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Swan Lake Residences compound

Swan Lake Residences compound is one of the large projects that have been designed in Egypt to suit all customer needs.

The Swan Lake project is a multi-service project that provides all the comfort and tranquility because of its large area.

Swan Lake Residences compound Location

The most important feature of the Swan Lake project is that it is one of the projects located in one of the distinguished sites, which made it accessible from many different roads.

The compound is located at the intersection of Cairo and Suez Road and is located near:

  • Ring road.
  • First assembly.
  • It is located near Mirage City.
  • Located near New Cairo.
  • It is located near Jay W Hotel.
  • It is located near the Misr Petroleum petrol station on the north side.

Area of ​​Swan Lake Residences compound

The most important feature of the project is the large area, which made it includes a large number of services and entertainment for customers.

As the total area of ​​the project exceeds more than one hundred and seven acres and more.

Specifications of Swan Lake Compound

The Swan Lake compound  has many characteristics that distinguish it from many other projects in Egypt.

The Compound has large green spaces, providing all the entertainment and enjoyment for customers.

The compound includes a large number of villas and residential units, which are designed to the highest quality and privacy.

The compound comprises more than 18% of the total area of ​​buildings and multiple housing units, which number more than one hundred and eighty villas.

Services available at Swan Lake Compound

The Swan Lake project offers many distinct services to customers, including:

  • Large green space for lovers of landscape and tranquility.
  • There are many recreational parks for hiking enthusiasts.
  • The Swan Lake compound offers a range of excellent restaurants, offering the finest meals and the highest level of service.
  • Accommodation for pets in residential units.
  • The compound includes a large number of cafés, which offer the most beautiful views.
  • The compound offers all the security means. Security guards are available on all areas of the compound, including residential units, which are available throughout the day.
  • Recreation areas for barbecue lovers amid family gatherings with family and friends.
  • A group of lakes and industrial fountains for lovers of scenic views.
  • A large number of swimming pools, which vary between hot and cold.
  • It offers a covered swimming pool for ladies for extra comfort and privacy.
  • It offers many different gymnasiums in sports.
  • There are a large number of sports venues with large spaces for all types of sports, including tennis and basketball.
  • The compound includes children's areas, where entertainment is available.
  • The hotel also has a large social club.
  • Private parking.
  • A large health center with many different specialties in different fields.

Specifications of condominiums at the Swan Lake

The compound includes a large number of residential units and villas, which are suitable to all the needs of the customers, which suit the families of large and small, which can choose from the most suitable for you and your needs.

  • And vary the housing units, starting from five hundred meters per unit, and units vary between Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, ranging from two to four rooms and bathrooms.
  • The apartments have direct green garden views, a large balcony and views of the main streets of the compound.
  • The housing units are equipped with rooms for maids, in addition to the places for raising pets.



Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa


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