Top 20 Features about Azadir 5th Settlement Compound by the OUD

Azadir Fifth Settlement

Azadir New Cairo Compound

From 1,560,000 EGP
Published at 2019-04-01

Azadir Compound is from the quiet residential compounds that are considered the best choice for the people who seek for the quiet and being away from the overpopulation and the environmental pollution in the large cities.

It's considered a large health resort in the real world, as it's one of the environment-friendly residential compounds in the center of the Fifth Settlement.

It provides many services and utilities for the residents to make every one spend their best moments inside the compound.

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The location of Azadir OUD

Azadir Compound is located in the center of New Cairo and especially the Fifth Settlement, it's also located near the most important vital districts as:

  • It's 5 minutes away from the AUC.
  • it's located near the largest streets in the Fifth Settlement which is Teseen Street.
  • It's 15 minutes away from The New Administrative Capital.
  • It's located near the most important schools and universities in the district.

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What's the space of Azadir Fifth Settlement

  • The project was constructed on 17 acres and the executing company specified 20% of the total space for the residential units and buildings inside the compound.
  • The compound consists of 13 residential buildings and the remaining 75% of the project was specified for the green spaces and 5% of the space was specified for the Ring Road around the project.
  • And the location was chosen carefully by the company.

Units of project Azadir New Cairo Compound

Apartment In Azadir
New Cairo

Details About Azadir New Cairo 171m Apartments

2,594,925 EGP

  • apartment
  • 4
  • 3
  • 171 m2
New Cairo
Apartment in Azadir New Cairo
New Cairo

Apartment For Sale In Azadir

2,048,625 EGP

  • apartment
  • 3
  • 2
  • 135 m2
New Cairo
Apartment In Azadir Compound
New Cairo

Properties For Sale In Azadir

1,896,875 EGP

  • apartment
  • 3
  • 2
  • 125 m2
New Cairo
Apartment in Azadir Compound New Cairo
New Cairo

Your Unit With 127m² In Azadir New Cairo

1,927,225 EGP

  • apartment
  • 3
  • 2
  • 127 m2
New Cairo
Unit Prices in Azadir Compound
New Cairo

3 Bedrooms Apartments For Sale In Azadir

2,352,125 EGP

  • apartment
  • 3
  • 2
  • 155 m2
New Cairo
Units in Azadir New Cairo Compound
New Cairo

Book Your Unit Quickly In Azadir Starting From 153m²

2,321,755 EGP

  • apartment
  • 3
  • 2
  • 153 m2
New Cairo

A Brief about the Executing Company of Azadir Project

  • Orientals for Urban Development is the owner of the project and it was established since 1994.
  • The company made a special budget for the project that reached 1 billion pounds to provide the compound with all the elements that the residents prefer toady in the new residential cities.
  • This project is considered the best project that the company constructed until this day, and it constructed this project on two phases the first phase contains 220 units and the second contains 243 units.
  • The company depended on more creative designs for designing the compound so it used the experience of the engineer Yasser Essam who owns many creative designs in the real estate designing world.

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Know more about the services in Azadir Compound 

The Oriental Weavers provided many services for the residents as:

  • Large underground parking garages.
  • The Indian Neem Trees were put in all the districts in the project.
  • Many wide green spaces and landscapes.
  • Gardens, parks, and tracks for walking and riding bikes.
  • Each residential tower has 3 entrances, one from the green spaces, the other one is from the Ring Road, The third one is from underground.
  • The residential towers have hotel entrances that were designed 7 meters above the ground.

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Additional services for Azadir New Cairo

  • Large reception places in each tower.
  • Health club and jacuzzi.
  • Large social club and many sports games and swimming pools.
  • Food court and Games area.
  • Large commercial mall.
  • Conference areas.
  • Security and guarding 24 hours.

Details about the Residential Units in Azadir by Orientals for Urban Development

  • The compound has only 13 residential buildings on 20% of the total space of the project.
  • The residential units vary among apartments, penthouse, and duplex with various spaces.
  • The spaces start from 124 up to 359 square meters.

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The Units Prices in Azadir

  • The meter's price in the project start from 17,000 pounds and the units are delivered half-finished.
  • 19,000 pounds for the super lux finished units.

There are many paying systems as:

  • the client can pay a 10% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on a 4 years' installment and the first patch is after 3 months from contracting.
  • 10% downpayment and 5% on contracting and the remaining on a 6 years' installment and the first patch is after 6 months.
  • 10% downpayment and the remaining on a 7 years' installment and the first patch is after 9 months.

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  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa