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Project Description

Project Name: The Groove.

About The Groove Project: One of the most wonderful touristic villages on the Red Sea, in Al-Ain Al-Sokhna. The strategic location is near Cairo and New Administrative Capital. The Groove project offers unique designs, a variety of unit spaces, and services for all the residents.

The Groove Village Location: Al-Ain Al-Sokhna, about 120 kilometers from Cairo and 60 kilometers from New Administrative Capital. It’s also very close to Il Monte Galala., and is about 11 kilometers from Porto Sokhna.

Village Space: 83 acres.

Unit Types: villas, townhouses, twin houses.

Unit Spaces: starts from 90 square meters

Unit Prices: starts from 1,262,000 EGP

Real Estate Developer: DM Developments.

Payment System: 10% of the unit price as a downpayment, with the remaining amount divided over installments for 9 years.

The Groove Ain Sokhna

The village was designed with creativity in terms of the interior designs and exterior landscape in The Groove Sokhna resort, making it one of the most beautiful resorts in Al Ain Al Sokhna. The landscape is covered in a variety of water bodies with different shapes and sizes, which compliments the surrounding green vegetation and colorful flowers, making the village look like a piece of heaven. In addition, the groove Sokhna offers all kinds of essential and entertainment services, giving visitors everything they need to have an unforgettable holiday be it winter or summer in The Groove DM Resort.

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The Groove Sokhna Location

The Groove Ain Sokhna enjoys a distinct location in the Galala area, close to a number of important landmarks, plus major roads and axes. It’s only 60 minutes away from Cairo.

Specifically, the Groove Village is located on Zafarana road, about 30 minutes away from New Administrative Capital. This location is known for accommodating a number of premium tourist resorts and international hotels, such as Porto Sokhna which is only 7 kilometers away from The Groove, as well as Mövenpick Hotel which is 11 minutes away.

The most important landmarks near The Groove Ain Sokhna Village:

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Join us and discover the beauty and creativity we have added to make Village The Groove Sokhna an umbrella of sophistication and excellence

Dar Misr Real Estate Development Company has been able to make a qualitative shift in tourism projects through Village The Groove Ain Sokhna, which enjoys designs that combine sophistication and modernity. DM Ain Sokhna project was implemented in the latest international styles with the best building materials and raw materials in the form of terraces at a height ranging from 9 to 60 meters, so that all the residential units in DM Ain Sokhna project have a panoramic view of the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea. Attention was also paid to applying modern interior decorations for the units so that they transport you to another world of tranquility and relaxation. The project is divided as follows:

  • The Groove Sokhna resort was launched on an area of up to 83 acres on a 930 meter long beach.

  • There is an artificial island in DM Ain Sokhna project spanning 14 acres.
  • Residential buildings and units occupied about 14% of DM Ain Sokhna project area, and the rest is for green spaces, artificial lakes and recreational facilities.

The Groove El Sokhna Services

  • The Groove Village in Ain Sokhna is one of the most important full-service tourist resorts in the region, thanks to intelligent design and good management that provides all the needs and requirements of visitors. All you have to do is enjoy the most beautiful parts of Ain Sokhna.
  • The villagers benefit from enjoying a 900-meter private beach with crystal-clear blue waters, soft white sands, comfortable seats and umbrellas all provided to the visitors as they recuperating on the beach. There are 3 international restaurants on the beach offering a varied menu that satisfies all tastes.
  • The compound has a private marina with a 12 km yacht area, where you can enjoy fishing and embark on fun cruises.
  • All units have great views of artificial lakes stretching over vast space, with green spaces that are always taken care of. The units are also surrounded by service centers that do not affect the levels of privacy and tranquility of the population, which provide the whole family with the highest level of well-being.
  • Within The Groove, there is a shopping mall built on a large space, which includes a large number of shops and international brand branches that provide all your needs for goods and products during your stay in the village.

