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Al Burouj Compound In El Shorouk City

If you love to live in a residential project executed according to European style that guarantee all luxuries away from capital clutter, you better book your unique residential unit in Al Burouj Project, one of the most mega residential projects related to the Emirati CGP as the company worked on designing the residential units with a charmng nature view besides the accurate engineering designs of elegant European style for more quitude & relaxation for residents.

All you need to know about Apartments for sale in Shorouk City

The Best Services Offered By Al Burouj Compound

  • Al Burouj Compound is located in El Shorouk City, one of the residential cities recently exeucted in the heart of Cairo as the project was executed on Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road besides the fact the project is only few minutes from Cairo International Airport.
  • A variety of residential units like apartments, villas & town house is highly equiped with main services like water pipes, gas & electricity meter in atriums of different residential units.
  • A variety of apartments & villas spaces responding to the budget of buyers as there is a variety of spaces with different prices.
  • A unique cultural center called El Sawy Culture Wheel, one of the most recent luxurious cultural projects executed in the compound thanks to concerts, poet parties and cultural seminars held boosting to residents pleasure besides the influencing effect regarding the spread of culture & awareness among the youth.
  • There are schools like Adam International School that offers all educational services through hiring a big team of professors & specialists in all subjects seeking to follow effective state steps in the section of education developing plan.
  • A highly equiped accurately selected security crew for more safety and compoun security.
  • A mega sports club divided into big playgrounds so that residents enjoy playing a variety of different favorite sports enhancing social ties among residents.
  • A highly equiped firefighter unit with well-trained firefighters to deal with all dangerous conditions.

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Advantages Of Al Burouj Compound

  • Vast parking lots for cars.
  • Large luxurious malls dealing with the most well-known world brands that fit all tastes.
  • Beautiful parks covering all the project space.
  • Cinemas featured with the accurate sound & visual systems for more fun for residents.
  • The most well-known international restaurants serving the most delicious food for residents.
  • A variety of vast swimming pools with different spaces for kids & adults.
  • A highly equiped amusement park for kids to enjoy their times with their families.
  • A vairety of payment options as those, who love to purchase their own residential units, can go through the early payment or monthly installments through the down payment of 10% of the total amount value and the rest of the amount is to be paid over monthly installments that equal 40% of the resident's monthly salary within 4-10 years.

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Best Compounds In Shorouk City

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