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South Gate New Cairo Mall Investwell Development

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Project Description

Project name: South Gate.

About the project: A commercial edifice located in the eminent locations of Fifth Settlement, which has easy access to all major axes.

South Gate Location: Fifth Settlement, near the American University.

South Gate Mall space: It was built on a huge space to provide all types of units.

Unit types: administrative units - commercial units.

Unit Space: starts from 88 square meters.

Units price: starts from 3,872,000 EGP.

Price per meter: starts from 44,000 EGP.

Payment methods: Paying a 10% downpayment of the total unit price, then 5% is paid after three months, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years.

Real estate developer: Investwell Development.

South Gate New Cairo

In the recent period, the demand for the city of New Cairo has increased, and this is not for nothing, but because of its many advantages, the most important of which are the location and the availability of basic services, especially for project owners, as well as the presence of many areas suitable for construction in South Gate New Cairo Mall.

Therefore, Investwell Development was keen to choose for its new project a special place in the heart of New Cairo, both in terms of location and the features in it, in order to make the place more attractive to customers with their different desires inside South Gate New Cairo Mall.

Indeed, it was able to build a luxurious architectural model that has a lot of ingredients for success, which ensures a more rate of progress for your striped project in South Gate Mall. Here are some important details that you should know when owning an integrated unit in the distinctive South Gate New Cairo Mall.

South Gate location

Successful work requires a good atmosphere and some ingredients that contribute to a distinctive work environment, and this will certainly positively affect the level of development and prosperity in South Gate New Cairo project, and here is South Gate Mall New Cairo that offers you the first of these ingredients, which is the unique location.

South Gate Mall is distinguished in New Cairo that it is a very lively area, which contributes greatly to the increase in the demand for the projects established in it, especially as it is characterized by the inclusion of compounds and schools and the population density is not small, and indeed one of the advantages of South Gate Mall was that it is located in New Cairo.

The most important landmarks near South Gate Mall New Cairo:

  • South Gate Mall is surrounded by more than one luxury compound, including The Brooks Compound New Cairo.
  • South Gate New Cairo mall is also not far from one of the most famous universities in the place, which is the American University.
  • Also, it is not far from Mohamed Naguib Bridge, which connects South Gate New Cairo project to several other areas in South Gate Mall.
  • South Gate is minutes from Concord Plaza Mall.
  • In addition, South Gate is located near Petrogas.

South Gate New Cairo Project design

The architectural design is one of the strong elements owned by South Gate Mall New Cairo, which increases its distinction, and the spaces have been well utilized in the place, which allowed there to be many units with distinctive designs and provide the client with the necessary privacy and calmness required to work better.

The place has more floors, as it contains two basement floors, in addition to a ground floor and 4 consecutive floors, and this is also in addition to the fact that it overlooks more than one facade, meaning that it has different views on several sides. and offices in South Gate New Cairo.

Also, South Gate Mall New Cairo has many facilities that have been distributed over the entire building so that you can get everything you want in the place and serve your business in a short time, and this is really what investors and entrepreneurs need to develop their projects in the place.

South Gate New Cairo Services

New Cairo is the meeting point of great advantages because it is considered one of the large cities, which is famous for its inclusion of many important components, which provides greater opportunities for project owners to obtain distinctive places for their businesses and also have a greater opportunity to develop these businesses in South Gate project New Cairo.

South Gate Mall New Cairo offers many different services that aim primarily to provide a suitable work environment for customers, and these services include the following:

  • An integrated security system and good guarding in place, which maintain safety and security inside South Gate Project.
  • Many surveillance cameras have been installed in order to monitor all movements, which increases customers' sense of safety.
  • Electronic gates contribute to achieving overcrowding and improving the movement of entry and exit in South Gate Mall.
  • In addition, many electric elevators work in the best way, making it easier for visitors to move between the sides of South Gate New Cairo.
  • Central air conditioners operate continuously, which is an important advantage.
  • There are also many parts of the place that contains a number of restaurants and cafes, which provide you with excellent services.
  • A fast internet service helps customers to perform their business better.
  • A number of meeting rooms equipped with the best-advanced equipment in South Gate project.
  • Maintenance services in the best way that keeps the place in the best condition.

Features of South Gate New Cairo

The features in South Gate Mall New Cairo are many and varied in order to get a place with integrated facilities and distinctive qualities, as follows:

  • The developer company has taken care that South Gate  Fifth settlement mall's location is distinctive, close to several important places in New Cairo, and is easily accessible from several directions.
  • Attention has also been paid to the architectural design of South Gate Mall, as it has many wonderful decorations and there are different divisions of the units.
  • South Gate overlooks a large green space that gives a distinctive look to the place and makes you enjoy the beautiful landscape around you.
  • Glass facades give more room to the unit and are an insulator for any noise or disturbance.
  • South Gate New Cairo includes different types of units, making it suitable for more than one type of activity, whether commercial or administrative, and it is available in a variety of spaces.

