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Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed Iwan Developments

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Project Description

Project Name: Atrio Compound.

About Atrio Project: one of the most luxurious compounds in 6 October as it is one of Iwan projects.

Compound Location: in 6 October city specifically in Sheikh Zayed.

Atrio Compound Space: 19 acres.

Atrio Developer Name: Iwan Developments.

Units Type: villas - twin houses - townhouses - standalone villas.

Payment Methods: 10% down payment and the rest via installments over 7 years, or pay 20% downpayment and the rest over 5 years.

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Experience the modern luxury living in Atrio Compound in Sheikh Zayed

You will leave your traditional routine life when you live in Atrio because it offers you everything new within a modern residential complex characterized by its luxurious units, many basic services in Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed, and enjoyable recreational activities that break any boredom you may feel while you are in your residential unit. You can learn more about what Atrio Iwan compound offers you as follows.

Atrio Compound location

The great importance of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed imposed its construction in a strategic location that imitates its vitality and sophistication, as the company established it in the Sheikh Zayed area, the most prestigious area of 6th of October City, specifically opposite the 26th of July axis.

Despite the calm that characterizes this area, it is not isolated but is inhabited by many residents, due to its presence near multiple projects and residential neighborhoods.

Major Landmarks Near to Atrio Iwan:

  • Tara Compound
  • Royal City Compound in Sheikh Zayed
  • Jewar Compound (also executed by Iwan Company)
  • Cairo Gate Project
  • 14th District

The presence of such residential projects in the same vicinity as Iwan Sheikh Zayed compound site ensures living in a service area to the maximum extent in which shopping centers, universities, schools, and other service facilities such as Zayed Central Hospital are spread, which provides its residents with more comfort, especially in light of its proximity to vital roads, Like:

  • El-Obour  Road
  • Sheikh Zayed Desert Road

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Discover the joy of unique architectural design with our project, where we provide you with an exceptional experience that meets all your aspirations inside Atrio Sheikh Zayed

If you are looking for a luxurious residential life that is unique with many exceptional features and provides you with the greatest amount of integrated and exclusive services that meet all your needs and what you are looking for, then there is your ideal place where the real estate company Iwan launched the Atrio Sheikh Zayed project. It was keen to make it have a huge area and divided it between green spaces, beautiful natural scenery that gives it unmatched artistic touches.

The architectural designs of the varying units within it in terms of areas were made by top designers with extensive experience. Diversity was made between the units, including "townhouses, twin houses, and villas," each with unique views. Care was taken to maintain distance between each one so that you have the freedom to enjoy an unparalleled residential life.

Atrio Compound Space

Atrio Sheikh Zayed puts in your hands 119 housing units that have been designed at the highest level so that you can choose from among them what you want because its large space of 19 acres (about 80,000 square meters) gave way to the establishment of various units that occupy alone 22% of the total space of Atrioi compound (about 16 thousand square meters), these units are:

  • Twin house
  • Townhouse
  • Villas

Despite the different units in their areas, they all share the luxury of design in addition to the proximity to all the services and facilities provided in Atrio compound, for example, you will find villas with areas ranging from 275 square meters to wider areas of up to 600 square meters.

It is worth noting that the number of rooms varies within each unit according to the space it occupies, and the spaces of the units, in general, vary according to the location of each unit within Atrio or the view you own.

Services and Features of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

Do not hesitate to book a unit in Atrio Compound, Sheikh Zayed, because owning a unit inside it means that you will enjoy a large number of high-end services and a huge number of exclusive advantages that are only available in luxury projects. We review a number of the most prominent of these services and advantages as follows:

  • Guard services are available all day, where security men are deployed at various entrances and exits, in addition to gates equipped with surveillance cameras in Atrio Compound.
  • The service provided within the cafés or restaurants in Atrioi compound was upgraded in order to serve its residents and prepare different foods and drinks for them in a distinctive atmosphere.
  • The presence of playgrounds to practice the most enjoyable sports without the need to go far from your residential unit in order to play your favorite sports game.
  • Living in a prestigious urban area thanks to the distinguished strategic location in which the owner company chose to establish its project.
  • The presence of a commercial area provides a distinct shopping experience for the residents because it is close to them on the one hand and the other hand, offers them various types of high-quality products and the most famous international brands.

