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Naia West New Zayed

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Project Description

Project Name: Naia West.

About the project: The latest and most prestigious residential project in Sheikh Zayed City, which provides all basic and recreational facilities and services for clients and investors.

Naia West Location: It is located in Sheikh Zayed City, 9 minutes from the Road of Farag road.

Naia West Compound Space:  140 acres.

Naia Units Type: villas - twin houses - townhouses.

Units Space: it starts from 205 square meters.

Naia West Unit price: the villas price starts from 5,700,000 EGP.

The name of the executing company for Naia West: is Naia Real Estate Development Company.

Payment system: you can pay a downpayment starting from 5% of the total unit price, then pay 5% as a second payment upon contracting, and the rest in installments over 9 years.

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Naia West New Zayed Compound

A privileged residential city built within a distinguished strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes, and guarantees you upscale housing in a unique and incomparable atmosphere. It has many features and many integrated services that fulfill all requirements for customers, and it has made sure to choose an incomparable strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes, making it easy for you to reach anywhere easily.

In addition to the huge area on which it is built, which was divided in a wonderful geometric way so that the constructions have a percentage of it and the largest of the picturesque landscapes that give it a civilized look, and it was not satisfied with that, but rather announced distinct prices that facilitate the purchasing process and offered methods of payment next to it to pay the amount in installments for the longest possible period, so you can take advantage Now, this investment opportunity within Naia West, Sheikh Zayed, and book your unit that suits your high level….!

All you need to know about villas for sale in Sheikh Zayed

The strategic location of Naia West Sheikh Zayed

Naia Compound is one of the largest megaprojects established within the best upscale areas in Sheikh Zayed, and the real estate developer is keen to establish it near the best projects and main roads, as it is on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and is close to the most important services or government facilities, and away from crowded areas full of loudly.

The most important landmarks near Naia West New Zayed Compound:

  • Naia West is about 9 minutes away from the Rawd Al-Farag axis.

  • Naia West Zayed is about 7 minutes away from the 26th of July Corridor.

  • Naia West is just 5 minutes away from the famous Dabaa Road.

  • Naia West is just a few minutes away from Sphinx International Airport.

  • Naia West is only 10 minutes away from Juhayna Square.

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Naia West New Zayed Compound Space

When thinking of the major real estate company, Naia, to create a distinctive residential project that suits its customers, it was keen to construct it on large areas in order to ensure the provision of many integrated services and an incomparable residential environment permeated with sophistication and nobility. Here, within Naia West, it was built on an area of ​​140 acres, divided Part for villas and the other for apartments, in addition to the stunning landscapes that surround it.

And that space was divided nicely by the largest architects with great experience, as it includes units of varying sizes in order for customers to have the freedom to choose the most suitable for them, including (standalone villas - townhouses - twin houses), and their spaces are as follows:

  • Villas in Naia West: their space starts from 385 square meters up to 465 square meters.

  • Twin House: its space starts from 255 square meters up to 280 square meters.

  • Townhouse in Naia West: its space starts from 205 square meters.

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Integrated services available within Naia West Sheikh Zayed

Many clients are looking for a distinctive residential place that provides them with all aspects of comfort and living in a more sophisticated atmosphere. Here, within Naia, the major real estate company that owns it decided to provide the largest amount of distinguished services that achieve everything they aspire to, as follows:

  • Within Naia West, the best security services were provided by appointing the largest number of guards and security personnel, who work throughout the day to preserve property and ensure protection.

  • Distributing the largest number of surveillance cameras that operate throughout the day to monitor movements in order to reduce thefts.

  • Inside Naia West, there are swimming pools of different sizes, which are suitable for adults and children, in order to spend the best recreational time with friends and family.

  • There, the longest tracks that were designed away from the road for cars were paved to ensure protection for adults and children in Naia West.

  • For more recreational services, a health club has been established in a huge area and includes rooms for a jacuzzi and sauna and staff with the highest level of service.

  • A social club has also been established in a large area that includes all entertainment services and facilities, and you can meet with friends and make new friends inside Naia West New Zayed

  • Providing a special area for barbecue, in which a lot of tools and equipment are available, in the middle of the gardens, as well as others for holding events and weddings.

  • There are a number of different sports grounds within Naia West where you can play your favorite games with friends.

  • You can also have your favorite meal in the largest restaurants and cafes designed at the highest level and with international decorations that help you enjoy the best romantic atmosphere.

  • And for an incomparable shopping experience within Naia, a large shopping mall has been established that includes the largest number of multi-department stores that display international brands.

