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Project Description

Project Name: Cairo Business Park Mall.

About Cairo Business Park: One of Cairo's new malls featuring luxurious modern designs. It won the Best Commercial Project Award at Cityscape Exhibition 2015.

Cairo Business Park Project Location: Located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, just 6 km from Teseen Street.

Available Space: Cairo Business Park New Cairo Mall was built on a large space of about 25000 Meter Square.

Cairo Business Park Types of Units: Adminstrative Units.

Cairo Business Park Unit Spaces: Starting from 58 square meters and up to about 302 square meters.

Owner Company: Misr Italia Real Estate Development.

Payment Systems: You can pay a 10% downpayment and the rest in installment for 6 years.

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Cairo Business Park is the Largest Administrative, Commercial and Hotel Complex in New Cairo

Cairo Business Park is the largest administrative and commercial project in New Cairo. It is a luxurious and beautiful project that was designed up to modern international standards. It has a unique location that is close to many vital places, and it received the award for Best Commercial Project at the Cityscape Exhibition in 2015. In this article, we will highlight some of Cairo Business Park New Cairo Malls many advantages.

Cairo Business Park Location

The unique location of Cairo Business Park mall is the first factor of its success and excellence, because it is located next to high-end residential communities that contribute to the popularity of Cairo Business Park units.

The most important real estate landmarks near Cairo Business Park New Cairo Mall:

  • Located just 6 kilometers from Teseen Street, which is the most active street in the Fifth Settlement because it has all the services and entertainment facilities in Cairo Business Park New Cairo Mall.
  • Cairo Business Park mall is only 7 kilometers away from the famous Mountain View compound.
  • Cairo Business mall is only 9 km away from Shorouk City.
  • The distance between Cairo Business Park and Rehab City is not more than 18 km.
  • Cairo Business Park is easily accessible because it is only 3 minutes away from Cairo-Suez road.
  • The ring road can be reached in less than 5 minutes.
  • Just 5 minutes from Teseen road from Cairo Business Park New Cairo Mall.
  • Cairo International Airport is just 15 minutes away from Cairo Business Park.
  • Getting to the new administrative capital takes a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Exclusive location close to many important services, particularly hospitals, petrol stations, bank branches, and financial & banking services.
  • The distance between Cairo Business Park Mall New Cairo and Rehab gate 2 is 18 kilometers.

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Available Space in Cairo Business Park New Cairo

Cairo Business Park is built on a large space of about 18 acres, divided between services, buildings, greenery, water bodies, and Crystal Lagoons.

Cairo Business Park Mall New Cairo consists of 42 buildings, all designed according to the latest international trends. It is a large and luxurious complex with four main gates.

The buildings have 17 different types and have been constructed in several stages, the most recent being the Allure Executive Offices phase in Cairo Business Park Mall New Cairo.

Cairo Business Park New Cairo project buildings consist of a ground floor topped with four consecutive floors, with spaces divided as follows: 

  • There are a variety of administrative offices, totaling about 64 offices within Cairo Business Park Mall.
  • Administrative office spaces range from 58 square meters to about 302 square meters.
  • Dedicated commercial (retail) units are available in Cairo Business Park.
  • The complex features 2 Hilton Garden buildings with 130 luxury hotel rooms.
  • There are dedicated meeting room spaces within Cairo Park Mall New Cairo.

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Services and Features

Cairo Business Park is a large administrative and commercial complex with its own gates, providing a calm environment for business people to work and succeed in their respective endeavors. The most important services are:

