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Capital Gate compound 5th Settlement

If you are looking for the best residential compounds established in the heart of the 5th community, where luxury, comfort and all the necessities of life, you can now book your unit at Capital Gate New Cairo.

Such as international residential compounds and a high level of luxury, so follow us in the following lines to find out more details about the compound and services and distinctive ways of owning units.

Capital Gate compound location

Compound Capital Gate is located in the heart of New Cairo, especially the fifth cluster, with its high standards and strategic location, for example:

  • 10 minutes from the Bin Zayed hub connecting the new administrative capital with New Cairo.
  • 5 minutes from Mountain View City and I City.
  • 15 minutes from the American University.
  • 10 minutes from 90th Street.
  • 7 minutes from Al Rehab city.
  • Located near the compound Zizinia Garden New Cairo City Zizinia Gardens New Cairo Compound.
  • Near Palm Hills Compound Palm Hills Compound.
  • Close to L'Avenir Compound.
  • Not only is it located near many other prestigious residential complexes and cities such as the city of the future, making it the first choice for many lovers of discrimination and living a life of luxury and being near various services.

Space of Capital Gate project

As for the space of Compound Capital Gate, the company is keen to build a compound that provides vast areas of landscaping and industrial water bodies so that the population can enjoy the fresh air and nature and help to practice the various sports in the complex freely.

Which is available on an area of ​​97 acres and allocate space Approximately two-thirds of the project is for green spaces and various facilities and services.

And the rest is only for residential units and buildings and the House House next to provide an administrative area along the facade of the compound up to 685 meters uniquely designed and attractive.

About the executing company of Capital Gate compound

The following lines are not intended to define the International Protocol for Urban Development, which has a wide reputation in the Arab countries as well as its distinguished and prestigious projects in some Western countries.

Where Sheikh Khalid and Omar bin Laden is a Saudi national and started to operate independently in Egypt About twenty years ago, during this period, i worked to create a comprehensive urban renaissance in Egypt.

For example, we find some projects:

  • Fairmont Hotel.
  • Al Rehab Club in New Cairo.
  • Cairo Airport Hotel.
  • Dreamland Shopping Mall.
  • Al Rehab Shopping Mall.
  • Heliopolis Club in El Shorouk City.
  • Emaar Town Building.
  • Amer Group Management Building.
  • Not only that but has worked on developing a lot of other projects and expanding in some airports such as Cairo International Airport, Hurghada Airport, Alexandria Airport and Sharm El Sheikh.

Capital Gate project is the latest projects in the 5th settlement where it is keen to set up the design of engineering and modern excellence to match the taste High class.

Services available at Capital Gate 5th Settlement

As for the services available at the Capital Gate in New Cairo, they are many and unique and provide all the facilities that an individual may need on a day.

The vast green spaces have helped to create a number of excellent services in the compound, for example:

  • The establishment of a number of sports clubs and playgrounds such as golf, tennis and football, as well as providing green areas for cycling and walking.
  • Beside many of the industrial water bodies, crystal Lagoons, waterfalls and swimming pools with various areas for adults and children, as well as sauna and jacuzzi.
  • And of course there are a number of large malls that provide all the products and brands of global shopping freely.
  • Parking spaces and 24-hour security and guard teams.
  • Child-friendly areas and a number of restaurants and cafes at the highest level.
  • Rooms for weddings and various events, as well as barbecue places.

Spaces and prices of units in Capital Gate

  • As for the ways of owning the units and the villas in the Compound Capital Gate, where the area of ​​units ranging from 100 meters to 400 meters.
  • But the company offers a large number of facilities when buying units in the advance payment, up to 5% of the total unit price.
  • Or installment amount Remaining for a period of up to eight years or six years with a fixed interest.


  • There are also a number of double-decker penthouses and spaces ranging from 200 meters to 400 meters.
  • With a small swimming pool and a large terrace overlooking the entire compound from all sides.

Twin House:

  • The Compound also offers a number of twin houses with a shared garden and parking space.
  • As well as a common entrance suitable for families and large families, ranging from two hundred and fifty meters to 400 meters.


Security Playgrounds Swimming pools Shopping center Commercial area Mosque Social Club Health club and Spa


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