  • There is a huge hypermarket that includes the various products and commodities that you need inside your home and there is a delivery service for complete convenience.

  • There are also large clinics that include all specialties and work throughout the day to receive patients and provide them with distinguished treatment services.

  • For more entertainment, building the body, and maintaining its fitness, a large sports gym has been provided that includes all modern equipment and devices and trainers of the highest level.

  • Distinctive prices have been announced within Naia West that enables you to pay the amount easily and with repayment methods for the longest possible period.

What are you waiting for? You can seize this golden opportunity inside Naia West and enjoy a package of distinguished services that are incomparable….!

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The unique features of Naia West Sheikh Zayed

The major real estate company, Naia, not only provided a huge number of integrated services but also made sure to put the best distinctive touches that made it one of the best unique projects, which are as follows:

  • Naia is built on a huge area of ​​land that is distinctively designed by the largest architects, which was divided between construction and services, and the bulk of the picturesque landscapes.

  • The green spaces inside Naia West Zayed project are distinctive, which gives the place a wonderful civilized look and helps you rest and relax.

  • In addition to the water bodies that differ in terms of designs, including the wonderful landscapes, various sports fields, and golf courses.

  • Naia is unique in its wonderful strategic location that connects the most important roads and main axes, making it easy for you to reach any place easily without suffering from crowding.

  • There is a large mosque designed in the unique Islamic style, which can accommodate the largest number of worshipers to perform religious rituals and prayers.

  • Under the residential units, there are also large garages that contain the largest number of cars, in order to prevent crowding and preserve the civilized appearance of Naia West New Zayed project.

  • Designing a number of gardens and natural parks that make you enjoy every minute, as they help you feel psychologically comfortable and rejuvenated.

  • Dedicating a wonderful system for garbage collection and safe disposal in order to preserve the civilized appearance of Naia West Zayed project and prevent pollution.

  • For young children, an entertainment area has been provided for them that includes all games suitable for their age, which helps them to spend a wonderful time with friends.

  • Naia West residential units within Naia West project are designed to the highest standard, and they are of varying sizes, making it easy for you to choose the most suitable for you and your family.

  • Inside Naia West, there are maintenance centers that operate throughout the day to repair faults and provide a unique environment within Naia West project.

  • A wonderful infrastructure design on the same international models, which includes all basic services, including electricity, natural gas, and sewage.

What are you waiting for? You can take the initiative to reserve your unparalleled unique unit, in which all integrated services are available, so take advantage of this golden opportunity now…..!

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Prices and payment systems announced within Naia West Compound Sheikh Zayed

Naia Company is considered one of the largest real estate developers, which is famous for its constant aspiration for the best and for proving the idea of ​​high-end housing in Egypt. Within its giant project, Naia West, it was keen to provide all aspects of comfort to its distinguished customers, as it announced distinctive prices that are incomparable and out of any competition.

It also corresponds with their purchasing desires despite providing a huge amount of integrated services that achieve everything they aspire to in the blink of an eye, and it was not only satisfied with that, but it was keen to facilitate the payment process and offered easy payment methods to pay the total amount in installments over many years, which are as follows:

  • Villas in Naia West Sheikh Zayed: its price starts from 16 million Egyptian pounds, with an area starting from 385 square meters up to 465 square meters.

  • Twin House: its price starts from 7 million pounds and reaches 8 million Egyptian pounds, with an area starting from 255 square meters up to 280 square meters.

  • Town House: its price starts from 5 million EGP up to 5,700,000 EGP, and its space starts from 195 square meters.

As for the payment system within Naia West Sheikh Zayed, it is as follows:

  • You can pay a down payment of 5% of the unit price, 5% upon contracting, and the rest to be paid over 9 years.

  • Note that the units are to be delivered within 3.5 years from the date of the contract, and fully finished.

For more information, you can contact us…..!

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Disadvantages of Naia West New Zayed Compound

The "Naia West New Zayed" compound has a large number of advantages, however, some clients may think that the large number of residential units could negatively impact tranquility and privacy levels. But Naia real estate company has taken important steps to address these concerns, focusing on providing wide gaps between the residential units, which ensures residents a fully comfortable and private living experience.

The real estate company - Naia Development

Naia Company is considered one of the largest real estate developers in Egypt and the Middle East. It has been called Gemara and is chaired by Engineer Hisham Al-Danasouri, who is known for his diligence and constant aspiration for the best in the field of development and construction. It also has many achievements and has proven its worth among the largest real estate companies. To sweep a huge number of lands inside Egypt in order to provide a distinctive atmosphere for upscale housing that matches international cultures.