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  • All Atrio Compound units are surrounded by pleasant gardens and picturesque parks that extend over a large space because the green spaces occupy about 82% of the land allocated to Iwan Sheikh Zayed compound.
  • Well-equipped social clubs provide the opportunity to practice multiple activities without facing any problem or anything that disturbs the peace of the residents of Atrio compound.
  • Designing swimming pools in a way that takes into account the desires of everyone, as there are open and covered pools to suit women.
  • Diversity of medical service facilities between medical centers with different specialties, pharmacies, and units equipped for first aid, which ensures the preservation of the health of all residents.
  • A garage for residents of Iwan compound alone in order to park their cars in it, in order to protect them from any damage that might be caused to them if they are parked far away.
  • Enjoy organizing various parties, such as barbecues or special events, in the open air within the open areas of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed, designated for such purposes.
  • The presence of places with entertaining games and fun activities so that your children can spend a wonderful and unconventional time inside the compound.
  • The wonderful decorations give Iwan Sheikh Zayed compound a civilized touch, as artificial water fountains are spread over it, along with crystal lagoons giving a more charming atmosphere.
  • Spacious health clubs with various high-end facilities, including a spa and jacuzzi, in addition to some other facilities.
  • Establishing a mosque on the land of the compound so that its residents can perform prayers inside it at any time.

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We offer you the best competitive prices and payment plans tailored specifically to suit your budget, to ensure a comfortable and ideal experience with us inside Atrio 

Atrio project is one of the remarkable launches of the major real estate company Iwan, which decided to work on providing integrated services befitting its customers, and to ease the pressure on them and help you purchase the unit easily. Competitive prices were offered which are the best ever in that area, and to facilitate the purchasing process, payment systems were offered to pay the total amount in installments over many long years, which are:

  • Unit prices inside Iwan Sheikh Zayed start at: 9,000,000 EGP.
  • Townhouse units inside Atrio Compound also start at: 12,997,156 EGP.
  • You can pay a 10% down payment of the unit price, and pay the rest over 7 years.
  • Or you can pay a 20% down payment of the unit inside Atrio, and pay the rest over 5 years.

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Disadvantages of Atrio Iwan Compound Sheikh Zayed

Despite the quality and multiple advantages offered by Atrio Compound, some customers feel anxious about the specified delivery date for the units, especially those looking for a quick move or short-term investment. However, the company looks to satisfy its customers by emphasizing the delivery of top quality finished units, which saves customers time and money and ensures they get the best value for their investment.

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The Owner Company and Previous Works

Fortunately for the clients of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed that Iwan is the company that owns it, as this guarantees them owning units in a truly integrated project on the one hand, and on the other hand, they are dealing with one of the largest architectural companies in Egypt.

The company is doing its best to develop itself in a way that ensures keeping pace with the times and in line with the future that imposes a new shape for the housing project, so it works on implementing projects and housing units that have distinctive designs while at the same time dealing with easy payment systems that rely mainly on installments to satisfy its customers.

The company has developed many major projects in 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed, and its investments in Egypt in 2018 only amounted to 2 billion pounds, among its most important projects are the following:

The quality of life you deserve in Sheikh Zayed City compounds!

Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City are committed to providing the deserved quality of life for residents, as this city is one of the most prominent governorates in Egypt, and is considered one of the largest urban areas in Giza Governorate. The city is known for its modern, sophisticated design, in addition to the availability of many services and facilities.

The quality of life in Sheikh Zayed City compounds is one of the top priorities for officials developing this distinctive urban area. The city contains many amazing residential compounds and communities that provide an ideal environment for living in luxury and happiness.

The cityscape is one of the most important elements that enhance the quality of life in Sheikh Zayed City compounds. The design of buildings and stunning natural scenery reflect sophistication and grandeur, and also include many parks and vast green spaces that provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere for residents.

In addition, the city provides many facilities and services that enhance the quality of life in the area, such as internationally recognized schools, state-of-the-art hospitals, and modern shopping centers. The city also contains a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and recreational centers, providing residents with a comprehensive urban experience.

Sheikh Zayed City compounds also provide excellent security and safety for residents. An integrated security system is provided, with advanced fire detection equipment and 24-hour video surveillance, providing peace of mind and security for residents and their families.

The quality of life in Sheikh Zayed City compounds is an important requirement for many people looking for a comfortable, luxurious life in an urban environment. Thanks to the luxurious services and facilities available, the city is an ideal choice for families and individuals who want to enjoy high standards of luxury.

The luxurious life experience is in your hands in Sheikh Zayed City!

Sheikh Zayed City has decided to turn your dream of luxurious living into tangible reality. The city now offers an exceptional luxury living experience thanks to a diverse selection of luxury resorts, villas and luxurious residences that emulate the highest standards of quality.

