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4 Bedrooms Villas for Sale in Atrio

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Project Name: Atrio Compound.

About the Project: one of the most luxurious compounds in 6 October as it is one of Iwan projects.

Atrio Location: in 6 October city specifically in Sheikh Zayed.

Project Space: 19 acres.

The Developer Name: Iwan Developments.

Units Type: villas - twin houses - townhouses - standalone villas.

Payment Methods: 10% down payment and the rest via installments over 7 years, or pay 20% downpayment and the rest over 5 years.

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Atrio Sheikh Zayed Project

It is one of the projects of Iwan Developments as it includes many residential projects that ensure you to live comfortably and differently in your life, you will find very luxurious and beautiful residential complexes, it is in a dynamic and investment place, it offers a range of distinctive services, you will not feel your need for something because it provides you with everything you want, it occupies an area of about 16,000 square meters of the project area, 80,000 square meters, the compound offers residential units specifically for those seeking a safe and secure unit in addition to the necessary services.


Atrio Compound Location

Located in 6 October city and specifically in Sheikh Zayed area, just in front of July 26 axis as it is located close to Tara Compound, and Royal City Compound Sheikh Zayed, therefore it is in a vital area on 6th of October, so it has all the services that everyone is looking for from shopping, schools, universities and other services that are indispensable to the individual and the family. Finally, the compound means comfort and stability in your residential unit and you are highly enjoyed.

Your comprehensive guide to know the best Apartments for sale in Sheikh Zayed

The Developer of the Project

Iwan Developments is the executing company, one of the most important architecture companies in Egypt, always seeking the best by developing its work in proportion to the bright future and what the individual needs in personal life, offering unique designs and distinctive residential units, in addition that it always sought to develop a method of booking and buying residential units in installment payment system, it has many successful projects including:

  • Jeera 6 October Compound.
  • Alma 6 October Compound.
  • Maja Ain Sokhna Resort.
  • Jewar 6 October.
  • Jedar 6 October.
  • Jada Iwan New Cairo Compound.
  • Jeera Sheikh Zayed.
  • The Axis 6 October.

Best and major compounds of Sheikh Zayed

Services within Atrio Iwan

  • Many parks and green spaces.
  • Outdoor & covered swimming pools.
  • 24/7 security service with surveillance cameras.
  • Private parking.
  • Artificial Fountains in addition to Crystal Lagoons.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Large commercial areas.
  • Health clubs, jacuzzi, and spa.
  • Kids areas.
  • Areas for BBQ and social events.
  • Medical centers and pharmacies.

Comprehensive information on the Twin Houses for sale in Sheikh Zayed

Features of Atrio 6 October

  • Guarding.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Shopping center.
  • Mosque.
  • Commercial area.
  • Social clubs.
  • Water fountain.

The Residential Units in Atrio Zayed

The compound comprises a range of residential units of up to 119 residential units, all residential units designed in a similar way to Twin House, Villas, and Townhouse, each unit is different in size from the other, luxury in the design of residential units in this project is what distinguishes the entire compound, each unit is close to public services in the compound, and the project has a public area of 19 acres, of which about 22% of the area for residential units.

All you need to know about Villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed

Units Prices within the Compound

The prices of residential units vary, but in general, the price per meter in the compound starts from 10,000 pounds and increases based on the unit itself, because there is a difference in the number of rooms, and a general difference in all designs for each residential unit separately.

Units Spaces

  • Villas space starts from 275 m² up to 600 m².
  • The rest of the units vary in the area depending on the number of rooms and the location of the unit specifically " its view "

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Booking & Payment Systems

  • If you want to buy a housing unit you can, it is not difficult, as you can pay a 10% down payment and the rest via installments over 7 years.
  • Or pay 20% downpayment and the rest over 5 years.
  • Units prices start from 4,000,000 EGP and increases by area.

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Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa


Please contact us on +201009808986 or via WhatsApp to get help.

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