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Midtown New Cairo Compound Better Home Development

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Project Description

Project Name: Midtown New Cairo.

About Midtown Project: A high-class residential compound in 5th Settlement by Better Home Group.

Midtown New Cairo Compound Location: 5th Settlement near Teseen Street in New Cairo.

Midtown Project Space: 17 acres.

Price per Meter: For cash payment, the price is 12,500 EGP per meter. For installments, the price is 16,000 EGP per meter.

Units Type: Midtown Apartments - Penthouses - Duplexes.

Units Space: It starts from 185 square meters and up to 250 square meters.

The Developer: Better Home.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and the rest is paid via installments up to 4 years.

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Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown Better Home  New Cairo is the ideal place for any family looking for a luxurious life, thanks to its unique location close to the capital’s services and facilities. It’s also far away from urban pollution, traffic, and noise. Midtown New Cairo compound offers an optimistic, natural atmosphere that makes it a perfect living environment in Midtown Compound New Cairo.

Midtown Better Home location

The best residential compounds should be located in a place that facilitates travel to and from the compound. To do that, it needs to be close to a number of important roads and axes.

The most important landmarks near Midtown New Cairo Compound:

  • It located in front of Gate No. 4 of the American University building.
  • The dynamic Golden Square can be reached from Better Home New Cairo compound in just a few minutes.
  • Teseen St., the most popular street of Fifth Settlement, is only a few minutes from the compound. This street is famous for having the biggest malls, shops, cafes, restaurants, and other services.

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  • Midtown project has a unique site on Gamal Abdel Nasser Street.
  • You'll find major projects close to its location, including Future University, The Spot, Concord Plaza, and El Zohour Sporting Club.
  • Midtown is just 15 minutes away from Cairo Festival Mall.
  • El Rehab is just 10 minutes from Better Home New Cairo compound. The downtown area is also 10 minutes away.
  • The German University is about 8 kilometers away, and Lake View compound is located just 7 kilometers from the site.
  • A number of upscale residential projects can be found near Midtown compound New Cairo, most notably Palm Hills, Katameya GardensGrand Residence, and Madinaty.
  • New Administrative Capital is one of Egypt's most important modern projects, which can be reached quickly in just a few minutes.

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Midtown Project Space

Midtown project spaces allow for a variety of services, which is why 17 acres were allocated to this compound, equaling about 75,000 square meters.

The developer has put special emphasis on the landscape, which covers 57,000 square meters (about 75% of the total project space). The landscape includes well-designed gardens with beautiful flower and tree formations, inspired by Ancient Roman palaces. These wonderful views can be seen from every unit, and the gardens themselves are a great place to hang out and relax.

Midtown compound has 43 residential buildings only, each consisting of a ground floor and three upper floors. Unit sizes and types vary widely, giving customers the freedom to choose whatever suits them, whether apartments, duplexes, and luxury penthouses.

Apartments for sale in Midtown New Cairo start from 185 square meters and up to 250 square meters. You will also find apartments attached to a garden ranging between 65 square meters and 240 square meters.

There are other apartments available ranging between 125 square meters and 300 square meters.

As for internal divisions, 185-square-meter apartments have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, three reception and living rooms, and a kitchen.

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Compound Midtown in New Cairo Available Services

Luxury, comfort, and recreation are some of the words that can be used to describe life within Mid town, thanks to the following services:

  • Large green spaces cover the majority of Midtown project to give the units a stunning view.
  • Artificial crystal lagoons and water fountains add a charming and romantic atmosphere inside Midtown Compound.
  • The clubhouse offers luxurious leisure services in Midtown.
  • The swimming pools are distributed equally to serve all buildings and provide well-being for all ages at Midtown Project.
  • Jogging, walking and cycling trails are available and fully secured.
  • A large gym and a health club equipped to the highest standard.
  • A large commercial district makes shopping a great pleasure, especially since it has a large mall that offers the most famous international brands.
  • Medical services are available in the form of clinics and health facilities, provided with the latest medical equipment inside Midtown.

