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Hyde Park  – Advantages of owning a unit in Hyde Park community

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Hyde Park Fifth Settlement - Hyde Park 

Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company has implemented its latest project, which is called Hyde Park Fifth Settlement, in the most luxurious and lively areas in Fifth Settlement, New Cairo. The compound contains distinctive residential units that suit clients with refined taste, providing them with comfort, privacy and more luxury. Hyde Park compound is a self-contained enclosed city away from the hustle and bustle of other overcrowded residential cities. For more information click on Egypt Real Estate.

Hyde Park Project Designs

During the implementation of the project in Fifth Settlement, Hyde Park Investment Company was keen to follow elegant designs, both internally and externally, in addition to giving great attention to infrastructure and decoration works that range between classic and modern, giving customers a sense of psychological comfort and luxury, where living in a sophisticated and civilized community, with the possibility of receiving residential units fully finished immediately.

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Location of Hyde Park Fifth Settlement Compound

The developing company is well aware that choosing a vibrant location helps the success of its project and increases the demand by customers and investors. Therefore, it was keen to choose a strategic location to build Hyde Park compound in New Cairo, specifically in Fifth Settlement area. The most important features of the location are:

  • The compound overlooks the main 90th Street, which is one of the most vibrant streets in Fifth Settlement.

  • Close to the new Ring Road, and it is also a very short distance from Ain Sokhna.
  • It is only about five kilometers away from the Suez Desert Road.
  • It is less than five minutes away from the American University.
  • It is located near some distinctive residential projects in Fifth Settlement, most notably Mountain View Hyde Park.
  • The compound combines natural life like all other residential compounds, and luxury and tranquility, which makes residents feel more secure and reassured.
  • Hyde Park Fifth Settlement has a range of services, which are the huge sports clubs that allow practicing various activities, vast green spaces with charming nature, in addition to commercial centers and malls that provide all the products needed by the residents.
  • The designs within Hyde Park compound have been implemented in a way that matches the global style followed in developed countries, characterized by modernity.
  • After all the aforementioned advantages in terms of designs, location and services, interested customers can contact the company and book their dream residential unit at competitive prices.

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Services Available at Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park compound is characterized by the availability of comprehensive services within it that meet the desires of customers of all ages and classes, whether basic or recreational services. These services are:

  • Hyde Park Fifth Settlement has very large areas of charming landscape and green space, as well as beautiful trees and flowering plants, which give residents a sense of psychological tranquility.

  • It includes a number of the largest international hotels that provide high quality services to customers.
  • There are a number of banks and branches of the largest companies, in addition to bank currency exchange offices.
  • Hyde Park contains a number of huge malls that provide products of world famous brands. These malls also contain a large number of shops, which number about 1700 shops.
  • Hyde Park New Cairo contains a huge sports club built on an area of 42 acres, fully equipped with the latest sports equipment, and local and international tournaments are hosted in it.
  • The compound also has other services, including a number of swimming pools of different designs suitable for all ages, some swimming pools have been designated for children only, in addition to a covered swimming pool designated for women only.
  • Hyde Park Fifth Settlement has more than one side entrance gate, which reduces congestion in front of the main gate.
  • There is a high level security system with security personnel available around the clock everywhere and at the gates, with surveillance cameras installed everywhere.
  • There is a large main park built on an area of about 600 square meters that allows customers to have fun and sit outdoors with friends and family.
  • There is an area designated for relaxation, sitting quietly, enjoying fresh air and beautiful green nature.
  • There are educational services in the form of international schools, distinguished universities, and a kindergarten for children.
  • A number of restaurants and cafes that offer customers the best drinks and dishes.
  • There are a number of entertainment centers that provide an atmosphere of fun while strolling for all customers of different ages.
  • There are clinics of various medical specialties, which have been equipped to the highest level, with the provision of all medical equipment and supplies.
  • There is a well-equipped gym in Hyde Park Fifth Settlement, which contains a wonderful spa room, a gym hall with the latest sports equipment, as well as a luxurious sauna room.
  • Security and security personnel services available everywhere, at entrances and exits for 24 hours to ensure the safety of customers.
  • All these services, in addition to countless other services, make buying a residential unit in Hyde Park a great opportunity. Take the initiative to book your unit as soon as possible to enjoy these advantages and the best prices.

