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  • Landscape in The Icon Residence project
  • Master Plane in The Icon Residence 5th Settlement
  • Private Gardens in The Icon Residence compound
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The Icon Residence compound 5th Settlement

The Icon Residence is one of the residential projects in the heart of the Fifth Group, which is characterized by a variety of real estate design.

The project is distinguished by its excellent location in the 5th settlement and only minutes away from the 90th Street.

Lots of services to satisfy all customers.

Location of The Icon Residence compound

This luxury residential compound is located in the heart of Cairo's 5th assembly area and is also a 2-minute drive from the 90th Street, the largest and most famous street in the area. It is also very close to many of the most important areas, including:

  • It is located close to the American University.
  • It is also located behind Hyde Park.
  • A few minutes separated by Suez and also the new administrative capital.
  • It is close to the Katameya Dunes Compound and many luxury residential compound.

Project Area of The Icon Residence

This large project was implemented on an area of ​​30 thousand square meters and the facade of the project freely came 220 meters, which overlooks a street which is one of the largest streets in New Cairo.

The project has an excellent location and speed in finishing the services and facilities of the project.

Of the project and it contains 282 housing units and there is a harmonious mix of colors in the interior.

The large green and blue spaces of the industrial lakes are specially designed for lovers of tranquility and luxury away from the city's congestion.

The executing company of The Icon Residence 5th Settlement

It is worth noting that the company has been able since the entry into the real estate market to date from the beginning of the year.

Delivery of more than 500 thousand meters represented in residential and commercial units and is the only company in the Delta, which has a lot of different architectural projects.

The Icon  project is one of the new projects on the company as a major challenge for them to graduate as best as it is the company's first project within the province of Cairo.

Services of The Icon Residence compound

The company executing the Style Home project has provided many services to clients within the project, including the following:

  • Restaurants and cafés.
  • Hypermarket has a lot of big balconies.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Open spaces in the region, which represent about 78% of the size of the project.
  • The whole area has a large garage underneath all the units, which can be between the buildings and the place of private cars.
  • The execution company has provided different areas of residential units in the form of apartments starting from 139 meters up to 295 meters.
  • The residential units are delivered to all customers Super Lux is air conditioned.

Payment methods of The Icon Residence compound

In order to preserve the overall appearance of the residential compound, all units are delivered to customers during 2021, During the first day of September the company provided more than one way to pay the unit value as follows:

  • Provided 5% on the rest of the remaining 5 years.
  • Presenter 10% and installment over 6 years.
  • 20% deposit and installment over 7 years.
  • Presenter 25% and installment over 8 years.
  • The company offers more discounts to customers up to 20% in the case of payment of the value of the cash unit to be the date of delivery of all units on 2021/9/1.



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