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Lavenir Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound

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Project Description

Project Name: L'avenir.

About L'avenir Sabbour Project: It is a French-style residential compound with vast green spaces, a variety of residential units and services needed by the residents.

L'avenir Location: Located at the entrance to Al Mostakbal City in New Cairo, it is located next to Hyde Park and Madinaty and is located between Neopolis compound and Zizinia Compound near the American University.

lavenir sabbour Compound New Cairo Space: 100 acres.

The Developer Name: Al Ahly for Real Estate Development (Sabbour).

Units Type: (apartments - twin house - duplex).

Price Per Meter: It starts from 8000 EGP.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the first half of 2019.

Units Space: It starts from 120 m² up to 265 m².

Payment Systems: 0% up to 20% downpayment and installments period start from 5,5 years up to 6.6 years.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience like no other, and be part of the innovative vision we present in our unique and advanced project Lavenir Compound  New Cairo

Are you still looking for an exceptional place for a luxurious life, a community pulsating with beauty and luxury details, a new life designed just to make you happy and meet your needs? You have to choose the prestigious  Lavenir New Cairo; where you find exceptional units, diverse services, and great advantages. Al Ahly Real Estate Development Company enables you to receive your residential unit, and enjoy all the features and services of the project at reasonable prices, with flexible and easy payment methods that you can choose from according to your capabilities and taste. Lavenir Al Ahly Sabbour Mostakbal City project also enjoys a location that is easy to access. Everything you need is in one place, so don't miss the opportunity and hurry to book your residential unit in one of the best residential compounds in New Cairo, and enjoy luxury living in Lavenir Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound.

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Embark on an enchanting tour inside Lavenir Compound, where beauty and comfort come together to provide the perfect balance for you between work commitments and daily relaxation  

The most important element for the success of any residential project is its location. For this reason, Al Ahly Real Estate Development Company was keen to choose a strategic location for Lavenir Compound in the heart of New Cairo, close to the most famous residential neighborhoods, roads and main axes.

The most important landmarks near L'avenir Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound:

  • Lavenir Compound is located 5 minutes away from Hyde Park and Madinaty.
  • You can reach the American University from the project in 20 minutes.
  • The project is about 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Al Ahly Sabbour Mostakbal City project is close to Nasr City and New Cairo.
  • The compound is easily accessible via the Middle Ring Road, Suez Road and the Regional Ring Road.
  • The project is a short distance away from New Cairo and Heliopolis.

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Join us and discover the beauty and creativity we have added to make our project an umbrella of sophistication and excellence in Lavenir Compound

Lavenir Compound is characterized by elegant French-style designs that mimic French cities. The developing company was keen to use the best engineers, architects and designers to develop the architectural plans and designs of the project according to the latest international standards. The project was implemented with luxurious French designs that impress you as soon as you enter the compound. The units were divided accurately and separated by green spaces and artificial lakes that give an impression of comfort and enjoyment. Al Ahly Sabbour Mostakbal City project was also divided as follows:

  • Lavenir Compound was built on an area of ​​100 acres.
  • Green spaces and water surfaces occupied the largest part of the project, while the rest is allocated to residential units.
  • Al Ahly Sabbour Mostakbal City project includes residential units of various types and areas, such as apartments, duplexes, townhouses.

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Live a colorful and unique experience with the exclusive privileges offered by our sophisticated Lavenir Compound project

By owning a residential unit in Lavenir Compound, you have a golden opportunity to take advantage of all the services and features available within the project, which are hard to compare with any other compound. So don't hesitate, book your place now and get the best features:

  • The most important thing that distinguishes Lavenir Compound is its strategic location, elegant French design, units with varied areas at attractive prices, which attracts customers to invest in the project.
  • All the residential units in Lavenir Compound overlook wonderful views of the green spaces and artificial lakes, providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Separate tracks away from the main road amidst green spaces are provided for joggers and cyclists to enjoy the charming nature at any time.
  • People of determination were taken into consideration by providing designated paths and facilities to facilitate movement and living in the project.
  • Lavenir Compound offers you a great opportunity to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of life and its boring rhythm, as it is characterized by its tranquility and clean environment that allows residents to practice yoga, reading amidst wonderful atmosphere.
  • Al Ahly Sabbour Mostakbal City project features a modern security system consisting of advanced surveillance cameras and trained security personnel spread across the site 24 hours a day.
  • There are electronic gates in Lavenir Compound that provide complete privacy for unit owners and facilitate entering and exiting the project.
  • ATMs have been provided in the compound to facilitate financial transactions such as withdrawals, deposits and money transfers for customers.
  • Lavenir Compound is one of the environmentally friendly projects, where a large number of solar panels generate electricity from solar energy.
  • All the residential units in Lavenir Compound have automated lighting and ventilation systems to make life easier in the project.
  • Central air conditioning and showers are provided in all the residential units of Lavenir Compound to ensure living in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
  • There are elevators in the residential buildings of Lavenir Compound that ensure moving between floors without facing any difficulties.
  • A large mosque has been built in Lavenir Compound to accommodate a large number of residents to perform prayers and religious rituals. It is designed in an elegant Islamic style.
  • There are power generators for the residential units in Lavenir Compound that operate in case of power outages to ensure normal life.
  • A high-speed internet network is available in all the residential units of Lavenir Compound to facilitate dealing with the advanced facilities in Al Ahly Sabbour Mostakbal City project and enjoy following social media.
  • All facilities and units in Lavenir Compound operate under the smart home system, which allows residents to control them via mobile phone.
  • There is an advanced system for safely disposing of waste and garbage from the residential units without harming the environment.
  • There are state-of-the-art alarm systems and civil defense systems in Lavenir Compound units to control any emergency.
  • There is an intercom in all project units to facilitate communication with security personnel at the main gates and provide residents with what they need at any time.
  • A team is available around the clock to answer customers' and residents' questions and provide them with hotel services to enjoy living in Lavenir Compound.

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With our distinctive services, rest assured that comfort and luxury will be an integral part of your everyday life in our Lavenir Compound project

Because you deserve it; Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company implemented Lavenir Compound, the address of sophistication and excellence among the residential projects in New Cairo. It was designed in a wonderful contemporary style and includes unique services, most notably:

  • Maintenance services are provided for faults in Lavenir Compound units using the latest technological techniques to ensure residents' comfort and keep the project in its best form.
  • The project includes a number of sports fields that allow residents to practice different sports such as football, tennis, squash and other hobbies.
  • An elegant social club is provided in Lavenir Compound suitable for gatherings with family and friends and includes many entertaining activities.
  • You can try the most delicious local and international dishes in Lavenir Compound through the presence of a number of restaurants and cafes designed in the latest style.
  • The project provides all the household products and foodstuffs needed for daily life through a number of fully stocked supermarkets, sparing residents from leaving the compound.
  • There are fully equipped gyms with the latest sports equipment and professional trainers so that sports enthusiasts can enjoy and maintain their fitness.
  • For more luxury for Lavenir Compound residents, health and beauty centers have been provided that offer skin care sessions, spa and jacuzzi by specialists.
  • Project residents can enjoy shopping through a commercial area with stores for the most famous international brands without having to leave the compound.
  • There is an amusement park and games for children in Lavenir Compound, safe and monitored by cameras to spend fun time in complete safety.
  • A club house is located in the project with a number of recreational activities suitable for all ages, providing enjoyment for project residents.
  • Equipped nurseries are available to receive young children and provide them with appropriate entertainment, educational and social services by specialists in kindergartens.
  • The project is close to international schools and universities with teachers at all educational stages, providing a high quality educational service in Lavenir Compound.
  • A huge commercial mall has been established in Lavenir Compound with cinemas, meeting halls and rooms equipped with the latest audio and display devices to hold conferences and important deals for businessmen.
  • There are swimming pools with the latest designs suitable for all ages of project residents, as well as covered pools for women to ensure complete privacy.
  • A large medical center is located in Lavenir Compound, comprising clinics, medical laboratories and radiology at the highest level of quality to provide health services to residents around the clock.
  • Pharmacies are stocked with medicines, medical and cosmetic preparations needed by residents around the clock, with delivery options to units.
  • Dedicated garages are allocated for the residential units in Lavenir Compound to park residents' cars safely and securely without causing congestion in front of the units.
  • There is an area for charging modern electric cars in Lavenir Compound to keep pace with advanced technology and meet the needs of residents.
  • Several different banks have been provided in Lavenir Compound to facilitate financial transactions for residents without having to leave the project.

