I Business Park New Capital

From 4,000,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2022

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Project Name: I Business Park Towers.

About Project: It is one of the first 3 towers at the towers area in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and is also the first and latest projects of ARQA Developments Group.

I Business Park Location: it is located inside the New Administrative Capital specifically in the Downtown area, Mu3-21.

Project Space: 21,450 square meters.

Units Types: commercial shops - administrative offices - medical clinics.

Units Space: the commercial shops spaces start from 28 square meters, administrative units space starts from 31 square meters, and the medical clinics space starts from 35 square meters.

Units Price: The policy of Arqa Developments company varies as there is no stable price per meter and the prices of units vary depending on the view and location.

The Developer: ARQA Developments Group-ADG.

Payment Systems: The contract is made by paying 50,000 pounds through EOI.

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I Business Park New Capital

The project is one of the latest projects of Arqa Developments Group in the New Administrative Capital, as it is one of the distinctive and different projects, it is 3 smart towers separated from each other at an altitude of up to 20 floors, while it connects through a podium located at a height of the first 3 floors only.

The reason the project Naming

The name of the project is renamed for its expression, as "I", a world-renowned symbol that expresses the technology and smart buildings, it is also of Latin origin and symbolizes number 1, while in English it means "I am", i.e. "I am the client who owned all of the above", in addition to the letter is symbolizing the following words: "Internationalization, innovation, investment".

The company implementing the project confirmed its choice of this name where it means: "I own a smart unit, with the best specifications in the world as well as guaranteed returns on investment, so I am No. 1 and I own a unit that is classified as #1".

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The Location of Arqa I Business Park Administrative Capital

It is strategically located in the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the Downtown area, plot Mu3-21, and it is close to the well-known vital areas as well as the main hubs, next to Celia project by Hisham Talaat Moustafa.

It is characterized by a distinctive view of The Main Square of Downtown, as well as Mohammed bin Zayed axis, as well as the famous Al Masa Hotel and the Green River, its distinctive location attracts everyone's attention.

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Area of Arqa Towers

The area of the towers is about 21,450 square meters, which is divided among different residential units with various areas, where the project owns 20 floors in addition to the ground floor, garages and Sky lounge, and the project also includes different types of units to suit all the desires of customers, which consisted of: "commercial, administrative, medical, as well as hotel residential units".

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Features within I Business Park Towers

It has many advantages that made it different from the rest of the projects in the region, it is considered the first smart towers of its kind created by Emirati experience, in addition to the strategic location where all its residential units enjoy very distinctive views, as well as provide all kinds of facilities, amenities, and luxury to meet the needs of all customers, and the engineering consultant will be announced as well as the management company of towers, in order to provide credibility to customers wishing to buy.

Services of I Business Park Towers New Capital

The project has many services that it provides to all customers of different tastes, which are:

Swimming Pools: Featuring various swimming pools with different spaces to suit everyone's needs, as well as artificial lakes.

Restaurants and Cafes: There are many restaurants and cafes that offer the best and highest food and beverages to customers.

Entertainment Area: A designated kids' area with the best entertainment games has been designated for their entertainment.

Gym: Equipped with the best and latest sports equipment, as well as a social club for a different and enjoyable time.

Medical Center: Includes all medical specialties to provide full health care to customers.

Security and Guarding: 24-hour security and guarding, as well as surveillance cameras.

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I Business Park Arqa Prices & Payment Methods

The company implementing the project was keen to provide suitable prices to customers compared to the services to be provided, announcing the opening of the booking on August 22, 2020, and the contract will be made by paying 50,000 pounds through EOI, and if the contract is not made the customer recovers the amount paid again, and the hotel residential units will be delivered with full finishing, while commercial, medical and administrative units shall be delivered with semi-finishing.

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The Executing Company Profile

ADG Company has a wide reputation in the field of real estate since its foundation more than 25 years ago, but this project is its first project in Egypt, so it was keen to choose the distinctive site to give the project a distinctive place to make it the focus of everyone's attention, as it seeks to provide all services to make it an integrated project.

Its other investment projects were Palm for Construction, The Unique Pearl Group, as well as The Pearl Medical Group for Hospitals and Clinics.

The project's executors have resorted to dealing with Arqa company because it is known for its ability to implement very different projects with great designs, and this is illustrated by its name and logo that reflects its meaning "sophistication", and this is what is already visible in all its projects where it is keen to show luxury, provide well-being, basic services, and this is what we will notice in this project.

The company relies on quality and innovation in the implementation of all its projects, where it aims mainly to increase investment in any country in the Arab world and push the economy towards the better through its distinctive and successful projects.

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Arqa company has confirmed its constant pursue of compliance with international standards, providing all the needs of customers of different tastes, in addition to providing the highest return on investment, within the framework of adhering to the values adopted within it, which are as follows:

  • Accurate studies: it always resort to comprehensive studies and analysis of the nature of the market in order to provide the best investment opportunities.
  • Investment returns: it always strive to achieve them on the ground to achieve the satisfaction of all its customers.
  • Quality: it committed to planning, monitoring, and implementing projects with the best quality, and always monitoring the after-sale phase to constantly evaluate their projects and customer satisfaction.

  • Hard Work: The company is not looking for slogans, but it works hard and firmly to maintain its name and provide everything that is elegant and luxurious.

Owners of ARQA Developments Group-ADG

The company implementing the project is headed by Egyptian businessman Helmy Abbas, who owns many other companies including: "Pearl Hospital Group, Palm for Contraction Company, Unic Pearl Group for Trading, in addition to being ceo of a major company in the UAE for up to 15 years."

Helmy Abbas has overseen many projects in government work as well as development companies, and has implemented other projects in many places, including: "Al Reem Island, Al Raha Beach, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Al Ain City and Abu Dhabi", where he has 25 years of experience in government and private work in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

As for The Egyptian businessman Engineer Mahrous Al-Zinni, he also enjoys extensive experience in the field of real estate, especially commercial units, and owns Al Zinni Malls located in the Fifth Settlement specifically on the south and north 90th streets, and part of these buildings overlook Tulip Hotel, including Mall 311, which houses the headquarters of Arqa company.


  • Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Social Club
  • Health club and Spa

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