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Project Description

Project name: Sia Villaggio.

About Sia Villaggio project: It is one of the finest tourist villages on the North Coast, which is characterized by calm and charming nature, as it provides all basic and recreational facilities for customers.

Sia Villaggio location: On the North Coast, specifically, New Alamein area.

Sia Villaggio space: a large space to accommodate different types of units and provides a large landscape.

Units types in Sia Villaggio: villas - twin houses.

Sia Villaggio Units space in Sia Villaggio: starts from 102 square meters.

Sia Villaggio Units prices: start from 3,100,000 EGP.

The real estate developer of Sia Villaggio Project: Arab Developers Holding.

Payment systems: 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 5 years.

Sia Villaggio North Coast

The major real estate company, Arab Development Holding, launched the establishment of the most luxurious tourist village located in the heart of El Alamein city on the North Coast, it was called Sia Villaggio, and it has many different advantages, the most important of which was the strategic location that connects the most important roads and the main axes that connect the most important roads and the main axes, and close to the vital areas, which saves you time in moving easily.

In addition to the huge space that was built on it, which was divided between the picturesque landscapes, which gives the place a wonderful appearance that relaxes the soul, in addition to the space of the residential buildings and their units of different sizes, which gives customers the freedom to choose the most suitable for them.

The company did not stop at that, but also offered a package of special prices and flexible payment methods to pay the total amount over many years, so what are you waiting for, you can seize this golden opportunity and enjoy an unparalleled summer vacation.

The strategic location that is unique to Sia Villaggio North Coast

The major real estate company, Arab Holding, decided to establish its coastal project in a strategic location close to the most important roads and main axes that facilitate easy access without suffering from congestion or traffic congestion, so it chose North Coast to be the most prestigious area that many clients and investors look forward to.

The most important landmarks near Sia Villaggio North Coast Resort:

  • Sia Villaggio is located in El Alamein, on the North Coast, overlooking the Mediterranean coast.
  • Sia Villaggio Resort is also close to El Alamein International Airport.
  • Sia Villaggio is close to the most famous towers of the area.
  • You can reach El Alamein International University in the shortest possible time.

Integrated services available within Sia Villaggio North Coast

If you still aspire to own a distinctive unit within an unparalleled project that provides you with distinctive integrated services that achieve everything you aspire to, you will find it in front of your eyes.

  • Within Sia Villaggio, the real estate company has provided security services, including the appointment of a number of guards and security personnel, which work 24 hours a day to preserve the property.
  • In addition, a large number of surveillance cameras were distributed, which monitor the events that take place throughout the day, in order to increase security and prevent thefts.
  • A number of swimming pools of different sizes and designed in an international style in order to enjoy the best atmosphere with friends and family.
  • A number of long car parks, which are far from the road for cars, to ensure the safety of customers and their children.
  • For more luxury, a large health club has been established that includes a jacuzzi, sauna, spa house, and a distinguished staff to provide everything that is enjoyable for customers.
  • There is also a distinctive social club on a large space with all the different services, and it is considered one of the distinguished places to meet with friends.
  • A distinctive barbecue area, equipped with all equipment and devices, to enjoy special times with friends.
  • Large playgrounds for children with all different sports, and swimming pools suitable for their ages.
  • A huge golf course with 18 holes for practicing this sport and enjoying great times with friends.
  • You can have your favorite meal inside the largest restaurants and cafes, which are designed in international style, and wonderful decorations, and there is a kids' area to prevent noise.
  • A large shopping center that includes the largest number of different stores that display the most powerful international brands.
  • A huge hotel that provides distinctive and integrated services to distinguished customers and provides all aspects of comfort.
  •  ATM to withdraw and deposit funds without going outside its scope.
  • Crystal Lagoon on a huge space of ​​1.5 million square meters, in order to enjoy the best atmosphere.
  • A large hypermarket that includes all household necessities and various products, and there are delivery services throughout the day to provide convenience to customers at Arab Developers North Coast.
  • Horse riding club and enjoy the most beautiful atmosphere with friends.
  • Distinguished medical services that include major clinics with different departments and doctors of the highest level. There is also a major pharmacy that includes all imported medicines and operates 24 hours a day at Arab Developers North Coast.
  • And you can build the body in a distinctive way inside the largest gyms designed in the world-class, and trained to the highest level.
  • A distinct area defined within the sea for diving, fishing, and enjoying the most beautiful times.
  • Within Sia Villaggio North Coast, concierge service was provided to provide all the convenience to customers.
  • A number of cleaners, which work throughout the day in order to preserve their civilized appearance.
  • The real estate company has provided distinguished prices to its customers, which are the best in that region, and has offered flexible and easy payment methods to pay the amount in installments for the longest period inside Arab Developers North Coast.

