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Zavani Compound New Capital

This compound is one of the latest projects of El Fouad Development Group in cooperation with Progate Developments, which it has established in one of the best areas in the center of the New Administrative Capital where it combines originality and modernity in terms of design and architectural construction, as the developer company has been always keen to achieve what corresponds to the needs of customers and investors, which inspired it to implement it in a model similar to the world modern style And for more details click Egypt Real Estate.

In addition to providing all the main and luxury service facilities, as well as the luxurious interiors and exterior decorations and finishings, also various residential units with varying sizes.

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Zavani Progate Compound

Al Fouad Development Company was keen to select a vital and distinctive place in order to establish its new project in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is characterized by vitality and proximity to many vital places, such as Al Sefarat Neighbourhood, the complex of government ministries, the Diplomatic District, and the Republic Presidential Palace.

It is also close to the Green River, and many of the main axes and roads that facilitate movement to and from the Compound, it is also located in plot No. E1 found specifically within the 7th Residential District R7. 

Zavani Compound is very close to both Al Shamsi Land, Diplomats District, and the neighborhood that includes the embassies complex, as well as some large residential projects, most notably The Loft complex and the central park, as well as some of the vital and indispensable service facilities.

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Designs of Zavani Progate Group

It preferred to use the largest engineering consulting companies and some of the most qualified engineers and designers to implement the project in the best possible way, by using high-quality designs characterized by modernity and international quality standards.

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Services Provided by Zavani New Capital

The designs and engineering and architectural works were carried out by Engineer Mohab Safwat, who supervised a large number of luxury residential projects, noting that Zavani Compound is characterized by the availability of all services within it, the most important of which are the following:

  • The developer was keen to take advantage of the largest area of Zavani total area to implement landscapes and green spaces, giving residents a sense of comfort and psychological calm.
  • A club house was built on an area of about four acres.
  • For recreational services, there are several swimming pools of different sizes suitable for all ages of adults and kids, as well as a covered swimming pool for ladies only for extra privacy.
  • Inside Zavani New Capital, there is a range of artificial lagoons that have been distributed harmoniously and orderly throughout the Compound, ensuring a magnificent view enjoyed by residents within all residential units.
  • Extensive tracks have been specially implemented for cycling, walking, and jogging, with the full care that these tracks are far from the roads of the car to make it more secured and more protected.
  • There is a good security system with high-level trained security staff, as well as the distribution of high-tech surveillance cameras to keep residents safe and secure.
  • There is large parking that is equipped and prepared to keep them from getting hurt.
  • A collection of the world's most renowned restaurants and cafes which offer customers the best food and the most delicious beverages.
  • Each residential building within the Compound has a large car park below it so that a large number of cars can be accommodated at once.

There are 24-hour security personnel to ensure the safety of the population, along with many other services.

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Features of Zavani Compound New Capital

The project has a large number of features that qualify it to be the destination to which customers and investors are headed, the most prominent of which are as follows:

  • The company that owns the project is obliged to deliver residential units to all customers on the agreed date and specified in the contract without any delay.
  • Using the largest decorative companies to finish the units in a way that satisfies customers.
  • The company is keen to finish residential units, whether detached apartments or standalone villas on a luxurious level comparable to the hotel level.
  • Units with different spaces are available within the project to suit all customers' desires and needs as there are detached apartments and duplex units with large and small spaces.
  • The price per meter within Zavani is the lowest ever among nearby projects, as it does not exceed 9500 Pounds, which helps the client to own a residential unit within the project quickly without incurring significant financial burdens.
  • The Compound has a distinct geographical location that is one of the most important attractions for customers, especially since it is very close to the diplomatic quarter.
  • There is enough space within Zavani project to separate the residential buildings from each other, providing privacy for the residents, although this space has been used to provide green spaces, beautiful trees, and charming artificial lakes that add more beauty and psychological comfort.
  • There are the leisure services that bring comfort and pleasure to the residents, including swimming pools, a gym equipped with the highest standard, a high-end spa, an equipped jacuzzi, and more.
  • The developer offers easy installment payment systems over long periods in exchange for owning a residential unit.

