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Lake View Residence Compound Prices in New Cairo

Lake View Residence compound in New Cairo's Fifth Settlement is one of the most prestigious and sought-after real estate projects in Cairo. The compound offers a variety of apartments in different sizes to meet the needs of different clients.

Lake View Residence New Cairo Fifth Settlement apartment prices are diverse, and the units are beautifully and modernly designed. They were built according to the highest standards of quality and provide a peaceful, upscale haven for living in the Fifth Settlement area. With a range of available units like garden apartments, duplexes, and townhouses, clients can choose the unit that meets their specific needs and personal preferences.

The experienced real estate company provides unique and excellent investment opportunities within Lake View compound. The company always strives to achieve a balance between high quality and competitive pricing. With this in mind, the company offered flexible payment options to give clients the flexibility to choose the plan that suits them.

Here are the offered plans:

Down Payment Percentage Payment Details Installment Duration
10% Down payment in two equal installments 5 years
15% 5% upon contracting + 10% after 3 months 6 years
30% 3 installments, each 10% 7 years

With these diverse plans, the company aims to provide comfort to its clients and help them achieve their real estate dreams in the easiest ways possible.

In general, Lake View Residence offers residents a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle in an excellent location in the Fifth Settlement. Thanks to its modern and comfortable finishes, Lake View Residence apartments meet the needs of buyers looking for an elegant, cozy home in a safe, quiet community.

Experience Luxury in the Strategic Location of Lake View Compound, New Cairo

Lake View Compound in New Cairo's Fifth Settlement is characterized by its distinctive strategic location, as it is situated in the heart of New Cairo and close to many vital areas and essential services.

With its constant excellence in site selection, the real estate company chose a strategic location for the Lake View project. This prestigious project was established in the heart of New Cairo in the well-known Fifth Settlement area, specifically in the Golden Square, taking advantage of its proximity to the Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis to provide easy access for its residents.

Here are the most prominent features of the location:

  • Its proximity to prestigious educational institutions such as Future University and the American University.
  • Its close location to Cairo International Airport.
  • Easy access to the Marshal Tantawy Axis.
  • Its proximity to important roads like 90th Street, Suez Road, and the Ring Road.
  • Its presence next to several major projects such as Emaar Misr's Mivida, SODIC's project, in addition to Lian and Palm Hills Katameya compounds.
  • Fast access to areas like New Cairo and Nasr City in about 15 minutes.
  • Its prime location just 5 minutes away from Point 90 and Concord Plaza.

Thus, Lake View project combines luxury and a distinctive location, providing its residents with a comfortable and enjoyable life.

The project is also easily accessible through various main roads, making it suitable for both residents and visitors.

Thanks to this exceptional location and modern design, Lake View Compound in New Cairo's Fifth Settlement provides a quiet, upscale residential environment for its inhabitants.

The Ideal Place to Live: Residential Units Available in Lake View Project, New Cairo

The residential units in Lake View project, New Cairo feature modern, stunning designs overlooking beautiful natural scenery and breathtaking water lakes. They provide residents with comfortable, suitable living spaces for all tastes.

  1. Al Hadiq Construction Company: When establishing Lake View Residence compound, the company wanted to introduce a new concept in housing diversity.

  2. Unit Types: The company offered a variety of units including:

    • Studios
    • Apartments
    • Duplexes
    • Townhouses
  3. Areas: To ensure meeting the diverse needs of clients, the units are offered in varying areas ranging between 142 to 272 square meters.

Thus, Al Hadiq aims to provide diverse housing options that suit all tastes and requirements.

Lake View Fifth Settlement units also feature high-quality designs reflecting modern Western style and opulence. Yet, residents can customize the designs and layouts of the housing units according to their needs and preferences across the various Lake View Residence Fifth Settlement apartment prices.

