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Fifth Square Compound

Al Marasem Development Company has implemented one of its most prominent residential projects in The Fifth Settlement, which is Fifth Square, a magnificent residential complex designed at the highest level where the diverse spaces, suitable prices, integrated services, and stunning landscapes, which have contributed to making the population enjoy a better level and a more luxurious life And for more Information click Egypt Real Estate.

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Fifth Square Compound location

Al Marasem International company was aware of the role that the strategic location play in attracting a larger percentage of customers, so it was keen to choose a unique location for the implementation of its residential project Fifth Square and the Golden Square area was chosen on the North 90th Street directly, the highest area of the Fifth Settlement.

The most important thing the location is characterized by is that it is close to many vital places, only 5 minutes away from the American University, and 10 minutes from the area of Heliopolis, while the downtown area is only about 20 minutes away, as well as being adjacent to some high-end residential projects, including the following:

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Area of Fifth Square New Cairo

Fifth Square is established on a huge area of about 158 acres, or 663,600 square kilometers and this huge area enabled the company to provide the compound with all the services and facilities needed by the residents, and make them avoid leaving the place in search of anything in any other place, this huge project has been implemented in 4 phases and the reservation within the first three phases has been completed and the fourth phase has been opened for booking.

The company made sure that the units within this project are diverse in the spaces, so that the client can choose the unit that is in line with his desires and potentialities, the units varied among townhouses, twin houses, standalone villas, apartments, and duplexes, with spaces as follows:

  • Regular apartments range in size from 80 square meters up to 270 square meters.
  • The townhouses space starts at 250 square meters.
  • Twin House unit areas start from 300 square meters.
  • Standalone villas area starts from 350 square meters.

The company has adopted a new design in this project, as it made sure that all buildings are on the same pace and each of it has a ground floor in addition to three upper floors, and this feature is unique which made the compound distinct from other residential projects.

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Services Provided by Marasem Fifth Square

The company is always keen to provide all that the customer needs in order to enjoy a high life that does not lack anything, so the company has provided the compound with all the facilities and services, the most important of which are the following:

  • Vast greenery and stunning landscapes are scattered throughout the compound.
  • Swimming pools of various sizes and designs suitable for different ages of customers within the compound.
  • A complete security system equipped with the latest security devices and technologies, to provide maximum security and protection to customers throughout the day.
  • A parking garage for the residents of the compound.
  • Gardens and parks with a variety of flowers and trees.
  • Artificial lakes and picturesque fountains.
  • Club House equipped with the highest standard.
  • Tracks for running and cycling within the exquisite green spaces.
  • Restaurants and cafes offering a high standard of service as well as a variety of delicious food and beverages.
  • Fifth Square has a huge commercial area, with a large number of shops and malls dedicated to the sale of the world's most famous brands and other requirements and demands of the population.
  • A social club dedicated to family gatherings is available.
  • A space has been set up to implement kids recreation area, equipped with different types of games for their happiness and satisfaction.
  • Gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sports devices.
  • A space of the compound has been allocated for barbecue, concerts, and various events.
  • There are seating and meditation areas in the scenic landscape, helping to relax and feel calm.

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Prices & Payment Systems in 5th Square New Cairo

Al Marasem company has achieved the difficult equation of luxury housing and the right price, the prices of units within the compound are suitable for many customers compared to the amenities and services available in the compound.

The regular apartments have been offered at prices starting from 1 million Egyptian pounds, the units of the type of townhouse prices start from 3.400,000 Egyptian pounds, and the prices of duplexes start from 5 million Egyptian pounds, while villas prices start from 4 million Egyptian pounds.

The company has been keen to provide more than one payment system so that the customer can choose the system that is best suited to him and the systems are as follows:

  • 0% downpayment and payment of the unit value in equal annual installments over 4 years without interest.

  • Pay 5% of the total unit value as a booking down payment upon contract, 5% will be paid after 3 months, and the rest is paid in equal installments for 6 years without interest.

  • A 10% booking downpayment is paid upon contract, 10% payment after 3 months, 10% payment upon receipt, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years without interest.

The company has pledged that all contracted apartments will be delivered with full finishing so that they are ready for immediate occupancy, while the villas will be delivered semi-finished.

It should be noted that Al Marasem company has launched a new system in this project, the partnership system, which is called " partners and not just customers ", and this is done by the customer paying only 50% of the total value of the unit, in return for the company to have 50% of the unit.

The company has approved the application of this system to the hotel units located in residential buildings, which have been provided with all the services needed by the residents, to allow the customer to rent it and make the maximum benefit of it.

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The Owner Company History

Al Marasem Developments Company is the executing company of Al Marasem Fifth Square, a pioneer in the field of real estate and which has a long history in the real estate market, since its establishment in 1997.

The company expected unprecedented success of the project, so it allocated a huge budget for its implementation at the highest level, with an investment volume estimated at 16.5 billion Egyptian pounds, while the expected revenues from the project were estimated at 18 billion Egyptian pounds, and the company was able to prove its worth thanks to its unparalleled success in all residential and service projects that it supervised its implementation, including the following:-

  • Four Seasons Hotel.
  • Mivida Compound.
  • Eastown - New Cairo.
  • Marassi Resort on the North Coast.
  • Hayat Heights.
  • Allegria Sheikh Zayed.
  • Al Rehab City, the first, second, third phases.
  • Many malls such as Rehab Mall and Dreamland Mall.
  • A large number of clubs such as al Rehab and Heliopolis Al Shorouk.
  • Cairo Airport, Hurghada International Airport, Sharm El Sheikh, and Alexandria International Airport.
  • Capital Gate New Cairo.

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Features of Fifth Square Al Marasem

Fifth Square Compound New Cairo is unique in many of the benefits that have attracted the attention of a large number of customers, including the following:

  • Affordable appropriate prices.
  • Diversity in units with more privacy.
  • Integrated facilities and services.
  • Convenient payment systems.
  • A unique location away from a life of hustle and bustle.
  • Stunning landscapes for a peaceful and relaxing life.

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Water Fountains
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