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Stone Residence New Cairo

Stone Residence compound has a unique design based on the latest international and modern standards, as the company implementing the project relied on making it look like a European city on Egyptian land, also Stone Residence contains wide green spaces including many parks, gardens, and swimming pools, which gives all units a distinct view.

The company that owns the project has also been keen to provide the ideal lifestyle and a high level of well-being to its residents and for more information click Real Estate Egypt.

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Stone Residence Location

Stone Residence Egypt has a unique location in New Cairo area as it is located close to roads, main axes, and vital areas, which makes it easy to get in and out of it as it is conveniently located on the ring road.

The compound is about 10 minutes from Cairo's vital areas such as Maadi, Nasr City, and Heliopolis, Cairo Airport is 20 minutes from Stone Residence, while The American University is 15 minutes away, and it is 5 minutes from 90 Street the most famous street in the Fifth Settlement.

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Design of Stone Residence Compound New Cairo

The compound is designed on the latest architectural models and in accordance with international standards, and Rooya group follows European theme and standards in design, implementation, and finishing of residential units, as well as integrating them with the authentic Egyptian style, making this project characterized by different design and has a stunning glamour and charm.

The vast green spaces and the balanced distribution of manufactured lakes and fountains throughout Stone Residence have helped the compound to give all types of residential units a comfortable, relaxing natural view.

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Services provided by Stone Residence Cairo

Roaya company, the owner of Stone Residence project, provides it with all the services and facilities that meet the expectations of its customers to give them the integrated luxury and comfort, where the Complex contains the vital services and recreational facilities that may be needed by its residents and varies from service to entertainment, safety, and privacy. 

Green Spaces

The green spaces occupy a large area of the compound, with many central gardens, public gardens, parks, swimming pools, fountains, and artificial lakes, giving you a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Recreational services

Stone Residance offers many leisure services for its residents, with a social club and a gym with many courts suitable for various sports such as tennis, squash, and equipped gyms.

It also has a kids' recreation area, walking, jogging, and cycling tracks away from car routes, swimming pools for different age groups, and a covered swimming pool for women.

Service facilities 

Stone Residence 5th Settlement has an integrated health center equipped with the highest standard of medical devices, with all the different medical specialties, and there is a health care center with a sauna and jacuzzi.

Commercial District

Stone Residence has a distinct commercial area with a world-class shopping mall, many select restaurants and cafes, and there are a number of 5-star hotels, international companies, and banks as well as ATMs.

Security and privacy services 

Stone Residence New Cairo provides its residents with security and privacy, providing a top-level security team and 24-hour surveillance cameras to bring safety to customers, as well as dedicated private parking.

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Area of Stone Residence New Cairo

Stone Residence compound extends on an area of about 450 acres, a huge area that has helped with vast natural spaces, parks, gardens, and swimming pools, which have helped to give the various units a wonderful view that helps to calm and relax.

The project residential units vary between villas and residential buildings, ranging in size from 128 square meters up to 220 square meters.

The building consists of 8 apartments, a ground floor attached to a garden, and recurring floors consisting of duplex apartments of two floors and penthouse units, and the various residential units in the project have been designed to suit the different tastes of customers.

Units Spaces

Roaya Group, which owns the project, has introduced a variety of residential units, including villas, duplex apartments, and penthouses, which have been divided into different spaces to suit the requirements of all customers.

The ground floor units range from 128 square meters, consisting of two bedrooms, and other with two bedrooms with 155 square meters area and finally 200 square meters with 3 bedrooms.

The upper floor units area range between 140 square meters and consists of two bedrooms, units with an area of  175 square meters consisting of 3 bedrooms, and a 220 square meters unit with 4 bedrooms.

Penthouse areas starting at 175 square meters with 3 bedrooms, 220 square meters with 4 bedrooms, and finally 275 square meters consisting of 5 bedrooms.

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Units types

In its latest project, Roaya Group has introduced a variety of residential units among villas, penthouses, and duplex apartments to suit the different needs of customers, and the contracted residential units will be received with fully finished within 3 years of the time of contracting.

Stone Residence prices

Prices offered for the purchase of the various units at Stone Residence 5th Settlement can be classified as one of the best prices in New Cairo due to the services and standard of living offered by the Compound to its residents, where the price per meter in Stone Residence ranges from 14,000 Egyptian pounds up to 19,000 Egyptian pounds.

The residential units prices

  • Type 1: Ground floor; the prices of units of this type vary according to the area, ranging from 1,939,000 Egyptian pounds, and 3,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Type 2: The prices of upper "first floor" units vary according to their area, starting from 1,983,000 Egyptian pounds up to 3,520,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Type 3: Prices for second-floor units from recurring floors start from 1,985,000 pounds up to 3,396,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Type 4: Penthouse units prices start at 2,710,000 pounds up to 4,330,000 Egyptian pounds depending on their area.

It should be noted that these prices are based on the first quarter of 2020, which means that they may increase by 5% up to 10%.

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Payment systems

The owner of the complex, Rooya Group, has been keen to offer a different and flexible set of installments and payment systems that suit different customer categories, making it easier for its customers to contract to purchase units according to the needs and requirements of customers.

  • System 1: You can pay a 10% down payment upon contract, pay 5% after 3 months, 10% upon delivery, and pay the rest over 5 years.

  • System 2: You can pay for the residential unit over 6 years, when you pay 10% down and pay 15% after three months and 10% upon delivery. 

  • System 3: The customer receives an 8% discount if he/she pays 30% of the value of the residential unit as a down payment, you can pay the rest of the amount over 5 years, and 8% discount of the residential unit price.

  • System 4: You can pay for the unit value over 5 years and get a discount of 10% of the total amount when you pay 40% as a down payment upon contract.

  • System 5: The customer receives a discount of 12% of the total unit price when he/she pays a 50% down payment upon contracting, and you can pay the rest of the unit price over 5 years.

  • System 6: The buyer receives a 25% discount on the total value of the residential unit in case of cash payment in advance.

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Stone Residence Developer

Roaya Group is one of the major real estate companies in Egypt that has been established in 2007 as one of the subsidiaries of PRE-Developments group, a company has a great experience that has given it a high reputation in the real estate sector.

Rooya Group Development company has overseen the implementation and design of several urban projects that are known for their distinction and progress in different regions, its most prominent projects in New Cairo include Stone Park New Cairo, Stone Street New Cairo Mall, Point 90 Mall New Cairo.

Telal Ain Sokhna and Telal North Coast projects are the top resorts implemented by the company, as well as Hadaba 6 October compound, and Stone Residence Complex is the latest project of Roaya Development Company.

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