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  • Security services and personnel operate 24 hours a day.
  • The developer has deals with other management companies in order to maintain Midtown New Cairo.
  • There are large restaurants, cafes and bars serving delicious snacks and meals.
  • Parking spaces are available to avoid traffic congestion.
  • There are buildings licensed for commercial and administrative purposes.
  • Playgrounds for kids with a number of recreational games.
  • A large number of sports clubs and social clubs.
  • State-of-the-art surveillance cameras operate all day everywhere in Midtown Compound.
  • Beautiful architecture, including reflective glass facades on all the buildings to give them a luxurious look and provide residents with privacy.
  • The glass of the facades is in a rich green color to blend in with the landscape.
  • All buildings are equipped with modern and fast elevators.
  • Each building has a secure private garage for the residents.
  • The buildings have high-quality finishes using the best wood and marble.

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Midtown New Cairo Prices and Payment Systems

Better Home Group is concerned with the comfort of customers, which is why it has implemented its projects with the highest standards of beauty and quality, while also offering premium and competitive prices. If you’re paying for the unit in cash, the price per meter is 12,500 EGP. Alternatively, if you use the installment system, the price per meter will be 16,000 EGP.

The company provided multiple payment systems with a maximum downpayment of 50%, and the remaining is paid on installments for 2 years.

Other payment systems are available as follows: 

  • 10% downpayment with the rest paid in installments for up to 4 years.
  • 20% downpayment with the rest paid in installments for up to 5 years.

5% of the total amount is paid for maintenance and the installments are paid every three months.

Midtown Egypt units are available for immediate delivery, which is a rare feature in these projects. You can move in your unit in the same day you signed the contract, so you don’t have to wait to enjoy all the benefits.

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Problems of Midtown New Cairo Compound

Midtown New Cairo Compound has a wide range of advantages that attract many customers. However, some residents who prefer quietness may be concerned about the impact of the diversity of housing units on noise levels in the community. To overcome these concerns, Better Homes Real Estate designed the compound with wide spaces between housing units, ensuring a quiet and comfortable living environment for the residents in "Midtown Fifth Settlement Compound".

Developer Company Portfolio

A large project such as Midtown New Cairo can only be the product of a major company such as Better Home Developments, which has a wealth of real estate experience since 1998 and includes three large real estate development companies.

The company has already delivered about 9 projects in many places within Egypt, particularly 6 October, New Cairo, New Administrative Capital, and Minya.

The company has already delivered about 9 projects in many places within Egypt, especially 6 October, New Cairo, New Administrative Capital, and Minya.

The company's most important projects include the following:

Compounds of 5th Settlement: Experience Contemporary Living at Its Finest!

The residential communities in the 5th Settlement area offer diverse and upscale living options in Cairo, distinguished by providing modern housing solutions that align with contemporary tastes and needs. These communities are filled with various choices, including modern apartments and spacious villas, each with updated and comfortable designs. A prominent feature of these communities is the advanced security system employed, as they are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure the safety and privacy of residents, through continuous guarding and around-the-clock surveillance systems.

Additionally, these communities offer a wide range of recreational and service facilities that enrich the living experience, such as swimming pools, sports courts, health clubs, gardens, shopping outlets, and restaurants, providing a comprehensive environment that meets all the needs and desires of residents.

On the other hand, the residential units in the 5th Settlement stand out with their modern architectural style and luxurious designs that combine elegance and comfort, with an abundance of green spaces and outdoor seating areas that offer a space for relaxation and contemplation.

With a unique blend of security, modern design, and comprehensive recreational services, the residential communities in the 5th Settlement offer an exceptional experience for modern living and residence, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a high quality of life in Cairo.

Explore the Rejuvenated Experience of Modern Living: Luxury and Outstanding Services in New Cairo!

New Cairo is a major hub for diverse and outstanding services that contribute to providing a comfortable and convenient life for its residents. This modern city is well-equipped with advanced infrastructure, facilitating access to a comprehensive range of public facilities and services designed to enhance the quality of life.

One of the most prominent features of New Cairo is its efficient and integrated transportation system. It boasts multiple transportation networks, including light rail, buses, and metro, making it easy to commute within the city and reach major areas with ease and convenience.

