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Mountain View Chillout Park 6 October

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Project Description

Project Name: Mountain View Chillout Park.

Compound Location: in 6 October City.

About Mountain View Chillout Park Project: a high residential compound by Mountain View located in 6 October.

Compound Space: 229 acres.

Units Type: (i villa - penthouses - twin houses - townhouses).

Units Space: It starts from 279 m² to 386 m².

The Executing Company: Mountain View Development.

Payment Systems: Villas: 10% downpayment and installments over 7 years.

  • Town Houses: 10% downpayment and installments over 6 years.
  • Twin Houses: 10% downpayment and installments over 4 years.

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Mountain View Chillout Park... Your first destination for a quiet and healthy life away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Are you still looking for a community that offers you a lot of global services, with all the means of privacy, comfort, and security? You are now in Mountain View Chillout Park 6th of October.

Mountain View Developments presented Mountain View Chillout Park project, which is an important breakthrough in the world of real estate, as it was designed in a luxurious and modern way by the best architects with green spaces and beautiful artificial lakes for residents to enjoy, and below we will show more details about Mountain View Chillout Park distinctive compound.

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Mountain View Chillout location

The company provided a lot of great services and features, but it gave great attention to the site, so it chose a strategic and distinguished location for the Mountain View Chillout Compound in the heart of 6th of October City, it is also characterized by its proximity to some of the following important axes:

  • It is 10 minutes away from Carrefour.
  • It is only 7 minutes away from Mall of Arabia, 26th of July Axis, and Zewail University.
  • 5 minutes away from Juhayna Square.
  • It is a very short distance from Porto Cairo October, Garden Heights, Mall of Egypt, Carrefour, and Dandy Mall.
  • It is located 15 minutes from Fayoum.
  • It overlooks El Dabaa Road and the Ring Road to facilitate access and exit to and from Mountain View Chillout Park compound with ease.
  • Close to Dar Al Fouad Hospital, some international schools, and El Remaya Square.
  • Close to many of the surrounding compounds such as October Plaza Sodic.
  • It is also close to Boulevard Axis.

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Spaces and unit types of Mountain View Chillout Park Compound

MV Chillout Park Project extended over a very large space of 229 acres, to include many green spaces and artificial lakes, as Mountain View Chillout Park project is a phase of the huge Mountain View ICity that was built on 500 acres, Chillout Park 6 October includes buildings with spaces and facilities less than the spaces greenery, so that customers can enjoy beautiful landscapes.

There are many types of units in Mountain View Chillout Park compound, amounting to 1900 different units, including twin houses, townhouses, villas, penthouses, and palaces, with different areas to provide greater opportunities for the customer to choose the type and space of the unit according to his personal needs, and the spaces vary as follows:

  • Penthouse space starts from 165 square meters.
  • Townhouses space starts from 260 up to 265 square meters.
  • Villas space starts from 185 up to 288 square meters.
  • Twin houses space starts from 279 up to 386 square meters.
  • Palaces space starts from 627 square meters.

A golden opportunity awaits you! Join our inspiring journey in the distinguished Lakeside Villas Mountain View phase

Mountain View Properties has announced the opening of reservations for its new phase in the Mountain View Chill Out Park compound, the Lakeside phase, which epitomizes elegance and luxury. The owning company has relied on the use of attractive, beautiful colors that enhance the sense of comfort and tranquility, while providing all service facilities and recreational amenities that grant residents a comprehensive living experience. Do not hesitate and hurry to reserve your unit and enjoy a life of luxury, whether townhouses or independent villas with varying areas to suit all tastes, at enticing prices starting from 4,200,000 Egyptian pounds.

An unparalleled opportunity in the world of luxury, join now The Vines Chill Out Park October, the most prestigious, and witness the refined design you deserve

This phase showcases the company's creativity and professionalism in the real estate field. The Vines Chill Out Park phase features a wide variety of unit sizes on offer, as its 15-feddan area allowed the developing company to introduce numerous units to satisfy all tastes, intelligently and professionally utilizing the space. Additionally, the green spaces that cover the majority of the total area enhance the sense of comfort, tranquility, and serenity, complemented by the artificial lakes that add a touch of magic and beauty to the place.

The Vines Chill Out Park October phase encompasses numerous buildings with meticulously selected designs, housing up to 1,900 units. Hurry to own your dream home in the most prestigious areas before it's too late, and enjoy the diversity of units, including twin houses, palaces, and villas ranging from 210 to 220 square meters.

