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Mountain View 3 New Cairo

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Project Description

Project Name: Mountain View 3 New Cairo.

About the Project: one of the most successful projects of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo.

Mountain View 3 Location: the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo.

Mountain View 3 New Cairo Space: 500 acres.

Units Type: villas - townhouses.

Mountain View 3 Townhouses Space: It starts from 220 square meters.

Mountain View 3 Villas Space: It starts from 245 square meters.

Payment Methods in Mountain View 3: 5% downpayment and installment of the total amount up to 8 years.

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Mountain View 3 New Cairo Project

Mountain View 3 is one of the most successful projects of Mountain View company, characterized by providing all the services that the individual and family are looking for, everyone wishes to live in such compound in New Cairo, in order to enjoy the entertainment services, especially the necessary services also, Mountain View 3 is established in a great style and unique design, the executing company is a company that selects the unique places to carry out its projects and has already implemented Mountain View 3 project at the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, a qualified neighborhood for investment and trade, as it is a very distinct dynamic location.

Mountain View Egypt is one of the most successful residential areas that has been executed by one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development where it has taken into account all the high-end designs that provide prosperity and well-being to its residents and is the third great project implemented in the Fifth Settlement area.

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The location of Mountain View 3 Compound that combines attractive beauty and strategic advantage

The geographical location of Mountain View 3 Compound was not chosen with extreme precision for the developing company's knowledge of its great importance to customers and businessmen. Mountain View 3 New Cairo project is located in the most luxurious neighborhoods in New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement, near the vital areas and cities that make it easy to reach from all directions.

The most important landmarks near Mountain View 3 New Cairo Compound :

  • Mountain View 3 Compound is located near Hyde Park, City Gate, Katameya Hills, and Water Way Compound.
  • The distance between Mountain View 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement, and the American University is about 15 minutes.
  • Mountain View 3 New Cairo project is close to the distinguished Madinati project.
  • It is easy to go from Mountain View 3 to Cairo International Airport.
  • The most important feature of Mountain View 3 Compound in New Cairo is its proximity to the Ain Sokhna - Suez Road and the Cairo - Suez Road.
  • Mountain View 3 project, Fifth Settlement, is located near Future University.
  • Mountain View 3 Compound in New Cairo is 7 minutes away from the entrance to Rehab City.

Mountain View 3 New Cairo's innovative design that sketches your ideal dreams

Mountain View 3 Compound in New Cairo was implemented on a huge area of about 500 acres. This huge area enabled the developing company to offer many units of different sizes, in addition to the service and basic facilities that meet the diverse needs of customers. It also allocated the largest part of the total area to green spaces, charming natural scenery, water surfaces and fountains whose water rises dancing tens of meters high, and the remaining part for residential units and facilities, in addition to architectural designs that rival the international style. The developing company hired a group of engineers with long experiences to design and implement Mountain View 3 Compound in New Cairo.

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Services & Features of Mountain View iii

There are many features within Mountain View 3 New Cairo project as well as the availability of services that can be explained as follows:

  • There are parking spaces so that the clients can park their cars and not cause congestion outside Mountain View 3 New Cairo project.
  • Providing medical centers with highly trained teams to ensure appropriate health care, as well as 24-hour pharmacies.
  • There are swimming pools that can be used by kids and adults, as well as swimming areas for ladies.
  • Providing plenty of green spaces that can evoke psychological comfort and tranquility at Mountain View 3 New Cairo.
  • Providing healthy clubs that consist of all services such as spa, gym and many other things.
  • Private walkways for hikers and cyclists in Mountain View 3 New Cairo Project.

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  • Shopping malls at the highest level with shopping centers that can offer the latest well-known brands.
  • There are some restaurants that offer the best meals and food as well as cafes to serve different drinks.
  • The existence of progress methods of education where Mountain View 3 New Cairo project has universities and schools of a high and international standard which was one of the focus by the owner company.
  • Different methods of guarding were distributed consistently throughout Mountain View 3 New Cairo to maintain public security, as well as recording all movements in Mountain View 3 New Cairo  project and monitoring them with the latest security cameras.
  • The presence of modern water bodies to give the aesthetic form that is comfortable to look after and is one of the ways followed by the company during its search for well-being and prosperity for all residents of Mountain View 3 New Cairo project.

