Swan Lake Residence New Cairo

From 12,000,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Hassan Allam Properties

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Project Name: Swan Lake Residence.

Swan Lake Residences Location: In the first settlement near El Yasmeen and El-Banafseg neighborhoods.

About Project: A high compound by Hassan Allam Group.

Swan Lake Residence New Cairo Hassan Allam Space: 107 acres.

Units' price: Villas price starts from 12,000,000 EGP, townhouses swan lake residence prices start from 11,600,000 EGP, and twin houses price starts from 10,000,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Hassan Allam Properties.

Units Type: Villas - Townhouses - Twin Houses

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Swan Lake New Cairo

Now in the First Settlement for lovers of luxury this compound is not just a normal residential project, but a place where you will find all the services and entertainment you need, a pure life away from pollution, noise, and crowds, a place that holds all the standards of the high life in a privileged location close to all vital areas and various units to suit all desires, and here's everything related to this promising project, which is a landmark in New Cairo across the following lines. 

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Swan Lake Compound New Cairo is one of the large residential projects located in the heart of the First Settlement next to Al-Yasmine neighborhood and near the El Banafseg neighborhood, which was designed in Egypt to suit all the needs of customers. The most important feature of the project is the large area that has made it include a large number of services and entertainment for customers, as the total area of the project exceeds 107 acres.

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Swan Lake Location

Hassan Allam Company always chooses distinct places to base its projects on, and this is what happened with its new project, Swan Lake Hassan Allam, which it established in a vital place in the heart of the First Settlement, close to the main roads and axes, and its location is characterized by the following:

  • A unique location close to the ring road, the most important hub of Cairo, so access to it is very easy.
  • It is located near important projects such as JW Marriott Hotel and Mirage City Project.
  • New Cairo can be reached within a few minutes by car from the compound.
  • It is located near the Misr Petroleum gas station, specifically on the northern side of the compound.
  • The location is very close to the American University.

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Swan Lake Residence Space

Swan Lake Residence is located on a very large area of about 107 acres, as it is one of the largest and most giant First Settlement projects.

About 18% of the project area has been allocated to buildings and construction, while the project's implementing company has allocated the remaining space for facilities, services, green spaces, recreational services, fields, and extensive roads.

The size of the units ranges from 220 m² up to 662 m².

There are units that vary among Standalone villas, town villas, and townhouses.

The number of villas reaches 180 luxury villas.

The apartments vary in size and range from two to four bedrooms, a bathroom, and maids' rooms, and they are equipped with a large balcony with a distinctive view of the compound's wide streets.

There are units of various sizes to suit all desires, ranging from 220 m² up to 662 m².

There is a villa for sale in Swan Lake, with a space of 1,000 m², attached to a distinctive garden and its own swimming pool.

Relax and own well-being and luxury in The Selina Swan Lake Residence New Cairo!!

Swan Lake Residence Compound is one of the best and most developed residential projects in New Cairo, as it is the place that offers you the latest capabilities that enable you to live in prosperity and comfort always. Selina project is one of the phases of this compound, which has a large space of ​​1.9 million square meters in the heart of New Cairo.

The Selina First Settlement is a short distance from several important places and areas, including Al Rehab City, Madinaty, Al Shorouk City, and the Ring Road, and it is also minutes away from the Mirage City Hotel and the American University.

The Selina Swan Lake was built on the latest international designs that imitate the dazzling Greek style. It is indeed a beautiful green oasis that takes your breath away and is filled with an atmosphere of fresh air. The word Selina in the Greek language means the moon, and it is indeed a place that shines like the glow of the moon amid the quiet sky of the Swan Lake Residence Compound.

This project has a large number of features that make it an ideal place to practice the life of privacy and luxury that you have always dreamed of. Inside Selina, there is a distinctive landscape and spacious gardens with abundant trees and colorful roses, and these wonderful green spaces represent a large part of it.

There is also an integrated sports club, a wide variety of swimming pools, a paved walkway for your morning exercise, dedicated areas for children's games, and a car garage, in addition to a gym included to keep you fit at all times and other advantages and services that you will not find unparalleled in quality and luxury.

