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Project Description

Project Name: Capital Gate Compound.

About Capital Gate Project: It is one of the most distinguished and most important residential complexes in New Cairo, designed and built by Al Marasem Real Estate Development Company.

Capital Gate Location: New Cairo, 10 Minutes from the Bin Zayed axis.

Capital Gate Project Space: about 97 acres.

Unit Types: Villas - Twin Houses - Penthouses.

Unit Spaces: Spaces start from 100 square meters To 400 Square Meters.

Price per Meter: Starts at 1,375,000 EGP.

Owner Company: El Marasem Development.

Payment System: 5% Downpayment Up To 10% and The Rest Via Installment from 6 To 8 Years.

Capital Gate 5th Settlement

If you are looking for the best residential compounds established in the heart of the 5th settlement, where luxury, comfort, and all the necessities of life, you can now book your unit at Capital Gate New Cairo.

Follow us on the following lines to find out more details about Capital Gate New Cairo compound, services, and distinctive ways of owning units in Capital Gate El Marasem.

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Capital Gate compound location

It is located in the heart of New Cairo, especially the fifth settlement with its high standards and strategic location.

The most important landmarks near Capital Gate New Cairo Compound:

  • 10 minutes from the Bin Zayed axis connecting the New Administrative Capital with New Cairo.
  • 5 minutes from Mountain View ICity .
  • 15 minutes from the American University.
  • 10 minutes from 90th Street.
  • 7 minutes from Al-Rehab city.
  • It is located near Zezinia Gardens New Cairo Compound.
  • Near Palm Hills Compound.
  • Close to L'Avenir Compound.
  • It is also located near many other prestigious residential complexes and cities such as Mostakbal City, making it the first choice for many lovers of discrimination and living a life of luxury.

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Join us and see how we added touches of elegance and innovation to the design of Capital Gate compound, New Cairo

Al Marasem International Real Estate Development Company has launched its latest project in the heart of New Cairo, Capital Gate New Cairo compound, with unique designs. The company aims for the project to become an architectural masterpiece and an icon of beauty, luxury and prosperity among other urban projects. Therefore, it assigned the task of developing engineering plans for the project to the best designers and engineering consultants. El Marasem New Cairo project was implemented according to international standards and measures, using the best quality building materials and finishes with modern facades that attract attention as soon as you enter the compound. The developing company also took care to ensure privacy between the units by separating them with green spaces and dividing the project as follows:

  • The Capital Gate in New Cairo's Fifth Settlement was built on an area of up to 100 acres.
  • Green spaces, plazas and recreational facilities occupy the largest area in El Marasem New Cairo project, while buildings and residential units occupy the remaining area.

  • The project includes residential units of villas, penthouses and townhouses in different areas.

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The distinguished services in Capital Gate New Cairo Compound

The company that owns Capital Gate Compound New Cairo has provided a range of unparalleled services and features, the services varied between basic and entertainment so that the customer could enjoy all the moments, and provide all the means of safety and comfort for him. Below we will learn in detail about these services:

  • Many swimming pools of different sizes and shapes suit both adults and children inside Capital Gate Compound.
  • Capital Gate project includes a commercial area and a huge commercial mall that includes the highest international brands.
  • A chain of the most luxurious restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious recipes and western and oriental drinks to serve all tastes inside Capital Gate Project.
  • Capital Gate compound contains a distinguished mosque decorated in the beautiful Islamic style and includes a large number of worshipers.
  • Capital Gate includes a clubhouse with all the modern equipment at the highest level, such as the sauna, jacuzzi, and spa, for more recreation and relaxation.
  • A children's area has been allocated with various games and recreational activities that help them spend the happiest time with their families at Capital Gate.
  • A nursery that includes many modern educational activities for children inside Capital Gate Compound.
  • A health club with many different devices to ensure entertainment in Capital Gate New Cairo.
  • A sports gym with modern equipment at a high level, and distinguished trainers to maintain the fitness and fitness of the residents.
  • Private garages for all units to ensure security and privacy, and it is also large to include the largest number of visitors and residents' cars.
  • 24-hour security and guarding through security personnel and surveillance cameras spread throughout the compound.
  • Places for barbecues and various social events inside Capital Gate New Cairo.
  • Gyms with many different games and activities such as football and tennis so that everyone can practice their favorite sport at Capital Gate New Cairo.