It has a long history in this field of up to 35 years, and it always uses the largest consulting and engineering companies and offices to put the best exquisite touches in all its projects to suit those with good taste, as it has the largest number of mega projects in all parts of Egypt, which attracted many customers with taste. upscale.

Its most important previous projects:

  • Eastern Hotel.
  • Safety Company for Security Services.
  • Broker Company for General Services and Supplies.
  • Goals for Tourism Development Company.
  • AG Capital Investment Company.

Compounds of Sheikh Zayed City: Where Quality, Innovation, and Elegance Shine in Every Corner!

Sheikh Zayed City, in the heart of Egypt, has witnessed remarkable growth, transforming into a major attraction for those seeking residence and investment due to its rapid urban and infrastructural development. Since its inception, this city has managed to craft an exceptional living concept, emerging as a magnet for individuals and families seeking to settle within a framework of security and progress.

The compounds of Sheikh Zayed City stand out as luxurious residential options in the area, offering high standards of quality, innovation, and refined taste in design and layout. These compounds cater to diverse tastes and needs, enhancing their appeal to residents. They are distinguished by providing comfort and luxury through meticulously designed residential units that offer modern living standards while adhering to the highest levels of security and tranquility.

These compounds boast spacious areas, stunning architectural designs that blend luxury and elegance, creating an ideal living atmosphere. These residences incorporate modern technologies and smart facilities aimed at facilitating the daily lives of residents through advanced security systems, smart devices, and applications for controlling lighting, air conditioning, and other amenities.

These compounds have not overlooked the importance of aesthetics and interior and exterior design, as they are characterized by a modern and stylish design approach, utilizing high-quality building materials that lend an irresistible visual appeal to the residential units.

The compounds of Sheikh Zayed City embody an ideal blend of quality, innovation, and luxury, making them an ideal destination for those seeking to live or invest in an advanced and comfortable environment.

Become Part of the Future: Sheikh Zayed City and Its Vision for a Brighter Tomorrow!

Situated in the heart of Giza Governorate within the land of Canaan in Egypt, Sheikh Zayed City stands out as an urban masterpiece, embodying the Egyptian dream of a better tomorrow. Since its inception, it has been pulsating with life, guided by a vision that carries hope and progress, with a clear commitment to being a model for sustainable development and environmental balance. Sheikh Zayed City is dedicated to creating a vibrant urban environment that strives to meet the diverse aspirations and needs of its residents and works tirelessly to improve their living standards.

The city aspires to be a center for continuous economic development and job creation while ensuring the ongoing wheel of innovation and encouraging investment. Sheikh Zayed City is one of the preferred residential destinations within the capital due to its provision of modern and advanced infrastructure, including road networks, educational institutions, hospitals, and recreational facilities, in addition to luxurious real estate projects that attract the interest of investors and those seeking residence alike.

Sheikh Zayed City represents the pinnacle of Egyptian pride in the momentum of development and growth it is witnessing, not only locally but also on an international level. The city attracts a wide range of cultural, economic, and commercial events that enhance its global standing. Sheikh Zayed City is steadily moving towards a future where citizens see themselves surrounded by happiness and security, and the city becomes a hub for a diverse and modern economy that benefits Egypt and the entire region. Continuously attracting investments, fostering creativity, and achieving sustainable development, the city always strives to uphold its cultural value and preserve the rich historical heritage of the area.

What Are the Most Prominent Compounds Located Near Naia West New Zayed Compound? Discover Them Now!

In the heart of Cairo lies a corner of elegance and luxury known as Naia West New Zayed compound area. This location is not merely a part of the city; it is an oasis of refinement and tranquility. This area comprises a collection of luxurious compounds distinguished by their innovative architectural designs and integrated facilities that cater to all the needs of their residents.

Let's explore together some of the most renowned compounds that adorn the vicinity of Naia West New Zayed. These compounds are not limited to having vast green spaces and captivating designs; they are life centers that ensure a unique living experience for their residents, enriching their daily lives with beauty, comfort, and security.

  1. Lac Ville Compound in Sheikh Zayed: The Lac Ville Compound is located in a strategic location adjacent to Naia West New Zayed, occupying a prominent position as one of the largest and most magnificent compounds in the area. What sets it apart is the diversity of residential options that cater to various tastes and needs, in addition to the availability of high-level facilities that offer an unparalleled living experience. Among these facilities are carefully designed swimming pools, sports clubs, and lush gardens that provide an atmosphere of comfort and rejuvenation.

