Features of Capital Heights 2 Administrative Capital Compound

Capital Heights 2 Administrative Capital Compound
Published at 2019-04-10

Information about Capital Heights 2 Compound

Capital Heights 2 Compound is one of the important residential projects that were constructed in the New Administrative Capital, and it provides a group of the residential units and duplex that suit the high classes that seek for the welfare, and it's located near many different entertainment, commercial, and administrative districts.

Know more about Capital Heights 2 Safwa Location

  • Capital Heights 2 Compound is located in the center of the New Administrative Capital in front of Mehwar Mohamed Bin Zayed.
  • It's near to the Grand Mosque and the Cathedral.
  • It's also near the Green River.
  • It's 20 minutes away from the Presidential Palace.
  • and 15 minutes away from the Administrative Capital Airport.
  • and 10 minutes away from the Diplomatic Neighborhood, the Opera House, Midtown Compound, and Al-Masa Hall.

So, it has a very special location and near to different services and utilities.

Properties for sale in Capital Heights 2 New Capital

Know the Space of Capital Heights 2 New Capital

  • Capital Heights 2 Compound was constructed on 80 acres as it provides different services and utilities and green spaces on a space that exceeds 70% of the total space.
  • The remaining space is specified for the administrating districts and the residential units that were constructed on the latest attractive architectural and engineering designs with glass elevation for more luxury.

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Who's the Executing Company of Capital Heights 2 Project?

Safwa Urban Development Company is one of the largest real estate companies that are available in the Egyptian market and it was established 22 years ago, and it has many architectural commercial and touristic projects and resorts too in Egypt as:

  • High City project in El Obour.
  • El-Safwa Medical Tower.
  • Sun Rest Resort in Ras El-bar.
  • Mavericks International School.
  • El-Ola City project.
  • El-Safwa Elegance Tower.

Capital Heights 2 Compound is one of its latest projects in Egypt.

Capital Heights New Capital Services

It provides many special services that suit many people from administrating, entertainment, educational, and social services too, and it also saves the time and effort in the Administrative Capital where it's considered the largest commercial and administrating cities in the world, as:

  • Large swimming pools on the roof of the residential units and hotels and clubs, and artificial lakes and crystal lagoons and artificial waterfalls.
  • Wide green spaces and open areas for BBQ and parties and Jungle area.
  • Many sports clubs and various playgrounds and gym and sauna and jacuzzi.
  • Commercial malls, and restaurants and cafes and kids' areas.
  • Security and guarding units and security cameras all over the compound.

What are the Residential Units Spaces in Capital Heights 2 Administrative Capital?

The spaces of the residential units vary inside the compound among the apartments and duplex with different spaces that start from 160 up to 505 square meters.

  • The separated apartments spaces start from 160 up to 300 square meters.
  • While the duplexes spaces start from 400 up to 500 square meters and vary among 3 rooms and a large reception or 5 rooms and a large kitchen and bathroom.

Your Guide about The Cheapest Compound in New Capital

The Residential Units Prices in Capital Heights 2

  • Safwa Company provides many payment facilities for the clients and it delivers the units semi-finished through constructing the glass elevation and the different utilities as the water and electricity and sewage.
  • The units' prices start from 1,520,000 pounds up to 3,847,000 pounds.
  • With paying a 20% downpayment and the remaining on a 3 years' installment.
  • Or paying a 10% downpayment of the total price and 5% after 3 months and the remaining on a 7 years' installment without interest.



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