Experience a colorful and unique lifestyle with the exclusive privileges offered to you by the upscale Capital Gate New Cairo compound

By owning a residential unit in Capital Gate New Cairo compound, you have a golden opportunity to enjoy all the advantages available within El Marasem New Cairo project, which are hard to compare with any other compound. So there is no need to think twice, go ahead and book your place now, and get the best features including:

  • Capital Gate New Cairo compound enjoys a privileged location amid vibrant neighborhoods, elegant designs, diverse areas and competitive prices suitable for all customers.
  • All residential units in Capital Gate New Cairo compound are designed to enjoy stunning views of green spaces and artificial lakes, providing a sense of comfort and relaxation.
  • For cycling and biking enthusiasts living in Capital Gate New Cairo compound, there are tracks surrounded by green spaces to enjoy the charming nature.
  • People of determination were considered by providing paved paths and facilities designed specifically for them to facilitate living and moving around the project without facing any difficulties.
  • El Marasem New Cairo project includes electronic entrances that provide complete privacy and easy access in and out of the project without congestion.
  • There is an advanced security system in Capital Gate New Cairo compound with a number of high quality surveillance cameras to monitor all movements and ensure safety and protection for unit owners.
  • El Marasem New Cairo project employs highly trained and armed security personnel to control order and security in Capital Gate New Cairo compound around the clock.
  • There are ATMs spread throughout Capital Gate New Cairo compound to facilitate cash transactions of withdrawals, deposits and transfers for residents without leaving the project.
  • There are rest areas and benches in Capital Gate New Cairo compound to enjoy the charming nature and get a great deal of tranquility, relaxation, yoga practice and hobby of drawing and reading freely.
  • Barbecue parties can be enjoyed in Capital Gate New Cairo compound as there are equipped areas for gathering and having a good time.
  • Pet owners living in Capital Gate New Cairo compound can enjoy taking them for a walk in an area designated for them and equipped with the necessary materials and tools.
  • There are solar panels in Capital Gate New Cairo compound that generate electricity from solar energy to keep up with environmental preservation campaigns.
  • All residential units in Capital Gate New Cairo compound are supplied with basic utilities for living such as gas, electricity and sewage networks.
  • There is a large mosque in Capital Gate New Cairo compound in Islamic style for performing religious rituals and prayers.
  • The residential units and facilities in Capital Gate New Cairo compound are designed with the latest advanced technologies for controlling them via smartphones, making living easier for residents.
  • There are private generators for units in Capital Gate New Cairo compound that operate in case of power outages to ensure life continues normally.
  • Waste is disposed of technically from Capital Gate's residential units and recycled so as not to harm the environment.
  • Each residential building in Capital Gate New Cairo compound has elevators and fire stairs for the comfort and safety of residents.
  • There are central air conditioners and showers in all residential units in Capital Gate New Cairo compound to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious environment.
  • A high-speed internet network is available in all units of Capital Gate New Cairo compound to facilitate interaction with the project's facilities and enjoy following social media.
  • There is an automated ventilation, sterilization and alarm system in El Marasem New Cairo project's residential units to keep up with the latest developments of the era.
  • Units are equipped with state-of-the-art fire alarm and firefighting systems for rapid response to emergencies.
  • A team works to serve Capital Gate New Cairo compound residents around the clock and provide their needs for more prosperity.
  • For easy communication with security personnel at the main gates of Capital Gate New Cairo compound, audio and visual intercoms are provided.

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Spaces and prices of units in Capital Gate

As for the ways of owning the units and the villas in Capital Gate Compound, where the area of ​​units range from 100 meters to 400 meters.

  • The company offers a large number of facilities when buying units in the advance payment, up to 5% of the total unit price.

  • Installment amount remaining for a period of up to eight years or six years with a fixed interest.


