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Green Square Sbbour Mostakbal City

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Project Description

Project Name: Green Square.

About green square Project: An integrated residential compound by Al Ahly Sabbour Development, located 10 minutes near the ring road.

Green square sabbour Compound Location: Al Mostakbal City in New Cairo, 15 minutes from AUC.

Compound Space: 80 acres.

Units Type: Green Square Apartments for sale - Duplex - Town House.

Units Space: It starts from 100 m² up to 256 m².

Price Per Meter: starts from 13,500 EGP.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the first half of 2019.

The Developer: Al Ahly Sabbour Development.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 6 years and a half.

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Green Square Mostakbal City..the place that achieves all your dreams

Green Square Mostakbal City is one of the largest projects, where you can find everything you dream of beauty and sophistication, and all of its units are designed according to international classic styles, but in a distinctively modern way IN Green Square Sbbour Mostakbal City.

Al-Ahly Sabbour developments, the owner of the green square project, has provided all its experiences in green square project, to be the first compound of its kind that serves customers in all respects, and provides them with a range of services and countless advantages.

Discover the dream compound Green Square Sabbour Mostkbal City, with its unique strategic location that embraces the beauty of nature and the charm of contemporary architecture

Green Square Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound enjoys a strategic location that is easily accessible and close to the most important roads and axes, which is an attractive element for customers and investors. The owning company launched it in one of the most vital areas in Mostakbal City, close to the following areas:

  • Green Square Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound is 20 minutes away from the American University.
  • The distance between Green Square Location and the Ring Road is about 10 minutes.
  • The project is close to New Cairo and Nasr City.
  • Green Square Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound can be reached from the New Administrative Capital within 15 minutes.
  • The compound is steps away from Cairo International Airport.

Let the unique design and elegant innovation of Green Square Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound inspire your dreams and guide you towards the luxurious life you've always dreamed of

Al Ahly Real Estate Development Company has made Green Square Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound a residential landmark with stunning designs that dazzle the eye upon entering the project. It has enlisted a group of engineers and architectural designers to develop the designs and engineering plans for the project. Elegant designs for the units have been implemented from the outside and surrounded by green spaces and artificial lakes to provide a panoramic view of all the units on the beautiful nature. The project has been divided as follows:

  • Green Square Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound was built on an area of up to 80 acres.
  • The larger part of the project is dedicated to green spaces, landscapes, and plazas, with the remainder for buildings and residential units.
  • The project includes apartments, townhouses, twin houses and duplexes in different sizes.
  • The duplex in the project consists of a ground floor attached to a garden, or an upper floor.
  • There are townhouses consisting of a ground floor and an upper floor with a roof.

Spaces and unit types of Green Square Mostakbal City

The most important thing that distinguishes green square sabbour compound is the huge spaces and the services it included, and to include all these advantages, it must be built on a large space, as green square project extended over 80 acres, divided in a wonderful way between green spaces, artificial lakes that represented the largest area of green square project, and buildings and facilities that occupied the least space.

  • Apartments space starts from 165 up to 265 square meters.
  • Apartments with gardens starting from 215 square meters and up to 225 square meters.
  • Penthouses space starts from 240 up to 250 square meters.

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The great features in Green Square Compound Al Ahly Sabbour

Al-Ahly Sabbour Company has been keen on making green square project complete with meanings, and full of wonderful features that aim at the happiness and entertainment of customers at all times, and we will learn in detail about these features as follows:

  • Expansive green spaces and artificial lakes give the client the ability to contemplate and peace of mind, to enjoy the stunning view of the landscape inside green square mostakbal city.
  • The wonderful diversity of the units gave a great opportunity for all users to choose the right unit for them according to their different needs.
  • The wonderful design in the classic style in a distinctive pyramid shape gives a sense of luxury and sophistication, by a wonderful group of architects, which made green square project an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the mostakbal city.
  • The calm and tranquility that the resident enjoys in Green square are unparalleled, as green square mostakbal city compound provides you with a life full of all the ingredients of comfort, far from sources of pollution and disturbance.

