Vinci New Capital Compound Misr Italia

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Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022
Developed by: Misr Italia

About Vinci Project  A giant residential compound in New Administrative Capital by Misr Italia.

Vinci New Capital Location  New Administrative Capital - R7 -in Diplomatic Quarter.

Vinci Space  110 acres.

Units' Type  Villas - apartments - Twin House - Townhouse.

Units' Space  starts from 120 square meters and up to 753 square meters.

Price per meter  Price per meter for semi-finished units starts from 10,500 EGP, while in fully-finished units it starts from 14,500 EGP.

The Developer Name  Misr Italia.

Payment Methods  10% downpayment and installments up to 9 years.

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Vinci New Capital Compound Misr Italia Brochure and Master Plan


Project Name: Vinci.

About Vinci Project: A giant residential compound in New Administrative Capital by Misr Italia.

Vinci New Capital Location: New Administrative Capital - R7 -in Diplomatic Quarter.

Vinci Space: 110 acres.

Units' Type: Villas - apartments - Twin House - Townhouse.

Units' Space: starts from 120 square meters and up to 753 square meters.

Price per meter: Price per meter for semi-finished units starts from 10,500 EGP, while in fully-finished units it starts from 14,500 EGP.

The Developer Name: Misr Italia.

Payment Methods: 10% downpayment and installments up to 9 years.

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Enjoy the Luxurious Lifestyle of Vinci New Capital Compound

Vinci compound is a dream come true, offering an upper-class lifestyle to all its residents. Vinci project is characterized by an exceptional location far from the busy streets of Cairo, and away from all pollution and noise, making it the perfect choice for those seeking excellence and sophistication. Book your unit within Vinci New Capital compound to enjoy the lifestyle of royalty.

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Vinci New Administrative Capital Location

The company paid close attention while choosing the best possible location in the New Capital, near all the important roads and landmarks, such as:

Misr Italia Vinci Located in the center of the New Administrative Capital, Vinci Compound can be found in the 7th residential area (R7), G4.

Landmarks Near Vinci Compound:

  • Misr Italia compound overlooks the Southern Mohammed bin Zayed Street with a width of 124 meters, making it close to all the important roads leading to it, including Mohammed bin Zayed Southern Axis, Central Axis, Regional Ring Road and Al Ain Sokhna Road.
  • Vinci New Capital is only minutes away from the Presidential Palace.
  • Vinci compound is very close to the second residential district (R2), which contains some of the finest residential compounds in the New Capital, including Il Bosco Compound and Midtown Sky.
  • Vinci compound is close to the embassy district, the Green River, the fairground, Al Masa Hotel and the British University.
  • Easy access to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.

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Available Spaces

This upscale compound will fulfill the dreams and aspirations of its customers thanks to its large, well-designed space, which was used to provide optimum services to residents. Vinci New Capital project covers a vast 110 acres, equal to about 462 square kilometers.

The company has allocated the largest percentage of space for services of all kinds, with residential units not exceeding 20%. This ensures the privacy and comfort of all homeowners within Misr Italia Compound.

Vinci New Capital compound offers units in different designs, 70% of which are villas, 25% are apartments, and the remainder 5% are hotel apartments. All units are available in different sizes to satisfy all needs, detailed as follows:

  • The luxuriously designed standalone villas start at 358 square meters.
  • Townhouse units starting at 295 square meters.
  • Twin house units start from 309 square meters.

The company announced that all units will be delivered with full finishes and beautiful decorations, thanks to the company's contract with Hani Saad, which is one of the pioneer companies working in the field of architectural design for over 15 years.

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The services provided by Vinci New Capital Compound

Are you looking for an integrated life with many services, features, and facilities, in a strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, Here is Vinci Compound.

  • Inside Vinci Compound, there is a walkway for exercising, running, and cycling away from the cars, amidst the picturesque nature and fresh air.
  • For swimming and diving lovers, Vinci compound offers swimming pools of various sizes to suit all ages inside Vinci Compound.
  • Taking care of children, so safe places were chosen inside Vinci compound, equipped with the latest various entertainment games suitable for their ages, to spend the happiest times with their friends.
  • An area dedicated to restaurants and cafés designed in a world-class style, serving the most delicious food and drinks for your favorite meal in Vinci Project.
  • Several high-quality surveillance cameras monitor all movements to maintain the safety of the guests at Vinci.
  • An international mall with many different stores equipped with the latest brands that suit fine taste.
  • Security and guarding services to secure the entrances and exits of Misr Italia compound and operate 24 hours a day to maintain stability inside Vinci New Capital.
  • Vinci compound includes spacious garages for cars to reduce congestion inside Vinci compound and preserve the property, where surveillance cameras and sound alarms are provided.
  • For those who like to maintain their fitness, there is a gym with many playgrounds available within Vinci project to practice all different activities so that everyone can practice their favorite sport.
  • Inside Vinci compound, there is a health club equipped with the latest equipment, qualified trainers, and special rooms for the spa, jacuzzi, and sauna for rest and relaxation.

