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Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed

Alma October complex is one of the most important and prominent projects of Iwan Group, which has worked on designing it according to the latest architectural styles as well as providing all the services and facilities needed by the population, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a more luxurious life and a better standard of living And for more Information click Egypt Real Estate.

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Alma Compound Location

Iwan Developments has chosen a strategic location for the implementation of its residential project, it was built in the heart of the 6th of October city in Sheikh Zayed specifically, and the most important features of the site are the following:

  • It is located on Alexandria desert road, near Al Mehwar, which contributes to the comfort of movement to and from the Compound.
  • It is adjacent to many entertainment venues, such as Americana Plaza, Capital Park, and Green Center.
  • It is close to important facilities and services, including the headquarters of the Central Agency of Sheikh Zayed, and other government departments and banks such as Banque Misr.
  • It is close to Global Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital, and Dar Al Fouad Hospital.
  • Approaching the University of New Giza.
  • It is 5 minutes away from Hyper One and 20 minutes from The Mall of Egypt, while Mall of Arabia is 10 minutes away.
  • It is 5 minutes from Juhayna Square.

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Features of Alma Iwan

The complex is unique with many advantages, which have made it a special destination for many customers who want to own a residential unit within a huge residential edifice that provides residents with a life of sophistication and luxury, including the following:

  • Quality and speed in delivering units.
  • Convenient prices and easy payment systems suitable for all customers.
  • Stunning landscapes represented in green spaces and artificial lagoons.
  • The complex's residential units have full privacy.
  • The developer was keen to carefully select the residents of the compound to be from high-class society.
  • The compound is close to the many services and facilities that customers need.

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Area of Alma Project

Iwan Developments Company has established Compound Alma 6 October on an area of about 35 acres, and the company has been keen to divide this area into two parts, one dedicated to buildings and constructions, and the other dedicated to facilities and services to achieve the theory of self-sufficiency that ensures the residents to provide everything they need, without having to leave the place in search of any unavailable service.

The company made sure that the residential units are diverse to meet all the desires and aspirations of customers, the units varied among duplexes, twin houses, townhouses, and standalone villas, and the specifications of each are as follows:

  • The duplexes units are with high quality finishing, and this type of unit has been implemented over an area of 250 square meters.
  • Twin House units have a private parking area and private entrance, and this type of unit has been implemented in a variety of areas ranging from 267 square meters up to 282 square meters.
  • Townhouse units are with a separate entrance, also with full or semi-finishing as agreed with the client.
  • The standalone villas are provided with a private garden and a dedicated swimming pool, with a variety of spaces ranging from 470 square meters up to 600 square meters.

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Services Provided by Alma 6 October

The Complex is characterized by the fact that it includes many services and facilities that meet all the needs of its residents and the most prominent services available include:

  • A sports club with a number of playgrounds for various sports activities.
  • Large areas of the compound have been allocated to the Crystal Lagoons with a magnificent look.
  • Restaurants and cafes are available at the highest level, serving the most delicious and tasty cuisine.
  • A social club for events, family gatherings, and having fun.
  • Vast green spaces scattered throughout the Compound, to give residents a sense of psychological calm and relaxation.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes and sizes, this is the company's keenness to make it suitable for all residents of different age groups.
  • Shops to provide all the requirements and demands of the population.
  • A sports walkway is available for walking amidst the stunning scenery.
  • Owners of fast cars have been provided with dedicated service centers for maintenance and services.
  • All residential units are equipped with a parking garage for residents to prevent any congestion or traffic, which hinders the movement of pedestrians, making them feel uncomfortable and disturbed.
  • Venues for matches and competitions ranging from football to basketball and tennis have been dedicated to increased sophistication and luxury.
  • The gym and spa are equipped with the highest standard, and equipped with the latest devices to provide the best possible customer service.
  • Alma Iwan is fully equipped with secure entrances and exits to provide protection for all project residents.
  • Organized traffic routes to avoid any traffic jams.
  • Available pharmacies and medical centers equipped with the latest medical devices and first aid to provide the highest medical care service to the population 24 hours without stop.
  • Kids entertainment area equipped with a variety of games.
  • A 24/7 security and guard service, equipped with high-level trained security personnel with top-quality surveillance cameras.
  • Designated areas for barbecue and outdoor events.
  • All units are equipped with an animal husbandry room with a veterinary clinic.
  • A well-equipped mosque, with a ladies' area and ablution bathroom.

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Alma Prices & Payment Systems

Despite the many services and benefits available in Alma 6th of October, the prices of the units were suitable for a large class of customers, and the company announced that the prices of the units vary according to their type and size, but the prices in total start from 6,532,000 EGP up to 9,700,000 EGP.

All this and the company did not lose sight of providing a convenient payment system for its customers to enjoy calm without any additional pressure or burdens.

The company has provided the opportunity for its customers to pay the price of the unit in installments over a period of up to 4 years, AS the customer pay A 10% down payment when contracting with the company and pay 15% of the value of the unit after 3 months, and 10% of its total value is paid upon receipt, in addition to 5% of the unit value for maintenance services and another amount agreed with the company for the membership of the sports club.

The company has announced that all contracted units will be delivered after two to three years from the date of the contract, and that it will be semi-finished so that the client can finish them according to his or her own desires and taste.

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Iwan Developments Short History

Alma Compound 6 October was implemented by one of the leading real estate developers, Iwan Developments.

The company has an experience in the field of real estate that has been acquired for more than 15 years and has been able, thanks to its exquisite designs and distinctive services, to gain the trust of a large segment of customers, and one of the most important and prominent works that supervised the implementation are the following works: -

  • Jada Iwan New Cairo.
  • Majada Ain Sokhna.
  • Vida Compound.
  • Jedar Project.
  • The Axis 6 October.
  • Atrio Compound.
  • Jeera Sheikh Zayed.
  • Jewar Project.

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Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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