With these luxurious amenities and exclusive services, the luxury living experience in Sheikh Zayed City is an opportunity to enjoy an elegant, comfortable lifestyle. The city prides itself on providing privacy and luxury to both visitors and residents.

Luxury projects in Sheikh Zayed City provide an excellent base for entertainment and relaxation. Each resort is distinguished by its elegant, sophisticated design, and provides a variety of services that meet guests' needs. These services include luxurious swimming pools, world-class restaurants and cafes, wellness centers, and fitness halls.

As for the villas and luxury homes in Sheikh Zayed City, they ideally reflect elegance and grandeur. These villas are characterized by their contemporary, luxurious designs, as well as beautiful gardens and private swimming pools. Luxury homes add a unique touch of elegance to life, as they provide residents with complete privacy and comfort.

Sheikh Zayed City also offers residents and guests a variety of luxury services, such as upscale shopping areas that house famous global brands, and gourmet restaurants that offer luxurious culinary experiences.

The luxury living experience in Sheikh Zayed City combines comfort, high quality and entertainment, ensuring a unique, distinguished experience for visitors and residents. If you desire luxurious living and enjoying the beauty of life, it can be fulfilled in Sheikh Zayed City with all your needs and aspirations.

Looking for the perfect alternative? Discover the charming nearby compounds from Atrio Sheikh Zayed Compound!

The Sheikh Zayed area is distinguished by the availability of many upscale compounds and distinctive residential complexes. Among these compounds, there are many interesting options that provide luxury and privacy for residents. Here is a list of compounds near Atrio Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  1. Alma Compound Sheikh Zayed:
    Alma Compound is located a short distance from Atrio Sheikh Zayed. This compound is distinguished by its grandeur and contemporary design, and includes a diverse selection of comfortable residential units and luxury villas. Additionally, Tara provides a wide range of recreational facilities and services, including swimming pools, fitness clubs, and beautiful gardens.

  2. Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed:
    Cairo Gate Compound is one of the most famous residential complexes in Sheikh Zayed. It is distinguished by its luxurious architectural design and the availability of many facilities and services such as schools, universities, shopping centers, and elegant restaurants. The compound also includes a well-equipped sports club and vast green spaces to enjoy nature.

  3. Zayard Compound Sheikh Zayed:
    The Yard compound is located close to Atrio Sheikh Zayed. It is characterized by the availability of many comfortable apartment units and luxury villas. The complex also provides many recreational facilities and services such as swimming pools, sports clubs, and beautiful green gardens.

  4. Etiba Compound Sheikh Zayed:
    Etiba in Sheikh Zayed is known for the availability of many elegant, modern residential complexes. This neighborhood contains many residential units with unique, luxurious designs. In addition, the fourteenth district contains many basic facilities and services such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

From search to purchase at Atrio Sheikh Zayed Compound, your journey step by step with!

  1. Choose the right unit:
    The process of purchasing a residential unit in Atrio Sheikh Zayed Compound begins with determining the unit that suits your needs and budget. Real Estate Egypt provides a comprehensive list of all units available in the compound, including villas, twin houses, and townhouses. Additionally, you can search for units by area and price.

  2. Visit the site and inspect:
    After identifying the appropriate unit, you can book an appointment to visit the site and inspect. There is a specialized team on site that provides tours for those interested in purchasing units in the compound. The outdoor area, facilities and services available in the project are displayed.

  3. Learn about payment options:
    When purchasing a unit in Atrio Sheikh Zayed, you can take advantage of the flexible payment options offered by the real estate company. You can pay a 10% down payment and install the total amount over 7 years, or pay 20% and the rest in installments over 5 years.

  4. Submit a reservation request and pay the deposit:
    After choosing the unit and determining the method of payment, you can submit a reservation request and pay the deposit to reserve the unit. You will be provided with all the details and instructions regarding the purchase process.

  5. Prepare required documents:
    When confirming the unit reservation, the real estate company will ask you to prepare the necessary documents to complete the sale process. The required documents may include salary statement, bank certificates or a copy of the ID.

  6. Complete the purchase and sign the contract:
    After completing all required documents, set a date to complete the purchase and sign the contract. The real estate sales team will provide support and guidance during this process.

  7. Pay the remaining amount:
    After signing the contract, you must pay the remaining amount according to the agreed plan. You can make periodic payments over the specified period.

  8. Unit handover and key receipt:
    After completing the payment process, the unit will be ready for delivery. You will receive the keys and be directed to your residential unit for final acceptance.

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6 October city specifically in Sheikh Zayed.

9,235,000 EGP


35 Units

Iwan Developments.

10% down payment and the rest in installments for up to 7 years

19 acres.


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