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Jumeirah Egypt Development Real Estate Development Company

Jumeirah Egypt Development continues to achieve sustained success in the Egyptian real estate market

Thanks to its strong strategy and sustainable vision, Jumeirah Egypt Development continues to lead the Egyptian real estate market. The company was founded in 2016 and is part of Jumeirah Hospitality & Hotels, specializing in premium real estate projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Jumeirah Egypt Development plays a leading role in the Egyptian real estate development industry, focusing on meeting market needs and developing projects and investments that add exceptional value to clients and local communities.

The company's strategy involves executing projects to the highest quality standards and providing innovative and sustainable environments. The company also partners with key local and global strategic partners to achieve the best results for every project it undertakes.

Initial data indicates the success of the company's strategy, as it has achieved considerable profits and rapid growth in financial performance. Thanks to smart investments and diversification of its products, the company expects to continue growing and expanding in the Egyptian market.

Given the company's strong vision and inspiring history, Jumeirah Egypt Development can be considered a successful partner and trusted investment in the Egyptian real estate market. It is expected to continue its success and leadership in achieving innovative and sustainable projects that meet market needs and enhance real estate investment in Egypt.

Goals and Vision of Jumeirah Egypt Development

In a move reflecting its commitment to developing the real estate sector in Egypt, Jumeirah Egypt Development announced its goals and future vision.

Jumeirah Egypt Development was founded as a company specialized in developing premium real estate projects in Egypt. Since then, the company has succeeded in building a strong reputation and winning numerous awards confirming its professionalism and expertise in this field.

Jumeirah Egypt Development aims to achieve several key goals. Most notably, providing distinctive and high quality real estate projects in Egypt that meet the needs of local and global clients. The company works on executing diverse projects including luxury residential, commercial and integrated communities, with the goal of providing a contemporary and integrated living environment for residents.

In addition, Jumeirah Egypt Development seeks to establish strategic partnerships with influential local and global entities in the real estate sector. Through these partnerships, the company hopes to expand its operations and increase its presence in Egypt and abroad.

The vision of Jumeirah Egypt Development is centered around innovation and excellence. The company aims to become a leader in Egypt's real estate sector by providing innovative and sustainable solutions for its projects. The company also seeks to enhance the customer experience and meet their needs in the best possible ways.

In summary, the goals and vision of Jumeirah Egypt Development chart a clear path for the company to achieve its leadership in the Egyptian real estate market. Its ongoing success and continued attraction of real estate investments prove that it is a trusted partner and driving force in developing the real estate sector in Egypt.

Projects of Jumeirah Egypt Development

Despite current challenges facing the real estate sector, Jumeirah Egypt Development continues to achieve successes in real estate investment. The company was founded in 2015 as a partnership between Jumeirah Living, one of the world's leading real estate development companies, and the local developer Abu Dhabi Holding.

Jumeirah Egypt Development has a huge project portfolio spread across prestigious areas in Egypt, indicating high confidence in the local market. Among these prominent projects are:

  1. "Up West Compound 6th of October City" - This project is located in the heart of October City in Cairo, and is one of the largest premium residential developments in the area. The project consists of a set of residential towers, villas, and recreational and commercial facilities.

  2. "Naia Bay Village North Coast" - This project is a comprehensive urban residential community in the North Coast. It includes a variety of housing units with a focus on green spaces and public facilities.

Jumeirah Egypt Development's projects reflect its commitment to providing the highest levels of quality and innovation in real estate. The company is characterized by its ability to innovate and adapt to changes in the real estate market, making it the ideal choice for investors and clients alike.

With its continued successes and determination to expand its operations, Jumeirah Egypt Development's projects are seen as boosting confidence in the Egyptian real estate market and contributing to real estate development in the country.

We will talk about the company's most important projects.

Overview of Naia Bay Village in the North Coast

Naia Bay Village located on the North Coast is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Egypt. This village is characterized by its beautiful natural scenery and lovely sandy beaches, making it an ideal destination for sea lovers and relaxation.

Naia Bay Village is strategically located just about 15 minutes away from El Alamein City, making it easily accessible to visitors. The village provides a range of integrated services to ensure the comfort of residents and visitors.

Naia Bay is home to a number of luxury resorts and hotels that provide a high level of service and a unique guest experience. The rooms and suites in these hotels are characterized by modern design and elegant furniture, providing all the necessary amenities for an enjoyable stay.