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The Residential Units in Mountain View ||| Compound 

The total area allocated for establishing Mountain View 3 project is 500 acres, which has allowed the company to establish all the services and recreational spaces that citizens can need at any time, as well as Mountain View 3 New Cairo project is located between the mountain and royal park, which gives it a unique place and character.

Mountain View 3 owner company has established Mountain View 3 New Cairo in the latest model and took care of all the designs that exist in the residential units to be suitable for all general tastes, and providing all needs that the citizen can need.

The residential units in Mountain View 3 New Cairo have been divided into villas and townhouses, each of which is as follows:

Mountain View 3 New Cairo residential units consist of townhouses with areas ranging from 220 square meters up to 240 square meters, Mountain View villa with areas ranging from 245 square meters up to 425 square meters, and all units are available with paying in any of the plans developed by the company in payment systems.

Mountain View Egypt Prices

The company that owns Mountain View 3 New Cairo project provided residential units at affordable prices suitable for all the financial potentials of customers, which enable them to choose from types and spaces in accordance with their need, and the prices of those units are affordable and some discounts have been offered to for the first reservations in Mountain View 3 project.

There are payment facilities developed by the company to give the individual a chance to live in Mountain View 3 New Cairo project and enjoy a healthy life full of multiple services if you want to buy a chalet with great designs and excellent services, start buying studio chalets in the resort, similarly, you can buy apartments, villas or palaces at specified prices and facilities in payment according to certain plans, you can choose the payment plan that suits you, and mountain view prices of chalets, villas, palaces, and apartments as follows:

  • The townhouse group starts at 5,600,000 Egyptian pounds up to 6,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Mountain View villas for sale prices start from 7,500,000 Egyptian pounds to 15 million Egyptian pounds.

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Booking and Payment Systems in Mountain View 3 New Cairo

If you want to book and purchase at Mountain View 3 New Cairo compound, you can choose the payment plan that suits you, as there are two plans to purchase a unit, each plan has its own terms or system, with a 10% downpayment over 7 years, or a 10% downpayment over 8 years with total payments as follows:

First payment plan (more than 8 years)

  • 10% first payment.
  • 5% payment after 3 months.
  • 2.5% payment within the second year.
  • 2.5% payment within the third year.
  • The remaining amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years.

First payment plan (more than 8 years)

  • 10% first payment.
  • 2.5% payment within the first year.
  • 5% payment within the second year.
  • 5% payment within the third year.
  • The remaining amount is paid over 8 years.

Delivery Date: 2023.

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Problems of Mountain View 3 New Cairo

Despite the many benefits offered by Mountain View 3 New Cairo  project, some customers expressed concerns about the accumulation of many units in one place, which may affect the level of privacy and comfort they seek. However, the company paid special attention to this aspect, as the wide separators between the units were designed to ensure privacy and feeling of comfort among residents.

The leading real estate developer turning your dreams into reality

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Mountain View 3 Compound, Fifth Settlement, which is one of the largest real estate companies in the field of real estate development. It was established in 2005 and has undertaken many successful projects that enhance its reputation and make it the first choice for high net worth individuals. The volume of investments reaches 67 billion pounds, under the chairmanship of Engineer Amr Ismail, Chairman of the Board of Directors. The developing company was also keen to use the latest international designs in its various projects, and among the most important projects carried out by the company are:

Become part of the future: Fifth Settlement and its vision for a bright tomorrow!

Fifth Settlement in Greater Cairo is undergoing continuous development, as it seeks to become part of the future and an embodiment of Egypt's vision for a bright tomorrow. Fifth Settlement is one of the newest urban areas in Cairo, reflecting the modern urban renaissance that Egypt is witnessing.

Fifth Settlement started developing in order to expand the city's boundaries and improve the quality of life for citizens. The city was designed to be an integrated urban model comprising a diverse set of residential, commercial and service areas.