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Hyde Park Compound Advantages

There are a number of advantages that the compound enjoys, which make it the ideal choice for a large number of customers. The most important of these advantages are:

  • Availability of basic services that customers need, in addition to recreational facilities that provide them with comfort and fun.

  • The compound is away from the noise and congestion of other residential cities, providing residents with a sense of privacy.
  • Hyde Park Real Estate Development Company pledges to hand over all residential units to customers on agreed dates. The customer can receive the unit quickly, while adhering to all the terms stipulated in the contract.
  • The company provides customers with all the necessary guarantees to reassure them that all their rights are preserved.
  • Hyde Park Fifth Settlement compound has different advantages and integrated services, which makes it the ideal choice for investors to achieve good profits, and for people who dream of a decent life full of luxury and privacy in a sophisticated and civilized community.

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Hyde Park Project Area

Hyde Park compound is one of the largest residential compounds in New Cairo. It was implemented on a total area of 1200 acres, which equals about 6 million square meters. It is worth noting that about 144 acres of the total area have been allocated for green spaces, parks and lush gardens with rare plants, giving customers a sense of relaxation and tranquility away from noise and disturbance.

The climate in the compound is moderate and pleasant throughout the seasons, due to its elevation above sea level by about 350 meters. Therefore, buying a residential unit in the compound is an irreplaceable opportunity to enjoy the available services at the best price per square meter without being seasonal.

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Prices, areas and payment systems for units in Hyde Park Fifth Settlement

Hyde Park contains diverse units including independent apartments with private garden and roof, luxury villas, corner townhouse, middle townhouse, bungalow, duplex apartments with private roof, and luxurious twin houses.

All residential units in Hyde Park have been designed in a luxurious manner, using the classic style that follows the Spanish and Moroccan design, with all units delivered with high finishing that suits all tastes. It is worth noting that the project contains 1,688 residential units, 1,112 units have already been completed, and 576 units are still under construction. Customers can book a unit in the new phase of the project called Park Corner.

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As for areas and prices, they are as follows:

  • Prices of apartments with two bedrooms start from 2 million 900 thousand EGP, with areas ranging between 145 square meters up to 160 square meters.
  • Prices of three-bedroom apartments in Hyde Park Fifth Settlement start from 2 million 900 thousand EGP, with areas ranging from a minimum of 185 square meters, 199 square meters, up to 207 square meters maximum.
  • Prices of four-bedroom apartments start from 3 million 775 thousand EGP, with an area of approximately 233 square meters.
  • Prices of townhouse units with private garden start from 7 million 885 thousand EGP, with an area of 269 square meters.
  • Prices of townhouses in Hyde Park start from 6 million EGP, with areas ranging between 247 square meters up to 250 square meters.
  • As for the prices of independent villas with private garden, they start from 12 million 860 thousand EGP, with an area of about 328 square meters.

As for the payment systems in Hyde Park Fifth Settlement compound, they are: payment of 5% of the unit value initially upon contracting, after three months 5% more is paid, then 9% is paid, provided that the remaining amount is paid in equal monthly installments over eight full years.

Hyde Park pledges to deliver all units in a half-finished system, after three and a half years from the date of contracting.

There are residential units within the project that can be delivered after only one year from the date of contracting, which are the apartments starting from 193 square meters at prices starting from 3 million 125 thousand EGP, and the villas starting from 248 square meters at prices starting from 6 million 425 thousand EGP. Payment systems are equal monthly installments over four years.

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Hyde Park Project Owner Company and its Previous Works

Hyde Park is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian market with extensive experience in the field over years of continuous work. It is owned by the Egyptian businessman Engineer Amin Serag, as it exerts its utmost efforts to implement distinguished projects to contribute to economic development and improve residential communities. Its most important previous works are:

  • Tourist Village Costa 82 on the North Coast.

  • Hyde Park Fifth Settlement, which is the topic of our article.
  • The Address Hyde Park project, which is a phase of Hyde Park project.


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