Naia Bay Village also has a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes that serve delicious international and local cuisine. The restaurants are characterized by their luxurious decor and wonderful atmospheres, making dining an unforgettable experience.

In addition to relaxing on the beach or enjoying the beautiful scenery, Naia Bay offers many recreational facilities and sports activities. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving in the beautiful bright blue Red Sea, play golf on local courses, or enjoy thrilling water experiences like surfing and water skiing.

Naia Bay Village also has a luxurious health club where visitors can relax and enjoy refreshing spa treatments and swimming pools.

Naia Bay Village on the North Coast is an enchanting oasis that allows guests to get away from the daily routine and enjoy luxurious relaxation times. It combines natural beauty, comfort and entertainment in one place, making it a must-visit tourist destination on the North Coast for relaxation and adventure lovers.

Overview of Up West Compound in 6th of October City

Up West Compound has been designed exceptionally with the best engineering and technical standards. The compound consists of a diverse variety of residential units in different sizes, ranging from small apartments to luxury villas. The residential units are characterized by their modern designs and beautiful natural surroundings.

Up West Compound provides many distinctive facilities and services to residents. The compound has a sports club equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a large swimming pool providing relaxation and swimming enjoyment, and sports fields for practicing various athletic activities. Additionally, the compound has social gathering areas and entertainment facilities such as restaurants, cafes and vast green spaces.

The 6th of October City area is renowned for its prime location and major amenities available. Up West Compound is ideal for families looking for a quiet and safe life in one of the city's most upscale neighborhoods. The compound has 24/7 security guards and an advanced surveillance system to ensure residents' safety.

Enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life at Up West Compound 6th of October City. Book your residential unit now and enjoy all the amenities provided by the compound to its residents. Prices may vary depending on the size and type of the residential unit.

How Jumeirah Egypt Development Achieves Quality in its Projects

Jumeirah Egypt Development has achieved quality in its latest releases, thanks to a heavy focus on implementing the highest standards and best practices in the real estate development industry. Since its establishment, it has succeeded in delivering a number of flagship projects in Egypt.

Jumeirah Egypt Development has taken an effective approach to ensuring quality by setting rigorous standards for contractor and supplier selection and contracting. A professional and experienced technical team was employed to oversee all stages of the work on projects, from design to handover. All projects are equipped with the latest technologies and high quality materials, which ensures meeting customer expectations and fulfilling the obligations listed in the buyer's guide.

Jumeirah Egypt Development projects undergo strict and periodic quality inspections by a specialized quality team. The quality of materials used and products installed in projects is tested to ensure compliance with technical requirements and international standards. Quality control operations are also carried out during the construction, installation and finishing stages to ensure adherence to specified benchmarks.

Jumeirah Egypt Development aims to achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing high quality and advanced real estate products. The company provides excellent after-sales services to ensure continued quality and effective maintenance of projects. In addition, the company provides extended warranties for all its projects for a long period, reflecting its great confidence in the quality of the products it provides.

Thanks to its steadfast commitment to quality, Jumeirah Egypt Development has proven its leadership in the real estate development market in Egypt. The company takes pride in its good reputation and strong position in the market, as it has the ability to meet customer expectations and provide high value products of superior quality.

Quality and Excellence Certificates Obtained by Jumeirah Egypt Development

Jumeirah Egypt Development has obtained a series of prestigious quality and excellence certificates, reflecting its steadfast commitment to providing the highest level of service and products to its clients. The company has achieved these certificates through continuous performance assessment and effective practice in the real estate field.

The latest certificate obtained by Jumeirah Egypt Development is the Quality Certificate. This certificate is one of the globally recognized quality management certificates. It reflects the company's commitment to achieving high levels of quality in all aspects of its business, including planning, implementation, performance monitoring and process improvement.

The second certificate obtained by the company, the Excellence Certificate, reflects its commitment to continuously improving its performance and achieving excellence in all aspects of its business. This certificate is based on a comprehensive measurement system based on globally recognized excellence standards, and gives the company an opportunity to analyze its performance and identify areas for improvement to achieve its future goals.

