Townhouse for sale in New Cairo

The recent search for townhouses for sale in the 5th Settlement has increased, this area characterized by quiet, beautiful design and scenic landscapes, as well as the wide variety of spaces, all of which have made it an excellent choice for all those who want luxury accommodation and unique life that guarantees them all the comforts.

Housing features in New Cairo and 5th Settlement

The Fifth Settlement area is an important part of New Cairo, and the two regions combine many advantages that many people want to live in, including the following:

  • Both have a large number of educational facilities, most notably the American University and Canadian University.
  • There are many entertainment services including Magic Store, New Cairo Park, Magic Plant Theme Park, and Family Park.
  • Sophistication and great privacy in all units thanks to the impressive engineering design that is rarely repeated in any of the other residential areas.
  • A special life of tranquility, the area is far from the Squatters, and the hustle and bustle it contains.
  • Easy access to the site from anywhere thanks to proximity to the main roads and hubs including the ring road, Al Ain Sokhna road, and Al Mosheer Axis.

All this has made many customers look forward to buying a townhouse in 5th Settlement as owning a unit in that charming area makes life comfortable and quiet.

Townhouse at South 90th Street

90th Street is one of the distinctive and high-end areas of Fifth Settlement and New Cairo as a whole, thanks to its many services that varied in its purposes ranging from administrative, educational, recreational, and commercial, as well as includes units of townhouses with an average price of 4,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Townhouse for sale in Stone Park compound

This project is one of the most elegant residential projects located in New Cairo, as it features a vital location easy to reach from all places, and is close to important areas including the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo International Airport, Nasr City, Heliopolis, Maadi, and the American University.

The project features a variety of units including the townhouses at a starting price of 2,500,000 Egyptian pounds for units with an area of 240 square meters.

Townhouses in The Square compound

The search for townhouse for sale has increased in Fifth Settlement within The Square, which is a magnificent and distinctive compound, with a strategic location close to Al Jazeera Club and The American University, and close to the highest compounds including Mivida, Hyde Park New Cairo, Katameya Dunes.

The executing company of this project was keen to provide it with a variety of services, as well as a variety of units, including the townhouses, at a starting price of EGP 3,400,000.

Townhouses in Hyde Park New Cairo

This compound is one of the most prominent complexes of New Cairo ever, as it includes an infinite number of wonderful services that rarely meet in a single residential project, and the compound contains different types of units, including townhouses with varying sizes ranging from 159 square meters up to 250 square meters with a price starts from 10,300 pounds per meter.

Not only this, but the company implementing the project has provided a flexible payment system for the client to pay 10% as a down payment and the rest over 7 years, and the receipt of the contracted unit will be within two years from the date of the contract.

Townhouses in Taj City

A truly upscale complex characterized by its close proximity to the most important axes and roads, as it includes a huge amount of services that have made life in the compound more comfortable and luxurious, and the most important feature of the project is that it includes different types of residential units including townhouses at a price starting from 4.238.240 Egyptian pounds.

Townhouses in Katameya Dunes

It is one of the most famous compounds in the region, where it is carefully designed and accurately made it achieve a new vision of high-end housing, where the scenic and diversity of spaces, the complex has included various types of units with various spaces including townhouse at a starting price of 8,200,000 Egyptian pounds, and the executing company has acknowledged that the delivery of units will be during 2022 AD.

Townhouse in 5th Settlement in installments at Katameys Gardens

A high-end life of tranquility and comfort is available within this charming project, which was professionally designed to make it come out gorgeously, the compound was executed in the highest areas of Fifth Settlement on 90th Street and it is characterized by the terrible variety of services which made it a special destination for a large number of customers.

This compound contains units of various areas at different prices depending on its type and area, the price of townhouse units starts from 3,220,000 Egyptian pounds, and the company has made it possible for its customers to pay through the installment system to facilitate them by paying 15% as a down payment and the rest over five years, and it has been announced that all units contracted will be delivered after one year and five months from the date of the contract.

Townhouse for sale in Mountain View icity New Cairo

It is one of the most famous projects in the region, as it is very close to the most important places and high-end residential projects, and it is also characterized by the variety of services it offers to the population in addition to the variety of units, including townhouses, with prices start from 3,000,000 Egyptian pounds, not only this and also that the payment systems have been easy for everyone, with a payment of 10% as a down payment and the rest in installments over 6 years, and is scheduled to deliver all units during 2021 AD.

Townhouses at Palm Hills Katameya

The most important feature of this complex is the proximity to important areas including El Zhohour Sporting Club and The Future University in Egypt, as well as its proximity to high-end projects such as Retag Complex and Grand Residence.

This compound is characterized by the fact that it has a variety of services, as well as units in various forms and areas, including units of the townhouse at a starting price of 4,000,000 Egyptian pounds, and the owner company has provided a convenient system of payment with a down payment of 10% and the rest is paid over 7 years.

Townhouse for sale at Layan Residence

Layan Sabbour is unique with its french style, it is located close to the American University and adjacent to the Platinum Club and Village Gardens. This complex features great exclusive services and various types of units with various spaces, including a townhouse, with a price starting at 1,500,000 EGP.

Features of housing within a townhouse

This type of unit is a collection of houses with a similar design that shares with each other sidewalls, each with its own garden of a small area, and housing in townhouses units has countless advantages including the following: -

  • Living within the townhouse is characterized by lower maintenance costs compared to other types of units.
  • The townhouse is an excellent choice for detached housing enthusiasts, as the purchase price for this type of unit is much lower than the cost of standalone villas.
  • Merge with neighbors and make friends, a feature that is not found in villas isolated from around with a wall and a door.

If you are looking for a townhouse for sale, you should go to any of the above-mentioned compounds, where luxury designs, privacy, comfort, and suitable price, housing in this type of unit is very different and very special.