In short, the residential units in Lake View project, New Cairo combine natural beauty with elegant designs, while providing the necessary services and facilities for a comfortable, integrated life. This project is a great choice for those looking to live in a quiet, upscale area away from the city bustle.

Enjoy a Variety of Services Available at Lake View Residence Compound

Lake View Residence compound offers many distinguished services for its residents. The compound features stunning artificial lakes and amazing swimming pools designed according to the latest global standards. It also has spacious private garages that accommodate a large number of cars. The compound is equipped with a smart surveillance system with AI technology, in addition to entrance and exit gates to secure the premises with the best security equipment at the most luxurious Lake View Residence Fifth Settlement apartment prices.

Lake View Residence compound includes Lake View Plaza, a commercial center with a variety of retail and entertainment services. The mall features commercial units for major global brands, administrative spaces that accommodate all types of businesses, in addition to comprehensive medical clinics covering all specialties.

The project also provides plenty of green spaces and beautiful gardens where residents can enjoy fresh air, tranquility, and relaxation. There are also recreational areas for children, sports clubs, and walking and cycling tracks at the latest Lake View Residence Fifth Settlement apartment prices.

Lake View Residence compound is strategically located near many landmarks in the Fifth Settlement such as the Southern 90th Street and Road 9, and it is also only 15 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, Nasr City, and New Cairo.

In short, Lake View Residence compound offers a wide range of premium services that meet the needs and desires of residents, from the enchanting artificial lakes to the commercial and recreational facilities and ideal social gathering places.

Smart Investing Starts in New Cairo

New Cairo is one of the best areas for real estate investment in Egypt. This modern city is characterized by its advanced real estate projects that attract many investors. It is located next to important service and government areas and enjoys a prime location at the heart of Greater Cairo.

One of the most prominent investment areas in New Cairo is the Fifth Settlement. This area is characterized by its upscale atmosphere and advanced infrastructure, and it is surrounded by international schools, universities, sports clubs, and luxury shopping malls. The Fifth Settlement also features a huge sandy oasis where recreational and leisure activities can be enjoyed.

Residential apartments and commercial units in New Cairo provide lucrative investment opportunities. Due to the increasing demand for properties in this area, investors can make good profits from renting out properties and benefiting from their appreciation over time. This area offers many modern amenities and services that make it an ideal destination for living and investing.

Real estate investment in New Cairo is a wise and secure choice for multiplying capital and making profit. In addition to the material returns that can be made from renting or selling the property in the future, real estate investment protects money and maintains its value steadily.

If you are looking for a successful investment opportunity in Egypt, investing in New Cairo is an ideal option. Seize the opportunity now and benefit from the rising rate of real estate investment in this vibrant, distinctive area.

Unparalleled Quality of Life: Advantages of the Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement has many advantages that make it one of the most upscale areas in New Cairo. The unique location of the Fifth Settlement is characterized by its stability in a quiet area away from the overcrowding in the city center. The Fifth Settlement lies between Suez Road to the north, and Katameya - Ain Sokhna Road to the south. It also features a temperate climate year-round due to its vast area and elevation above sea level.

Life in the Fifth Settlement is comfortable compared to living in Greater Cairo. It is a modern third generation city located on the eastern side of Cairo. The Fifth Settlement is also well-planned, with the area divided into affordable, middle-income, above middle-income, and exclusive housing in upscale neighborhoods. It also contains many vital establishments, commercial stores, international schools, and vibrant streets such as the 90th Street which contains many important government facilities.

The Fifth Settlement enjoys many comfortable and readily available means of transportation around the clock, as it has its own shuttle bus line. The area also contains many taxi and public transportation stops, facilitating the movement of inhabitants to and from the Fifth Settlement and the rest of Greater Cairo.

The cost of living in the Fifth Settlement is one of its pros and cons, as housing there can be expensive for some people. The Fifth Settlement contains a large collection of establishments, restaurants, and stores, but it should be noted that the cost of living in them tends to be relatively higher compared to other areas of Cairo.