Jumeirah Egypt Development obtaining these certificates is clear evidence of its steadfast commitment to quality and excellence and its desire to provide the best services and products to its clients. These certificates confirm the company's position as a strong and trusted partner in the real estate development market, reflecting the company's strategy to improve its performance and provide high-level services.

By continuing to pursue more certificates and recognitions in the field of quality and excellence, Jumeirah Egypt Development continues to build its reputation as one of the leading companies in the real estate development industry, pledging excellence and developing its capabilities and innovation in providing innovative solutions to its clients.

Social and Environmental Contribution of Jumeirah Egypt Development

Jumeirah Egypt Development seeks to drive economic growth in Egypt, especially in real estate development sectors. But the leading real estate developer is not only concerned with building residential and commercial entities, but also with responding to the needs and aspirations of the local community. Jumeirah Egypt highlights its socially and environmentally responsible image in enriching society and preserving the environment.

Jumeirah Egypt is widely known for its continuous efforts in organizing innovative social events and programs to provide the necessary factors for community well-being. Through its partnerships with governmental and non-governmental institutions, the company aims to drive positive change in areas such as education, health, employment and social development.

The social activities carried out by Jumeirah Egypt include diverse programs and initiatives. For example, they have a youth employment opportunity program that aims to facilitate job opportunities for Egyptian youth by training them and providing actual job opportunities. They also provide ongoing support to educational and health institutions by providing necessary equipment and educational materials.

In addition to its social contribution, Jumeirah Egypt pays special attention to environmental preservation. The company actively works to apply the principles of sustainable and green development in all its real estate projects. The environment occupies an important place in its core strategy.

By adopting the green building concept, Jumeirah Egypt ensures that its real estate projects are based on the principle of sustainability and preserve natural resources, reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. The company also invests in using modern and innovative technology to improve environmental efficiency in its projects.

Jumeirah Egypt Development works hard to achieve economic growth while at the same time striving to make a positive impact on society and the environment. Its strong social and environmental efforts serve as a role model for other real estate developers in Egypt.

Services Provided by Jumeirah Egypt Development

Jumeirah Egypt Development has started providing its distinguished services in the real estate field. The company was established with the aim of providing comprehensive and professional solutions for clients in Egypt's real estate sector.

Jumeirah Egypt Development is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate development industry in Egypt, providing a wide range of distinguished real estate services. These services include real estate project development, project management, marketing and sale of real estate units, property management, interior design and decoration.

Jumeirah Egypt Development features a range of luxury modern projects that meet client needs at the highest level of quality and comfort. The company works on developing a variety of residential, commercial and hotel projects in different areas of Egypt, including Cairo and the North Coast.

Jumeirah Egypt Development has provided its services to a large number of local and international clients and investors, as the company is considered a trusted partner for clients in efficiently implementing their real estate projects.

With strong investments and an experienced and competent team, Jumeirah Egypt Development seeks to achieve excellence in Egypt's real estate sector and provide the best services to its clients. With its commitment to high standards of quality and innovation, the company seeks to become the first choice for anyone looking for a reliable and superior real estate investment in Egypt.

Jumeirah Egypt Development Services in Real Estate Sales, Leasing and Management

Jumeirah Egypt Development may be considered one of the leading companies in the real estate industry in Egypt. The company provides a comprehensive range of services related to real estate sales, leasing and management.

Jumeirah Egypt Development works to meet the diverse needs of clients in the Egyptian real estate market by providing effective and distinguished services that protect their interests.

Jumeirah Egypt supports its clients in sales and leasing processes by providing professional real estate consultancy, property valuation and effective marketing to reach potential tenants and buyers.

Jumeirah Egypt’s services also include property management, whereby it takes full responsibility for managing properties on behalf of the owner, including collecting rents, ensuring good tenant mix, managing maintenance and overall building operations.

Among the advantages offered by Jumeirah Egypt to clients is benefiting from a qualified team with expertise in the real estate industry, and supervision and monitoring of leased properties to ensure sustainable maintenance and services.

In addition, Jumeirah Egypt seeks to utilize technology and innovation in providing its services, as it follows the latest developments in property management and aims to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and convenience for clients.

Jumeirah Egypt Development provides comprehensive services that ensure clients' comfort and security in real estate sales, leasing and management transactions. Due to its expertise and skill in this field, the company deserves recognition as a leader in the real estate industry in Egypt.