South Gate Mall Units Spaces and Types

South Gate mall’s space contributed greatly to making it a special place because the company that developed it was keen to choose a large and suitable plot of land in an excellent location inside New Cairo, which helped the place to shine more.

There are many units in South Gate New Cairo, as the place has floors designated for commercial units, others for administrative units, offices, and corporate headquarters as well, in addition, it includes more than one space, meaning that it allows Investwell New Cairo project owner to choose what suits his needs more.

The spaces in South Gate Mall are as follows:

  • The spaces of the commercial units in South Gate New Cairo mall start from 104 square meters in South Gate.
  • The space of the administrative units in Investwell New Cairo project starts from 88 square meters.

It is truly the right place to start your distinguished project inside a luxurious mall that has all the ingredients for success.

South Gate New Cairo Prices

As a continuation of the multiple achievements that the developer of South Gate Project was keen to include in it, which is already multiple, the company wanted to offer its valued customers a greater number of advantages that help them obtain a full-fledged place in a short time and also with multiple facilities.

The place also offers different finishing systems, some of which are fully finished, and some are delivered in a semi-finished system so that you can choose the place’s decorations according to the nature of Investwell New Cairo project on which it is located, unlike the modern designs that have been taken care of to be present in the entire place.

Indeed, it was able to do this by offering competitive prices that help you easily reach the unit that suits you, and these prices are as follows:

  • The price per square meter for commercial units starts from 165,000 EGP.
  • The price per square meter for administrative units starts from 44,000 EGP.
  • Commercial units are delivered unfinished, while administrative units are fully finished.

Payment systems at South Gate New Cairo

The developer of  South Gate New Cairo has been able to provide you with easy payment systems, the main objective of which is to make it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to obtain an integrated unit in a distinguished place, which helps them to flourish their businesses.

The payment system proposed by the developer is:

  • The customer can pay 25% of the unit price and pay the rest in installments over 8 full years.
  • As for the maintenance deposit, it does not exist, and maintenance expenses are paid by meter.
  • There is also a monthly fee for the garage.
  • The owner company of South Gate New Cairo project announced that the units will be delivered in 2023.

Disadvantages of South Gate Mall New Cairo

Although it is difficult to find flaws in a project considered the best in New Cairo, some may see the multitude of activities within the single South Gate Mall New Cairo as potentially causing some congestion. However, Invest Well Company has effectively dealt with this issue by completely separating the administrative and commercial units on different floors, which ensures avoiding congestion and achieving comfort and ease for visitors and clients.

The real estate developer and previous business

Investwell Development is one of the real estate development companies, which has extensive experience in the field, which qualifies it to occupy a significant place in the world of urban construction and construction, as it has been present in the Egyptian market for about 20 years, and this contributed in the best way to being one of the major companies in Egypt.

The company offers many diverse services in the field of real estate, whether in real estate or consulting, and other things that distinguish it from its competitors in the field, and one of the important works carried out by the company is  South Gate Mall New Cairo, which has a distinctive location and includes more than one distinctive and unique service.

And this is not the only project that the company has provided to its valued customers, but there is more than one important architectural work that it has done, including the following:

  • Kazan Plaza Project 6th October.
  • Avalon Project New administrative capital.
  • Avalon Project New Cairo.
  • Project 335 New Cairo.

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The malls of New Cairo represent symbols of elegance and magnets of attraction that blend modernity and opulence. These shopping centers offer a unique experience for visitors, combining the pleasure of shopping with diverse entertainment experiences and elegant accommodation options within a single integrated environment. These malls reflect the modern design philosophy of shopping centers, drawing attention as one of the prominent landmarks in New Cairo.

These centers stand out by housing a wide range of prestigious global stores, offering visitors the opportunity to choose from the latest fashions and luxury products. To enhance their visitors' experience, these malls offer distinguished services such as home delivery and personalized shopping consultations, contributing to a comfortable and satisfying experience.

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The Fifth Settlement, the gateway to exceptional investment opportunities in the heart of Cairo, offers a fertile ground for investors seeking to capitalize on the thriving real estate sector. This area, which has witnessed remarkable growth over the past years, has now become the focus of attention for those seeking luxurious living or launching a successful commercial venture. It is distinguished by its strategic location, easily accessible via several major roads, making it a vibrant hub for business and daily life.

