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Villette Sodic Compound
Published at 2019-04-07

A brief about Villette Sodic Fifth Settlement

  • For the lovers of living in the middle of the charming nature and the wonderful views and breathing the pure air away from the pollution, and for the lovers of the comfort and relaxation and reaching the different services and utilities in short while and at the same time living in a classy resort isolated from the external world.
  • He can own a residential unit inside Villette Compound that's located in the center of the Fifth Settlement, and it's owned by Sodic Investment and Development Company that own a great history with many achievements and real estate constructions in Egypt and it also has many capitals in the Egyptian market.
  • As it constructed the project in one of the vital districts in New Cario, and it provides all the services and utilities that the client needs like restaurants, cafes, schools, hospital, and commercial centers, also at the same time it has various units with many spaces and external designs to satisfy all the tastes.

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Villette Compound's Location from Sodic

Villette Sodic is one of the largest residential projects that were established in New Cairo.

  • The project was constructed in a very vital location in front of the American University directly.
  • It's 5 minutes away from Teseen Street.
  • It's also located near the East Town and many other classy residential compounds.

So it's a golden chance for everyone who wants to live a welfare life away from the overpopulation and to be near the different vital districts in the city.

Properties for sale in Villette Sodic New Cairo

Villette Sodic New Cairo Space

  • The project was constructed on 100 acres with a budget equals 900 million pounds and the company provided 2000 various residential units among the twin house, penthouse, villas, and apartments.
  • It used the latest engineering and architectural designs for constructing these units and dividing the streets in a very special way as their spaces exceed 7 meters.
  • The units are away from each other by 8 meters for more privacy, with designing special and attractive green spaces that were divided into 4 gardens each one for a special activity.

The Executing Company of Villette Sodic Project

As we mentioned that Sodic Company is the owner of the Villette project that was constructed in the Fifth Settlement, and it has many classy residential compounds and administrating and commercial buildings.

And it has a long history that extends to 20 years from achievements and many successful projects as:

And it still continues constructing many new compounds in the center of the New Administrating Capital.

The Available Services in Villette Sodic

The company cared for constructing a classy residential compound that includes all the special services although schools and commercial malls to provide the different main utilities for te clients inside the compound, with specifying 84% of the total space of the compound for constructing the landscape and crystal lagoons and many other services as:

  • Many classy restaurants and cafes and commercial malls.
  • Artificial water bodies and large sports clubs and health clubs and beauty centers and entertainment places as cinemas and open gardens for parties.
  • security and guarding teams and security cameras all over the compound and emergency units and clubhouse.

The Units Spaces in the Compound

  • The units' spaces vary in Villette Compound as apartments spaces start from 250 up to 450 square meters.
  • While the spaces of the villas and twin houses start from 350 up to 750 square meters.
  • The client can control the division of the unit from inside.

The Units Prices in Villette New Cairo

  • The unit's price starts from 4,000,000 up to 7,000,000 pounds.
  • The units are delivered after 3 years from contracting, and the client can pay a 14% downpayment of the total price and the remaining on an 8 years' installment or a 10% downpayment and the remaining on a 10 years' installment.

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