generation cities. It is easy to reach through many roads, such as the July 23 axis, the Ring Road or the Alexandria Desert Road.

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Etapa City Edge Area

The total area of ​​the Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound is 77 acres, and despite the large area, the area allocated for construction does not exceed 14% of it and includes residential units of various types between villas, apartments and townhouses.

The larger area of ​​the project, which is 86%, was used in the extensive green spaces and landscaping, in addition to a distinctive recreational services area that allows residents to meet all their needs and desires to enjoy living within it.

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Etapa City Edge Designs

City Edge has enlisted the largest designers, consultants and engineers to design the compound with modern global designs and decorate it with the finest high-quality decorations to produce an elegant compound characterized by development and modernity.

With regard to construction works, the owning company recruited many contracting companies, including Redcon, and the compound was designed in a modern style with attractive glass facades that satisfy different tastes.

The types of units in Etapa Sheikh Zayed vary to include standalone villas, townhouses of various sizes, as well as grand villas for those looking for distinction, and fully finished apartments equipped with air conditioners.

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Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound Services

The compound achieves a lot of excellence and luxury for its residents while paying attention to the urban nature that is currently the subject of research by a large group of clients.

It includes many diverse services and facilities that an elegant and distinguished compound cannot do without in order to provide what residents need from the requirements of enjoying life and luxury, the most important of which are:

  • The compound is surrounded by a large area of ​​landscaping, green spaces and artificial lakes, giving the compound units an enchanting view of the most beautiful natural scenery throughout it.

  • It provides the most beautiful natural landscapes through flower beds, dense trees and gardens that permeate it.

  • The project includes artificial lakes with attractive diverse colors and swimming pools that are evenly distributed throughout the compound so that they blend with the green spaces and spread in front of the residential units.

  • Swimming pools designated for women only to swim more comfortably and privately.

  • Diverse sports fields including football, tennis and all sports activities.

  • A health club implemented over a large area of ​​5 acres, offering gym, spa and all recreational activities.

  • It contains a large, integrated commercial area that provides global brands and famous brands through diverse commercial stores and malls, in addition to a supermarket.

  • Cinema and theater.

  • Cafes and restaurants that provide hotel services at the highest level.

  • An entertainment area that provides many recreational means to satisfy everyone, and a special cycling track for cycling and jogging.

  • A private elevator for each unit.

  • "Garages" for parking away from roads, in addition to providing ATMs.

  • Private gardens for apartment and villa owners.

  • A recreational area specially designed for children to enable children to play with their loved ones and have fun and entertain safely.

  • Surveillance cameras and security services available 24 hours a day that secure the entire compound.

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Prices and Areas of Units in Etapa Compound

One of the most important features that distinguishes Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound is the remarkable diversity in the types of units, and the prices that are commensurate with what the compound provides in high-level services, which is one of the most important matters that the owning company was interested in so that its project can accommodate and meet various requirements, which are as follows:

  • Duplex: 216 sqm, starting price from 5,400,000 EGP.

  • Standalone villa: starting from 318 sqm, starting price from 8,900,000 EGP.

  • Townhouse: 310 sqm, starting price from 4,900,000 EGP.

  • Twin house: 296 sqm, starting price from 6,600,000 EGP.

  • Apartments: 240 sqm, starting price from 5,100,000 EGP, while 153 sqm starting price from 4,200,000 EGP.

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Payment Systems and Payment Methods

The owning company of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound provides flexible payment systems and payment methods to make this one of the best features included in the project.

The customer pays a down payment of only 5%, and after three months, 10% is paid, and the remaining amount is paid in equal installments over 7 years.

It is worth mentioning that the installments are interest-free, and the units are scheduled to be delivered 3 years after the date of contracting.

Owning Company and Previous Works

City Edge Developments is the owning company of Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound in partnership with the Housing and Development Bank and the Urban Communities Authority.

City Edge enjoys a prestigious position in the Egyptian real estate market, a history full of accomplishments and successful projects and extensive experience that has yielded a lot in the field of urban development to achieve a distinguished standard of living.

Previous Works

City Edge has presented many successful and distinguished works in the real estate market, which included service, residential and commercial projects, the most important of which are:

  • The Gate Towers in New Alamein.

  • Al Maqsad Compound in the New Administrative Capital.

  • Downtown New Alamein.

  • Baroque Compound in the New Administrative Capital.

  • Zahya Project in New Mansoura.

  • North Edge Towers in New Alamein.

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Etapa Compound Features

City Edge has succeeded in making Etapa Compound one of its greatest achievements in the field of urban development by combining features that attracted the eyes of those looking to enjoy a luxurious life and those looking to invest. The most important of its features are:

  • It is a complete city with a distinctive style and special character that makes it unique, and achieves a high standard of living in a distinctive location.

  • It provides all services and lots of luxury and fun in an atmosphere of privacy away from the noise and congestion of the capital.

  • It represents a good investment opportunity in a balanced and integrated environment, as it includes a large number of luxurious units of various types, areas and prices.

  • The units enjoy wonderful designs overlooking a natural view of extensive green spaces, swimming pools, artificial lakes and beautiful natural scenery.

  • All units are delivered fully finished ultra modern super luxury.

Etapa Sheikh Zayed can be considered an ideal integrated healthy compound with a sophisticated urban touch that achieves great prosperity in urban and economic development. It is ideal for those looking for comfort and tranquility, and that is within the framework of reasonable prices for what it provides of high and distinct services with easy payment facilities suitable for everyone.


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