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Details about the 10 most important advantages and disadvantages of El Patio Casa El Shorouk Compound

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El Patio Casa Compound in Sherouk is considered one of the best projects carried out by the real estate company La Vista, which has moved towards its goal of exclusivity and dominance in the real estate field, placing customer desires in front of it to provide the largest number of services desired by the client inside his unit, as well as the discounted price compared to its counterparts of other projects and the large amount of facilities and geographical location, which is a true distinction for the compound. To learn more details, visit Egypt Real Estate.

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Location of El Patio Casa Compound Sherouk

The compound is distinguished by a number of advantages related to the location, through which the compound was distinguished as one of the most important residential projects that enjoyed the best geographical location, as it is characterized by the following:

The compound is located at the second gate of the entrances to Sherouk City, just 700 meters from Rehab City.

It is located near the Hyper One supermarket on the Suez Road.

It is located 1 km away from Heliopolis Club, the largest sports club in Egypt.

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Advantages of living in El Patio Casa Compound Sherouk

The compound is distinguished by the presence of a number of services, most notably:

  • 24-hour security and guarding.
  • The compound is equipped with the largest multi-specialty medical club in various medical fields.
  • A number of water lakes, swimming pools for men and women, and some for children.
  • Providing a number of sports clubs that include most types of games.
  • A large commercial mall featuring a number of international brands across all commodities.
  • International restaurants and cafes
  • Gyms and spas

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Unit areas inside El Patio Casa Sherouk Compound

La Vista Real Estate owned the largest areas of land in Sherouk City to exploit them and implement El Patio Casa Compound, surrounded by a huge number of facilities and requirements dreamed of by customers, allocating the largest area of ​​it for green spaces and some social clubs and medical centers, as well as the presence of a variety of shapes and spaces within the compound, which are as follows:

Areas starting from 160 square meters up to 330 square meters were allocated for residential apartments, at affordable prices starting from 2 million Egyptian pounds for the previous area.

Areas starting from 185 square meters up to 275 square meters have been allocated for penthouse units at prices starting from 2 million and 800 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems within the compound

New customers should inquire about the payment systems and facilities provided by La Vista to its new customers. A booking advance of 20% of the price of the housing unit can be paid, and the rest of the price can be paid in installments over the longest period available from the developing company, which reached about six years, which is the longest period available for payment.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
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