  • Stunning landscapes and green spaces overlooking all units inside Cairo Business Mall New Cairo.
  • There are 2 artificial lakes with pure crystal water that add charm and beauty to the landscape.
  • The only administrative complex in New Cairo to offer a dedicated business hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) with state-of-the-art communication technology inside Cairo Business Park Mall.
  • There is a well-secured underground car garage with a very large capacity inside Cairo Business Park Mall.
  • The Central Park area has a number of fine restaurants, a range of fashion boutiques, bank branches, a pharmacy, and children's nurseries.
  • VPN services are available for remote work with wireless services.
  • Smart firefighting systems and fire alarms are in Cairo Business Mall New Cairo.
  • The management uses modern IPTV surveillance systems to secure Cairo Business project.
  • All buildings have a central fiber optic cable to provide high-speed Internet access inside Cairo Business Mall New Cairo.
  • Cairo Business Park ID gates operate automatically and are not accessed until identity has been confirmed, and there is also a BMS system.
  • All the buildings have modern and fast elevators.
  • The complex has a health club and beauty centers with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • There are dedicated trails for jogging and walking among nature within Cairo Business Mall.
  • There are spacious parking spaces inside Misr Italia New Cairo Mall.
  • Excellent express mail services.
  • Cairo Business Mall New Cairo has financial and banking services.
  • There are tourism offices to organize excursions and travel at Misr Italia New Cairo Mall.
  • Cairo Business New Cairo provides maintenance, car cleaning, ironing, and laundry services, among others.
  • Cairo Business project New Cairo has an integrated infrastructure, including a network of clean drinking water, sanitation, and electricity.
  • Cairo Business project has high fences for greater security, with the use of 24-hour security and security-trained services.
  • Automatic power generators in case of power outages in Misr Italia New Cairo Mall.
  • There are water tanks that are used immediately in case of water outages.
  • Health services, pharmacies, medical centers, and clinics are fully equipped and ready throughout the day to receive cases.
  • There's a special insect control system.
  • Garbage is disposed of with an upscale, environmentally-friendly system.
  • The place has a luxury hotel as well as a large library.

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Prices and Payment Systems

Cairo Business Park is a large and integrated project offering basic and recreational facilities and services. The prices are not exaggerated, but they are suitable for the targeted customer base and gives many people the opportunity to work in a unique environment.

In the latest phase (Allure) the price per meter starts at 50,000 EGP.

The company provided easy and convenient payment systems, where you only need to provide 10% of the total unit price as a down payment, and then another 10% is paid within three months of the contract. The remaining amount is to be paid in equal installments for 6 years.

It is worth mentioning that you have the option to choose between full finishing and no finishing, so that you can modify the interior according to your taste.

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Disadvantages of Cairo Business Park New Cairo Mall

Although the existing integration makes it difficult to spot weaknesses in Cairo Business Park New Cairo Mall, some are hesitant to invest in the new administrative capital due to its relatively distant location from the heart of Cairo. However, the development of road networks, monorail, and electric train makes commuting to this capital an easy task. The current investment in this area is considered a golden opportunity that may not be repeated.

Owner Company Portfolio

Cairo Business Park is the property of Misr Italia Real Estate Development, one of the largest companies operating in the Egyptian market.

The company has a great experience lasting more than 35 years, during which it presented large projects inside and outside Egypt. All their projects follow international standards using high quality and environmentally friendly building materials.

Misr Italia aims to earn its customers trust in all its projects, which made it a very successful company over the years.

The company has provided different types of projects throughout its long history, especially affordable housing, factories, compounds and residential communities, villages and tourist resorts.

As for its previous track record, it includes many projects that have been very successful, the most important of which are the following: 

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Comprehensive information on New Cairo’s most important compounds.

Finally, their latest project is Cairo Business Park, one of the largest complexes in the 5th Settlement area. It is designed according to the latest international architectural trends, making it an excellent opportunity for business owners to work in an accommodating environment, and provide an ideal headquarters for their businesses.

The Future Awaits You! New Cairo Projects: Where Luxurious Living Begins

The residential compounds in New Cairo are among the preferred options for living in luxury and serenity, secluded from the hustle and bustle of daily city life. These compounds combine contemporary architecture and opulence in their designs, offering residents a rich and enjoyable living experience.

With their sophisticated architectural designs and integrated lifestyle approach, these compounds offer a variety of residential options ranging from apartments and villas surrounded by expansive green spaces, as well as an array of recreational facilities such as swimming pools and parks.

