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Hurry up to book private apartments for sale in Layan Sabbour and enjoy the best benefits

Start from 7,414,000

Project Description

Apartments for sale in Layan Sabbour

Layan Sabbour offers a variety of residential units with different areas and designs. Buyers can choose a unit that suits their needs and budget. There are small studios for individuals as well as larger apartments for sale in Layan Sabbour for families. In addition, the project offers luxurious villas for those looking for more privacy and space. Here are some examples of unit areas in Layan Sabbour:

  • 100 sqm apartment: Consists of 1 bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen starting at 2,414,000 EGP.

  • Apartments for sale in Layan Sabbour 150 sqm: Consists of 2 bedrooms, living room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen starting at 2,452,000.

Regardless of the unit size you choose, you will enjoy luxurious interior design and high-quality finishes in Layan Sabbour.

Get the best prices in Layan Compound Fifth Settlement!

If you are looking for affordable apartments for sale in Layan Sabbour, Layan compound in Fifth Settlement offers you this opportunity. Whatever your budget, you can find an apartment that suits your needs and provides you with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

In Layan Sabbour compound, luxury and great features come together in designs of varied units that meet the needs of different clients. In addition to the elegant services offered by the project, competitive prices come as an added attraction that highlights the uniqueness and distinction of real estate choices.

Financial details of unit types in the compound:

Type Price
Twin House 4,800,000 EGP
Townhouse 5,320,000 EGP
Standalone Villas 7,520,000 EGP

These prices demonstrate Layan Sabbour compound's commitment to providing the best for its clients, in return for the real added value they get thanks to the elegant facilities and services.

As you know, Layan compound in Fifth Settlement is one of the most famous residential complexes in the area. Among the factors that make it unique and attractive to many investors and residents are the special prices it offers.

So individuals can enjoy the best prices and economic savings on residential properties in this compound.

It offers a diverse range of residential unit prices that suit the different needs of individuals and families. Whether you are looking for a comfortable apartment or a luxury villa, you will be able to find the ideal property that suits your needs and budget. Therefore, if you are looking for security, luxury, and the best prices in the Fifth Settlement area, Layan compound is the ideal choice for you.

Enjoy a prime location with Layan Sabbour Compound in Fifth Settlement!

Layan Sabbour compound is located in one of the most upscale and desirable areas in Fifth Settlement. The compound provides you with a distinctive and unique living experience, combining tranquility and privacy with proximity to the bustling city.

Layan Sabbour's location is strategic, with easy access to many tourist sites, vital facilities, shopping, and entertainment.

Layan Sabbour compound in Fifth Settlement is distinguished by its prime location at the heart of New Cairo, providing a unique living experience that combines luxury and proximity to vital landmarks. This location has been carefully chosen to ensure easy and quick access for residents to many important facilities and sites in the city.

  • Advantages of Layan Sabbour's location:
    • Close proximity to the American University, just 5 minutes away.
    • Near the famous Field Village park.
    • Immediate proximity to the upscale Platinum Club.
    • Its prime location on 90th Street, one of New Cairo's most prominent streets.

Thanks to this unique location, Layan Sabbour compound has become a preferred destination for many seeking distinction and luxury in housing, providing them with a life full of comfort amidst New Cairo's most important landmarks.

If you are looking to live a quiet and happy life in Fifth Settlement, Layan Sabbour's location is the ideal choice for you. Enjoy the excellent location and elegant facilities, and get ready to start an exceptional living experience in this amazing compound.

Enjoy many elegant services at Layan Sabbour project!

Layan Sabbour is one of the most prominent real estate projects in Fifth Settlement, providing residents with luxury and elegant services in a lavish living environment. It is a great investment or living opportunity in a modern, developed area. Here are some of the great features offered by Layan Sabbour project:

1. Cultural and recreational role: The project contains recreational facilities such as swimming pools, gym clubs, and sports halls. Additionally, there is a theater for movie screenings and cultural events in the project.

2. Safety and security: Layan Sabbour cares about its residents' safety, providing advanced security systems like 24-hour guarding and surveillance cameras. Additionally, the complex has an integrated fire extinguishing system.

3. Green spaces: Layan Sabbour is keen to provide a beautiful, relaxing natural environment for residents, containing vast gardens and green spaces to enjoy fresh air and a serene atmosphere.

4. Commercial services: There are commercial centers and retail stores in the project, allowing easy access for residents to all their daily needs.

5. Modern, attractive design: Layan Sabbour is designed with the latest architectural designs, adding aesthetic elegance to the project.

Discover the tremendous investment opportunities in New Cairo!

New Cairo is one of the fastest developing cities in Egypt, and is a major investment hub in the region. Here are some of the tremendous advantages for investing in New Cairo:

1. Urban development: New Cairo is witnessing massive growth in infrastructure and development of urban facilities. There are many new real estate projects attracting investors and buyers.