With advanced infrastructure and proximity to leading educational and medical institutions, residents and investors in the Fifth Settlement find an unparalleled ideal environment that meets all their needs and aspirations. The real estate projects witnessed in the Fifth Settlement are characterized by contemporary designs and comprehensive facilities that cater to various tastes and requirements, from residential apartments to commercial and office spaces, making the Fifth Settlement an appealing location for investment.

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Thus, the Fifth Settlement stands as a symbol of growth and opportunity, offering a strong platform for investors seeking to venture into the real estate market. In this inspiring context, it is advisable to carefully consider investment opportunities to ensure maximum benefit from this growth and expansion, paving the way for success and prosperity.

More than Just Neighbors: Unique Investment Experiences Near South Gate New Cairo Mall!

South Gate New Cairo Mall, specifically on 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement, is considered one of the most renowned shopping destinations. However, in the same area, there is a diverse array of malls that attract visitors with their unique advantages. Here is a list of five malls located near South Gate Mall, each distinguished by distinctive features that make them extraordinary destinations for shopping and entertainment:

  1. Elegantry Mall in the Fifth Settlement: Elegantry Mall, located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, is a distinguished destination for lovers of luxurious and exquisite shopping. This center shines with its modern and elegant design, offering a unique blend of distinguished global brands alongside prestigious local brands. This mall stands out with the diversity of its stores, restaurants, and cafes, providing an integrated and enjoyable shopping and entertainment experience.

  2. Centric Mall in the Fifth Settlement: Centric Mall shines as one of the prominent destinations within the Fifth Settlement area, gathering under its roof a diverse selection of stores bearing renowned global and local commercial names. This mall celebrates offering a comprehensive experience for visitors, transcending being a shopping space to become a meeting point for connoisseurs of refined taste, with a carefully curated selection of distinguished restaurants and movie theaters that provide ideal family entertainment.

  3. Cairo Capital Center Mall in the Fifth Settlement: Cairo Capital Center Mall represents a major entertainment hub in the Fifth Settlement area, combining a vast array of shopping choices, restaurants, movie theaters, and play areas, making it an ideal place to spend enjoyable time with family. This mall stands out with its contemporary architectural design and diverse facilities, providing a comprehensive environment for entertainment and enjoyment.

  4. The Venue Mall in the Fifth Settlement: The Venue Mall stands as one of the prominent destination giants in the Fifth Settlement area, distinguished by its contemporary architectural style and innovative design. Within its corridors, visitors will find a wide range of stores that include renowned global brands as well as exceptional local brands, in addition to a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes catering to various tastes. The Venue Mall shines as a haven for shopping enthusiasts and entertainment seekers, offering an unforgettable exceptional experience.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Tips and Secrets to Facilitate the Buying Process at South Gate New Cairo Mall on!

The Real Estate Egypt website welcomes anyone seeking an investment opportunity or residential unit within a distinguished space like South Gate Mall, located in the heart of New Cairo. This project is distinguished by offering flexible pricing and payment systems, making it an ideal choice for many buyers with different requirements. To complete the process of purchasing your unit at South Gate Mall, here is the suggested path of steps:

1. Getting to Know the Property: Your journey begins by visiting the Real Estate Egypt website, where you can search for South Gate Mall. Use the search feature to easily access project information.

2. Understanding the Project's Advantages: Familiarize yourself with everything related to South Gate Mall, from its strategic location, modern facilities, unique architectural design, diverse unit types, and available price range, to assess the best option for your needs.

3. Contact for More Information: After forming a clear idea about the project, you can contact Invest Well Real Estate Development Company to learn about available units and ask any questions you may have.

4. Preliminary Procedures for Purchase: Once you have selected your unit, you will need to secure the reservation by paying a specified amount. Do not hesitate to inquire about payment methods from the development company.

5. Completing the Purchase: You will then work with the sales team to organize the necessary documents and paperwork for the purchase and determine the optimal payment plan for you, whether a lump sum or installment system.

6. Unit Delivery: Upon completion of all financial procedures, you will be invited to receive your unit. Ensure that everything is in accordance with the agreed-upon agreements and specifications.

This path ensures a smooth and clear experience in purchasing your unit at South Gate Mall, providing you with all the information and support you need along the way.

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Fifth Avenue, near the American University.

3,872,000 EGP.


Investwell Real Estate Development Company.

12 commercial and administrative units

A 10% down payment of the total unit price is paid, then 5% is paid after three months, and the rest is paid in installments over 7 years.

It was built on a huge space to provide all types of units.


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