  • There are also a number of double-decker penthouses and spaces ranging from 200 meters to 400 meters with a small swimming pool and a large terrace overlooking the entire compound from all sides.

Twin House:

  • Capital Gate New Cairo Compound also offers a number of twin houses with a shared garden and parking space.
  • Common entrance is suitable for families and large families, ranging from two hundred and fifty meters to 400 meters. 

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Don't wait, attractive price offers and easy payment plans are waiting for you in Capital Gate New Cairo Capital Gate New Cairo

The owning company of Capital Gate New Cairo compound has succeeded in achieving the difficult equation of providing residential units with luxurious designs and diverse areas at competitive prices at the same time. It allows the client to obtain the unit that suits their financial capabilities without bearing any burdens. The offered prices can be identified as follows:

  • Units prices in Capital Gate New Cairo start from 1,375,000 Egyptian Pounds. 

In addition to these prices, many flexible systems have been offered that enable the client to obtain the unit with the lowest down payment and longest payment period as follows:

  • A residential unit can be obtained in Capital Gate Fifth Settlement project without down payment and installments over 4 years.
  • 5% reservation down payment is paid, after 3 months 5% of the unit value is paid and the rest is paid over 6 years.
  • 10% down payment is paid, then 10% is paid after 3 months and the rest is paid over 8 years.

Disadvantages of Capital Gate New Cairo compound

Projects like Capital Gate compound are characterized by exceptional quality and uniqueness. Although some people may see that the diversity between apartments and villas may cast a shadow over privacy, the architectural design ensures a clear separation between apartment areas and villas to ensure privacy is maintained and maximum security provided for each unit. 

About the executing company of Capital Gate compound

The following lines are not intended to define the International Marasem for Urban Development, which has a wide reputation in the Arab countries as well as its distinguished and prestigious projects in some Western countries.

Sheikh Khalid and Omar bin Laden are a Saudi national and they started to operate independently in Egypt about twenty years ago, during this period, they have worked to create a comprehensive urban renaissance in Egypt.

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For example, we find some projects:

  • Fairmont Hotel.
  • Al-Rehab Club in New Cairo.
  • Cairo Airport Hotel.
  • Dreamland Shopping Mall.
  • Al-Rehab Shopping Mall.
  • Heliopolis Club in El Shorouk City.
  • Emaar Town Building.
  • Lake Residence New Cairo.
  • Fifth Square New Cairo.
  • Amer Group Management Building.
  • Not only that but it has worked on developing a lot of other projects and expanding in some airports such as Cairo International Airport, Hurghada Airport, Alexandria Airport, and Sharm El Sheikh.

Capital Gate project is the latest projects in the 5th settlement where it is keen to set up the design of engineering and modern excellence to match the taste High class.

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New Cairo Compounds: Experience Beauty and Modern Living in One Place!

Luxurious residential communities in New Cairo represent a major attraction in the Egyptian real estate market, thanks to their harmonious blend of modern urban design elements with natural allure. These compounds, designed to cater to the needs of contemporary living, offer unprecedented levels of comfort and entertainment, serving as a haven for individuals and families seeking an advanced and comfortable lifestyle.

With design influences that combine modernity and Egypt's rich heritage, the residential compounds in New Cairo boast captivating visual appeal and offer enchanting natural scenery. Residents can take advantage of the serene environment provided by endless green spaces and soothing man-made lakes, all of which contribute to heightened levels of comfort and relaxation.

In addition to natural appeal, these compounds also offer a wide range of amenities and recreational facilities such as social and sports clubs, commercial centers, international schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, and even advanced cinemas and shopping malls, making life there full of choices and enjoyment.

The importance of safety and privacy in these compounds cannot be overlooked, as they ensure ongoing security and CCTV surveillance for their residents, in addition to providing high-quality medical services and health centers, making them an ideal choice for those seeking refined living standards.

In conclusion, the residential compounds in New Cairo offer an exceptional concept of daily living, where quality, design, and services come together in one space to deliver an excellent residential experience that caters to modern, sophisticated desires and creates an ideal environment for an integrated and happy life.