Visit The Vines Chill Out Park and witness how we combine elegance and practicality in designs that inspire the soul and take your breath away

A unique and unparalleled phase, considered one of the most significant achievements and innovations executed by Mountain View Real Estate Development, offering a comprehensive residential community that matches international standards with the highest quality levels. The refined living in a professionally developed community, meticulously planned and executed with great effort to provide a residential life that clients deserve, achieving the perfect blend of luxury, elegance, and a unique architectural style. This phase is strategically located in the heart of 6th of October City, in close proximity to major cities, making it easily accessible from all directions. It comprises numerous units with varying areas starting from 210 square meters, allowing clients to choose what suits their needs, with attractive prices and flexible payment systems offered.

Great Features of MV Chillout Park Compound

Mountain View, the owner of Mountain View Chillout Park project, presented several wonderful features that distinguished the residents of Mountain View Chillout Park compound from other projects and was keen to provide all means of enjoyment and recreation for all age groups, young and old, and we will learn about these features more clearly as follows:

  • The green spaces, artificial lakes, and waterfalls give an aesthetic view enjoyed by all the residents of Mountain View Chillout Park compound and give them a sense of peace of mind and purity of mind inside Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • The unique design of the units, Chillout Park was designed by the most skilled engineers in a very luxurious and elegant style in Mountain View Chillout Park Compound.
  • Mountain View Chillout Park project takes you from the hustle and bustle of the city to a life of calm and serenity, away from all sources of pollution.
  • The wonderful diversity of units distinguished Mountain View Chillout Park project and gave a great opportunity for all investors to choose the right unit for them.
  • Good use of the spaces between the units to ensure the highest degree of privacy inside Mountain View Chillout Park Project.
  • 60 acres has been allocated for the central garden, which includes the largest number of colorful roses, beautiful trees, and many recreational and social activities.

The wonderful services offered by Mountain View Chillout Park 6th of October

In addition to the company's interest in the location, spaces, and types of units, it provided many services and exclusive features that greatly contribute to the comfort and entertainment of all customers of all age groups, and it was keen to have all the means of safety and privacy that the customer likes to enjoy, and these services were represented in:

  • 24 acres of trekking have been designated for healthy sports such as cycling, walking, and running.
  • Lots of swimming pools for adults and children as well as covered pools for ladies.
    Mountain View Chillout Park includes spa centers, a jacuzzi, and a sauna to increase recreation.
  • Mountain View Chillout Park contains a large number of commercial centers that include the finest and most famous international brands for all shopping lovers.
  • Mountain View Chillout Park project includes several cinemas equipped with all means of entertainment and full HD screens to ensure the entertainment and enjoyment of residents.
  • The combo includes a large number of restaurants and cafes to provide the most delicious and delicious different cuisines to serve all tastes inside Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • Mountain View Chillout Park compound includes beauty centers for recreation and leisure.
  • Security and guarding 24 hours a day in Mountain View Chillout Park compound through well-trained security personnel and high-level surveillance cameras.
  • Medical centers with the best and latest equipment, with a group of the most skilled doctors in all fields in Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • Very sensitive and highly efficient systems such as fire extinguishing units, to avoid any problem at Mountain View Chillout Park Compound
  • Private garages for all units to ensure the comfort and privacy of customers and avoid overcrowding, which causes inconvenience to the residents.
  • The most important feature of Mountain View Chillout Park compound is that it contains many recreational activities such as yoga, meditation, nature, and recreation.
  • Special places for holding various parties and social events for all residents of Mountain View Chillout Park compound.

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Available Prices and payment systems in Chillout Park Compound

One of the most important features of Mountain View Chillout Park Compound is the very competitive prices, and the imaginary payment systems provided by the owner company to the owners of the units inside Mountain View Chillout Park compound, as the prices varied from one unit to another according to its type and space as follows:

  • Penthouse prices start from 3,037,486 EGP.
  • Villa in Mountain View Chillout Park Prices start from 5,654,062 up to 7,535,855 EGP.
  • Townhouse prices start from 3,807,168 EGP.
  • Twin house prices start from 8,405,916 EGP.
  • Palaces prices start from 17,314,868 EGP.

