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Duplexes for sale in New Cairo - 169 Properties for sale


Duplexes for sale in New Cairo within the most luxurious residential compounds with luxurious and modern features

Duplex for sale in New Cairo is the dream that many people want to achieve, where the duplex apartments in New Cairo are available in many areas to suit all tastes and satisfy all ambitions, and there is also in Fifth Settlement many compounds where there are duplex apartments have the most beautiful designs.

Duplex for sale in New Cairo

You can get a duplex for sale in New Cairo within the many luxurious compounds in this magnificent neighborhood, perhaps the most famous of which is Lake View Residence, which takes its residents to an area far from noise and pollution.

The most important features of the compound are as follows:

  • New Cairo duplexes are found in Lake View Compound with a variety of spaces and luxurious Super Lux finishes.
  • The compound is located in a special place with the Golden Square at the center of Fifth Settlement.
  • Its great location is adjacent to many luxury residential compounds such as Mivida compound, Sodic, and Palm Hills Tagamoa, minutes from 90th Street and Club Street.
  • Lake View makes you close to the American University and Cairo International Airport.

Duplexes for sale in Palm Hills New Cairo

You will find a duplex for sale in New Cairo with great standard specifications in Palm Hills Fifth Settlement which is one of most famous compounds of New Cairo, which is located near the American University and separated from it only a quarter of an hour and is only five minutes from the New Administrative Capital.

Duplexes in Palm Hills New Cairo are with a variety of spaces giving customers great freedom to choose the right unit.

Duplexes for sale in Mivida Compound

Mivida is one of the most important and largest residential communities in the 5th Settlement, the Complex has a variety of units in its forms, spaces, and designs, where there are duplex apartments and magnificent penthouses.

The complex has been built on a large area of about 860 acres, the green spaces occupy a large part of it, as the apartments overlooking the most beautiful view.

Emaar Misr, the owner of the compound, provides all the services and facilities needed by the population, and the compound enjoys a privileged location in the middle of 5th Settlement, and the company provides many facilities for customers, especially bearing the maintenance costs instead of customers.

Duplexes for sale in The City of Odyssia

You will find a duplex for sale in New Cairo in its most beautiful and latest designs in The City of Odyssia compound provided by Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company.

It is a large project built on a large area of about 580 acres, the green spaces occupy a large area of the compound to ensure the most beautiful views of the landscapes.

It is located in a very special location just a quarter of an hour from the American University, the complex is also very close to the New Administrative Capital.

The complex has a variety of units among apartments and townhouses, in addition to luxurious duplexes with international designs and high-end finishes and areas ranging from 120 square meters up to 240 square meters.

The area of townhouses and villas ranges from 275 square meters up to about 312 square meters, and the area of the villas exceeds the area of 500 square meters and consists of recurring floors.

Capital Gate duplexes

If you want to own a duplex for sale in New Cairo, Capital Gate compound has a large number of these distinctive units, as the compound is designed on a large area of about 100 acres.

Green spaces and recreational services occupy a large area of the project to provide comfort and relaxation for residents.

The project has a variety of luxury residential units among apartments, premium duplex units, penthouses, and villas.

Al Marasem company is the owner of the project which cares about the comfort and well-being of its customers, so it has provided them with all the services and facilities that make their lives more beautiful and easier.

Duplexes within Capital Gate New Cairo

It is one of the most luxurious projects of the Fifth Settlement, as it is located in a privileged location adjacent to Al Rehab city, close to important compounds including Mountain View iCity New Cairo.

It is very close to 90th Street, located near the American University as it is only 15 minutes away, only about 7 minutes from Rehab City, and only about a quarter of an hour from the New Administrative Capital.

The compound has duplexes featuring modern designs and available in many spaces to suit the demands of all families whether large or small ones.

Duplexes for sale in Stone Residence

Stone Residence New Cairo is one of the most important Fifth Settlement compounds located on a large area of about 450 acres where services, green spaces, and water bodies occupy a large part of its total area.

Buildings and residential units occupy the lowest area, all with stunning scenery and designed according to one of the world's most modern designs.

The forms of residential units are diverse, as customers can get New Cairo duplex units in this luxurious compound offering a variety of dazzling spaces and designs.

As for the site of the Compound, which is one of its most popular attractions, it is located only five minutes from 90th Street, and only a quarter of an hour separate from the American University, and the neighborhoods of Heliopolis, Nasr City, and Maadi can be reached in just 10 minutes and Cairo International Airport in about 20 minutes.

You can get to your home quickly because the compound is close to the ring road and is located at the entrance to New Cairo.

Duplexes for sale in New Cairo at Taj City

Taj City is a unique luxury residential project offered by Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD), one of the largest and most important projects of the Fifth Settlement of New Cairo.

The complex was built on an area of about 900 acres, water bodies and services were designed a large part of it with providing many recreational services.

As for the residential units, you will find a duplex for sale in New Cairo with many spaces you can choose the space that suits you, and there are apartments and various residential units including penthouses, townhouses, and standalone villas.

The location of the compound is very special because it approaches the ring road in front of many international hotels, namely Kempinski Hotel and the famous JW Marriott Hotel, and its strategic location in a unique location connecting Cairo-Suez Road and Thawra Street.

It is located just five minutes from Cairo International Airport, the same time period separates it from 90th Street, Nasr City and Heliopolis can be reached in just 10 minutes, and Downtown Cairo can be reached in just 20 minutes.

It is a unique compound with all the entertainment services, its residents live a modern, upscale life, and wonderful moments of tranquility and recuperation.

More compounds in Fifth Settlement

Features of living within duplex units

The search for a duplex for sale in New Cairo stems from the desire of customers to get many advantages that can be obtained when living in this type of luxury apartment, the most important features of which are as follows:

  • Many people choose to live in duplex apartments because it has attractive and elegant designs.
  • The interior division of duplex apartments brings privacy to its residents, as there is a separation between guest reception areas and bedrooms.
  • The duplexes are divided into two floors or two levels, the first floor is reserved for guests and living rooms so that the rooms upstairs enjoy quiet and privacy.
  • Life in duplex apartments gives residents a sense of luxury because they are similar in their designs to small villas.
  • The interior stairs in the duplexes give it a special elegance and charm with sophisticated designs.
  • The bedrooms in the duplexes are quiet and far from the hustle and bustle, so the upper floors include these rooms to have comfort, tranquility, and recuperation.
  • The duplex decorations are modern and elegant.
  • Life in duplex apartments gives you the advantages of living in a mini-villa but at affordable prices compared to large villas.
  • Duplexes' spaces are suitable for small and medium-sized families that large and multi-floors villas are not suitable for them.

So the search for duplexes for sale in New Cairo is a matter of mind for many customers who love elegance and luxury, and those looking for units that combine the luxury and beauty of villas, the privacy and comfort of apartments at affordable prices and accessible to all, and the Fifth Settlement includes many complexes that provide a large number of duplex units available in many areas, waiting for lovers of elegance and luxury to choose from, to enjoy a high life and attractive views over the most beautiful landscapes.