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Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Better Home Development

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Project Description

Project Name: Cairo Business Plaza.

Cairo Business Plaza Location: the New Capital, Financial District.

Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Space: it has the largest space in the Administrative Capital as the project area is 133 acres.

The Executing Company: Better Home Group.

Cairo Business Plaza Units Prices: price per meter starts from 32,000 EGP up to 40,000 EGP, as the meter price for the finishing starts from 5,000 EGP and the installments period up to 6 years in equal monthly installments without interest.

Cairo Business Plaza Administrative Capital

  • Within the best locations in the Administrative Capital, Better Home, the leader in the Egyptian real estate industry, presented Cairo Business Plaza, the largest integrated residential and residential complex with all the modern features of modern buildings that were characterized by luxury and the affordable prices with imaginary spaces that suit all marketing needs with aesthetic designs in a style that is in tune with modernity and Arabic style.
  • It is the largest administrative building in the Administrative Capital on an area of 6 acres and is the first building in the Administrative Capital corresponding to the certificate of Led green building (Eco-friendly) and the third building in Egypt that the first administrative license in the Administrative Capital in the financial district, and features an area of 7 times the area of Cairo Business Plaza New Cairo.

Cairo Business Plaza Location

Cairo Business Plaza New Administrative Capital is one of the best and largest projects for which a distinguished geographical location has been chosen, so that it is close to the main roads and axes, and makes it easy for you to move around easily away from the congestion and congestion that residents of other areas suffer from.

The most important landmarks near the Cairo Business Plaza New Capital project:

  • Cairo Business Plaza has been established in the residential area R7, which is one of the areas that will witness a high population density due to a large number of residential compounds in the heart of New Administrative Capital.
  • Cairo Business Plaza mall is close to the largest government facilities, which indicates that it has a privileged location.
  • Cairo Business Plaza is close to Cairo International Airport.
  • Cairo Business Plaza is also close to the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is one of the most important main roads in the heart of the new capital.
  • Cairo Business Plaza is a short distance from the government district and therefore it is close to the commercial and investment district.
  • You can reach Cairo International Airport in a few minutes.
  • Cairo Business Plaza is close to the industrial and commercial area.

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Internal Space of Units in Cairo Business Plaza Better Home

The company provided a large number of residential units, which numbered 900 units complete designs with super lux finishing allows immediate housing without adding any modifications of the design, the company sought to implement a number of residential buildings each of them includes six floors separate from the garages and service areas and cars maintenance underneath all the buildings.

Units Space:

  • Spaces start from 66 m² to 200 m² (with full finishing and conditioners).
  • Spaces start from 230 m² (with conditioners and without finishing).
  • 75 m² apartment consisting of one bedroom.
  • 100 m² separate apartment consisting of two bedrooms.
  • 145 m² apartment consisting of three bedrooms.
  • Villas space starts from 470 m² with 350 m² first floor.
  • The space of villas' first floor starts from 270 m².
  • Penthouses and Twin house space start from 240 m².

A large area of Better Home New Capital project will be allocated up to 15,000 square meters for the establishment of hotel apartments and hotels at the highest level, in addition to an area of 25 thousand square meters to implement a number of administrative and commercial offices and shopping malls with the most famous brands and food commodities.

Exclusive services available inside Cairo Business Plaza Mall

Implementation plans have been drawn up for this huge project to be unique in its distinguished geographical location, in addition to the huge space, it is based on. Better Home Real Estate Company, the owner of Better Home New Capital project, has been keen to provide all the diverse and integrated services, whether basic or recreational, in order to achieve all their desires, and the most important of these services are mentioned below:

  • Cairo Business Plaza Mall has been reinforced with all the distinguished security services, through which guards and security personnel have been appointed at the highest level of training, and a number of modern and advanced surveillance cameras have been distributed that constantly monitor all movements.
  • Also, a large hall was established for holding various parties, which was equipped with many of the latest devices, huge screens, and speakers,
  • Allocating one of the roles inside Cairo Business Plaza mall for medical services, which is represented in hospitals and medical centers in all different fields, in addition to the presence of a large pharmacy that provides all imported medicines.
  • Working to provide all customers with amenities for electric elevators with international specifications, modern panoramic facades, and a number of escalators to facilitate movement and prevent crowding and overcrowding.
  • A special center has been established to provide various maintenance services within
  • Cairo Business Plaza New Capital and a number of highly trained technicians.
  • For each floor inside Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Mall, there are toilets, divided between men and women, and they are fully equipped.
  • For complete comfort and non-disturbance, a smoking area has been allocated, providing complete privacy.
  • Work to provide a protection system that helps speed up intervention in the event of any fire before any problem aggravates.
  • For the safety of you and your family, ambulances are available 24 hours a day to speed up medical interventions inside Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Project
  • For young children, a play area has been created for them, which helps them spend the most beautiful times among family and friends.
  • To breathe healthy and clean air, green areas and gardens were distributed in Cairo Business Plaza for the psychological comfort of customers, to give the building an attractive aesthetic appearance.
  • Providing multiple networks for the Internet distributed throughout Better Home New Capital units.
  • The facades of Cairo Business Plaza mall are designed with double glazing that is heat-insulating and blocking external noise, all in order to provide you with complete comfort.
  • For bodybuilding and fitness, a large hall has been established that includes a number of modern equipment and devices, with trainers of the highest level at Cairo Business Plaza New Capital.
  • Establishing a distinctive clubhouse with all the various services that help customers achieve their requirements and suit their tastes.
  • A large health center with a number of halls, including the Spa House for body and skincare, a Jacuzzi for positive energy, and a sauna for rest and complete relaxation inside Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Mall.
    There are 24-hour reception services to respond to inquiries and reservations, which provides customers with complete comfort in Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Project.
  • The units are designed in an international style and are distinguished by wonderful decorations for each specialty, and they are at special prices and you can own them with the payment systems that were provided by the real estate developer inside Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Mall.
  • Huge underground generators that operate automatically in case of any malfunction, in order to provide a distinctive working environment.
  • Large central air conditioning that distributes cold air to all units in Cairo Business Plaza mall.
  • Distinguished cleaning services during the day in order to maintain the civilized and aesthetic appearance inside Cairo Business Plaza New Capital.
  • A restaurant that offers all kinds of food and the finest variety, and a large café designed with modern decorations and provides you with different and varied drinks.
  • In order to preserve the civilized appearance of Cairo Business Plaza mall and to prevent crowding, car parks for visitors have been established.

The unique features of Cairo Plaza New Capital

The real estate developer was keen to establish a huge mall with all amenities and luxury, in addition to the unique features that work to attract investors, the most important of which are the following:

  • Outdoor parking spaces are available for customers' convenience.
  • In Cairo Business Plaza Mall New Capital there is a 7-star hotel with many rooms and the best services for the convenience of the customer.
  • Automatic teller machines for easy withdrawal and deposit without the need to leave the place.
  • For shopping lovers, there is a commercial area with many different stores with personal supplies and commercial goods.
  • The spread of green spaces and landscapes gives a pure and clean environment conducive to relaxation.
  • Using solar energy to generate clean energy and preserve the environment from pollution.

Cairo Business Plaza New Capital Units Delivery Date

All units shall be delivered within 4 years in 12/2023.

  • The first building (A) is on the highest level of finishings and has five floors in addition to the ground floor, with reservations available on the fifth and third floors and space starting at 56 square meters.

  • The second building (B) includes units without finishing and has seven floors in addition to the ground floor, with reservations available on the 7th floor and spaces starting at 230 square meters.

Price and Payment Systems in Cairo Business Plaza

A 10% downpayment is paid for the unit booking and unit value is paid over a period of up to 6 years in monthly installments agreed with the company's customers upon contract to match the customer's financial capacity, and 10% maintenance of the unit price is paid upon delivery.

  • (A) building prices start from 32,000 EGP, the units shall be delivered with full finishing on 45 m² and the reservation of the fifth and third floors shall be opened and the finishings costs shall be paid in equal monthly installments over up to 18 months.
  • (B) building prices start from 36,000 EGP to 40,000 EGP, the units shall be delivered without finishing but there is possibility of delivering it fully finished according to the customer desire and the reservation of the 7th floor shall be opened with vast spaces start from 230 m².

Cairo Business Plaza payment methods 

  • A 10% downpayment is paid, 5% after 6 months, and unit value is paid over 6 years in monthly installments without interest and 10% maintenance is paid upon delivery.
  • The price starts from 5000 EGP per meter for finishing paid over a period of up to 18 months.

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Disadvantages of Cairo Business Plaza Mall New Capital

Despite the glamor and integration of the "Cairo Business Plaza Mall in New Administrative Capital" project, some still have reservations about its distance from downtown Cairo. However, the advanced infrastructure established by the government, in addition to the monorail and electric train, facilitate access to the New Administrative Capital, making it closer than many imagine.

A Brief about Cairo Business Plaza Developer

Better Home is one of the most prominent companies that have planned with confidence to enter the real estate world and produce the best resorts and real estate projects within the Egyptian market and has developed its ideal expertise for a group of companies specialized in the real estate field up to three companies that have worked in different real estate sectors are

  • Better Home Development.
  • Better Amoun.
  • Better Mix.

So, Better Home can then sit on the throne of real estate production and deliver nine projects in a number of new areas, including New Cairo and 6 October City, all characterized by real estate luxury with touches mixed between modern and elegant in a sophisticated and creative style befitting a leading company as Better Home company.

Better Home Major Projects in the residential field include:

Become Part of the Future: The New Administrative Capital and its Vision for a Bright Tomorrow! 

The New Administrative Capital, the ambitious new city that reflects Egypt's aspirations and aims to be a symbol of development and innovation in the country. This city represents progress and advancement in every aspect, and is expected to become one of the elegant cities in the future.

The New Administrative Capital project carries an ambitious vision for Egypt's future, as it was implemented based on in-depth studies and analyses of the country's current and future needs. The project aims to improve citizens' quality of life and provide an advanced urban environment characterized by sustainability and self-sufficiency.

