Ronza Tower Mall New Capital

From 1,280,000 EGP
Status Under Construction
Delivery Date 2023
Developed by: Ronza Real Estate

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Project Name: Ronza Tower.

About the Project: It features a unique interior division and a high-end location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

Ronza Tower Location: The project is located in the Downtown area of the New Administrative Capital.

Ronza Tower Space: a huge space of up to 11,000 square meters.

Types of Units: Units vary from administrative, commercial, and hotel units.

Unit Spaces: Starting at 19 square meters on the ground floor.

Real Estate Developer: Ronza Real Estate.

Payment Systems: Starts with a down payment of 5% and installment periods lasting up to 8 years.

The New Administrative Capital continues to impress the whole world with all its outstanding projects, with Ronza Tower Mall leading these projects, as it is considered one of the latest in recent development. This project includes many services and ensures a better and more modern lifestyle for the capital’s inhabitants, it also occupies a distinctive location within it. This mall serves several purposes, and includes commercial, administrative, and hotel-style units, all designed according to the latest international standards and with an investment volume that exceeds half a billion Egyptian pounds.

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Ronza Tower Mall Location

The success of any new project is dependent on its geographical location, which is why the CEO of Holding Company (Mr. Khalid Sabri) was deeply invested in finding the most ideal location for the project within the Administrative Capital, and did not find better than the Downtown area, which is the most vital sport located in the heart of the Administrative Capital.

It should be noted here that Ronza Tower Mall has a variety of views because it overlooks three different sidewalks, making it close to the following vital places:

  • Gold market.
  • Ministries District.
  • Oil Companies.
  • Monorail Station.
  • Banking District.
  • Green River Park.
  • Insurance companies.

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Project Space

Ronza Tower Mall is uniquely divided, consisting of 10 floors built on 11,000 meters, each with its own facilities and services divided as follows:

  • Floors from the ground floor and up to the second floor are allocated to commercial units.
  • Floors from the third to the tenth floor are divided between hotel-style apartments and private administrative offices.

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Available Unit spaces

There is a great variation in unit spaces within Ronza Tower Mall to suit all the needs of customers. Each activity has a variety of spaces that suit it, which are listed below

  • Administrative units: spaces start from (40 meters) per unit.
  • Commercial units: There are units starting from (19 meters) on the ground floor, and others starting from (30 meters) on the first floor.
  • Hotel units: starting from (40 m).

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Ronza Tower Services

Holding Company has provided Ronza Tower Mall with all the possible services, as well as attractive designs for the interiors and exteriors, making it an eye-catching sight within the Administrative Capital. Some of the best services in the mall include:

  • Ronza Tower includes 200 units with spaces ranging from 19 square meters and up to 80 square meters.
  • Electric elevators with panoramic views.
  • The entire Ronza Tower Mall operates with a central air conditioning system.
  • The latest audio technology.
  • Well-maintained green spaces that give a stunning look to the mall.
  • Surveillance cameras both inside and outside the mall.
  • The mall offers the world's finest designs with high taste.
  • Provide a central shower that covers all units.
  • Providing units with a fire fighting system, as well as evacuation routes that take less than 10 minutes in case of an emergency.
  • Three private garages for all mall customers.
  • The mall runs on solar power.
  • A luxurious Food Court with many restaurants and cafes.
  • Ronza Tower Mall is equipped with full security teams and trained guards working 24 hours a day.

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Unit Prices

Due to the different unit spaces and activities (commercial, administrative, and residential), unit prices can vary a lot, but you can get a good estimate from the below information:

  • Prices of hotel units: starting at 32,000 EGP per square meter.
  • Prices of administrative units: starting at 21,000 EGP per square meter.
  • Prices of commercial units: starting at 84,000 EGP per square meter for upper floor units, and from 95,000 EGP per square meter for ground floor units.
  • Cost of maintenance services: 10%, estimated at 20,000 EGP for administrative and hotel units, and at 50,000 EGP for commercial units.

Payment Systems

Ronza Real Estate offers a wide range of payment systems, which will suit all its distinguished customers. The payment systems are listed below:

First payment system (10%)

  • 5% down payment and five-year installments.
  • 10% down payment, six-year installment period.
  • 15% down payment, remaining installments over seven years.
  • 20% down payment, eight-year installments.
  • 40% down payment, and installments last for four years, knowing that installments are only required after receiving the unit.

Second payment system (return system):

  • 10% down payment, four-year installments with a return of 10% over three years, and mandatory rent of 10% for three years.
  • 15% down payment, five-year installments with a return of 12% for three years, with mandatory rent of 10% for three years.
  • 20% down payment, six-year installments with a return of 15% over three years, and mandatory rent of 10% for three years.
  • 30% down payment, seven-year installments with a return of 18% for three years, with mandatory rent of 10% for three years.

Third payment system (for the first 100 customers only):

  • 10% plus 30% return for three years, with mandatory rent of 30% over three years.
  • 15% down payment with a return of 36% for three years, with a mandatory rent of 30% for three years.
  • 20% down payment plus 45% return for three years, with mandatory rent of 30% over three years.
  • 30% down payment with a return of 56% for three years, with mandatory rent payment of 30% for three years.

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Owner Company Portfolio

Ronza Real Estate has been in the Egyptian real estate markets since 2008 in 6 October City, since then it became one of the top real estate companies within the Arab Republic of Egypt, and always seeks to meet the needs of its valued customers. The company owns very distinct pieces of land in the Fifth Settlement and the New Administrative Capital, it also provides excellent services and unbeatable prices compared to other major developers. The company enjoys the trust of its customers because it delivers units in a timely manner according to the contract and with high quality materials.

Holding Company, which is a subsidiary of Rozna Real Estate, began its first project in the New Administrative Capital’s Downtown area. This company is characterized by its unparalleled projects spread throughout the Republic, the most important of which are six distinct projects in the First District in 6 October City’s fourth tourist area.


  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Commercial area
  • Mosque
  • Cinema

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