  2. Al Karma Keya Compound in Sheikh Zayed: This project is located just a few minutes away from Naia West New Zayed, making it an attractive destination for those seeking luxury and distinction. Designed in a modern and stylish architectural style, evident in its spacious glass facades and the layout of the interior spaces, which reflects standards of luxury. The compound offers a diverse range of luxurious residential units that cater to different tastes, in addition to a comprehensive set of recreational facilities that ensure an unparalleled living experience for its residents.

  3. Silva Compound in Sheikh Zayed: The area near Naia West New Zayed is distinguished by its serene residential atmosphere, which instills a sense of comfort and peace. The Silva Compound encompasses a wide range of residential units designed to suit the needs of diverse families, making it ideal for various forms of family living. Additionally, the lush gardens and green spaces that abound in the area provide residents with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature and enjoy its captivating beauty.

  4. Dorra Compound in Sheikh Zayed: The luxurious Dorra Compound is majestically situated adjacent to Naia West New Zayed and it has carved out its name among the most prestigious compounds in the area thanks to its modern architectural designs that combine elegance and quality. It's not just the stunning exterior; it extends to a range of luxurious facilities and services, including swimming pools with diverse designs and fully-equipped sports courts, offering residents an unparalleled living experience.

  5. Al Karma Gates Compound in Sheikh Zayed: An architectural gem located at the doorstep of Naia West New Zayed, known as this luxurious compound that is renowned for its exceptional comfort and stylish designs that delight onlookers. An integrated environment that combines luxury and comfort, with its facilities ranging from captivating swimming pools to state-of-the-art sports courts, providing residents with an exceptional living experience filled with relaxation and luxury.

  6. El Patio Zahraa Compound in Sheikh Zayed: This residential complex is considered one of the most luxurious in the area, featuring upscale residential units that cater to the desires of those seeking luxury and distinction. It also boasts a diverse range of modern services and facilities that ensure a comfortable and active lifestyle, including fully-equipped sports courts for various physical activities and charming gardens that delight the eyes and provide a serene space for relaxation and contemplation. This compound offers a unique living experience that blends luxury with easy access to modern lifestyles.

Naia West New Zayed area is home to a collection of residential compounds that stand out prominently within this refined community, not only for their strategic location but also for the blissful life they offer, blending sophistication and modernity. Its corridors are adorned with stunningly beautiful architectural designs that unveil a new meaning of luxury and comfort, making them the perfect haven for those seeking a residence that fulfills their aspirations for a luxurious life. Additionally, these compounds shine by providing a range of modern facilities that ensure the comfort of residents and cater to all their daily needs in a safe and secure residential environment.

Make Your Dream a Reality: Learn How to Buy Your Ideal Unit in Naia West New Zayed on!

Your journey towards owning your dream unit begins with simple yet crucial steps. Let's start by diving into the realms of the website, where it serves as your gateway to discovering the treasures of the remarkable Naia West New Zayed.

  1. By utilizing precise search terms such as "Naia West" or "Sheikh Zayed" on, you'll find yourself presented with a list of captivating units waiting to be explored.
  2. The second step is to delve into the available options before you. Naia West New Zayed flourishes with its diversity, offering luxurious villas, twin houses, and townhouses, each with its own specifications, spaces, and prices that cater to a wide range of budgets and desires.
  3. As you move one step closer to your dream, it's time to contact us directly. Here, the quality of our service shines, as we provide you with all the information you need about the units, from their stunning interior designs to the convenient payment plans. We also extend an invitation for an introductory tour, allowing you to experience the surroundings firsthand and appreciate the world-class infrastructure and facilities.
  4. The penultimate step involves moments of negotiation that precede the crowning of your journey with the signing of the contract, ensuring that it reflects all the details, requirements, and aspirations you cherish.
  5. Finally, the moment of completing the purchase arrives, where you choose the payment method that suits you best, whether it's a one-time payment or convenient installment plans. With this achievement, you receive the documents confirming your ownership of the unit in Naia West New Zayed compound, reinforced by all the promises and expectations that flow through the veins of this exceptional residential project.

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Shopping center
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Social Club
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5,700,000 EGP.

Sheikh Zayed City, 9 minutes from the Road of Farag road.


Naia Real Estate Development Company.

10 villas

pay a downpayment starting from 5% of the total unit price, then pay 5% as a second payment upon contracting, and the rest in installments over 9 years.

140 acres.


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