Fifth Settlement is characterized by its modern design and striking architecture, comprising luxurious villas and apartments, along with a variety of commercial areas such as malls, shops, restaurants and cafes. It is also distinguished by its gardens, green spaces and artificial lakes, providing an ideal residential environment for families and enhancing overall quality of life.

The Fifth Settlement administration seeks to provide a unique living experience for residents of the area. It provides a range of essential services such as schools, hospitals, cultural and sports centers. It also works on developing public transportation, expanding the road network, and improving infrastructure, with the goal of facilitating resident mobility and providing an ideal work environment.

Economically, Fifth Settlement is a vital hub for business and investment. The area attracts many global, national companies and financial institutions, contributing to economic growth and providing job opportunities for youth.

Real estate transactions in the area have been positively affected, with increased demand and rising property prices, highlighting the good investments available in Fifth Settlement.

You deserve true luxury... found in the compounds of New Cairo!

Amidst the rapid urban development in New Cairo, compounds there are an ideal destination for luxurious living and comfort. These amazing communities offer many advantages that make them truly deserve luxury.

Compounds in New Cairo are located in strategic and prestigious areas that provide many services and comforts for their residents. These compounds are characterized by innovative architectural designs, and are ideal for individuals and families looking for a quiet, safe place to live in Cairo.

Compounds in New Cairo offer many recreational and entertainment facilities such as luxurious swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses. They also provide modern shopping malls with famous global brands, in addition to elegant restaurants and cafes catering to all tastes.

With vast green spaces and beautiful gardens in the compounds, residents can enjoy nature and relax away from the city bustle. Some compounds offer private gardens, waterfalls, and green pathways, adding extra beauty to these communities.

Additionally, security services and 24-hour guarding are available in the compounds to ensure residents' safety and security. Compounds also have play areas for children, a health club, and spaces for walking and cycling, making life full of fun and activity.

It is also worth noting that compounds in New Cairo allow residents to benefit from a pollution-free, traffic congestion-free environment unlike most other urban areas in the city. The availability of fresh air and open spaces contributes to improving the overall quality of life and health of residents.

Compounds in New Cairo are a haven for luxurious, upscale living. These compounds provide an exceptional experience for residents looking to live in a safe, comfortable environment, where they can enjoy high-quality amenities and an exclusive lifestyle. They really are an opportunity to enjoy urban life in all its luxury and comfort.

Between proximity and distinction: Discover the compounds adjacent to Mountain View 3 compound in Fifth Settlement!

New Cairo is home to many upscale compounds, including Mountain View 3 compound in Fifth Settlement, which is one of the best compounds in the area. But are you looking for some adjacent compounds that could be a good alternative? Here is a list of some compounds adjacent to Mountain View 3 compound:

  1. Cattleya Compound New Cairo: Cattleya is one of the most prominent compounds adjacent to Mountain View 3, distinguished by its elegant architectural design and vast green spaces. The compound provides many services and facilities such as swimming pools, recreational areas, mosques, schools, and shopping centers.

  2. Hotel Branded Residence Compound New Cairo: Hotel Branded Residence is located near Mountain View 3 and is characterized by its modern architectural design and beautiful green spaces. The compound contains luxurious residential units and recreational areas, swimming pools, a sports club, restaurants and cafes.

  3. Amorada Compound Fifth Settlement: Amorada is one of the best compounds in New Cairo, offering a diverse set of elegantly designed residential units and distinctive facilities such as green spaces, beautiful gardens, swimming pools, and sports clubs.

  4. Sila Compound New Cairo: Sila Compound is strategically located in New Cairo, boasting scenic natural views and sophisticated amenities. The project comprises a diverse mix of residential units, including villas and apartments, providing multiple options for prospective customers.

  5. The Marq Compound New Cairo: The Marq is one of the largest compounds in New Cairo, offering vast green spaces and containing luxurious residential units and comprehensive facilities such as parks, schools, and social clubs.

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the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo.

6,600,000 EGP


Mountain View company

47 Units

5% downpayment and installment of the total amount up to 8 years.

500 acres.


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