Fifth Settlement: Your Shining Gateway to Luxurious Living!

The Fifth Settlement represents a distinguished center for luxurious living amidst Cairo, where residents find a haven of elegance and tranquility. This organized community creates an ideal living environment with its wide range of diverse residential units, from spacious villas and modern apartments to homes with refined designs that blend authenticity and modernity. Each unit is meticulously designed to ensure the highest levels of comfort and quality for residents.

The Fifth Settlement is a self-contained environment that enriches the lives of its residents with world-class educational facilities, upscale shopping centers, and fully-equipped hospitals, in addition to a dedicated dining and entertainment area that offers a diverse range of options for everyone. Safety is also a priority in the Fifth Settlement, with stringent security measures in place to ensure the safety of residents, complemented by lush gardens and green spaces that exude serenity and relaxation.

Furthermore, the Fifth Settlement provides a wide array of recreation and relaxation options for all family members, including exclusive sports clubs, golf courses, beauty centers, and modern cinemas, making this community an ideal place to experience luxurious and pampered living.

By all measures, the Fifth Settlement offers an unparalleled residential experience in Cairo, making it one of the best choices for those seeking to experience a high level of luxury and security. It is not just a place to live but an investment in a lifestyle that transcends quality and excellence.

For Those Seeking Excellence and Proximity: The Best Compounds Near Capital Gate Compound in New Cairo!

If you're in search of a residence that combines security with luxurious living, and is also close to the Capital Gate Compound in New Cairo, here's a guide to the most prominent compounds that meet these criteria.

  1. Silvia Compound, Fifth Settlement:

    Tops the list of options thanks to its excellent range of facilities, including pools, gyms, and commercial centers, as well as green spaces that provide a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere.
  2. La Mirada Compound, Fifth Settlement:

    Boasts a high level of luxury, offering villas and apartments with exceptional privacy and comfort. The stunning design and lush gardens provide residents with a sense of relaxation and tranquility.
  3. Il Cazar Ville Compound, Fifth Settlement:

    Welcomes those seeking refinement and distinction with its elegant and exquisite villa designs, complemented by breathtaking natural vistas and excellent amenities such as pools and sports halls.
  4. Rai Sarai Compound, New Cairo:

    • Stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking to live near the Capital Gate Compound, offering stylish residential units and villas designed with impeccable taste, in addition to all the amenities and services that allow for a comfortable and stable lifestyle.

These compounds offer diverse options for luxurious living in New Cairo, providing an opportunity to experience a unique and opulent lifestyle near the Capital Gate Compound. Choosing one of these compounds means choosing an unparalleled residential experience.

Smooth Real Estate Transactions: Tips and Secrets to Facilitate the Buying Process in Capital Gate Compound, New Cairo on!

  1. To increase your knowledge about the details of Capital Gate Compound, we invite you to explore the website. This site provides a wealth of information about the wide range of available units, as well as details about the spaces and facilities that can make the buying experience a successful one.
  2. If you need to know more about how to acquire a unit in Capital Gate Compound, the team is happy to answer your inquiries. You will be able to learn about the available options in terms of financing and payment methods, so you can choose what suits you best.
  3. Ensuring the content of the contract before finalizing the deal is a step that cannot be overlooked. We recommend obtaining a copy of the contract and reading it carefully to avoid any unexpected surprises in the future. It is essential that you are aware of every detail and condition contained in the contract.
  4. Additionally, interested parties should inquire about the available amenities and services within the compound. It is important to know whether facilities such as pools, health clubs, playgrounds, and gardens meet your needs and expectations.
  5. Finally, don't hesitate to consult a real estate expert before making the decision to buy. A real estate expert will provide you with deeper insight into the market and offer advice based on their experience, which can be invaluable in your journey to purchase a unit in Capital Gate Compound.

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Swimming pools
Shopping center
Commercial area
Social Club
Health club and Spa
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New Cairo, 10 Minutes from the Bin Zayed axis.

1,375,000 EGP


El Marasem Development.

10 villas

5% Downpayment Up To 10% and The Rest Via Installment from 6 To 8 Years.

97 acres


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