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The exclusive services that distinguish Green Square Compound Mostakbal City

Among the most important things that make you choose Green Square Mostakbal City to live in are the exclusive services provided in it, which distinguish green square mostakbal city project from others, and make its residents enjoy all means of safety and entertainment, and these services are:

  • A large commercial area that includes a commercial mall and a number of commercial units that include the highest international brands in green square mostakbal city.
  • green square sabbour compound includes a Club House, in which many devices help to relax, such as the sauna, jacuzzi, and spa.
  • 24-hour security and guarding services, security personnel deployed in all parts, and surveillance cameras to protect residents in green square sabbour.
  • Electronic gates are located at the entrance to green square mostakbal city compound to help increase the protection and privacy of the residents.
  • Many swimming pools of different sizes and separate areas within the compound so that all people can enjoy their time in green square mostakbal city.
  • There is a private garage for all units to organize cars and avoid traffic congestion.
  • Central satellite service for all units within green square sabbour compound to ensure entertainment and enjoyment.
  • A large mosque with many worshipers, decorated in the beautiful Islamic style.
  • A social club with several recreational and social activities that bring members closer together, and help create a family atmosphere among them.
  • A health and sports club that includes a large number of modern sports equipment with the best trainers to maintain fitness inside green square sabbour.
  • Large and different sports fields that include many different activities and games such as tennis, squash, and football for each person to choose the sport he prefers.
  • Walking, running and cycling are allotted for healthy sports inside green square sabbour.
  • Several modern restaurants and cafes throughout green square sabbour compound provide all kinds of eastern and western to serve all tastes.
  • Children's areas include games and recreational activities to ensure that they enjoy time with their families at green square mostakbal city.
  • A medical center in green square compound equipped with all modern medical devices, and a group of distinguished doctors in various fields.
  • A nursery for children with all developmental activities that help them think and learn.
  • Dedicated areas for comfortable administrative offices to create a successful work environment.
  • Water treatment and environmental protection services inide green square compound.

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Prices and Payment systems

Al-Ahly Sabbour Development, the owner of green square mostakbal city project, offered a distinguished package of competitive prices due to services that are not provided in Green Square, and payment systems that are considered the first of their kind in the region.

  • The meter price starts from 11,500 and goes up to 13,500, depending on the type of unit owned by the customer.
  • Units prices start from 2,145,000 EGP.

The payment systems were also very flexible for customers, and their first goal was the convenience of work and not carrying the burdens of payment and installments, as the payment period extended to long years, and the company provided easy payment systems as follows:

  • A downpayment of 15% of the total unit price is to be paid, and the rest is paid in installments over a long period of up to 5 consecutive years.
  • 7% maintenance fee is paid for the units.

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Therefore, we find that Green Square El Mostakbal City is a successful investment opportunity in every sense of the word, green square sabbour compound is integrated with all aspects, starting from the distinguished location in the city of the future, away from the hassle and pressure in the city, and the high-end designs for all those looking for luxury and sophistication, with the green spaces and lakes scattered throughout the place to create a refreshing atmosphere full of positive energy.

And do not forget the prices and payment systems that made it easier for investors, so act now and book the unit with the area, type, and price that matches your capabilities and your family.

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Disadvantages of Green Square Sabbour Compound

As for Green Square Compound, some may consider the lack of villas a negative point. However, the available spaces - up to 265 square meters - are comparable to the size of villas. In addition to penthouses and duplexes, which provide an experience similar to villas. With swimming pools and green spaces, residents enjoy the benefits of living in a villa but at the cost of an apartment.


The Real Estate Developer of Green Square Compound

Al-Ahly Sabbour Development is the executing company of Green Square Mostakbal City project, in partnership with the National Bank of Egypt, which was established in 1994, and during this period it provided a large number of different residential projects inside Egypt, numbering about 20 projects, through which it won the confidence and satisfaction of a large number of investors and men business in the Egyptian market.

Al-Ahly Sabbour has always been interested in the quality of the projects it provides to clients, and the best example for us is the green square project, as it aims to be full of basic services and features that the client needs to provide all means of comfort and entertainment, and the company includes a group of engineers with more than 25 years of experience in the field Real estate, and its most important works are:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

What Makes New Cairo Unique

New Cairo is a vibrant and advanced center in Egypt, characterized by unique advantages that make it an ideal area for living and working.

