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Al Burouj El Shorouk City Compound 

Al Burouj Compound is one of the most important real estate development projects executed by Capital Group Properties and due to the magnitude of this project and the distinctive real estate compound and its 11 administrative buildings and major cultural centers. Al Burouj covers a total of 70 acres to include the Orchid Park as well as a global center for trade and other advantages and other services that will transform this urban compound in the land of Shrouk City to a large commercial, even cultural and health center. The company has established this compound, especially for luxury lovers.

Details about The Most Important Compounds in Al Shorouk City

Al Burouj Capital Group Location

Al Burooj Compound is located in one of the important new urban sites where it was established in El Shrouk City on the Ismailia Desert Road, it is located between both, the Regional Ring Road and the International Medical Center, so it is approximately 15 minutes of driving away from Cairo International Airport and only 20 minutes away from New Cairo City.

Services and Features in Al Burouj El Shorouk City

  • International business centers and halls for different celebrations and conferences.
  • A famous medical center is known as the Capital Health Center.
  • International schools for different educational stages.
  • Sports clubs, health spa centers & gym.
  • World-class restaurants, cafes, cultural centers, and El Sawy Culture Wheel.
  • Playing kids areas & gardens.

All you need to know about Apartments for sale in Shorouk City

Spaces and Prices of Residential Units within Al Burouj Compound

Al Burouj offers a variety of units that range from distinctive hotel apartments, duplex, townhouses, and distinctively standalone villas. Also, the compound offers a variety of residential units to meet the needs of different clients with different prices.

Apartments Space Within Al Burouj Compound

 Apartments space starts from 90 m², consisting of two rooms, a lounge, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Apartment with space up to 190 m² consisting of 3 rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a large reception with a price starting from 112.500 L.E.

Comprehensive information on the Townhouses for sale in Shorouk City

Duplex Spaces In Al Burouj compound

The duplex space starts from 176 m² while the Town House ranges between 165 m² up to 245 m² & starting from 1.864.500 L.E. The townhouse consists of 3 or 4 rooms with bathroom, reception, and kitchen.

Villas Spaces In Al Burouj Shrouk City

A variety of villas starting from 160 m² up to 440 m² with a price starting from 3.136.000 EGP. The villas consist of 4 or more bedrooms, 2 or 3 bathrooms, and a garden.

The Payment Systems

The compound offers easy and convenient payment options for clients to pay 10% downpayment of the total amount and the rest is paid via installments over 8 years.

Your comprehensive guide to know the best Villas for sale in Shorouk City

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Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
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Best Compounds In Shorouk City

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