Payment systems were the most distinguishing feature of Mountain View Chillout Park project, as it extended for many years to remove the burdens of payment and installments from its customers, and its first goal was the convenience and flexibility of payment systems, and the company provided a set of systems for investors to choose the system that suits its financial capabilities as follows:

  • Villa: Paying a 10% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over up to 7 consecutive years.
  • Townhouse: Paying a 15% down payment of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over up to 6 consecutive years.
  • Twin House: Paying a 10% downpayment of the total unit price, and the rest in installments over up to 4 consecutive years.

Therefore, we find that the features of luxury, sophistication, and grandeur you will find only in Chillout Park Compound, 6th of October because it is a place that pulses with all the details of beauty that attracts lovers of modernity only if you are one of them, this place is what suits you and suits what you think of a sophisticated future for all your family members.

So book your unit now in a distinctive compound in the heart of 6th of October in a strategic location, close to all the main roads that are easily accessible from anywhere by car, as you are close to many vital cities.

Mountain View Chillout Park Problems 

Despite the amazing benefits that Compound Mountain View Chillout Park offers, there are still those who are wary about purchasing an under-construction unit. But it is worth looking at this as a golden investment opportunity, as the unit is purchased at its current price, with the expectation that its value will increase in the future. Given the credibility of Mountain View Real Estate Company, renting an apartment in Chillout Park Compound is considered a safe and profitable investment.

The real estate developer of Mountain View Chillout Park

Mountain View Developments is the owner of Chillout Park Project, and it is considered one of the most successful and most important pioneering companies in the field of construction and construction, it has presented many different successful projects and has become trusted by many investors and businessmen.

It offers a luxurious and elegant lifestyle away from all sources of pollution and disturbance, with an experience of more than 20 years, and a group of experts and engineers, to provide services and huge advantages of designs, spaces in addition to the fantastic prices and payment systems available that remove many burdens from customers, and among the most important of these Projects:

Benefits of Investing in Compounds in 6th of October City

The 6th of October City is one of Egypt's preferred residential destinations, renowned for its tranquility, privacy, and high level of security. It is self-sufficient, providing all essential facilities needed for residents' daily lives.

This area has witnessed significant development recently, especially with the substantial expansion in the real estate sector, making it increasingly attractive to investors and buyers due to its numerous advantages.

Compounds in 6th of October City offer a wide range of residential units to suit all tastes and needs, from apartments of varying sizes to luxurious villas, providing multiple options for those seeking homes for ownership or investment.

Additionally, these compounds boast unique architectural designs that blend traditional and contemporary elegance, ensuring a rich and comfortable living environment.

Furthermore, the compounds offer a comprehensive range of high-end facilities and services, including swimming pools, health clubs, lush gardens, sports fields, as well as upscale shopping centers, modern restaurants, and cafes.

This contributes to enriching the living experience and making it exceptionally suitable for residents, as they can easily access all their needs.

The residential compound areas in 6th of October City stand out as a leading investment destination due to their strategic location, easily accessible from major roads and commercial hubs.

This advantage adds value to the compounds, combining the pleasure of living in a serene and luxurious environment with the convenience of commuting to business and service centers.

Safety is a top priority, with high-level security services provided to ensure the comfort and safety of residents around the clock.

These compounds attract numerous foreign investments due to the rapid growth of the real estate sector in the area, promising a promising horizon for invested capital.

Moreover, the compounds are blessed with captivating natural beauty and stunning landscapes that positively impact real estate prices, anticipating a significant increase in market value in the long run.

Investing in 6th of October compounds offers an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking to combine the splendor of urban design and luxurious architectural features with a comfortable and stable lifestyle.

This unique combination provides the chance to live within an organized and secure community, free from the noise and stress of cities.

Thus, 6th of October offers numerous options for those seeking successful and profitable investments that combine quality, luxury, and tranquility.

The New Heart of Egypt Beats for You: 6th of October City, Where Possibilities Are Endless!

The 6th of October City is one of the most prominent and important cities in Egypt, known for its unique location on the western bank of the Nile River and the variety of services and facilities available.

In this presentation, we explore the reasons that make the 6th of October City an ideal place for living and investment.

The 6th of October City is situated in a location that combines strategic importance and natural beauty, located just 17 kilometers from the Pyramids area and 32 kilometers from the heart of Cairo.

It also boasts an elevated position between 150 to 200 meters above sea level, contributing to its moderate climate throughout the year.

The city provides its residents with a wide range of services catering to their needs, from education to entertainment and well-being.

