Enjoy the privacy in Taj City 5th Settlement Compound

Published at 2019-04-09

For the lovers of specialty and living a welfare life away from the traffic jams and pollution that spread in many cities, and at the same time being located in a vital location near many different centers in Cairo.

Taj City is your first choice as Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development the famous company launched its artistic antique through Taj City Compound that was designed in a unique shape and on a huge space.

To provide all the classy services that suit all the clients.

Where's Taj City MNHD Location?

Taj City Compound is located in a very special location in the center of New Cairo where the quiet and the comfort and charming natural views.

As Madinet Nasr Company for Housing and Development cared for constructing a unique residential compound.

  • It's located on the Rind Road directly in front of JW Marriott and Kempinski Hotels.
  • It's 5 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • It's also 5 minutes away from Teseen Street.
  • It's 20 minutes away from West El-Balad.
  • It's located in the district that links El-Thawra Street with Cairo El-Suez Road.
  • It's also near Heliopolis city and Madinet Nasr.
  • It's also near Cairo Festival City, so it's considered from the best residential compound.

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What's Taj City Compound Space?

The company constructed Taj City Compound on a huge space to provide different services in it and to construct apartments with large spaces to suit all the families.

The compound was executed on 3.5 million square meters that equal 900 acres and they were divided into residential units and water bodies and commercial centers and many restaurants and cafes.

The company also cared for making all the residential units overlook the charming natural views.

Properties for sale in Taj City New Cairo

Know the Executing Company of the Taj City Project

Of course, Madinet Nasr Company for Housing and Development is a very famous company and it's the owner of this project and it was established since 1959 and it has a huge experience that makes it the first company in Egypt for real estate construction.

As it always chose the best location for constructing its projects by also studying the market situations and the clients' needs and it also uses the European architectural and engineering designs.

And this made it a pioneering company in this field and from its successful projects:

  • Tijan project.
  • Sarai project New Cairo.
  • Taj City project which is its latest project.

The Available Services in Taj City New Cairo

The company provided many services and utilities in the compound t satisfy the clients' needs and desires and suit all the families as:

  • Large green spaces and huge track for walking and riding bikes.
  • Open areas for BBQ and parties.
  • Many sports playgrounds and large sports clubs.
  • Health clubs and large swimming pools.
  • Many international schools and nurseries.
  • Ambulance units and security and guarding.
  • Many restaurants and cafes and commercial centers.

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Know more about the Residential Units Spaces in Taj City 5th Settlement

The compound has many and various residential units as:

  • The small residential apartments' spaces start from 80 up to 200 square meters.
  • In addition to the twin house, duplex, and penthouses, their spaces start from 280 up to 500 square meters.

The Payment Systems and the Price per Meter in Taj City

  • The units' prices start from 18,000 pounds per meter.
  • The company provides many payment facilities as the client can pay a 10% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on a 6 years' installment or more according to the downpayment value.






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