Villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed

Sheikh Zayed Villas is one of the distinctive units that attract a large number of individuals, as owning a unit in this charming area is considered a real opportunity for anyone who wants a comfortable life and a more refined standard of living, as it is one of the most beautiful and prestigious residential cities that have developed a distinctive design rarely repeated, which is clearly shown in the wide streets and the availability of green spaces in most parts of the city, all of which made it a special destination and a wonderful choice for those seeking the life of the elite and kings.

Sheikh Zayed City

It is one of the modern residential cities that was founded in the mid-1990s, and since then and the work inside it does not stop in order to develop and provide all the facilities and services it needs, and this made it one of the most beautiful residential areas ever.

The city is geographically located near 6 October and Cairo, as well as approaching the most important hubs that make it very easy to reach, including the 26 July axis and the ring road.

The State has allocated 49 square kilometers of land for the city, which has been divided into several 20 neighborhoods, each with several full-service neighborhoods that are not missing anything.

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Features of housing within Sheikh Zayed City

The demand for villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed has increased significantly, this wonderful city with its privileged location and completed services, which made it very popular among customers as it has a large number of advantages made it a great destination for those who want high-end housing and comfortable life, including the following:

  • The city has a small proportion of the population compared to many other residential cities, with a total population of only 150,000, which shows how quiet and private the place is.
  • The city has a large number of educational institutions aimed at improving education and providing the best educational services to the population, including Sheikh Zayed New Experimental School, Sheikh Zayed High School for Boys, Vision International School, American International School, and Canadian College, not only that, but it is also approaching 6 October city, which includes many private universities including 6 October University and Misr University of Science and Technology.
  • A large number of clubs and gyms are available in the city to allow residents to exercise their sports hobbies, such as Sheikh Zayed Youth Center, Sheikh Zayed Sports Club, Arnold Gym, and Power Gym.
  • The city's executing company did not lose sight of the shoppers, so it was keen to provide them with a huge number of malls and markets, the most famous of which include Tivoli Mall, Mall of Arabia, Americana Plaza Mall, Hyper One Mall, and Dandy Mega Mall.
  • Green spaces are spread across most of the city, making it enjoys an unmatched beautiful look.
  • The city is equipped with a lot of entertainment services, the most famous of which are Crazy Water and Zayed Park.
  • The city has various types of medical services, all of which are equipped with a high standard to ensure a distinctive and good service to the population, and the most prominent medical centers in the city include Zayed Specialist Hospital, Zayed General Hospital, Dar Al Ayoun Hospital, Dawaee Pharmacies, and 19011 Pharmacies and the city is located near 6 October University Hospital.

All these advantages have made the search for villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed grow significantly, people have been convinced with the comfort and sophistication of living within this wonderful city.

Villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed

If you would like to own villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed do not hesitate and choose your unit among the villas for sale within this charming area, for example, a villa was offered for sale in Sheikh Zayed within Royal Meadows compound with an area of 1100 square meters consisting of 5 rooms and 4 bathrooms at a price starts from 14,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

There is also a standalone villa for sale with full finishing in Legenda consisting of 4 rooms and 4 bathrooms with an area of 480 square meters and a price starts from 15,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and there is also a villa that has been offered for sale in Rabwa overlooking the Golf directly with full finishing, with an area of 860 square meters divided into 5 rooms and 5 bathrooms at a price starts from 15,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

With the constant search for villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed, more than one offer will be obtained to choose the most suitable among them according to the desires and purchasing capabilities.

Villas areas in Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City is characterized by a large number of villas carried out in a variety of areas, which gave the client the flexibility to find a villa for sale in Sheikh Zayed with the appropriate space for him without adhering to a certain area, as the areas start from 85 square meters up to 330 square meters and all units were implemented with wonderful interiors.

Where the villas with a small area consisting of a single floor divided into two bedrooms, a reception, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a front garden, while units with larger spaces include more rooms, such as housekeepers rooms, laundry room, and a guard room located in the garden, with a dedicated parking garage attached to the building.

The architectural design of villas in Sheikh Zayed Egypt

The most important thing that distinguishes villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed is that they were implemented in the style of European houses, and this is clearly shown in the interior division, the front garden, swimming pools, roofs, and recreational areas for kids.

Villas prices within Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed Villas are characterized by their appropriate price compared to those in other residential cities, as the prices started from one million pounds for small areas in some neighborhoods such as the Second Neighborhood, the Seventh and the Eleventh Neighborhoods, while villas with large areas reach the price of 30 million pounds, within high-end residential compounds such as El Nakheel compound, Allegria, and Moon Land as well as Palm Hills 6 October.

It is also possible to find villas for sale in installments in Sheikh Zayed within some compounds, which give its customers many payment facilities, by paying a down payment of the unit price and paying the rest over long periods.

For luxury lovers, they can also look for a palace for sale in Sheikh Zayed, as this area is characterized by its luxurious units of villas and palaces, it is truly the city of the elite of the community and anyone who wants a high-end, and unconventional life full of all aspects of sophistication and luxury.