What are you waiting for, you can seize the golden opportunity inside Sia Villaggio and enjoy a package of integrated services that will achieve everything you aspire to and wish for, so book now…!

The unique features of Sia Villaggio North Coast

Sia Villaggio is considered one of the best projects located in the heart of North Coast in El Alamein city, which has many different features, which made it the focus of the attention of many clients and investors, and these advantages are as follows:

  • The strategic location of Sia Villaggio is one of the most important features of Sia Villaggio, as it is close to the most important roads and main axes, and it is also a short distance from the vital areas.
  • The large space of ​​Sia Villaggio Resort is also one of the most important advantages, which includes vast green spaces that give the place psychological comfort.
  • The design of the large water bodies is world class which makes them look great at Sia Villaggio North Coast.
  • A mosque was built on a huge space, designed in the Islamic style, and sufficient for the largest number of worshipers to perform the obligatory prayers inside Sia Villaggio North Coast.
  • Huge garages under Sia Villaggio residential units, which are sufficient for the largest number of cars, in order to prevent overcrowding and crowding.
  • Within Sia Villaggio, there are large parks and beautifully designed gardens that give comfort and help you to relax.
  • Establishing a distinguished system for the disposal of garbage and waste, and the recycling of what is good for the community in Sia Villaggio North Coast Resort.
  • Sia Villaggio relies on the solar energy system in order to rationalize the consumption of electricity and prevent harmful radiation.
  • For young children, a special area has been designated for them that includes all the games suitable for their age in Sia Villaggio Village.
  • Sia Villaggio residential units are of different sizes so that customers have the freedom to choose the most suitable for them.
  • Spacious electric elevators that facilitate the movement of the upper medicine without suffering from fatigue.
  • On the beachfront, a special area has been designated for the service facilities to sit and enjoy the sunshine and the dazzling sea view.
  • Inside Sia Villaggio, a distinctive infrastructure has been designed that includes all the basic services, including electricity, natural gas, and sewage.
  • Distinguished maintenance services have also been assigned within Sia Villaggio to maintain the property and repair any faults to provide an incomparable living life.

From here, you can be sure that Sia Villaggio is your ideal place that provides you with a unique living environment and an unparalleled summer vacation, so book now…!

The space of  Sia Villaggio Arab Holding

Sia Villaggio North Coast is one of the distinctive tourist projects that have many advantages, which attracted many investors and customers, the real estate company was keen to build it with a huge space to include the largest amount of landscapes and integrated services in addition to the different units that vary in terms of spaces and types, Which enables customers to choose the most suitable for them.

The units within Sia Villaggio North Coast are also different, as they include twin houses, and villas, and each of them has different spaces, so that customers have the freedom to choose the most suitable for them, and the spaces are as follows:

  • Twin houses within Sia: spaces start from 102 square meters.
  • As for the villa units in Sia Villaggio Resort: their space starts from 204 square meters.

Prices and payment systems announced within Sia Villaggio North Coast

The Arab Developers Holding Company was keen to establish a distinctive project in the heart of North Coast to suit its distinguished customers and provide them with all means of comfort, and it was not satisfied with that only, but it also provided very distinguished prices that correspond to their purchasing desires, and it is considered one of the best prices within the North Coast region, and the price of the units is as follows:

  • Twin houses in Sia Villaggio: their price starts from 3,100,000 EGP up to 4,000,000 EGP.
  • As for villa units: start from 3,450,000 EGP up to 4,000,000 EGP.

The company was not limited to announcing those special prices within its coastal project in North Coast, it decided to facilitate the payment process for all its customers and developed flexible and easy payment methods to pay the total amount of the unit on a continuous installment system for the longest possible period.

  • You can pay a 10% downpayment of the unit price, and the rest is to be paid in installments over 5 years.

For more information, you can contact us….!

Disadvantages of Sia Villaggio North Coast Resort

Despite the many advantages of Sia Villaggio North Coast, some individuals may remain concerned about the distance of the North Coast from Cairo. However, Arab Developers Real Estate Investment Company avoided this reservation through the state's great interest in developing the North Coast and investing in it, which led to establishing an integrated road network to facilitate and accelerate people's access to the North Coast in a short time.

The real estate developer of Sia Villaggio, Arab Developers Holding

Arab Developers Holding is one of the largest developers in the Egyptian real estate market, which has a long history and extensive experience in this field of up to 16 years, and since the date of its establishment, it has fascinated us with distinctive and enormous projects characterized by luxury and sophistication, as it always works for the happiness of its customers and investors.

It also seeks to achieve and apply international quality standards in all its projects, as it has delivered nearly 7800 units, under the chairmanship of Eng. Gamal Fathallah, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who works to provide a distinguished society, change the idea of ​​traditional societies, and keep pace with local and international developments.