In this article, we will discuss the distinctive features that highlight New Cairo as a remarkable destination on Egypt's map.

Among the prominent features of New Cairo is the presence of residential projects with modern and unique architectural designs, such as the residential compounds like Green Square in Mostakbal City.

These compounds are distinguished by their elegant European designs and vast green spaces, providing residents with a sense of closeness to nature and creating a quiet and comfortable environment that enhances the real estate value of these areas.

In addition, New Cairo thrives with numerous recreational and educational facilities such as universities, schools, sports clubs, and shopping centers that offer services of the highest quality, making it an ideal place for youth and families seeking a high quality of life marked by psychological and mental well-being.

New Cairo also enjoys vast green spaces that include parks and public gardens, providing residents with opportunities to enjoy nature, relax, and unwind within the city.

These green spaces are characterized by their ideal organization and design, allowing for various activities such as dining, entertainment, and sports training, giving New Cairo a special dimension that makes it an ideal place for modern living and real estate investment. When looking at New Cairo, this area stands out as a vibrant center for technological innovations.

With a host of technology companies and advanced research institutions, the city forms an incubator for creative minds from various fields such as engineering, design, and entrepreneurship.

These professionals effectively contribute to enriching the technological landscape with innovative solutions that meet the needs of the modern market. Alongside the innovative environment, New Cairo is distinguished by providing a wide range of basic and advanced services.

From government facilities to security services, in addition to modern infrastructure such as hospitals, markets, airports, and tourist attractions, New Cairo offers everything residents and investors alike may need. This city is an example of the integration between modernity and the availability of services, making it one of the most prestigious places to live and do business.

Through this presentation, New Cairo emerges as a model for providing a modern lifestyle that meets the aspirations of individuals and societies towards a bright and sustainable future. Undoubtedly, this area deserves recognition and appreciation as a unique destination that combines innovation and well-being in one.

Advantages of Investing in Mostakbal City

Mostakbal City is known as one of the main real estate destinations within the Greater Cairo area, due to numerous features and advantages that attract both residents and investors alike.

Let's take a look at some of the most prominent characteristics that make investing in Mostakbal City a wise choice: 1

. Mostakbal City is located in the heart of the strategic area within Greater Cairo, adjacent to Nasr City and New Cairo. The city enjoys easy accessibility via the Suez Road and Sheikh Zayed Road, placing it in an ideal location.

2. Mostakbal City aims to achieve self-sufficiency by providing all the essential services that residents need, starting from education with schools and universities, shopping in malls, healthcare facilities like hospitals, as well as easy transportation through various modes such as the metro.

3. Mostakbal City places great emphasis on vast green spaces, providing a calm and picturesque living environment for residents and enhancing the quality of life within the city.

4. Safety is one of the top priorities in Mostakbal City, with the city being secured by scattered security checkpoints and police forces ensuring the safety and security of residents and visitors.

5. Mostakbal City offers a diverse range of real estate options that cater to all needs and tastes, including luxurious villas, modern apartments, and distinctive houses, making it an ideal destination for all types of real estate investments.

6. Mostakbal City is a haven of tranquility and relaxation in every sense of the word, as it is located in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing an ideal environment for those seeking peace and quiet.

7. Commercial activity in Mostakbal City is thriving, with many upscale areas such as Nozha Plaza and Qatamiya Heights, abounding with modern shopping and entertainment centers that cater to the needs and aspirations of residents and visitors alike.

8. This city boasts a modern and contemporary design that makes it an attractive area for living and investing, with a noticeable increase in real estate values due to its rapid urban development.

9. Investing in real estate in Mostakbal City is a guarantee of substantial profit, as the city is witnessing a continuous growth in high-value real estate projects. 1

0. It is also a welcoming environment that values cultural and religious diversity, with complete religious freedom embodied in the presence of churches, mosques, and temples that cater to the needs of residents of various faiths. Overall, Mostakbal City proves to be a destination of great value not only for living and working but also as a promising investment opportunity.