In the healthcare sector, New Cairo stands out as a host to a group of hospitals and medical centers that offer high-quality medical services. These healthcare facilities are distinguished by their professional medical staff and equipped with the latest technologies and equipment to ensure the delivery of the best care for patients.

The education sectors in New Cairo also receive significant attention, with the city housing a rich array of international schools and specialized educational academies. This diversity provides a stimulating educational environment that contributes to the academic and personal growth of youth and children.

In addition to essential services, New Cairo offers a wide range of recreational and cultural options. From luxurious shopping malls to entertainment centers and parks, there are numerous choices to cater to the interests and needs of all ages and tastes. Cultural centers regularly organize events aimed at enriching the cultural life of residents, making New Cairo a comprehensive place that combines modern living and excellent facilities.

Neighboring Grandeur: A Glimpse of Compounds near Midtown Compound in 5th Settlement!

In the heart of New Cairo, a group of luxurious residential communities stands out as examples of modern living and sophistication, making them an ideal choice for those seeking an exceptional standard of living that combines opulence, elegance, and a safe and peaceful environment.

  1. Stei8ht Compound New Cairo:
    The first of these compounds boasts contemporary designs that reflect the concept of luxury in every detail, offering diverse residential units to suit different tastes. This compound is not only distinguished by its exterior and interior designs but also by its strategic location near essential services such as schools, medical centers, and commercial areas, ensuring a unique and integrated living experience.

  2. Blue Tree Compound New Cairo:
    Next is another residential community known for its captivating environment and attractive architectural design, which contribute to creating an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. It consists of apartments and villas surrounded by vast green spaces, in addition to upscale recreational facilities such as swimming pools and health clubs that make life more enjoyable and healthy.

  3. Orla Residence Compound New Cairo:
    Finally, a compound renowned for its architectural excellence and focus on luxury in the finest details stands out. This compound features residential units with innovative and luxurious interior designs, surrounded by vast green spaces that provide a sense of refreshment and relaxation. This community is considered a haven for those seeking high quality and serene living.

Choosing one of these residential communities means more than just owning a home; it signifies choosing a lifestyle where opulence, comfort, and tranquility are essential components of daily living in the heart of the 5th Settlement, which is distinguished as one of the most prestigious areas of New Cairo.

Real Estate Solutions at a Click: Learn How to Realize Your Housing Dreams at Midtown Compound in 5th Settlement with!

  1. Explore Options Online: Browsing the available options for residential units in Midtown Compound through specialized digital services, such as, is a smart step to narrow down your choices. This allows you the opportunity to specify the desired specifications for the residential unit in terms of area, number of rooms, price, and more, contributing to narrowing down the search to find what suits your preferences.
  2. Study the Information Carefully: Before taking any further steps, it is crucial to thoroughly review all the details related to the residential unit that catches your attention, including the total area, room layout, and amenities available within the residential community. This information is often available on the unit's page on the website.
  3. Direct Communication: Once you have a clear picture of the unit that seems suitable for your requirements, it's time to communicate directly with the entity responsible for the property, whether through the platform or a real estate agent, to discuss all the precise details and raise any questions that may come to mind.
  4. Visit the Location in Person: The next step involves visiting the compound and the residential unit in question to assess the location yourself, evaluate the quality of construction, and observe the surroundings to ensure they meet your expectations and needs. It's also an opportunity to explore the available facilities and services within the community.
  5. Finalize the Deal: After making your decision and choosing the ideal unit that suits your requirements, it's time to submit an offer and begin negotiations regarding prices and payment terms to ensure you get the best possible deal.
  6. Benefit from After-Sales Support: The final step, but not the least important, is to ensure you receive promises of after-sales support from the real estate developer or agent, to ensure you receive the necessary assistance in addressing any challenges or the need for modifications or maintenance to the unit in the future.

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5th Settlement near Teseen Street in New Cairo.

1,755,000 EGP


Better Home

84 apartments

10% downpayment and the rest is paid via installments up to 4 years.

17 acres


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