Previous projects:

Embark on a Journey to Success: Invest Now in the North Coast and Seize a Unique Investment Opportunity!

In pursuit of economic revitalization and showcasing the inherent beauty and opportunities in Egypt's North Coast, an open invitation has been extended to investors to contribute their financial and intellectual resources to this captivating region. The North Coast derives its fame from its prime location on Egypt's map, where it embraces the Mediterranean Sea's azure waters and golden sandy beaches, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a luxurious coastal lifestyle and promising investments.

This area shines in its ability to attract investors from diverse backgrounds, particularly those ambitious souls seeking abundant profits and long-term projects. The Egyptian government has recognized this growing interest, extending support and encouragement through a package of facilitations, tax exemptions, and streamlined administrative procedures, all part of its efforts to create an attractive investment environment.

The North Coast boasts a unique diversity of amenities and services, where visitors and residents alike can indulge in delectable dining experiences at upscale restaurants, enjoy leisure time at enchanting resorts and parks, and benefit from advanced infrastructure that enables comfortable living and working conditions.

Opportunities abound for diverse investments spanning luxurious real estate, international hotels, and even commercial and industrial ventures, opening vast horizons for realizing dreams of wealth creation or establishing value-added projects. With continued projections of growth in the real estate and tourism sectors, investing in this part of Egypt not only promises material returns but also contributes to driving local development, creating job opportunities, and elevating living standards.

The North Coast stands as a testament to the convergence of breathtaking nature and pioneering investment opportunities, making it an open invitation for anyone seeking to experience investment in a place that combines beauty and material benefit. Thereby, Egypt's North Coast affirms its position as an ideal destination promising prosperity and growth for those who choose to sow their investments in its fertile soil.

Embrace a Unique Modern Lifestyle Experience in the North Coast!

The North Coast captivates with its alluring attributes, making it a preferred tourist destination within Egypt, offering a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a modern lifestyle brimming with enchantment and splendor. This coastal strip, with its spellbinding golden beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, opens new horizons for visitors through its contemporary amenities and diverse entertainment venues, elevating their experience to unprecedented levels. At this destination, beaches glisten like jewels along the Mediterranean coast, embraced by luxurious resorts that ensure the comfort and well-being of guests through exceptional services, from restaurants serving exquisite cuisine to expansive pools, spa resorts, beauty centers, and various forms of entertainment.

In addition to its modern facilities, the North Coast emerges as a shopping mecca, attracting fashion enthusiasts with its upscale malls showcasing a blend of international and local brands in a contemporary setting. Visitors can also explore culture and art through museums and art exhibitions, transporting them to a world of creativity and beauty. Nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts have a wealth of activities that ensure thrilling experiences and endless adventures on the sea shore.

Moreover, the North Coast offers international sports facilities hosting major sporting events, attracting sports enthusiasts and providing opportunities for participation and spectating. The area is also a magnet for real estate investors, with its luxurious real estate projects offering villas and apartments with captivating sea views.

Combining natural beauty and advanced amenities, the North Coast offers a sophisticated living experience that blends luxury and relaxation, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a remarkable vacation or a valuable investment opportunity. This place provides visitors with everything they need for an unforgettable time, whether they come for pleasure, relaxation, or investment opportunities.

Sia Villaggio North Coast Project and More: Discover the Resorts Worth Exploring Nearby!

The Sia Villaggio resort in Egypt's North Coast stands as a prominent landmark in the world of luxury and comfort, embodying an ideal blend of contemporary entertainment and refined service quality that caters to the aspirations of visitors of all ages. This resort offers guests the opportunity to indulge in various recreational activities and complete relaxation amid breathtaking natural scenery and top-notch facilities. Moreover, the exceptional stay experience extends beyond the resort's boundaries, where a collection of neighboring resorts offers visitors unique adventures and unforgettable moments that enrich their recreational experience.

  1. Crystal Lagoons North Coast Village: The Crystal Lagoons resort marks a turning point in the concept of luxury accommodation on the North Coast, providing an exceptional experience for its guests. This resort stands out with its prime location near Sia Villaggio, allowing guests to seamlessly transition between the opulence of accommodation and the beauty of the surrounding nature. The resort comprises a wide range of modern hotels and chalets equipped with all the amenities and luxuries one can imagine. Additionally, Crystal Lagoons offers its guests numerous options for entertainment and sports activities catering to all tastes and interests, ranging from fully-equipped sports facilities to water pools that provide an enjoyable experience for the entire family, as well as shopping centers featuring a variety of stores. The essence of the Crystal Lagoons resort lies in achieving an ideal blend of luxury and nature, presenting an unparalleled destination that embodies one's longing for comfort and beauty.

