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Top 110 Features And Flaws Of Blue Blue Resort

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Blue Blue Sokhna Resort is one of the most important tourist resorts that are keen to provide a lot of services and amenities that are like no other, through which you can sit in front of a distinct view like what is found in Blue Blue Resort and the attractive turquoise beach with its wonderful water that is never comparable to any other beach, without paying any down payments and for the longest period of repayment in convenient installments for Details click Egypt Real Estate.

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Where Does Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Locate?

  • One of the most important features of Blue Blue Resort is its easy access through Al Ain Sokhna road, which in a short time was able to link the heart of Cairo and Ain Sokhna, for only an hour and a half through a road free of dangerous curves as well as winding roads.
  • The project's existing company has chosen the most exclusive and unique tourist areas next to the magnificent windmills, allowing you to breathe fresh air completely free of any air pollutants and renewable swells continuously throughout the day.

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Major Features and Flaws In Blue Blue Village

  • Easy accessible from Cairo as it is only an hour and a quarter from Cairo.
  • It is 45 minutes from the New Capital.
  • It is 110 km² from Suez.
  • It contains various swimming pools suitable for kids and covered pools for ladies.
  • There are many Aquatic restaurants.
  • It provides plenty of small cabins for just one day and also chalets to enjoy the water facilities.
  • There are plenty of recreational activities including aqua park, water games, water skiing, and other games.
  • It has a marina up to 360 meters deep so you can fish and enjoy all the snorkeling trips deep in the Red Sea.
  • The facilities and residential units are designed in the form of a U-shaped, enabling customers to see the village panorama in a good way.

As for the flaws, we can not say that the defects are not mentioned and that their features are beyond imagination, it is difficult to compete and achieve the lead in the field of real estate, especially in the field of services that the village is working to provide, the company was concerned that customers do not face any problems within the resort.

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