With these numerous advantages, the Fifth Settlement appears to be an ideal choice for luxurious living and investment. It provides many necessary services and amenities, in addition to a comfortable, quiet atmosphere and privacy.

Explore Upscale Living in the Heart of New Cairo with the Best Compounds

New Cairo is renowned for its modern, upscale designs, and it contains many distinctive residential neighborhoods and areas. If you are looking to enjoy luxurious services and high-quality comforts, compounds are the ideal choice. Here we review the best compounds in the heart of New Cairo.

1. Mountain View Compound, Fifth Settlement
This exclusive residential complex is one of the best compounds in New Cairo. Mountain View compound is strategically located near many landmarks, headquarters, and shopping centers. The compound also features luxurious villas and modern apartments, in addition to many upscale facilities like swimming pools, fitness clubs, and recreational areas.

2. Villette Compound, SODIC Westown, Fifth Settlement
Villette SODIC Westown is one of the most prominent compounds in New Cairo, providing a luxurious, comfortable living experience. The compound offers a wide selection of housing units, from luxury villas to lavish apartments. It also contains sports facilities, beautiful green spaces, and recreational venues like restaurants and cafés.

3. City Gate Compound, New Cairo
If you are looking for an upscale, peaceful lifestyle in the heart of New Cairo, City Gate compound is the ideal choice. The compound is located in the Double Ring Road area and is characterized by its elegant architectural design and upscale facilities. The residential complex provides luxurious housing units and detached villas, in addition to a variety of sports facilities and recreational areas.

4. Azadir Compound, Fifth Settlement
Azadir El Sahla compound is distinguished by its lavish architectural designs and modern facilities. The compound includes numerous detached villas and spacious apartments, as well as diverse gardens, swimming pools, and sports courts. Additionally, the complex provides commercial centers, fine dining restaurants, and international schools to meet the needs of residents.

Compounds in the heart of New Cairo provide an ideal solution for upscale living. They offer a safe, comfortable environment along with numerous modern amenities that cater to all residents' needs. Whether you are looking for luxury villas or modern apartments, you will find the right option for you in the compounds mentioned above. Get ready to enjoy a comfortable, stylish lifestyle in the heart of New Cairo.

A Buyer's Guide: How to Get Your Apartment in Lake View Residence Compound, New Cairo via

The process of purchasing properties is one of the most important decisions individuals make in their lives. With technological advancement, it is now possible to easily search for and buy properties online. This is where comes in, providing you with the opportunity to easily obtain your apartment in Lake View Residence compound, New Cairo.

Before starting the process, the user needs to register on Personal information is required and a username and strong password should be chosen. After that, the user should go to the search menu, select New Cairo area, and browse the available listings.

To get your apartment in Lake View Residence compound, you can utilize the search options available on the site. You can specify the required size, number of rooms, and other features that suit your needs. Results can also be filtered by price and availability.

Once you find a suitable apartment, you can click on its photo to get detailed information about it. You should ensure reading and understanding all the details related to the apartment such as price, area, and availability of community services. Users can also review photos and take a virtual tour of the apartment via the website for further details.

If you are interested in purchasing the apartment, you can directly contact the owner or real estate agent through The site allows instant communication to get more information or arrange an apartment visit. Registered users can also request to view the apartment directly through the site.

After deciding to buy the apartment, you need to agree on all the transaction details with the owner or real estate agent. This can be done via the site or directly. All financial and legal documents related to the apartment and ownership should be reviewed before finalizing the deal.

Finally, the buyer has to schedule a meeting with the owner or real estate agent to sign the sale contract and pay the agreed amount. There are different payment method options available that can be negotiated.

Using this buyer's guide, you can easily and securely obtain your apartment in Lake View Residence compound, New Cairo via Be sure to review all the details and contract carefully before making the final purchasing decision. We wish you the best of luck in getting your dream home!

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