  2. S Bay Sidi Haneish Village: "S Bay" represents a hidden gem in the heart of the North Coast, a short drive away from "Sia Villaggio," offering its visitors a unique experience on one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. This resort distinguishes itself by providing a private oasis for beach lovers, where soft white sand embraces the clear waves of the sea, creating a captivating sight that captivates the senses. It's not just about natural beauty, as the resort also offers a wide range of amenities catering to all needs and tastes, including restaurants serving delectable dishes, cafes offering peaceful and enjoyable moments, and carefully designed seating areas that provide a comfortable and private ambiance. "S Bay" thus offers a wonderful haven that combines the allure of breathtaking nature with the luxury of excellent services.

  3. Cornado North Coast Village: The Cornado resort is one of the pearls of the North Coast, embracing an atmosphere of opulence and sophistication, nestled near the gem of comfort and beauty, Sia Villaggio. This architectural masterpiece is built upon a tapestry of luxurious and contemporary design, housing villas and chalets that embrace the sea waves with their captivating views. Cornado's offerings extend beyond this, encompassing a diverse range of amenities that cater to all visitors' needs, from restaurants serving delectable cuisine, pools reflecting the clarity of the sky, to international schools providing exceptional education.

  4. Sia Golf Bay Marina North Coast Village: The Sia Golf resort is a new and distinctive addition to the map of enchanting resorts in the North Coast, strategically located near Sia Villaggio, adding a unique touch to the stay experience. The resort comprises a curated selection of luxurious villas and chalets that embody standards of opulence and elegance, offering captivating views that capture the alluring blue of the sea.

When considering the resorts surrounding the Sia Villaggio area in the North Coast, visitors are presented with a broad horizon of exceptional experiences marked by diversity and richness. In this corner of the world, where nature meets refined design touches, those seeking tranquility and serenity can immerse themselves in the clear blue waters of the beaches and bask on the golden sands that evoke the captivating beauty of the place. Meanwhile, shopping and luxury enthusiasts find their haven amid the corridors of upscale shopping malls, offering a comprehensive experience where the splendor of merchandise blends with the opulence of the setting. These resorts, with their diversity and beauty, promise an unforgettable stay, further enhancing the North Coast's status as an ideal destination that satisfies a wide range of tastes and preferences.

From Searching to Purchasing at Sia Villaggio North Coast Project: Your Journey with Step by Step!

To become an owner of a unit within the captivating environs of the Sia Villaggio project in the North Coast, we are pleased to guide your steps towards a smooth and streamlined purchasing experience through the platform. Here's the guide:

  • First, Discover the Project:

Begin your journey by visiting the website, where vast search horizons open up for you to explore the units of the Sia Villaggio project. You can effortlessly use advanced search tools to filter the results and reach your ideal property.

  • Second, Get Acquainted with the Details:

Upon encountering your desired unit in the search results, immerse yourself in its page to explore all the relevant information, from the area, interior room layout, and amenities provided within the project, to gain a comprehensive picture of the lifestyle it offers.

  • Third, Connect for More Details:

With a clear idea of the chosen unit, move to the stage of contacting the seller through the available contact details on Whether via email or phone call, inquire further and schedule your first site visit.

  • Fourth, The On-Site Visit:

This step allows you to delve deeper into the unit's details up close and assess how well it meets your personal expectations and needs through direct inspection, as well as discover the charm and beauty of the location.

  • Fifth, Finalize the Purchase:

Once you confirm your desire to own the unit, it's time to complete the purchase procedures in coordination with the seller. This stage requires gathering the necessary documents, making the initial deposit or reservation fee, and carefully reviewing the terms of sale and contract.

  • Sixth: Payment:

Upon completing all financial arrangements and preparing for payment, it's time to finalize the purchase of your unit within the Sia Villaggio project in the North Coast by settling the agreed-upon amount in full. Afterward, the process moves to the contract signing stage, formalizing the agreement and ensuring clarity and legality of the procedures.

  • Seventh: Unit Handover:

With the completion of both financial and legal stages, the time comes to receive your new unit in the Sia Villaggio project in the North Coast. Before signing off on the unit handover, it is crucial to conduct a thorough inspection of its condition and ensure that all advertised specifications are met to avoid any unexpected surprises.

The website is your companion on this journey, providing all the necessary and accurate information about the Sia Villaggio project and facilitating the purchasing process by clarifying information and effective communication to address your inquiries and meet all your needs. It is always advisable to gain a deep understanding of all the details and terms related to the purchase process before taking any steps in that direction, ensuring a well-informed and conscious decision.

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Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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the North Coast

3,100,000 EGP


Arab Developers Holding.

10 Units

10% down payment and the rest in installments for up to 5 years

a large space to accommodate different types of units and provides a large landscape.


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