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Unit Prices in Vinci Misr Italia

Vinci compound offers numerous services in exchange for paying a small price, which should be suitable for a large segment of customers.

The price of units varies according to their type and specifications, with all villas starting from 7,600,000 EGP, townhouses starting from 5,300,000 EGP, and twin houses starting from 6,700,000 EGP.

Payment systems are also available to facilitate your purchase, so you only need to pay a fraction of the unit price as a downpayment, with installments up to 8 years. You’ll receive the unit 4 years after the date of the contract.

Price per Meter for Every Unit Type

The price per meter and per unit varies according to the unit types, specifications, finishing, and space. For phase 1 of Vinci project, prices can be estimated from the information below:

The cost per meter starts at 10,500 EGP for half-finished units, and amounts to 14,500 EGP for Super Lux units, depending on the customer's wishes.

The prices of townhouses and twin houses start at 4,000,000 EGP per unit.

The price of standalone villas starts between 5,000,000 EGP and 7,000,000 EGP.

Units are delivered within 4 years from the date of the contract.

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Disadvantages of Vinci Compound Egypt Italia

Vinci Compound is characterized by many advantages that cover and exceed any reservations that some may have. Some may consider the absence of apartments within the project a weakness. However, Vinci Compound offers penthouse and duplex units complemented by beautiful gardens, which guarantees residents an experience similar to living in a villa in terms of space and privacy, such as enjoying a private swimming pool and a spacious garden, all at a reasonable cost compared to villas, which makes it an attractive and distinctive option for investors. .

About The Real Estate Developer and His Most Important Previous Works

Misr Italia is a company with extensive experience in the real estate field. It was established in 1998 and is always keen on establishing integrated residential communities equipped with many services and features that the client needs.

It relied on international quality standards and used all experts in the field of real estate, and cooperated with the largest companies in the field of engineering consultancy and designs, with more than 35 years of experience, and established many successful properties in many places such as New Cairo, Ain Sukhna, North Coast, and 6 October, and Sunrise City.

The company launched Vinci New Administrative Capital in a privileged location and provided it with all the services and facilities needed by the compound's residents to obtain comfort and luxury.

Most important previous works

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Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is subject to change. Our team at Real Estate Egypt is keen to update the spaces, unit types, and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Features of New Administrative Capital

New Administrative Capital is an exceptional project, as it is devoid of the challenges facing the current capital. It provides a new type of environment that attracts investors and residents alike, as it is one of the newest investment projects for real estate development in Egypt.

Vinci project is expected to grow from 18 million people to 40 million people by 2050. Vinci project is characterized by modern technologies, wide green spaces, and advanced designs.

In addition, New Administrative Capital contains many distinguished facilities and services; It contains all the basic services necessary for a comfortable life, such as hospitals, schools, parks, mosques, restaurants, and shops.

New Administrative Capital guarantees living a high urban life and a high standard, in addition to introducing a new concept of the nature of residential life in Egypt. It is important to note that the new capital is considered Vinci project of the future, and one of the most important positive aspects of Vinci project is strengthening Egypt's position at home and abroad.

What are the advantages of investing in the seventh residential neighborhood, R7?

The seventh residential neighborhood, R7, is one of the best locations for investment in New Administrative Capital, as it has a distinctive strategic location within the city.

It is located near the conference center, the medical district, the train station, Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque, and other important landmarks in the new city. In addition, it is located along the regional ring road, making it easily accessible to the surrounding areas.

The seventh residential neighborhood, R7, is characterized by the provision of many services and facilities that serve the residential and commercial projects within it, such as shops, schools, hospitals, and entertainment centers. The neighborhood also includes a wonderful group of luxurious residential compounds, which provide a luxurious and comfortable life for the residents.

The projects of the seventh residential neighborhood, R7, are an excellent investment opportunity, as it is expected that the value of lands and real estate units within them will witness a continuous increase in the coming period.

