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Mivida New Cairo

Mivida is one of the most famous and luxurious residential communities located in New Cairo and specifically in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in a unique location close to a large number of important projects, vital areas, and main roads, buying a unit in this place is a wonderful investment opportunity and a new life for all those who are exhausted by the life of bustling cities.

Your life in this place will be comfortable and quiet, far from the sources of noise and pollution, full of luxury and beauty, and you can learn the details of life in this upscale compound in the following report.

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Mivida Location

The most important thing that distinguishes Mivida Compound is its strategic location, as it is located close to many vital sites, as it is located in the heart of New Cairo, and its location is characterized by many features that raise its importance, and the features of its location include the following:

  • The location is very close to American University's new site.
  • Only about 20 minutes is the time between its site and Cairo International Airport.
  • The Complex is located near 90th Street, the most important, lively, and popular streets of 5th Settlement New Cairo.
  • The compound is very close to the main roads and hubs, which is easily accessible, as it is close to Ain Sokhna Road and Suez Road.

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Area of Mivida Egypt

Mivida New Cairo was established on a large area of about 3.8 million square meters, where its units are elegantly designed in the style of the American St. Barbara area located in California, and the most important features of the spaces in the compound are as follows:

  • It has 5,000 residential units, indicating the privacy of the entire population.
  • The units have a variety of spaces among apartments, private villas, townhouses, and twin houses.
  • The Compound has a large central park on an area of about 30 acres.
  • The greenery and gardens occupy at least 222 acres of the total area, which means providing stunning scenery.
  • The areas of the apartments are varied among 191 square meters, 229 square meters, 230 square meters, 233 square meters, 244 square meters.
  • Twin House units are varied among many areas, including 227 square meters, 285 square meters, 331 square meters, and up to 348 square meters.
  • Private villas are available in many areas to suit all desires, starting from an area of 331 square meters, 500 square meters, 511 square meters, 521 square meters, 738 square meters, 739 square meters, 770 square meters, up to 779 square meters.

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Services Provided by Mivida Emaar

Mivida New Cairo is a residential complex that will change the concepts of residential life with its modern units and its wonderful location and its diverse services that make its residents enjoy comfort, stability, and safety, every moment passing while they are in this place makes them breathe the fragrance of luxury and realize that their lives began from the beginning since the first moment of their habitation in this charming compound, as for its services, the most important of which are the following:

  • The complex is divided into 25 districts, each with a distinctive nature and own special character and distinctive services, including walking and recreation walkways, gardens, parks, and Crystal Lagoons.
  • The Twin Houses area is surrounded by a large number of services, the most important of which is the club, the luxury hotel, administrative offices, health center, and schools.
  • Villas area has a charming manufactured lake, nearby clubs, international schools, health services, and Mivida Business Park.
  • The apartment area has a large commercial market, sports clubs, a beautiful lake, a health center, an international school, as well as commercial units.
  • The administrative units area has parking spaces, a security center, a medical center, a large commercial complex, and a gorgeous lake.
  • The Complex has large green spaces that occupy a large part of its area and provide all units with stunning views, especially since there are also beautiful crystal artificial lagoons with which it creates unparalleled natural paintings.
  • It has also a large number of swimming pools with a variety of spaces that you find well distributed throughout the place.
  • You'll find a large mall, shops, and stores that offer international brands, all goods, and needs.
  • Medical services, pharmacies, and a large medical center.
  • High-end cafes and restaurants offer international cuisine.
  • Security and guarding services are alert eyes that operate 24 hours a day to provide security and tranquillity to the entire population.
  • State-of-the-art digital surveillance cameras operate 24 hours a day everywhere in the compound.
  • Educational services and international schools.
  • Gardens, parks, and amusement parks for young kids.

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Mivida New Cairo prices

Great services and units with distinctive designs you find here in the project where you live in the arms of nature and breathe fresh air and live a quiet and upscale life, and enjoy wonderful services, all at unbeatable prices, as the prices of units start from 2 million Egyptian pounds, while the most important things announced in terms of prices are as follows:

  • Prices of Mivida apartments for sale start at 3,956,888 Egyptian pounds up to 7,094,888 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin House units price start at EGP 6,190,888 up to EGP 9,632,888.
  • Mivida villa for sale starts at 12,102,888 Egyptian pounds up to 17,777,888 Egyptian pounds.
  • The company that owns the project provides easy payment systems, where the customer pays a down payment of 5% of the unit price, then the second payment of 10%, and the rest of the unit price is paid in annual installments over 6 years.

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The owner company of the project

Mivida Compound is the latest project by Emaar Misr, one of the largest Egyptian real estate companies with significant experience in the real estate development field.

The company's main headquarter is in the UAE, it was founded in 1997 and has provided a large number of real estate and tourism projects so it has been able to gain customer confidence and build a reputation in real estate.

Emaar Misr has provided a large number of distinctive residential projects in Dubai, in addition to its distinctive projects in Egypt, and the company has a huge investment of approximately 11.4 billion Dollars.

It is one of the companies that have proven their presence with its luxury works and distinctive designs, and its most important works and projects are as follows:

Emaar Mivida shall be added to the list of large projects that the company has chosen a privileged location for it in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, this high-end area which includes a large number of luxury residential compounds and mega projects.

The project has all the basic and entertainment services that make it an integrated place where residents do not need to get out because everything they need will be in their hands immediately, life in Mivida is safe and at the highest level of luxury, beauty, and elegance.

So based on the advice of experts, this compound is an investment opportunity and an irreplaceable residential life, take the opportunity and book your unit now and enjoy a high life characterized by the lowest prices and the best payment systems and the highest services and the latest and most beautiful architectural designs.

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