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Do not hesitate and do not miss the opportunity, as amazing offers and comfortable payment plans are waiting for you to complete your ideal experience with us in Lavenir Compound

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company has succeeded in achieving the difficult equation in Lavenir Compound by providing a variety of residential units with different areas at competitive prices. It was keen to give customers the opportunity to choose between units that suit their financial capabilities. The prices offered in the project are as follows:

  • The price of apartments in Lavenir Compound starts from 3,776,000 EGP up to 6,912,000 EGP.
  • There are twin houses in the project starting at 12,567,000 EGP.
  • The price of townhouses in the project ranges from 12,691,000 EGP up to 13,108,000 EGP.

In addition to these prices offered by the developer, there are flexible payment systems that allow the client to obtain the appropriate unit with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period, which are:

  • You can get a residential unit in Lavenir Compound by paying 10% down payment and paying the rest over 6 years.
  • 15% of the unit value is paid and the rest is paid over 7 years.
  • 20% of the total amount is paid and the rest is paid over 8 years.

Problems of L'avenir Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound

L'avenir Sabbour Mostakbal City Compound has many attractive features, however, some clients may consider the delay in unit delivery an obstacle for them. In return, the developing company is committed to providing units with super luxury finishes, facilitating many steps for clients and saving them effort and time in the finishing process. The company also provides excellent architectural services through a team of distinguished architects, to ensure the highest level of quality and design. This approach highlights the company's commitment to providing a luxurious and comfortable living experience for its clients.

See for yourself how our real estate developer turns challenges into opportunities, making real estate an easy and enjoyable experience for you

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, the developer and owner of Lavenir Compound, is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market, established by Hussein Sabbour in 1994. This company resulted from a cooperation between Al Ahly Bank by 40% and Sabbour family by 60%. It has delivered many distinctive projects that meet customers' needs in reality, including:

Note that the prices and areas mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, and are therefore subject to change We at are committed to constantly updating the areas, price lists, and types of residential and commercial units to keep customers aware of real estate market changes.

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Future cities mark a pivotal turning point in our path towards urban and technological evolution, playing a vital role in shaping new concepts of living that respect the environment and enhance the quality of life for residents. These cities are known for their unique integration of the latest technologies in all areas of life to achieve an effortless and effective daily living. Their innovative approach to managing basic systems such as energy, health, transportation, and security creates an advanced environment that allows for optimal resource utilization and promotes sustainable practices.

The hallmark of the city of the future lies in its ability to strike a balance between technological advancement and environmental conservation by encouraging the adoption of green lifestyles. This includes providing public spaces rich in green spaces, promoting the use of environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as bicycles and low-emission public transit, as well as clean energy initiatives and responsible waste management.

The city of the future focuses on fostering innovation and scientific research as fundamental pillars of its success, creating a fertile environment for new ideas and fruitful partnerships between research institutions and business sectors. Through this approach, opportunities are provided for the development of startups, business growth, and the establishment of a culture of innovation.

Moreover, these cities serve as a model for achieving sustainable economic development, contributing to the creation of diverse jobs and attracting investments that support the local economy and promote prosperity for their residents.

The city of the future, with its advanced technology, commitment to sustainability, and appreciation for continuous innovation and development, offers us an inspiring vision of what cities can become in our future world.

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In our time, where technology plays a pivotal role in the advancement of civilizations, we witness cities striving to integrate new technological innovations to achieve the goal of building a smart and sustainable city. The "City of the Future" stands as a living example of this effort, representing a convergence of innovation and advanced urban design. Strategically located near the heart of major metropolitan areas, this city takes sustainability and quality living as its central focus for its construction and development.

Designed to meet the requirements of the next generation, the city offers a unique model of harmony between practical living and luxury. Features such as vast green spaces, state-of-the-art sports facilities, upscale shopping, and restaurants offering global cuisines provide an unparalleled living experience for its residents.

The "City of the Future" is not just a center for entertainment and commerce but also a leader in the use of advanced technology to facilitate daily life. By integrating artificial intelligence into public transportation services, it offers an enhanced and smoother travel experience for its residents, reducing the time and effort spent on daily commutes.