The neighborhood also includes many major international companies that will provide jobs for local and foreign residents.

In addition, the seventh residential neighborhood, R7, is a safe and developed place, where the security and guarding system is permanently operated, to provide full protection for residents and investors.

In short, it can be said that the seventh residential neighborhood, R7, is an ideal investment opportunity, as it has everything that investors and residents need for a comfortable and stable life.

Through its privileged location within the new city and the provision of many necessary facilities and services, it is also easily accessible to the surrounding areas. So investing in R7 is an ideal choice for investors who are interested in real estate in New Administrative Capital.

Experience Luxury Living: Top Compounds Near Vinci Compound in New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt provides residents with an experience of luxurious and elegant living. Among the luxury residential compounds in the city, Vinci compound stands out as one of the most important destinations that provides a luxury experience for residents. In this article, we will shed light on some of the compounds near Vinci compound that offer a similar luxury experience.

  1. IL Bosco Compound:
    IL Bosco compound is located close to Vinci compound in the Investors District of the Administrative Capital. This compound is distinguished by its unique nature-inspired design, providing vast green spaces and beautiful gardens. Additionally, the compound contains a modern commercial center and entertainment complexes to meet residents' needs.

  2. Midtown Sky:
    If you are looking for sophistication and grandeur, Midtown Sky project is the ideal choice for you. This compound is characterized by its modern, towering design in the sky, and provides a wonderful view of the gardens and green spaces. Additionally, you can take advantage of flexible payment plans and 7-year installments without interest.

  3. Botanica Compound New Administrative Capital:
    If you want to live in a luxury villa in the Administrative Capital, Botanika compound in the New Administrative Capital is the ideal choice for you. The compound offers a diverse collection of villas in different sizes, and provides distinguished luxury services and amenities for its residents. You can compare prices and designs through pictures available online.

  4. Kardia Compound:
    Kardia compound is located in the Central Spine area in the Administrative Capital, and is considered a modern project that combines luxury and development. The compound is distinguished by advanced services and contemporary designs, and provides excellent investment opportunities for new projects. Enjoy luxury living in Kardia compound and take advantage of 24/7 maintenance and sterilization, electronic gates, and central air conditioning.

Invest in a luxury living experience and choose one of the compounds near Vinci compound in the New Administrative Capital. These compounds provide you with all the means of comfort, entertainment, and ensure a luxurious and comfortable life. Do not miss the opportunity to reserve your unit now and enjoy everything new and advanced in these luxury projects.

Golden Tips for Real Estate Shopping and Buying Your Unit in Vinci Compound via!

  1. Look for exclusive offers: By following, you will be able to get special offers for Vinci compound. You may find opportunities to get an apartment with a 10% down payment and a 25% discount on completed penthouse and duplex units with gardens.

  2. Take advantage of the flexible payment system: Vinci compound offers several payment systems that make it easy for you to reach your unit with comfortable installments of up to seven years. Take this opportunity to plan your budget well and buy your unit with the least financial pressure.

  3. Explore the project's advantages: Vinci compound in the New Administrative Capital is one of the major projects with an area of up to 110 acres. The project is distinguished by its location on Mohammed Bin Zayed Street, with all apartments and villas overlooking an excellent view. The project also contains a range of facilities, restaurants and cafes that will provide you with exceptional atmospheres.

  4. Benefit from commercial services: Vinci compound in the New Administrative Capital contains shops and commercial centers, providing you with the opportunity to shop and enjoy the best services within the project itself.

  5. Consult real estate experts: If you are not sure about the ideal option for you in Vinci compound, do not hesitate to consult real estate experts via They will guide you and give you the necessary advice to choose the right unit according to your needs and budget.

  6. Visit the site yourself: It is important that you visit Vinci compound in the New Administrative Capital yourself before making the final decision. Take a tour of the project and explore the infrastructure and available facilities. This will help you get a clear idea of the overall design and quality of the project.

  7. Determine your needs and goals: Before starting the search process for a unit in Vinci compound, clearly define your needs and priorities. Are you looking for a small apartment for solo living or a larger apartment for a family? What facilities are important to you? By determining your needs, it will facilitate the search process and help you find the ideal unit for you.

Using these golden tips, you will be able to maximize and buy your unit in Vinci compound in the New Administrative Capital with full confidence and comfort. Do not hesitate to consult experts and explore the advantages available to you in this remarkable investment project.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa
  • Hotel

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