The Selina Swan Lake residence project occupies an area of 141,984 square meters, which is approximately 34 acres. It has been attractively designed and used all the spaces in it to produce a wonderful masterpiece called The Selena Hassan Allam New Cairo. The units within the compound vary between "Twin Houses and Standalone Villas". We will mention below the spaces, prices, and payment system in The Selena, First Settlement:

  • Twin villas with spaces start from 230 square meters, with an average price of 5,980,000 EGP.
  • "M villas" have a total space of 379 square meters, with an average price of 9,854,000 EGP.
  • "N villas" have spaces starting from 442 square meters and their average price is 11,492,000 EGP.
  • Payment system: 5% downpayment and the rest over 8 years can be paid.
    The date of delivery is 2024.

So, The Selena Hassan Allam is the place that attracts you to it without feeling, with its charming features, picturesque location, and high-end services, now you can contact us and book your unit to enjoy with your family in a wonderful atmosphere in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle in the heart of New Cairo.

The true meaning of happiness is found behind the doors of Giselle Swan Lake New Cairo

Nearly two decades since its establishment, Hassan Allam Company has provided an excellent group of different and diverse engineering projects that suit the fine taste of customers, and in the company's latest appearance, which is the Giselle phase, one of the important projects within the Swan Lake Compound.

Giselle Project enjoys a distinguished geographical location, as it is close to several destinations and important roads, including Heliopolis, Cairo Festival City, and also not far from the ring road and other modified places that facilitate the movement of exit and entry to it.

Giselle project includes abundant features and services represented in a large transportation network to facilitate the movement of the residents between the compound, modern designs of the units that mimic the best international designs, in addition to the presence of an integrated medical center to serve residents throughout the day, places for pets, and other endless services that make you enjoy an excellent living inside Giselle Swan Lake Residence Project.

Giselle Swan Lake Residence was established on a large space inside Swan Lake Compound to accommodate a large number of important features and facilities inside it so that you and your family can enjoy a life full of luxury, and because the owner company is keen on customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis, it has made a diversification in the types and spaces of the units provided, which are " Standalone villas, townhouses, and twin houses.” We will explain the offered spaces, prices, and the payment system provided by the company as follows:

  • The spaces in the project range from 250 square meters up to 650 square meters.
  • As for the prices offered by the company, they average between 6,500,000 EGP to 16,900,000 EGP.

Payment Systems:

  • A 5% downpayment is to be paid, and the rest is paid over 8 full years.
  • The date of delivery of the units is 2024.

Giselle Swan Lake Residence project is the perfect choice for lovers of luxury and well-being, irresistible life, and unparalleled services elsewhere, discover luxury in this charming place.

Available Services at Swan Lake Residence Hassan Allam

The services of Swan Lake Tagamo3 are the most important thing that distinguishes it compared to other residential projects, and the most important services in this project include:

  • A large number of parks and gardens are available, with a large project area allocated to green spaces, which means stunning scenery and fresh air.

  • There is a large and extensive 24-hour transportation network, making access to and from the compound easy.
  • Each residential building has private underground parking garages.
  • There are plenty of kids' entertainment venues that combine safety with the highest degree of joy and happiness.
  • Special places for walking and cycling are completely separated, away and far from the car roads.
  • Athletes will find a large social club set up in a huge area with a large number of sports and playgrounds.
  • It has a large medical center with a large number of specialties and is equipped with all the medical equipment and devices.
  • The complex has a large number of swimming pools with different and multiple spaces that have been distributed in a balanced way throughout the project.
  • Ladies will find the highest level of privacy and security, with covered swimming pools only available for them.
  • Water bodies, fountains, and artificial lakes that occupy a large area, which is in harmony with the gardens and greenery, giving the place a wonderful view that relaxes the mental state.
  • All units are safe to provide the latest security and guarding services equipped with the latest security technology that operate 24 hours a day.
  • There are a large number of cafes and restaurants serving international food and cuisine.
  • The site includes areas designated for pets in all units.

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Extra features in Swan Lake Cairo

The residential units vary among a number of bedrooms and bathrooms, ranging from 2 to 4 rooms and a bathroom.

Swan Lake Residence apartments have a direct view of green spaces, a large balcony, and overlooking the main streets of the compound.

The residential units are equipped with housekeeper rooms

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About the Developer of The Compound

Hassan Allam Properties, one of the well-known real estate development companies, its major works include:

As for the company major projects outside Egypt:

Semsem project in El-Gadarif and Tokar Project in Sudan.

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the first half of 2020, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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