From an environmental perspective, the city is a pioneer in renewable energy and green buildings. Thanks to advanced solar power generation technologies and initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, the "City of the Future" emphasizes the importance of sustainability. The city also encourages the use of environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as bicycles and electric vehicles.

Additionally, this city offers unparalleled opportunities in the fields of work and innovation, attracting companies and professionals seeking to contribute to an innovative future. The city fosters work environments that encourage creativity and growth, providing paths for professional and technological advancement.

It can be said that the "City of the Future" presents the ideal vision of how modern technology and sustainable urban design can be integrated to create living spaces that serve human well-being while preserving natural resources for future generations. As a beacon of progress and innovation, the "City of the Future" serves as an inspiration for the world in building communities that enhance quality of life and achieve sustainability.

More Than Just Neighbors: Unique Residential Experiences Near Lavenir Sobour Compound in the City of the Future!

  • For those seeking to live near the Lavenir Sobour Compound in the City of the Future, there are several attractive residential communities worth considering:

1. Nyoum Compound in the City of the Future:

  • Nyoum Compound is just a few steps away from Lavenir Sobour, located in the heart of the City of the Future.
  • The compound features residential units with stunning contemporary designs.
  • It includes numerous amenities such as abundant green spaces, fully-equipped fitness centers, and a variety of pools for all ages.

2. The Wonder Mark Compound in the City of the Future:

  • The Wonder Mark Compound is another stunning option in the City of the Future.
  • It offers an elegant residential experience through its luxurious units and captivating natural designs.
  • It also features high-quality shopping facilities, modern restaurants and cafes, as well as schools and a hospital.

3. Park View Hub Town Compound in the City of the Future:

  • Park View Hub Town reflects an exceptional residential experience and is one of the preferred choices for those seeking quality and excellence near Lavenir Sobour.
  • It features a unique architectural design and includes children's play areas, serene green spaces, and multiple recreational facilities such as a sports club and designated barbecue areas.

4. Monte Napoleone Compound in the City of the Future:

  • The Monti Napoleone Compound, boasting its central location in the City of the Future and its appeal due to its proximity to Lavenir Sobour.
  • It offers modern and luxurious residential units.
  • It provides a range of upscale amenities such as sports clubs, gardens, markets, and schools, offering a complete and comfortable residential experience.

All of these compounds offer diverse options that cater to the aspirations of families and individuals seeking a peaceful and luxurious life near the Lavenir Sobour Compound in the City of the Future, with an emphasis on high quality and integrated facilities.

Expert Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Buying Property in Lavenir Sobour Compound in the City of the Future via!

If your goal is to own property in the Lavenir Sobour Compound located in the City of the Future, it is essential to follow certain steps to ensure a safe transaction and achieve the best possible outcome. Here are some basic guidelines to help you confidently purchase your property in this unique area.

First, define what you want clearly: Before starting your property-buying journey, think carefully about the type of property that meets your needs. Whether you're looking for a comfortable apartment or a spacious villa, you need to decide what important features are important to you - such as space, design, and available amenities.

Second, gather information about Lavenir Sobour Compound: You should be fully aware of everything related to the compound, from its location to the facilities offered and the infrastructure. You can visit specialized real estate websites to view photos and read technical descriptions of the properties.

Third, visit the site in person: It's best to take a tour inside the compound to explore the common areas and talk to some residents to get their perspective on living there.

Fourth, negotiate the price: After deciding on the property you like, start negotiating the price and terms with the developer or broker. Don't hesitate to ask for the best commercial offer and review all the details related to payment and delivery.

Fifth, carefully review the contract: When you receive the contract, take your time reading it thoroughly to ensure you understand all the terms. If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

Finally, registration and delivery procedures: After completing the payment and signing the contract, you start the final steps to register the property in your name and receive the keys. Make sure to follow all the required legal procedures to officially make the property yours.

By following these steps, you will ensure a smooth and successful purchasing process in Lavenir Sobour Compound, one of the most desirable residential areas in the City of the Future.

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Al Mostakbal City

1,450,000 EGP


Al Ahly for Real Estate Development (Sabbour).

36 apartments

0% up to 20% downpayment and installments period start from 5,5 years up to 6.6 years.

100 acres


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