The New Administrative Capital was designed to be a modern thriving city, providing a wide range of modern services and facilities. The city houses many government buildings and national institutions, which ensure the provision of government services with high efficiency and transparency.

The vision of the New Administrative Capital also includes developing the residential, commercial and entertainment sectors. Housing in the city is characterized by modern architectural designs and integrated facilities, in addition to advanced security and protection services. This aspect of the city is an opportunity for investors to benefit from the country's economic growth and provide new job opportunities.

The New Administrative Capital is also planned to include modern commercial areas, tourist resorts and entertainment centers. These places will provide unique shopping experiences and diverse entertainment activities for residents and visitors.

The project also aims to achieve economic development and boost investments in Egypt. It provides a suitable community and economic environment that attracts entrepreneurs and investors and encourages the relocation of companies and industries to the city.

In addition, the New Administrative Capital project has been implemented based on smart city standards. The advanced infrastructure and innovative technology provide opportunities to develop smart applications that facilitate citizens' lives and improve the quality of services provided in the city.

The New Administrative Capital reflects Egypt's vision for a bright future and its readiness to face future challenges. By developing multiple sectors and providing an advanced urban environment, the New Administrative Capital seeks to achieve the country's vision of achieving sustainable development and enhancing the well-being of citizens.

You Deserve True Luxury... And It's In The New Administrative Capital's Malls! 

The malls in the New Administrative Capital are one of the most prominent shopping and entertainment destinations in Egypt. They provide a unique experience for shoppers with a wide range of famous brands, retail stores and upscale restaurants.

The New Administrative Capital's malls are characterized by their modern and luxurious design, as they work to provide unparalleled comfort for their visitors. These malls contain vast spaces, provide high-quality equipment and offer distinguished services to customers.

One of the most prominent features of the shopping experience in these malls is the safe and clean environment. All necessary measures are taken to ensure visitors' safety, including providing hand sanitizing stations and enforcing social distancing. In addition, these malls are characterized by good ventilation and an organized internal system.

The New Administrative Capital's malls provide a diverse range of retail stores that cater to all needs and tastes. These stores include famous international brands, as well as a diverse range of high-quality local products.

In addition to shopping, the New Administrative Capital's malls also offer many upscale restaurants and cafes. Visitors can enjoy the experience of having a delicious meal at one of the luxurious restaurants or relaxing at one of the cafes that serve excellent coffee and delicious drinks.

Remember that shopping at the New Administrative Capital's malls is not just about entertainment and shopping, but also includes an exceptional entertainment experience. These malls have entertainment centers and theaters that present exciting events and fun activities that make your visit to the mall unforgettable.

The New Administrative Capital's malls truly deserve a symbolic title of luxury and entertainment. If you are looking for a luxurious and exciting shopping experience in Egypt, there is no better place to go. Get ready to enjoy the best brands, retail stores, and restaurants in one of the most modern and thriving areas in the country.

One Step From Cairo Business Plaza in New Administrative Capital: Discover Nearby Distinctive Investment Offers!

Peter Home Real Estate Development Company chose the best location for building Cairo Business Plaza Mall in the New Administrative Capital, as it is located in the R7 residential district in the heart of the city. This strategic location ensures the mall is situated among a number of crowded residential projects, in addition to being close to the main roads in the area.

If you own a unit in Cairo Business Plaza Mall or are considering investing in the project, you may be interested in knowing about nearby malls that visitors can take advantage of. Here is a list of some commercial malls near Cairo Business Plaza Mall in the New Administrative Capital:

  1. Elite Mall in New Administrative Capital: This mall is located a short distance from Cairo Business Plaza Mall and is a upscale shopping destination with a diverse collection of famous global brands. The mall is distinguished by its modern and contemporary design and the availability of many restaurants and cafes.

  2. Tiffany Mall in New Administrative Capital: This mall is considered one of the most prominent shopping centers in the area, comprising a large collection of international and local brands. The mall also contains a cinema and an entertainment game hall, in addition to areas for restaurants and cafes.

  3. Marassi Mall in New Administrative Capital: This mall is distinguished by its strategic location on North 90th Street near Cairo Business Plaza Mall. The mall is a major destination for shopping enthusiasts, where they can enjoy a unique shopping experience in a modern urban environment.

  4. Solidere Mall in New Administrative Capital: This mall is considered a luxurious shopping destination, comprising a wide collection of international and local fashion and accessories stores. Additionally, the mall features a selection of restaurants and cafes for relaxation and spending a fun time.

These are some of the commercial malls near Cairo Business Plaza Mall in the New Administrative Capital that visitors can take advantage of to meet their shopping needs and have a good time. Before visiting any of these malls, it is advisable to check opening hours and services available in each place.

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the New Capital, Financial District.

2,112,000 EGP


Better Home Group.

27 Units

10% downpayment 5% after 6 months and the unit price in installments over 6 years without interest

133 acres.


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