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La Vista City New Capital

Tiba Real Estate, known for the quality of its real estate projects, has implemented LaVista City New capital project in the best and most vital places in the New Administrative Capital, where it was keen to provide integrated services within the Compound, in addition to providing a vibrant and luxurious atmosphere, as well as a huge opportunity for lovers to live quietly away from the noise and congestion of other cities And for more details click Egypt Real Estate.

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Location of La Vista City New Capital

Tiba Construction company was keen to choose a geographical and vital location in order to build La Vista City complex in one of the highest vital places in the New Administrative Capital, specifically fouth residential district R4, as it is very close to several important areas, most notably the following:

  • It is only a few minutes away from Cairo - Suez desert road.
  • The compound is very close to Cairo City.
  • It is a very small distance from the government district, the Presidential Palace, the Green River, the Embassies Complex district, and Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque.
  • The Compound is also located near some important residential complexes in the New Administrative Capital, such as IL Bosco Compound, Al Maqsad, and Midtown New Capital, located in Golden Square, just 90 minutes from Cairo.
  • It is just five minutes from 90th Street, close to Hyde Park project at the 5th Settlement area in New Cairo.
  • Based on all of the above, it is remarkable that having a unit within the project is a great residential opportunity, especially for those who want to live quietly, as the Administrative Capital is characterized by a low population density.
  • Tiba company undertakes to deliver the entire project including service facilities at the agreed time that has been shown in the contract, with full commitment to all terms and conditions of the contract.

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Design of Lavista City New Capital

A large area has been allocated for the implementation of the entire project, with only an estimated 15% of the total area being used for the implementation of La Vista City, which contains villas with luxury designs.

While the remaining space has been used for the implementation of wide streets, integrated service facilities, green spaces, landscapes, water bodies including attractive artificial lagoons, and swimming pools.

The availability of services and the enjoyment of the project's various advantages is a key factor in attracting more customers and investors from Egypt and abroad in order to own residential units within the Compound, as well as the excellent strategic location where there is calm, all along with the appropriate prices away from the superstitious common prices.

Investment within the Compound is safe and guaranteed, due to the strength of residential buildings and their high quality regarding international standards, due to the selection of one of the leading real estate marketing companies for its implementation, Tiba Construction company, which has established its fame and good reputation through its projects that have become famous in the Egyptian and Arab market.

The size of the residential units within the compound is varied and diverse, allowing each client or investor to purchase the unit that suits his or her circumstances, the number of his or her family members and the financial potentials.

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Services Provided By Lavista City

The Complex has a large number of services that make it a residential project distinct from other adjacent projects, and it contains a range of features, the most prominent of which is that all residential units see the charming landscape directly, in addition to the attractive view of the water bodies that include swimming pools and artificial lakes, and the most prominent services available include the following:

  • Residents of La Vista City can enjoy the stunning landscape of water bodies and large green spaces.
  • There are a number of charming artificial lakes that have been distributed throughout the Compound.
  • A spacious Center Garden is available.
  • A mosque is provided to perform prayers.
  • Certain places with kids entertainment games are allocated.
  • A high-level 24-hour security system and security personnel.
  • There are a range of swimming pools with a variety of designs that have been distributed throughout the compound.
  • There are a number of high-tech surveillance cameras everywhere within the LaVista City Administrative Capital compound.
  • A large and comprehensive commercial area is also available for the sale of all products and supplies.
  • The complex has several high restaurants and cafes that offer world-class services and the best meals and drinks.
  • For those who enjoy sports and fitness, there is a huge sports club for all sports activities, as well as a health club with a sauna, spa, and a high-quality gym.
  • Within La Vista City there is a range of pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day without stop.
  • Medical services are also available to maintain the health and safety of the population, such as a medical center that includes a range of medical clinics in various specialties, which are equipped with the best standard and equipped with all modern medical devices.
  • There is a private parking for the residents cars.
  • Educational services are represented by a range of distinguished universities and international schools, in addition to providing the means that facilitate the educational process.
  • Each property within the compound has its own garden.
  • There is a leisure center suitable for all ages and categories.
  • There is an integrated mall that provides a pleasant shopping experience.

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Features of La Vista City

LaVista City is one of the most recent residential projects built in the New Administrative Capital, combining the architecture of Egypt with modernity that is shown through the designs that match the architectural style in the Countries of Europe.

