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Vinci Street Mall New Capital Misr Italia

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Project Description

Project Name: Vinci Street.

Vinci Street New Capital Mall Project: The first mall established by Misr Italia in the Administrative Capital located on the Capital Ring road. Vinci Street mall is also integrated because it has commercial units, medical clinics, and other commercial units.

Vinci Street Location: Located in the 7th district on the Capital Ring road, which passes through Al Masa Hotel, the Cathedral, Fairground, and the New Airport.

Developer Name: Misr Italia.

Vinci Street New Capital Units Types: Cafes - Restaurants - Stores - Medical Clinics - Administrative Offices

Meter price: the price per meter in the ground floor starts from 65.000 EGP up to 78.000 EGP.

The price per meter in the first upper floor starts from 56.000 EGP up to 76.000 EGP.

The price meter in the second-floor starts from 35.000 EGP up to 40.000 EGP.

Vinci Street Units Prices: the ground floor starts from 2.400.000 EGP up to 9.900.000 EGP.

The first upper floor prices start from 2.700.000 EGP up to 9.700.000 EGP.

The second-floor prices start from 2.100.000 EGP up to 6.600.000 EGP.

Units Space: It starts from 31 m² up to 165 m².

Payment systems in Vinci Street: Pay 5% downpayment and 10% after 3 months and the rest after 5 years.

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Vinci Street New Administrative Capital

Vinci Street Mall is your destination for exercising your commercial and administrative activities as it has many special elements for customers including the vital location of Vinci Street mall within luxurious high population density on the main road making it easily accessible as well as the variety of payment systems.

Vinci Street mall is executed by Misr Italia and it is one of the most luxurious malls with a unique and vibrant location within the 7th District, R7, and on the Capital's axis, which is passing through the Fairgrounds, Cathedral, Al Masa Hotel, and the New capital Airport.

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Vinci Street consists of 3 floors, offering a variety of units ranging from restaurants, cafes, and shops as well as offices and medical clinics.

Vinci Street Mall is the first mall established by Misr Italia in the Administrative Capital and is located in a very special place there in the seventh district bordered by many well-known residential compounds and directly located on the road of the Capital Ring Road, Vinci Street mall is also integrated because it has commercial units, medical clinics, and other shops that can be invested in by purchasing commercial units.

Set out on an enchanting tour inside Vinci Street Mall New Capital, where beauty and comfort come together to provide the ideal balance between work commitments and daily relaxation

One of the most important elements of the success of investment projects is the location chosen by the developing company, which works to attract customers and investors. Therefore, Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company chose a strategic location for Vinci Street Mall New Capital in District 7 on the Central Axis of the New Administrative Capital, which makes Misr Italia New Capital project close to vital areas.

The most important landmarks near Vinci Street Mall by Misr Italia:

  • Vinci Street New Capital mall is located near the Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis.
  • Vinci Street Mall New Capital overlooks the Green River.
  • Vinci Street Mall New Capital project is close to El Masria Hotel.
  • Vinci Street New Capital mall is steps away from El Masria Hotel.
  • The distance between Misr Italia New Capital project and the Diplomatic District is short.
  • Vinci Street Mall New Capital is located next to the Business District.
  • Vinci Street Mall New Capital approaches the Banking District.
  • Vinci Street Mall New Capital project is located near the Egyptian Stock Exchange, the Government District, Culture and Arts City.
  • Vinci Street Mall New Capital can be reached from the Opera House, Exhibition City and SIN 7 Compound in the New Administrative Capital within minutes.

Experience the choice between a diverse and innovative set of units and spaces, custom designed to suit all your needs and aspirations in Vinci Street Mall New Capital

The wonderful design and precise utilization of spaces in Vinci Street Mall allowed for commercial, administrative and medical units to be provided in different areas that suit all tastes. The customer can easily obtain the unit that suits their needs and type of activity they practice from the following areas:

  • The area of commercial units on the ground floor of Vinci Street Mall New Capital ranges from 31 up to 153 square meters.

  • The area of commercial units on the first floor of Vinci Street New Capital project ranges from 48 up to 127 square meters.
  • The area of administrative and medical units in Vinci Street New Capital project on the second floor ranges from 59 to 165 square meters.

The diversity in areas at Vinci Street ranges from small to medium then large in order to provide a great opportunity for anyone who wants to open a commercial activity there and sees what suits them.