The unlimited investment opportunities, coupled with a high quality of life, allow investors to discover the remarkable potential for investing in this unique area.

Discover the Options: Compounds Similar to Green Square Compound in Mostakbal City!

With the rising interest in residing and investing in real estate within the Fifth Settlement area of New Cairo, many are seeking outstanding alternatives to the Green Square Compound located in Mostakbal City.

Here, we shed light on some of these residential compounds that present excellent opportunities, whether for living or as an investment.

1. Sarai Compound: One of these compounds is Sarai, located in the same area, the Fifth Settlement, and distinguished by offering various services and facilities necessary for a modern, peaceful life.

These services range from green spaces, commercial areas, educational facilities for children, a sports club, swimming pools, and medical centers, among others. Additionally, the compound offers promotional offers such as attractive discounts of up to 53% for cash payments.

2. The Vues Compound: On the other hand, The Vues Compound emerges as one of the prominent options within the same area. This residential complex, also known as Palm Hills Qatamiya, is distinguished by its luxurious residential units, whether apartments or independent villas.

It stands out with its elegant and modern designs that cater to the needs of its residents for comfort and privacy, and is also renowned for its strategic location close to vital areas in New Cairo.

3. La Mirada Mostakbal City Compound: La Mirada Compound in Mostakbal City represents an ideal destination for those seeking to live in a promising, modern environment. This compound is characterized by an abundance of green spaces that provide residents with a unique quality of life, in addition to commercial and entertainment centers that cater to all their needs.

From its prime location near the American University, La Mirada offers a diverse range of residential units that suit different budgets, affirming the variety of options available to residents.

4. Il Bosco City Compound: Il Bosco City Compound in Qatamiya stands out as another example of luxurious and refined living. Residents of Il Bosco enjoy modern residential designs, excellent construction quality, and a life immersed in greenery and recreational activities through vast green spaces, sports facilities, swimming pools, and designated areas for cycling.

These features make the living experience there exceptional and comprehensive.

Just as the Green Square Compound is located in Mostakbal City, La Mirada and Il Bosco City compounds offer luxurious residential options in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. Thus, these compounds represent golden opportunities for those seeking a home that provides security, elegance, and a modern and integrated lifestyle.

We invite you to explore more about these outstanding residential projects and reach out to their representatives for more details on prices, payment plans, and other information that may pique your interest.

Golden Tips for Real Estate Shopping on!

1. Set Priorities: Before diving into the world of real estate, it is essential to know exactly what you want. Ask yourself, do you prefer living in an apartment or a villa? Does urban life attract you, or do you lean towards rural tranquility? How many rooms do you actually need? These questions will help you focus your search and guide you towards the best option.

2. Take Advantage of the Internet: The website is an ideal platform for exploring real estate in Egypt, whether you are looking for a place to buy or rent. The website offers a wide range of options and advanced search tools that help you accurately specify the desired property's features.

3. Scrutinize the Photos: Paying close attention to the photos of properties listed on is crucial. You should focus on the details and evaluate the condition of the property and the level of amenities to ensure an informed decision.

4. Request More Information: When you find a property that catches your eye on the website, do not hesitate to seek additional information. Communicating with the real estate agent in charge of the listing can reveal valuable details about the property and how to acquire or lease it.

5. Monitor Prices and New Projects: For those viewing real estate as investment opportunities, staying up-to-date with the latest projects and prices listed on is a wise move. You may find enticing opportunities that align with your budget and yield good returns.

6. Enjoy the Search Process: Knowing what you want and using the right tools make the search process an enjoyable and exciting journey. Visiting the selected properties and comparing different options is essential before reaching the final decision, which should be based on a thorough evaluation of what each option offers.

By following these steps, you can maximize your experience on and execute a successful real estate transaction that meets your needs and desires.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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80 acres.

10% downpayment and installments up to 6 years and a half.

44 Villas

Al Ahly Sabbour Development.


2,145,000 EGP

Al Mostakbal City in New Cairo, 15 minutes from AUC.


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