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Sun Capital Compound

Arabia Group has relied on European expertise to show it very distinctively, making it different from other projects in the region, where it is considered its latest project that includes all the services and features that customers need And for more Information click Egypt Real Estate.

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Sun Capital location

Sun Capital Egypt is strategically located in 6 October City, located specifically in an area known as clubs, where it is approached by Wadi Degla club and Al Jazira Club, and not far from the famous malls in the region, including The Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt.

The project is also located on Al Fayoum Road, which gives its residents a distinctive view of the Pyramids of Giza, and separates it from the University of Zweil and The Mall of Egypt and also Egyptian Media Production City about 7 minutes, while the distance between it and the Great Egyptian Museum reaches 4 km, and the Sphinx Airport approaching it with a distance of 5 minutes.

It is also close to many vital areas, making it easily accessible from anywhere, it is also approaching the shooting Square and the city of Giza, as well as the ring road and Al Haram Street, as well as the neighborhoods of "Al Ashgar, Italian Square, Spanish", not far from Kenz Project October and Rehab October City, as well as Dream Park and The Shooting Square.

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Area of Sun Capital 6 October

The area of Sun Capital October is estimated at 553 acres, with 14,000 residential and administrative units, divided among penthouses and twin houses as well as standalone villas and apartments, with different spaces to suit all customers' needs.

The area of apartments for sale in Sun Capital ranges from 90 square meters up to 250 square meters, while the areas of townhouses, twin house, and villas are estimated at 250 square meters, and the company implementing the project was keen to design the villas differently where they were designed architecturally both inside and outside, it is an integrated project from all sides and is the largest project implemented in the city of 6 October.

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Services Provided by Sun Capital Arabia Holding

Sun Capital Compound has provided many of the unique services that every customer needs in their daily life, whether basic or recreational, to satisfy their desires and not to feel that there is anything lacking, these services include the following:

Shopping Mall: The project includes a large mall with many stores that offer all customer supplies in addition to the latest trademarks and international brands.

Administrative buildings: There are many administrative buildings or headquarters for some of the world's most well-known companies.

International hotels: There are 3 well-known hotels within the Compound that offer all customer comfort services, including: Fairmont, InterContinental Cairo, and Holiday Inn.

Schools and universities: The project contains many international schools as well as foreign universities, so that customers do not have to go outside the compound to educate their kids.

Hospital: The project's executors took care of the medical aspect, and a private hospital was established in addition to an integrated medical center to provide health care, especially emergency cases.

Sports Club: The project includes a sports club with the best and latest equipment for various sports activities, as well as a health club with the best technological means.

Artificial lakes: The Complex features beautiful artificial lagoons that give a distinctive look that catches everyone's eye and gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Garage: An underground car garage has been built to avoid overcrowding and congestion in front of residential units, with about 2,000,000 cars.

Maintenance services: Maintenance services are available in the project despite its design that does not require maintenance on a regular basis, as its facades are coated with marble, so maintenance will not exceed the 5%.

Swimming pools: There are many swimming pools with various spaces to meet all the desires of customers, as well as allocating swimming pools for kids with the highest level of security and privacy.

Green spaces: Sun Capital October compound features large green spaces with the beauty of its trees that give calm and psychological peace to everyone who looks at it.

Tennis and football courts: Many courts have been created for different types of sports, including tennis and football, where many competitions are held.

Library: There is a library within the project for reading lovers and also to help students in their studies.

Restaurants and cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes that offer the best food and beverages preferred by customers.

Entertainment areas: A designated kids area with the latest entertainment games has been designated for their time.

Dedicated walking tracks: Designated walking and cycling walkways are designed to maintain privacy and safety.

Security and Guarding: 24-hour security and guard were provided with the best security equipment and surveillance cameras.

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New Phase in Sun Capital

Sun Capital October includes a new phase known as Malkata Residence Phase, which is the most distinguished because it benefits from all the project's services, whether location or other features, in addition to its own benefits.

The new phase is located in a very special location, precisely in front of the new entrance to the pyramids, making it close to the Great Egyptian Museum and other vital areas.

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Sun Capital Prices

Sun Capital 6 October provided suitable prices for all customers, compared to the services to be provided, where the residential units will be delivered two years after the date of the contract, and the prices are as follows:

  • A ground floor apartment with a private garden on an area of 144 meters and a 123 square meter garden is priced at about 2,100,000 EGP.
  • The price of the penthouse with a private garden on an area of 170 square meters starts from 3,340,000 EGP.
  • The price of a 261 square meters townhouse starts at 5,407,000 EGP.

The compound has provided many payment systems for the convenience of customers when choosing and purchasing the residential unit, and these systems are as follows:

  • Pay 10% of the total value of the residential unit as a downpayment, with the rest of the due amount to be paid over a period of 7 years, without any interest charged.
  • Pay 10% as a down payment, with the rest of the outstanding amount to be paid over a period of 7 years without any interest charge.
  • Pay 15% as a down payment, with the rest of the due amount to be paid over 8 years without any interest charge.
  • Pay 20% as a contract down payment, with the rest of the outstanding amount being paid over a period of 9 years without any interest charge.
  • Pay 25% of the total value of the residential unit as a down payment, with the rest of the outstanding amount to be paid over 13 years, without any interest charge.

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The Owner Company and Its Previous Projects

Arabia Holding, the executing company of Sun Capital, is known for its great reputation in the field of real estate, because of its new and different thinking in the implementation of residential units due to its distinguished history in the field since its beginning, as well as the wonderful and successful projects that have been implemented inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Its previous projects were: "Bungalows village project on the North Coast, Galleria Moon Valley Compound in 5th Settlement.

Sun Capital is one of the most exclusive compounds in 6 October due to its strategic location, distinctive view of the pyramids, and its proximity to the Great Egyptian Museum.

In addition to being an integrated project in all aspects due to the provision of all the services needed by customers in addition to the appropriate prices and the many payment systems that work to their comfort, so hurry to book your unit in the project to enjoy a distinctive and different life full of sophistication, luxury, and tranquility.

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