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Get the best services inside Vinci Street Mall New Capital

Book your unit inside the largest and most luxurious mall in the New Administrative Capital and enjoy various services

  • Within Vinci Street Mall, there are areas designated for the convenience of workers.
  • Allocating 3 floors of shops with many stores of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and bags in addition to brands and international brands that suit all tastes to provide an enjoyable buying experience for shopping loversinside Vinci Street New Capital Mall.
  • Vinci Street mall contains restaurants and cafes with wonderful urban designs that provide distinguished services to eat your favorite meal under the supervision of the most skilled chefs.
  • Vinci Street project contains alarms and self-extinguishing devices in addition to fire extinguishers that are located on each floor to reduce any damage to Vinci Street.
  • Vinci Street Capital project includes many spacious garages that include many cars to reduce pollution and congestion inside Vinci Street Capital mall and preserve the property.
  • Periodic maintenance service that works throughout the day to fix any malfunction in the least possible time.
  • ATM for easy exchange and deposit inside Vinci Street mall without having to leave it.
  • Inside Misr Italia Mall, the new administrative capital, there is a pharmacy with all medicines working all day.
  • Attention to the security aspect, as the owner company provided many guards and security men to maintain the stability of Vinci Street Capital mall, in addition to the presence of 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Electric elevators for ease of movement between floors and each other and to reduce overcrowding at Vinci Street New Capital.
  • Vinci Street mall contains a beauty center for ladies for skincare.

Spaces of Vinci Street Administrative Capital

Ground floor commercial units with spaces start from 31 m² up to 153 m².

Ground First floor commercial units with spaces start from 48 m² to 127 m².

The second-floor administrative units and medical clinics with spaces start from 59 m² to 165 m².

The diversity of the spaces in Vinci Street is among the small to the medium and then the large area in order to provide a great opportunity for anyone who wants to open a business there and sees what suits him.

Features of Vinci Street Mall

  • Misr Italia Mall location is distinguished located in the highest districts in the Administrative Capital.
  • Vinci Street New Capital Located on the most important road is the main road connecting the capital's most prominent areas.
  • Vinci Street has an amazing design from outside.
  • The units within it are varied among clinics and commercial and administrative units.
  • Prices at Vinci Street mall are outstanding throughout the year as there is a long payment period to suit everyone.
  • The deal shall be with the largest real estate development company which is the executing company of Vinci Street mall, Misr Italia.

Prices of residential units within Vinci Street Mall

The prices of Vinci Street Misr Italia in the Administrative Capital are considered good prices and not expensive for many, especially with its vital location as the Administrative Capital which will be a good interface in the future so it is a wonderful investment and distinctive there either for housing or for trade. This capital is expected to be one of the most vibrant cities in terms of population and other aspects, and the developer company offers premium prices that we explain to you as follows:

The ground floor: start from 2,400,000 EGP up to 9,900,000 and the price per meter starts from 65,000 EGP up to 78,000 EGP.

The first upper floor: start from 2,700,000 up to 9,700,000 pounds, and the price per meter starts from 56.000 EGP up to 76.000 EGP.

The second floor: start from 2,100,000 EGP up to 6,600,000 EGP and the price per meter starts from 35,000 EGP up to 40,000 EGP.

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The payment Systems

As for the payment systems, they are long-term and you can choose what suits your needs.

0% can be paid and the rest are in installments over 4 years.

There is a possibility to pay a 5% downpayment and then 10% after three months and the rest after 5 years, knowing that Vinci Street Capital mall will be delivered in April 2022.

Disadvantages of Vinci Street Mall New Capital

Although Misr Italia New Capital project is considered one of the most luxurious in the New Administrative Capital, some individuals may feel concerned about the diversity of activities within Vinci Street New Capital mall, which may cause overcrowding. However, Misr Italia managed to address this challenge with smart and clear separation between the administrative and commercial units on different floors.

Information about the Executing Company of Vinci Street Mall

The Owner Company of Vinci Street Capital mall is Misr Italia and is considered one of the largest companies in the Egyptian real estate market because it has established many great and large projects that have met with impressive success. In many areas, we find special works for this company such as Al Shorouk region, Cairo New, Badr region, and 6th of October as its capital is very large and does not think about making projects unless it is large and successful and also global. This company was able to take big fame in a short time because its capital is huge and has many previous works that make everyone who participates with them feel proud, the most important of these projects and works are the following :

Key Information About the New Administrative Capital

Located about 45 km east of Cairo, the New Administrative Capital project spans an area of approximately 170,000 acres. It comes as an initiative to address the rapid urban expansion in Cairo and its suburbs. This ambitious project aims to bring about a qualitative shift in the Egyptian economy by creating job opportunities for youth and promoting economic stability.