These compounds encompass all the necessary amenities for residents' comfort, from advanced security services and surveillance systems to parking facilities and dedicated areas for family entertainment, alongside a range of shops and restaurants to cater to the residents' needs.

Some of these compounds offer educational and healthcare facilities, sports facilities, and social clubs, as well as providing vast green spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation, making them an ideal environment for families and individuals seeking a serene lifestyle.

The residential compounds in New Cairo offer a lifestyle that combines urban modernity with privacy and tranquility, providing an unparalleled living experience characterized by luxury and security, offering residents everything they need to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging.

Envision Your Tomorrow: How Life has Changed in Fifth Settlement!

Fifth Settlement is known as the heart of economic activity and urban living in the capital city of Cairo, offering a unique living experience that blends elements of development and prosperity. This area, once merely a vast underutilized land, has now transformed into a vibrant hub pulsating with life, businesses, and residential projects.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Fifth Settlement is the increasing number and variety of luxurious urban development projects, as well as the improvement of infrastructure and the quality of services provided, including education, healthcare, and shopping, attracting both investors and residents alike. The proliferation of international schools, state-of-the-art hospitals, and giant malls has added a new dimension to the area's residential and commercial value.

Most aspects of social life in Fifth Settlement have witnessed growth due to this urban development. Sports clubs, modern restaurants, and cafes are flourishing, catering to residents' desires for leisure and enjoyment, further enhancing their lifestyle and quality of living.

Additionally, the area has become a hub for business ventures and commercial projects, with the presence of prestigious local and international company headquarters, as well as hosting exhibitions and events that attract major corporations. This development gives Fifth Settlement a distinguished status as a prime destination for those seeking investment opportunities or a safe and stable living environment, due to the strict surveillance and security measures provided by specialized security companies in the area.

This area, which has witnessed remarkable development in recent years, exemplifies the model of urban and economic transformation that can create a luxurious and dynamic living environment. Future expectations of a better life and continuous expansion in Fifth Settlement promise to meet the community's needs and aspirations on an ongoing basis.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: The Best Malls Near Cairo Business Park Mall in New Cairo!

  1. Centric Mall New Cairo: Centric Mall in New Cairo is located near the Cairo Business Park compound, distinguished by its wide range of international and local retail stores, as well as its exceptional restaurants and cafes, offering visitors a unique and enjoyable shopping and entertainment experience.
  2. Business Plus Mall New Cairo: Business Plus Mall in New Cairo is renowned for being a sophisticated and advanced shopping center, also located near the Cairo Business Park compound. It features a wide range of upscale retail brands, as well as a diverse selection of restaurants offering international cuisine, and modern cinema halls, providing an enjoyable experience for all visitors.
  3. Central Mall New Cairo: Central Mall is considered one of the largest and most important shopping centers in New Cairo, and is also located near the Cairo Business Park compound. It boasts a diverse range of international and local brands, restaurants, and cafes, as well as recreational spaces, offering visitors a unique experience with its modern design.
  4. Premium Business Mall New Cairo: Located in the heart of New Cairo, Premium Business Mall is a diverse and intriguing shopping center in close proximity to the Cairo Business Park compound. It features a wide variety of shops and brands, as well as recreational facilities such as a cinema and children's play areas, in addition to a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes, providing visitors with a rich experience.
  5. Three Sixty Mall New Cairo: Three Sixty Mall in New Cairo offers a unique and comprehensive shopping experience in one of New Cairo's avenues, near the Cairo Business Park compound. It boasts a wide range of stores catering to all needs, as well as restaurants and entertainment spaces that add joy and fun to the visits of individuals and families.

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Located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, just 6 km from Teseen Street.

2,900,000 EGP.


Misr Italia Real Estate Development.

36 units

You can pay a 10% downpayment and the rest in installment for 6 years.

about 25000 Meter Square.


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