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The Canyon Project is one of the most important luxurious residential projects in Al Mostakbal City, New Cairo as this compound is considered a continuation for uniquness and special differene presented by Maxim. The compound is also featured wth the variety of green spaces & vivid colors all over the compound boosting to pleasure besides the best prices offered by the compound comparing those prices to other offered prices from neighboring complexes.

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Most Important Services Offered By The Canyon Maxim

The Canyon offers many important services like:

  • Unprecedented wonderful view for all residential unit to overlook that you can't find in any other residential project.
  • Many swimming pools all over the compound with different spaces and types for adults and kids.
  • Many water bodies as they are pure turquoise water you can find all over the compound.
  • A large mall containing many shops where you can find many world brands.

More Details About Offered Services In The Canyon Mostakbal City

  • Many international schools & universities responding to all residents needs.
  • A large social club where you find many services like swimming pools, gym and other entertaining features.
  • More vast spaces are allocated for parties in the compound as well as barbeque and other different parties.
  • Many restaurants and cafes serving the most delicious foods & drinks.

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Most Important Advantages Of The Canyon 5th Settlement

The compound offers many important advantages making the project one of the most important residential complexes in Al Mostakbal City as of these important advantages we have:

  • All the project residential blocks present unique interior  & exterior designs as this compound is free from defects.
  • The compound covers 200 acres and the compound majority space is allocated for entertaining services besides green spaces while allocating the minor space is allocated for units.
  • The compound interior designs are inspirted from the unique European style.
  • Residential units in the compound are alike & accurately distributed as the compound is equally divided into similar districts but with different spaces responding to all clients needs.

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More About Advantages Of The Canyon Egypt

  • All residential units & services are equally distributed so that you enjoy all services close to you with no problems.
  • A variety of residential units between town house & twin house besides small residential units like apartments or studios so that they fit special needs of clients.
  • The developer also offers many payment options targetting the installment of units payment over a long period of time.
  • Life in The Canyon is so luxurious & decent which attracts the elite of country.

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Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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