The project's designs have been taken care of both inside and outside, as well as the availability of countless benefits, most notably the following:

  • The compound design is unique, combining both modern and ancient Egyptian, as well as high-end designs that attract attention from inside and outside.
  • The streets are spacious, allowing easy movement and movement of cars, as well as more privacy for residents.
  • Each property within the project contains 2 electrical elevators.
  • The residential building consists of five frequent floors, as well as the basement and ground floor.
  • There is a designated parking garage for only residents.
  • The ground floor has a private garden.
  • Parking garage for residents' cars.
  • Easy access to La Vista City compound due to its vital location in the New Administrative Capital, as it is close to the Presidential Palace, the Central Park, and Al Sefarat Neighbourhood.
  • Providing security and safety to customers by installing surveillance cameras throughout, as well as the barbed wire surrounding the project.
  • Although multiple services and benefits are available, units prices within the compound are competitive and suitable for all society segments.

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The Importance of La Vista City Administrative Capital

The importance of building this Complex is the desire to implement a high-end and multi-service residential compound with a commitment to applying international quality standards and unique designs, at prices suitable for all social groups and segments, and the main objectives of the building are also as follows:

  • To provide a healthy environment and residential units that have been implemented at a high level that conforms to international quality standards, contributing to the emergence of new generations with creative skills.
  • Live quietly away from pollution, noise, and the hustle and bustle of other densely populated cities.
  • La Vista City allows customers to enjoy a clean life away from all kinds of pollutants, whether audio or visual.
  • The Complex and similar residential projects in the New Administrative Capital contribute to solving the housing crisis, which many of people suffer from.
  • Reconstruction of desert lands with the provision of all service facilities.

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Spaces within La Vista City Compound

During the implementation of the project, Tiba Real Estate company was interested in providing residential units with different sizes to suit the desires and needs of all customers, allowing each person to own his own residential unit that suits the number of his family members according to his potinals, and the various units include upscale twin houses, standalone villas, apartments with finishing at the highest level whether modern or classic to suit all tastes.

It has been established on a large area of about 910 acres, and it is one of the largest residential projects that enjoy a distinct geographical location in the Administrative Capital, being very close to the regional ring road, and a few minutes from Cairo - Suez desert road, attracting a large number of investors from all the Arab countries.

A large part of the project area will be used to provide vast green spaces, landscapes, and recreational facilities.

  • There are Twin House units in varying sizes and best finishes and have a private garden.
  • The villas also have varying spaces with luxurious decor and a private garden.
  • All units have been implemented in a modern European style, and a selection of the most qualified technicians and consultants have been used to carry out infrastructure works.

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Price per Meter In La Vista City

LaVista City New Administrative Capital offers a variety of residential units including Twin Houses, Townhouses, luxury villas with modern, luxurious, and European-style designs with world-class standards. Yet the prices for purchasing units are very suitable and suitable for all society groups in order to satisfy customers.

  • The owner company offers continuous offers and significant discounts on unit prices, especially for customers who pay the unit price in cash without installments, and enjoy the priority of receiving.
  • Owning a residential unit in return for paying 15% of the unit price as a contract down payment, with the remaining amounts paid in equal monthly payments with no interest over six years.
  • A unit can be owned without a reservation downpayment, with the full amount to be paid without any interest over six years from the date of contract.
  • The company undertakes to deliver units to customers on the dates agreed in the contract, knowing that priority of receipt is for unit owners who have paid in cash, and there are customer service numbers to contact with customers and respond to their queries.

Unit prices and available spaces, it is as follows:

  • The price of the townhouse, with a building area of 208 square meters and a total area of 230 square meters, starts from 5,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of the townhouse, with a building area of 286 square meters and a total area of 255 square meters, starting from 6,520,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of the townhouse, with a building area of 268 square meters and a total area of 280 square meters ranging from 7,210,000 Egyptian pounds up to 8,380,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of the villa, with a building area of 364 square meters and a total area of 300 square meters ranging from 9,070,000 Egyptian pounds up to 11,870,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of standalone villa, with a building area of 380 square meters and a total area of 334 square meters starts from 9,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for the payment methods, there are as follows:

  • Pay the unit value with a 15% down payment of the total price.
  • Paying the rest in monthly installments without interest over a long period up to eight years.
  • Tiba pledges to deliver by 2023.

The Developer Company Previous Projects

La Vista Development and Investment Company is the executing company of the project, one of the largest real estate companies that occupies the leading position in the Egyptian market, and has a precedent of honorable works that helped to win the trust of customers, most notably the following:

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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