2. Strategic location: New Cairo is close to many major roads and axes, providing easy accessibility to the city from different areas of Cairo and other governorates.

3. Services and facilities: New Cairo hosts many international schools, commercial districts, hospitals, and entertainment centers, providing easy access to essential services and facilities for residents and investors.

4. Investment returns: The real estate sector in New Cairo is one of the most profitable sectors in Egypt, allowing investors to achieve good financial returns by purchasing and leasing properties.

Discover what makes Fifth Settlement a distinctive residential destination!

Fifth Settlement is considered one of the most developed and desirable areas in Cairo, providing a high level of comfort and luxury for residents. Here are some of the main advantages of Fifth Settlement:

  • Location and area:

    • Layan Sabbour extends over an area of 233 feddans.
  • Distribution of areas:

    • 40% of the total area has been allocated for buildings and constructions.
    • The remaining percentage has been allocated for facilities and services.
  • Residential units:

    • The total units are estimated to be around 1200 units.
    • The units include villas, twin houses, and townhouses.
  • Unit area details:

    • Townhouse: Starts from 266 sqm up to 297 sqm.
    • Twin house: Starts from 284 sqm up to 326 sqm.
    • Villas: Start from 376 sqm.

Clearly, Layan Sabbour, New Cairo, and Fifth Settlement offer great opportunities for investment and living in a luxury, modern environment.

Discover the world of luxury in the most beautiful compounds in New Cairo

New Cairo is one of the newest and most modern cities in Egypt, distinguished by its elegant, tranquil urban capabilities. New Cairo is home to many luxury compounds that provide the most enjoyable experiences of living and luxury.

  1. Azadir Compound, Fifth Settlement
    Azadir compound is one of the best destinations for luxury lovers in New Cairo. The project offers lavish residential spaces, in addition to diverse green areas, amazing swimming pools, world-class retail stores, and platforms for entertainment and shopping.

  2. Azad, Fifth Settlement
    Azad compound is a distinctive destination for those looking for luxury, as it is considered a refined sanctuary characterized by a unique, contemporary architectural design. The compound includes elegant, diverse housing units and integrated facilities including beautiful swimming pools, a luxurious spa and gym.

  3. Taj Sultan Compound, Nasr City
    Taj Sultan compound is one of the largest and most luxurious projects in New Cairo. The compound provides lavish living spaces and exclusive villas characterized by amazing natural ambience and scenic views. Inside the compound, you will also find a golf course, tennis courts, a sports club, in addition to numerous upscale restaurants and cafes.

  4. Taj City Compound, Nasr City
    Taj City compound is the ideal destination for those seeking luxury in New Cairo. The compound includes diverse housing units characterized by modern, elegant designs, in addition to varied entertainment areas and sports facilities. The compound also provides elegant restaurants and shops to add luxury to residents' lives.

Whatever your interests or needs, these lavish compounds in New Cairo provide you with the chance to live in an elegant, comfortable environment, where you find integrated services and top-notch facilities that guarantee a luxurious life experience and unparalleled comfort.

The apartment of your dreams in Layan Sabbour Compound New Cairo: Discover how to buy through

Your comprehensive guide on how to get the apartment of your dreams in Layan Sabbour compound in New Cairo: Explore how to buy through

If you are looking for the ideal apartment in Layan Sabbour project in New Cairo, you can now discover how to buy through and easily get the apartment you dream of. is a leading online platform that provides users with the chance to find suitable properties directly.

Follow these steps to make your dream come true of getting the apartment you want in Layan Sabbour compound in New Cairo through

  1. Visit the website:

    • Search for the website on search engines or click on the following link:
    • This will allow you to access a large database containing many real estate offerings in Egypt.
  2. Use the search feature:

    • After entering the website, specify New Cairo as your search location.
    • Select "Layan Sabbour" as your preferred residential project.
  3. Filter the results:

    • After specifying the project, you will see a list of available offerings in the compound.
    • Use the checkboxes to specify the apartment specifications you need, such as number of rooms, area, and suitable price for you.
  4. Review the details:

    • Click on any of the available offerings to get more detailed information about the listed apartment.
    • You will find in the details a description of the apartment, photos, and additional info like price per square meter and available amenities.
  5. Contact the real estate agent:

    • If you are interested in a specific apartment, use the available form to contact a real estate agent for more information or to arrange a visit.
    • You can also call the agent directly on their mobile number for quicker inquiries.
  6. Visit the apartment:

    • Before making a purchase decision, you can arrange a visit to the apartment to view it in person and verify its suitability for your needs.
    • The real estate agent can arrange the appointment and accompany you on this visit.
  7. Purchase procedures:

    • After deciding to purchase, the real estate agent will guide you through the necessary legal and financial procedures to complete the purchase.

Using, you can now explore everything related to your dream apartment in Layan Sabbour compound in New Cairo and get comprehensive, reliable information about available offerings. Get ready for a smooth, simplified experience in searching and buying.

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