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Palm Hills New Cairo

Palm Hills is one of the highest residential projects established in New Cairo and specifically in the Fifth Settlement area, where the owner company was keen to implement it with a luxurious level while providing all the service facilities within to become an integrated community itself.

In addition to providing diverse residential units with different spaces that meet the desires of all customers, Palm Hills New Cairo has become a milestone in Egypt's real estate investment world and for more details click on Real Estate Egypt.

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Design of Palm Hills Cairo

The developer of the project was keen to implement it with an E-Compound system, which is to provide all the entertainment and main services to customers, to provide the integrated life dreamed by the whole family of different age groups.

Palm Hills compound has state-of-the-art residential units designed in a modern style and works using solar energy while implementing the basics of sustainability, so the compound is environmentally friendly and preserves the health of its residents.

The implementing company has also been keen to provide a number of recreational services that meet the needs of the population, which is the sports playgrounds that allow all customers of all ages to engage in sports activities, a range of swimming pools with different shapes and sizes.

In addition to the availability of spacious spaces full of greenery and beautiful gardens, all this in addition to international schools with various educational stages, an all-inclusive commercial area that offers customers pleasant shopping experience, as well as a 5-star hotel.

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Palm Hills New Cairo location

The executing company was keen to select a unique location in the Fifth Settlement for the establishment of Palm hills New Cairo complex, which is located next to a number of vital areas, and the site provides privacy for customers with a wonderful view of the units on the most beautiful views, and the most important thing that distinguishes the site is that it is located close to each of the following:

  • The complex is very close to Mountain View iCity project in the Fifth Settlement.
  • It is a very simple distance of about 15 minutes from the American University.
  • The project is located near the New Administrative Capital, about five minutes away, making it very easy to complete government and administrative tasks in vital places.

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Services provided in Palm Hills Egypt

The implementing company is well aware that integrated services are one of the most important features of real estate projects and attracts the attention of customers and investors to them, so during the implementation of the Palm Hills 5th Settlement, it was keen to provide the main services, as well as entertainment, educational, sports and medical services that also provide them with a decent life, which include the following:

  • Large green spaces with the availability of blossoming gardens that provide psychological comfort to the population.
  • There are dedicated party venues for various occasions, and they are also equipped for BBQ parties.
  • There are picturesque fountains and artificial lakes that add more charm and beauty to the compound.
  • A range of spacious swimming pools with elegant and varied designs.
  • As for sports services, inside the Compound, there is a large sports club with a number of equipped courts such as tennis court, football, and squash.
  • There are large areas full of green landscapes, allowing residents to engage in various sports activities, sitting and relaxing for meditation, or running and walking, as well as the possibility of cycling in complete safety.
  • The company has not neglected to provide security and guarding services within Palm Hills, where a 24-hour security crew was provided without a stop, as well as the installation of high-tech surveillance cameras throughout to keep residents safe.
  • There is an extensive commercial district with a number of stores offering all items and products with world-renowned brands.
  • There is a luxurious restaurants and cafes complex to serve delicious dishes and a variety of delicious drinks.
  • The company has not forgotten the entertainment services that give residents a sense of happiness and joy, so it has provided a great social club for a good time, as well as a clubhouse equipped with the best standard, as well as a kids area with a variety of games while keeping kids safe.
  • There are a number of equipped golf courses, and there is a parking garage for compound residents only.
  • All these services, together with a comprehensive and equipped health club including a gym with the best sports equipment, and a luxurious spa room.

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Area of Palm Hills New Cairo

The area used for the establishment of the complex is estimated to be about 500 acres or approximately 2.1 million square meters, this vast area has been divided into two parts, the first part is 400 acres, which consists of luxury villas that occupy an 80% of the area, and apartments with only 20% of the total area.

The entire project includes about 157 residential units, the volume of investments amounted to approximately 1.4 billion Egyptian pounds, where the residential units, which represent 80% of the area, ranging from luxury apartments, Palm Hills New Cairo villa for sale, duplex units, with varying areas ranging from 150 square meters for apartments up to 300 square meters for villas.

The second part, which is equivalent to only 100 acres, has been used to provide various indispensable service facilities.

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Palm Hills New Cairo prices

Although the services available within Palm Hills Fifth Settlement, the privileged location, and other advantages that make it unique from other residential projects adjacent to it, Palm Hills has been keen to provide residential units at reasonable and unbeatable prices to a large segment of customers, as well as to provide flexible and easy payment systems with a convenient installment system.

Payment systems consist of paying 10% of the unit price as a down payment at the time of booking, with another 5% at the time of writing the contract, while the rest is paid over a period of seven years in equal monthly payments, with the company delivering the units to customers within four years of the contract registration.

The owner company profile

Palm Hills Developments Company is the owner of Palm Hills New Cairo Project, one of the leading companies in the Egyptian and regional market, founded specifically in 2005 AD, and listed on both the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, and has established a large number of successful residential and tourism projects.

The company was keen to implement its residential projects in a high manner while providing all services, whether basic, recreational, administrative, and government, made customers trust them and strongly accept to buy units in the projects they are implementing, where it implemented 26 projects on an area estimated at 27 million square meters.

This company is owned by the well-known businessman Yaseen Mansour, one of Egypt's wealthiest businessmen, according to Forbes magazine in 2016, with a total wealth of about 1.39 billion Dollars.

Yaseen Mansour is a former board member of Al Ahly Club and owns some world-renowned brands, such as Kraft, McDonald's, General Motors, and Michelin.

The developer has implemented a number of previous projects, including the following:

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