Customer Reviews and Experiences with Jumeirah Egypt Development

Jumeirah Egypt Development is one of the leading companies in the real estate development industry in Egypt, offering a diverse range of premium real estate projects in Cairo, Alexandria and 6th of October City.

Jumeirah Egypt Development has seen positive feedback from its clients, and has managed to build an excellent reputation in the market thanks to the quality of its projects and professionalism at work.

According to customer reviews, Jumeirah Egypt Development is characterized by a number of factors that make it stand out from competitors in the market. Among these factors are:

  1. Innovative design: The company offers unique projects characterized by innovative designs and luxurious details, which attracts clients interested in living in a luxurious and modern environment.

  2. Build quality: Jumeirah Egypt Development's focus on build quality is one of the top priorities. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and high quality materials, the projects have excellent implementation and the company fulfills the obligations listed in the buyer's guide.

  3. Comfort and Services: The company works to provide a comfortable and safe environment for residents, and offers sophisticated services such as security, periodic maintenance and entertainment facilities. The projects are also designed to suit the needs of families and individuals in terms of green spaces, gardens and social facilities.

Due to the high quality of its projects and professionalism in implementing them, customers who have dealt with Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development have expressed their full satisfaction with the services provided by the company. Through channels of communication with the company and online review sites, customers praise the professionalism, honesty and cooperative dealing provided by the company.

The reputation of Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development continues to rise thanks to its distinction in real estate development and its interest in providing high quality products and excellent customer service. With this approach, the company is expected to continue to meet customer expectations and achieve sustainable growth in the Egyptian real estate market.

Partners of Success and Cooperation with Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development

Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development has distinguished cooperation partners who contribute to enhancing its success and continuous development. The company works to expand its partner base and benefit from their expertise in various fields in order to provide distinguished real estate products according to the highest standards.

Gemera Egypt has become known for its close cooperation with a large number of prestigious local and global partners. Among these distinguished partners are the cooperation partners, who contribute to adding unique value to the projects offered by the company.

The cooperation of Gemera Egypt's partners with Gemera International, which is one of the leading real estate companies in the world, helps provide distinguished expertise in real estate development. Through the use of the latest technologies and methods in design and construction, a high level of quality and innovation is achieved in the projects produced by the company.

In addition, Gemera Egypt's cooperation with construction and development partners ensures the availability of the necessary expertise in constructing and developing major real estate projects. Among these partners are local and global companies with a long record in the real estate construction and development sector.

Thanks to these distinguished partnerships, Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development is able to provide unique and innovative residential and commercial environments that ideally meet customer needs. Thanks to the company's commitment to the highest standards of quality and sustainability, its products enjoy great customer confidence and enjoy global fame.

The cooperation of development partners with Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development is a key factor in its continued success. As it continues to expand its partner base and strengthen its existing partnerships, it works hard to meet customer expectations and achieve the highest level of satisfaction and excellence in the real estate development industry.

How to Cooperate and Benefit from the Services of Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development

Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development is one of the leading real estate development companies in Egypt and offers a variety of services to customers. The company strives to meet market needs and provide a distinctive and modern living environment for the community.

Gemera Egypt provides opportunities for cooperation and benefit for customers seeking to invest in real estate in Egypt. By offering diverse and innovative real estate projects, the company provides customers with opportunities to purchase and lease properties at the best prices. The company also strives to provide excellent after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction and meet their needs.

One of the key services offered by Gemera Egypt to customers is the management and leasing service. This service allows customers to easily and efficiently lease their properties, with comprehensive property management by a specialized team. The team provides technical support, maintenance, and sourcing of suitable tenants, helping maximize the property's financial return.

In addition, Gemera Egypt provides real estate consulting services to customers looking for investment opportunities in real estate in Egypt. The specialized team works to provide necessary advice, market analysis, and important information to customers, enabling them to make informed and calculated investment decisions.

Gemera Egypt's services are not limited to individual customers alone, but also extend to developers and investors looking for opportunities for cooperation and joint real estate projects. The company provides its extensive expertise and knowledge in real estate development to partners, conducting feasibility studies and effectively managing projects to ensure the success of joint ventures.

Therefore, it can be said that Gemera Egypt Real Estate Development is a company that provides opportunities for cooperation and benefit in the field of real estate development in Egypt. Through its diverse and professional services, the company helps meet customer needs and achieve their real estate goals.