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Area of Zavani Administrative Capital

The entire project is located on a total area of 33 acres, knowing that the company has built a wall surrounds the compound up to three meters high, and this large area was divided among green spaces, buildings, and residential units, and the owner company did not lose sight of providing various service facilities that meet the needs of the residents.

The green areas occupy 80% of the total area of Zavani, while the residential buildings occupy only 20% of the total area, bringing a kind of relaxation and pleasure in the pure atmosphere.

Despite all these services and privileges, the company offers the meter within the project at the lowest price, helping those who want to live a life full of luxury through owning a residential unit easily.

Zavani Prices and Spaces

Zavani New Administrative Capital is implemented in several phases, with the aim of providing a variety of residential units of varying sizes, range from penthouse with roof, duplexes, apartments for sale in Zafani, as well as buildings.

The residential buildings contain three apartments on the first floor, while it contains four apartments on the second floor, knowing that each building contains a number of 2 elevators to keep the comfort of the residents, and the apartments are varied, including two rooms, three rooms, or four bedrooms either upper floors or ground floor with a private garden, and the price per meter starts from only 9500 pounds, and the prices are as follows:

  • The price of the 137 square meters apartment starts at 1,480,000 EGP.
  • The price of the 158 square meters apartment in Zavani starts at 1,580,000 EGP.
  • The price of the 168 square meters apartment starts at 1,601,000 EGP.
  • The price of the 177 square meters apartment in the ground floor starts at 2,130,000 EGP.
  • The 179 square meters penthouse price starts at 2,140,000 EGP.
  • Finally, the price of the 218 square meters penthouse unit starts at 2,450,000 EGP.

Thus, we find that the prices of the project are competitive and suitable for a wide range of customers compared to its features and services.

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The owner also undertakes to deliver the units in a semi-finished system within four years of the contract, and has provided flexible payment systems of the following:

  • First System: Those who wish to own a unit within Zavani Progate can pay a downpayment of 7% of the total unit price, and pay the remaining amount in equal monthly payments over seven years without calculating interests rate at all.
  • Second System: Pay a contract down payment of 8% of the unit value, and pay the remaining amount over eight years.

  • Third System: is to pay 9% downpayment of the total price of the residential unit to be owned, with the remaining amount to be paid over a period of nine years without interest.

Knowing that the customer can pay through the monthly or annual system according to what was written during the contract with the company, provided that all premiums are equal value so that the customer can own his unit at the lowest prices while enjoying all the services and benefits, as well as the green spaces and gardens that offer more luxury.

A Brief About The Owner Company

Al Fouad Real Estate Company is the company that implemented this compound within the New Administrative Capital, as it is one of the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, which was established more than ten years ago, through which it has hired a group of senior engineers and the most qualified designers who can implement any project optimally in order to gain the satisfaction and confidence of customers.

Al Fouad Properties is always keen to get its projects out to the fullest, so it hired the famous In House company to implement the designs of this complex.

The company has implemented a number of successful projects, the most prominent are the following:

  • Construction of 125 residential buildings distributed to Al Shorouk and The Fifth Settlement.
  • The implementation of one of the largest malls that is currently completing its design and decorations works.
  • The K Sahl Hasheesh project in the Red Sea.

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Units Prices in the Shopping Mall

Zavani project provides the client with the opportunity to invest near his place of residence within the compound, due to the existence of a large commercial mall with a large and varied number of units suitable for various activities, whether medical, administrative, or commercial, in different areas that correspond to the wishes of each client.

The areas range from 30 square meters up to 50 square meters, and are delivered to the customer on core and shell without finishes, knowing that these units are a huge opportunity because of their privileged location in one of the main streets facing the diplomatic quarter, and the price of the meter ranges from thirty thousand EGP up to thirty-five thousand Egyptian pounds.

A large hypermarket will be provided within the mall in The compound, which covers an area of 2,000 square meters, in addition to exploiting an area of 120 square meters to establish a pharmacy equipped to provide medical services and health supplies to customers.

The remaining area is exploited to provide commercial services with an area of 120 square meters, and the average price per meter is 80,000 Egyptian pounds, and a distinct commercial unit can be obtained within the mall with a simple down payment starting from 50,000 pounds.

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Social Club
Health club and Spa
Water Fountains
Aqua park
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