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Project Description

Project Name: Sun Capital.

About Sun Capital Project: High residential Compound by Arabia Holding in 6th of October.

Sun Capital 6 October compound Location: October Gardens near Zewail University.

Sun Capital Project Space: 557 acres.

Units Type: Apartments - Villas - Twin House.

Units Space: Apartments with spaces start from 90 m² to 250 m², standalone villas with space starts from 380 m², townhouse with space starts from 250 m², and twin House with space starts from 290 m²

Units Price: starts from 6,200,000 EGP.

The Developer Name: Arabia Group.

Payment Methods: it differs as it starts from 10% to 25% as downpayment and installments start from 7 years up to 10 years.

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Sun Capital Compound

The Sun Capital is one of the largest and most prestigious residential projects implemented in the heart of 6 October city, which holds more than one title including The Sun City or the New Tourist Capital of Egypt, and is the first residential project implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Housing, which is characterized by a wonderfully strategic location where direct views of the pyramids and proximity to the Great Egyptian Museum in Sun Capital Compound.

Arabia Group.

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Sun Capital Location

Arabia Group was keen to put all its expertise in the implementation of Sun Capital project, and this experience was clearly demonstrated in the selection of the site, it has chosen the highest areas in the 6th of October to implement Sun Capital project, believing that the outstanding site is one of the most important factors attracting customers and the success of Sun Capital project.

Sun Capital October City was built specifically at the main tourist entrance of the Pyramids of Giza at the end of Al Wahat road and the beginning of Fayoum Road, in addition to the proximity of Sun Capital compound of the main roads and axes and many vital places, as follows:

  • Sun Capital is 15 minutes from Sphinx Airport by car, 25 minutes from Cairo International Airport, and 2 minutes from Zewail City.
  • Sun Capital Compound is minutes away from Rehab October City which is one of the most important residential projects implemented in 6th of October.
  • Sun Capital is close to Al Ashgar district, the Spanish and Italian districts.
  • Sun Capital entire compound has a direct view of the Pyramids of Giza, just 5 minutes from the Great Egyptian Museum and the main entrance to the pyramids.
  • Sun Capital Project is 5 minutes from The Mall of Egypt and Mina House Hotel.
  • Sun Capital is only 20 minutes from Downtown Cairo area and 30 minutes from the 5th Settlement area.
  • Sun Capital 6 October Compound is 12 minutes from the Smart Village.
  • Sun Capital 6 October Project is just 10 minutes from Sheikh Zayed City and 45 minutes from the New Administrative Capital.
  • Sun Capital is 15 minutes from EL Dabaa new hub.
  • Sun Capital October is located near Al Haram Street and the Shooting Square.
  • Sun Capital 6 October compound is surrounded by a range of major roads and hubs such as Fayoum Road, El Wahat Road, Ring Road, and The July 26 Axis.

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Let the unique design and elegant innovation of Compound Sun Capital October 6th inspire your dreams and guide you towards the luxurious life you've always dreamed of.

Move to a life of luxury in the city, and invest in Compound Sun Capital October 6th and enjoy the modern design and contemporary comfort, where unique designs inspired by its name "City of the Sun" have been implemented. The engineering plans and designs were developed by the international companies Callison RTKL and MAP Architect & Infrastructure according to global standards. The project has been divided as follows:

  • Compound Sun Capital October 6th was built on an area of 335 acres.
  • The larger part of the project is dedicated to green spaces, plazas, water surfaces, with the remainder for buildings and residential units.
  • The compound is divided into 6 phases.
  • The project includes about 12,000 residential units.
  • The residential units in Compound Sun Capital October 6th are separated by a distance of 50 meters.
  • The project consists of residential units including apartments, studios and villas in different sizes.

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Area of Sun Capital Egypt

Arabia has allocated a huge area of 557 acres divided into two areas, one service and the other a residential one separated by a 50-meter-wide road and high walls, and a separate entrance to the service area has been created to be completely isolated from the residential area, to provide maximum safety and privacy for Sun Capital compound residents.

The company has allocated 60% of the total area of for the residential area and left the rest of the area for various purposes, and the percentage allocated to buildings and construction in the residential area was only about 18%, while the rest of the area estimated at 82% was allocated to facilities and services, which consisted of green spaces and other recreational services.

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Sun Capital Arabia Holding Services

The residential area was built on a large area estimated at about 335 acres divided into 6 phases with a total of 12 thousand residential units, and the owner company has been keen to provide this area with all facilities and services to ensure the advancement and well-being of the residents, including:

  • It is equipped with hiking and exercising tracks with landscapes and water fountains, which extend between the residential and service areas with a length of 6 to 10 km inside Sun Capital.
  • A 5-acres area has been allocated for a gym, spa, and sports venues, all with stunning views of vast greenery and water fountains.
  • It is also equipped with 24-hour security service, as well as providing all entrances with electronic portals to provide maximum safety and security for the residents.
  • All the local areas within Sun Capital Compound have a dedicated service area, including a supermarket, clinics, and pharmacy to provide all the daily requirements and supplies of the residents.
  • Sun Capital entire compound is equipped with water purification and recycling services.
  • There are spaces that have been allocated to make underground garages for residents' car parking, to prevent them from being piled up in front of residential units, which hinders the movement of pedestrians and makes them feel uncomfortable and disturbed.
  • All the buildings' entrances have hotel finishes, which added more luxury.
  • Sun Capital is equipped with a fire protection system, as well as audio and video intercom.
  • One of the most unique features is that it is equipped with optical cables Technology of internet and satellite.
  • Sun Capital compound is equipped with a garbage pickup point, to be disposed of outside Sun Capital 6 October compound in a safe and healthy manner.
  • 2 international schools each with a large area of up to 8 acres.
  • 25 acres area has been allocated for the establishment of an International University in cooperation with Bucking University of England.
  • A large number of shopping malls with large spaces, which contain a number of shops and malls to provide all the needs and requirements of the residents.
  • A range of international hotels, including Fairmont and Intercontinental.
  • 6 acres area has been allocated for a global medical center, under contract with Proton Partners Hospital.
  • The most important feature of Sun Capital 6 October project is that it contains The Sun Square, the largest square of its kind in the entire Middle East, it was implemented on a large area of about 20 acres.
  • For tennis lovers, Rolland Garros Academy is available.
  • An area of 24 acres has been allocated for an open park within Sun Capital compound.
  • Sun Capital 6 October compound is equipped with a service and administrative area of 3.8 acres.

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Enjoy a wide and unlimited variety of units and areas that we offer you to choose what suits you in Compound Sun Capital October 6th

To meet the needs of customers, the developing company worked to provide residential units in Compound Sun Capital October 6th in different areas to suit all tastes, so that the client can get the unit he is looking for among the following areas:

  • The area of studios in Compound Sun Capital October 6th starts from 31 up to 106 square meters.
  • There are residential apartments in the project starting from 105 up to 192 square meters.
  • The area of the penthouse in the compound starts from 175 up to 213 square meters.
  • The area of the duplex in the compound starts from 175 square meters.
  • The area of townhouse villas in the project starts from 266 square meters.
  • The area of standalone villas in the project starts from 400 up to 550 square meters.

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Sun Capital Prices and Payment Systems

The prices of units within Sun Capital 6 October Compound are suitable for many customers of all financial capabilities, despite the availability of many services and benefits within Sun Capital compound.

Unit prices vary in Sun Capital according to their size and type, the units varied among Flat-Apartments, Studio, Duplex, standalone Villas, Townhouse Villas and Twin House, and each type of units has its own price, the company that owns Sun Capital project announced that the price of the three-rooms semi-finished unit with an area of 143 square meters is with a price starts from 1.8 million EGP.

The company has provided more than one payment system so that the customer can choose the most suitable among them, the payment systems are as follows:

  • 10% downpayment and installments up to 7 years without interest.
  • 8% downpayment and installments up to 8 years without interest.

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Disadvantages of the Sun Capital Arabia Group project

Despite the many distinct advantages of Sun Capital Compound, criticism about the lack of villas stands as an obstacle for some people. However, the prestigious hotel services, vast green spaces, and attractive swimming pools - which form an essential part of the project's design - balance this deficiency, giving the feeling of living in a luxury villa at the cost of an apartment.


The Executing Company of Sun Capital Project

Arabia Holding Company is the executing company of Sun Capital 6 October project which has a lot of projects that have been implemented on the ground.

Arabia Holding major projects include:

Note that the prices and spaces mentioned herein are for the Second half of 2023, and therefore it is changeable, and we, Real Estate Egypt, are keen to update the spaces and the list of residential and commercial units' types and prices constantly to keep the customer informed of the real estate market changes.

Embark on the Path to Success: Your Investment in 6th of October City is the Key to a Prosperous Future!

Discover the advantages of investing in 6th of October City, which attracts many entrepreneurs towards a well-planned investment opportunity. Here are the main advantages:

1. Attractive Investment Climate: 6th of October City stands out as a preferred destination for investors within Egypt, thanks to its unique investment climate. This city highlights the ease of regulatory procedures and flexible dealings, reducing the complexities of establishing and operating various commercial activities. The Egyptian government also plays a significant role in stimulating this activity by offering tax and government incentives for investors and startups.

2. Modern Infrastructure: 6th of October City is distinguished by its unique urban design and highly efficient infrastructure. It boasts modern road networks, integrated public facilities, and essential services such as electricity, water, and sewage systems. These elements collectively provide an ideal environment for the smooth and efficient operation of production and commercial activities.

3. Integration of Essential Services: 6th of October City is an ideal environment for work and daily life, considering the diversity and availability of essential services. From educational institutions at various levels to advanced healthcare facilities and commercial and service centers, this city offers a complete and comfortable living experience. Additionally, the city includes numerous residential neighborhoods closely connected to commercial and service areas, ensuring easy access to everything you might need.

4. 6th of October City enjoys a diverse range of recreational and tourist options, making it a magnet for visitors and residents alike. Among these attractions are a dedicated children's area, a massive shopping center, charming parks, and amusement parks offering fun and exciting experiences.

It is also renowned for places like the Grand Mall and Dream Park, which provide unforgettable moments for visitors.

5. In terms of transportation and mobility, 6th of October City takes pride in its advanced transportation system, which easily connects it to Cairo and other parts of the country. The network of highways extends, and public transportation options are abundant, ensuring comfortable and convenient travel within and outside the city.

This makes 6th of October City an ideal place to live or invest, with easy and quick access to everything an individual might need.

Investing in 6th of October City is a wise choice for many reasons, from its promising investment environment supported by government incentives and tax opportunities, to its advanced infrastructure and availability of essential services, and a remarkable array of tourist and recreational attractions.

Before venturing into the investment world there, it is advisable to conduct a thorough market analysis and assess economic conditions to ensure the selection of the most suitable investment opportunities.

Why 6th of October City? Because it's the Key to Your Dreams of a Modern and Advanced Life!

6th of October City represents a distinctive point of attraction for living and investing in Egypt, thanks to the set of features and opportunities it offers.

Here are the main factors that make this city a preferred choice: 6th of October City stands out with its strategic location, approximately 32 km away from the capital Cairo, facilitating connectivity and accessibility to vital centers through an advanced road network.

The city boasts urban planning that reflects the latest civilizational patterns, with the availability of residential units in various forms, such as villas, apartments, and compounds, catering to the needs and tastes of residents, all contributing to an atmosphere of tranquility that fulfills the aspirations of refined living.

The city is surrounded by vast green spaces that spread serenity and relaxation throughout its surroundings, in addition to lush gardens that are suitable for those seeking to escape the city's bustle and enjoy natural beauty and tranquility.

6th of October City is an exemplary model of providing a comprehensive living experience, where all essential facilities and necessary services contribute to the well-being of residents, from education and learning represented by a group of leading schools and universities, to advanced healthcare provided by well-equipped medical centers and hospitals with the latest technologies.

Furthermore, the city takes pride in the availability of a diverse range of commercial and recreational venues, including malls, restaurants, and designated areas for sports and leisure activities, offering residents a wide array of options to spend their free time in enjoyable and beneficial ways.

On another front, 6th of October City emerges as a major hub for employment and investment opportunities, thanks to its focus on developing industries and relying on modern technologies, particularly in the fields of real estate, trade, and a wide range of services.

This continuous economic development enhances its value as an attraction center for investors and those seeking to establish thriving commercial ventures.

It is also worth mentioning that the high level of security enjoyed by the city places it among the preferred destinations for living, where an atmosphere of safety and peace prevails, allowing families to raise their children in a calm and secure environment.

In conclusion, 6th of October City offers a unique living experience that combines modernity, comfort, and security, making it an ideal destination for those seeking stability and a high-quality lifestyle.

Therefore, for those in pursuit of an environment that combines promising work opportunities and a high quality of life, 6th of October City remains an unparalleled choice.

A Unique Experience: Enjoy the Benefits of Living in Compounds Near Sun Capital 6 October!

  1. Grand Heights Compound
    • The "Grand Heights" compound stands out as an ideal residential location, thanks to its strategic proximity to "Sun Capital," making it a great choice for those seeking elegance and luxury.
    • The residential units within the compound vary to suit the needs of different families and feature modern amenities and sophisticated designs, providing the highest levels of comfort and privacy.
  2. Mountain View 4 October Park Compound
    • "Mountain View 4 October Park" offers a distinctive living experience, thanks to its vast green spaces and diverse recreational facilities suitable for all ages.
    • The residential units here feature contemporary designs and offer a high level of quality to ensure the best living experience.
  3. Kenz October Gardens Compound
    • It reflects the latest trends in architecture and interior design, offering residential options that cater to different tastes and requirements with a wide range of spaces.
    • The compound is fully equipped with a set of integrated services that provide residents with everything they might need for a comfortable and comprehensive life.
  4. Porto October Compound
    • The 6th of October area is home to a number of luxurious residential compounds that offer a wide range of housing options for individuals seeking luxury and privacy.
    • Among these compounds, Porto October stands out as one of the most renowned places, combining luxurious apartments and detached villas, offering its residents all the services and recreational facilities one can imagine.
  5. SODIC Westown Compound
    • Nearby, the SODIC Westown compound is located, featuring an ideal location, unique and modern design, and offering residential units with varying spaces to meet the needs and tastes of its residents.
    • This compound, situated near Sun Capital, is also a distinctive choice for those seeking quality and excellence in modern lifestyle.

On the other hand, Sun Capital 6 October is an irresistible investment opportunity, distinguished by offering a diverse range of residential options that combine comfort and luxury.

However, it is essential not to overlook the other nearby residential compounds, which also offer diverse and attractive living options.

There are numerous residential compounds in the 6th of October area that provide unique living experiences, allowing people to explore multiple options and choose the most suitable residence based on their needs and preferences.

Whether they are seeking luxury and opulence or modern design and advanced facilities, the 6th of October area has everything they might need for an exceptional living experience.

From Searching to Purchasing a Unit in Sun Capital Compound: Your Journey with Step by Step!

Residential units within the Sun Capital compound are currently in high demand, owing to the amenities and luxury they offer. If you have the desire to own a unit in this remarkable residential compound, there are a series of legal steps you need to follow:

First: Ensure Unit Availability It is essential to verify that the unit you wish to purchase is available within the Sun Capital compound. You can search on real estate websites to view the list of available units and reserve the desired unit.

Second: Contact the Responsible Authorities After confirming the unit reservation, it is necessary to contact the sales representatives at Sun Capital compound to obtain all the required information and ask any questions you may have.

Third: Review Legal Documents You should carefully review the legal documents and contracts related to the residential unit you intend to purchase to ensure the accuracy of all information and terms.

Fourth: Execute Financial Payments After verifying all legal information and terms, it's time to begin the process of making financial payments according to a specified schedule. It is crucial to adhere to the payment deadlines.

Fifth: Complete Legal Procedures Upon completing the payment process, you can take possession of your unit and legally document the sales contract, becoming the new owner of the unit and starting preparations for moving into the Sun Capital compound.

Reminder: It is of utmost importance to ensure the accuracy of all legal documents and properly document them to protect your rights in full.

In conclusion, purchasing a unit in the Sun Capital compound requires carefully following a set of legal steps. This compound offers a distinguished living experience and is an excellent choice for those seeking a residential unit in a unique area.

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1,200,000 EGP

October Gardens near Zewail University.


Arabia Group.

67 Villas

it differs as it starts from 10% to 25% as downpayment and installments start from 7 years up to 10 years.

557 acres.


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