It hosts numerous public and private schools covering all educational levels, as well as specialized schools supporting those with special needs.

The city also takes pride in having several advanced hospitals and medical centers, ensuring excellent healthcare for all residents.

The 6th of October City represents a model for modern urban development, with the latest urban planning methods applied to ensure a cohesive and integrated residential environment.

The city boasts a well-planned internal division, with residential areas separated by a network of roads and ease of movement. This division is based on an accurate numbering system for neighborhoods and blocks, making it easier for residents and visitors to navigate and reach their destinations within the city with ease.

Additionally, the 6th of October City emphasizes environmental considerations through the allocation of vast areas for public parks and gardens, creating a green oasis that promotes relaxation and comfort within the city.

This feature enhances the city's beauty and creates a healthy environment for its residents.

Moving to housing options, the 6th of October City takes pride in its vast array of residential offerings catering to all tastes and requirements.

For instance, the 7th District is a major attraction for those seeking luxurious living, offering upscale residential options.

The Distinctive District stands out with its serene and elegant location, adding a unique touch to the city that combines the legacy of the past with modern development.

In conclusion, the 6th of October City continues to affirm its status as a preferred destination for living and investment in Egypt, offering advantages such as a strategic location, diverse housing options and services, as well as an integrated lifestyle highly appreciated by residents and investors alike.

The city provides unlimited opportunities to achieve dreams within its thriving boundaries.

More Than Just Neighbors: Unique Residential Experiences Near Mountain View Chill Out Park in 6th of October City!

  1. Green 5 Compound: We find the "Green 5 Compound" which enjoys an ideal location near the park and offers carefully designed residential units to provide maximum comfort and privacy for its residents. The vast green spaces and play areas make it an ideal place for family living.
  2. Green Land Compound: The "Green Land Compound" comes as another destination featuring modern-designed villas and apartments. This compound meets the desires of those seeking excellence and luxury, with green spaces, swimming pools, and commercial centers to cater to all residents' needs.
  3. Capital Green Compound: The "Capital Green Compound" also stands out for its proximity to the park and is distinguished by its unique designs and large green spaces, providing an ideal environment for families seeking stability and tranquility.
  4. Alma Compound: The "Alma Compound" is an attractive option for those seeking modern residential units that combine privacy, security, and high-quality facilities such as swimming pools, commercial areas, and charming gardens that provide a refreshing and peaceful atmosphere.

All these compounds share their proximity to Mountain View Chill Out Park and offer unique residential experiences that blend comfort, luxury, and security, with a wide range of facilities and services catering to all residents' needs, making them ideal havens for living in 6th of October City.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Tips and Secrets to Facilitate the Purchase of a Unit in Chill Out Park on!

  1. Explore and Select the Ideal Property: You can start by visiting to explore the range of properties listed in the Chill Out Park area. There, you have the opportunity to evaluate numerous options by reviewing photos, prices, and various sizes that suit your personal and financial needs. You can identify the ideal property after comparing the available options.
  2. Contact a Real Estate Expert: It is essential to contact an experienced real estate agent to provide you with support during the purchase process. Ask your agent for more details about the properties available in Chill Out Park and the services offered by this residential complex.
  3. Review Prices and Payment Plans: Check the prices of the listed residential units and review the available payment plans to determine if they fit your budget. Inquire about payment systems, including down payments and long-term installment options.
  4. Site Visit and Inspection: Arrange a visit to the Chill Out Park project to see the unit you intend to purchase in person, and don't forget to inspect the common areas and available facilities, such as green spaces, swimming pools, and fitness centers.
  5. Inquire about Warranties and Additional Services: Learn about the warranties offered by the real estate developer, such as infrastructure and electrical facilities guarantees. Also, ask about additional services like security, surveillance, and maintenance services.
  6. Contract and Complete the Purchase: After selecting the unit that meets your aspirations, proceed with the real estate developer to complete the contracting process. Be sure to read the contract carefully and ensure you understand all its details before proceeding with signing.

By following these steps and tips, you will find yourself on the right track to acquiring a property in Chill Out Park, where comfort and luxury await. Don't forget to seek the assistance of an experienced real estate agent to ensure you receive the best services and guidance throughout your purchasing journey.

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in 6 October City.

3,037,486 EGP


Mountain View Development.

83 Units

10% downpayment and installments over 6 years.

229 acres.


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