The new capital will include a wide range of government and service facilities, including ministerial headquarters, international financial institutions, and offices for global companies, contributing to the support and financing of various projects.

In addition to government facilities, the project includes the development of diverse commercial, service, and entertainment facilities, such as luxury hotels, international resorts, large shopping malls, and advanced health and educational centers.

Several major projects have been completed within the new capital, such as the Parliament building and the Smart City, which serves as a model for innovation and the application of modern technology to facilitate daily life, including the use of advanced technologies like facial recognition and intelligent traffic management systems.

The New Administrative Capital project is expected to boost economic growth and attract investments from within Egypt and abroad. As part of the state's move towards a green economy, the use of modern technology and renewable energy is encouraged in the project.

Upon completion, the New Administrative Capital is expected to become a prominent business and lifestyle center in Egypt, offering advanced infrastructure and modern services. This will create an attractive environment for investors and residents, playing a significant role in driving the country's economic and development wheel.

Services and Features of the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital represents a massive project undertaken by the Egyptian government with the aim of establishing a new administrative and cultural center to relieve pressure on Cairo and enhance the efficiency of infrastructure in Egypt. This new city, established to replace Cairo as the administrative capital, embodies a futuristic vision for achieving sustainable development and providing a better quality of life for residents.

The Administrative Capital boasts a design that combines modernity and efficiency, offering a wide range of services and facilities that meet the diverse needs of residents and open up new horizons for living and investing. Here's a look at some of its most prominent offerings:

- Advanced Infrastructure: The Administrative Capital stands out by providing advanced infrastructure including integrated road and transportation networks, stable electricity supplies, effective water and sanitation systems, as well as advanced communication services.

- Green Spaces: The city is committed to providing a healthy and refreshing environment for its residents by allocating extensive areas for parks and gardens, enhancing the quality of life and providing opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

- Entertainment and Cultural Facilities: The new capital includes a diverse array of entertainment and cultural facilities, including shopping centers, theaters, museums, and restaurants, contributing to a rich cultural and entertainment experience for residents.

- Health and Educational Services: The capital aims to deliver high-quality health and educational services by establishing well-equipped hospitals, schools, and universities that adhere to the highest international standards, making it an ideal environment for families and students.

- Business and Investment Opportunities: The Administrative Capital serves as an important center for business and investment, providing commercial and industrial zones equipped with all necessary services to support companies and encourage investment.

With this comprehensive vision, the New Administrative Capital aims to be a model for urban planning and sustainable development, offering a high standard of living and promising opportunities for the future.

For Diversity Lovers: Multiple Investment Options Near Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital!

The New Administrative Capital in Egypt stands out as a hub for the most prestigious shopping centers and malls, offering a unique shopping experience. For shopping enthusiasts looking to explore more after visiting the Vinci Street Mall, here's a guide to the most prominent nearby malls worth visiting:

1. Marsa Mall in the New Administrative Capital: This luxurious mall is located in the heart of the seventh residential district (R7), close to Vinci Street Mall. Strategically located on the Capital axis, it is a destination for those seeking upscale shopping, featuring a collection of global stores and high-end restaurants.

2. Grand Square Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Distinguished by its proximity to Vinci Street Mall, this mall is one of the preferred shopping destinations in the New Administrative Capital. It offers a diverse selection of retail shops, restaurants, cafes, and even a cinema, making it the perfect place for entertainment and relaxation.

3. Smart Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Located next to the Diamond Hotel, Smart Mall is a shopping and entertainment center that attracts visitors with its luxury stores and international brands. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of restaurants and commercial exhibition spaces, providing an enjoyable shopping experience and delicious dining options.

4. Financial Hub Mall in the New Administrative Capital: Situated close to Vinci Street Mall, this mall serves as an advanced commercial center equipped with the latest technologies. It features international and local brand stores, as well as entertainment facilities and diverse restaurants, making it an ideal destination for a comprehensive shopping experience.

5. Harmony Mall in the New Administrative Capital: This mall is a perfect destination for shopping enthusiasts, housing a wide range of renowned brand stores. It offers everything a visitor might need, from luxury products, fashion, cosmetics, and accessories, in addition to a selection of upscale restaurants serving delicious cuisines.

Each of these malls offers a unique shopping experience that caters to different tastes and needs, making the New Administrative Capital a hub for visitors and shoppers.

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New Administrative Capital

2,400,000 EGP

Misr Italia

20 Stores


Pay 5% down payment, then 10% after three months, and the rest after 5 years.

Vinci Street Mall is located on a large area


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