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  • The village has a medical center that provides around-the-clock healthcare services, as well as a number of pharmacies and medical clinics in different disciplines.
  • Treat yourself on holiday in a state-of-the-art spa and a wellness center that offers beauty and healthcare services.
  • DM compound also features a sports club for all athletic activities, a gym, and a clubhouse.
  • For seafood lovers, the compound offers a range of restaurants inspired by the world's most famous cuisine, to satisfy the tastes of the whole family, as well as a number of cafés with a distinctive view in the heart of nature.
  • The Groove village includes an unprecedented artificial island that has been implemented on 14 acres.
  • Along the beach line, tracks have been allocated for jogging or cycling enthusiasts, so that they can enjoy exercising in the fresh air on the most beautiful beaches of Ain Sokhna.
  • Golf carts are available throughout the day, so you can explore The Groove Aain Sokhna resort freely.
  • There are also recreational services for children from playgrounds, swimming pools, and an Aqua Park for the whole family.
  • If you want to hold your own events within The Groove, you will be able to do so in event venues, which offer various catering and party planning services.
  • Enjoy the highest level of safety within The Groove Aain Sokhna resort thanks to the latest surveillance and security systems.
  • Dar Misr project manager is keen to provide all maintenance services periodically to all units and facilities within the compound so that the owners do not suffer from any problems during their stay within the village.
  • To receive visitors to The Groove Aain Sokhna resort (including foreign tourists, Arabs, and Egyptian visitors), The Groove is home to Groove's 5-star international hotel and 50 rooms with great views.

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Brellia Ain Sokhna phase is part of the well-known coastal project, The Groove, and one of the stages of the real estate company DM’s completion of its achievements, as it includes a huge number of chalets estimated at 478 chalets, each with a space varying from the other, which starts from 94 square meters and reaches 110 square meters. Its design is in the form of terraces overlooking the most beautiful panoramic views of the seashore, and at a height of 6 terraces.


This distinctive coastal phase within The Groove Project was launched by the major real estate company DM and its name is Sereia, which contains 478 chalets and includes one of the world-famous hotel chains, and its spaces start from 140 square meters up to 145 square meters, and the advertised prices are It is competitive and makes it easier for you to own the best unit in it, and you can pay the total in installments over years.


A phase within the distinctive coastal project, The Grove, helps you relax and enjoy the most beautiful atmosphere, and the Capella stage includes a number of luxurious villas, which amount to about 120 villas, and it also enjoys complete privacy and luxury.

As for the units, they differ in terms of spaces, which start from 172 square meters up to 288 square meters, and the prices are competitive and correspond to your purchasing desires.


The finest phase within The Groove of Ain Sokhna, which is unique in many features and has a distinctive view of the picturesque sea. The units were designed in the Gala phase, at a height of up to 26 square meters, in the form of terraces, and it includes a number of villas that amount to 57, and their spaces start From 322 square meters

The Groove Resort Available Spaces

The Groove project was built on approximately 83 acres with a depth of 450 meters. About 14% is reserved for building and construction, another 15% is for the beach overlooking the village, with the remaining space allocated to the green spaces, landscape, and other service centers within The Groove Aain Sokhna resort, with the aim of providing a beautiful aesthetic environment and beautiful views for all units.

The Groove Resort has a magnificent view of the largest private beach in Al Ain Al Sokhna, with a length of 930 meters, as well as a variety of water bodies such as swimming pools and Crystal Lagoons within the village.

The village units are built in a step system to maximize each unit’s view of the sea. The decks below each building may rise from 9 to 60 meters.

The village has 1,700 residential units of different sizes and divisions whether you are looking for a chalet, a villa, a twin house, or an apartment with Super Lux finishes

The unit spaces within The Groove Resort are as follows:

  • 2 bedroom chalets with an interior space starting from 94 and up to 110 square meters.
  • 3 bedroom chalets with interior space ranging from 140 and up to 145 square meters.
  • Twin houses with various divisions and interior spaces, ranging between 172 and 288 square meters.
  • Standalone villas with 322 square meters each.

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The Groove Sokhna Prices and Payment Systems

Unit prices start at 1,262,000 EGP, which varies depending on the size, location and type of unit as well as the interior finishes.

The price can be divided by paying 10% upon signing the contract, and the rest in equal installments over 9 years. The unit is delivered within 4 years of the contract date.

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Disadvantages of The Groove Ain Sokhna Village

The Groove Ain Sokhna project is the result of the uniqueness and modern vision shown by Dar Misr Properties in developing real estate projects. The company, which is considered one of the largest real estate companies in the region, always shows its commitment to providing innovative designs and integrated services that meet customer expectations.

Indeed, despite all the advantages offered by Dar Misr's project, some may find that the location is challenging for them, especially those looking for easy access from Cairo. However, with the tremendous progress and development in road infrastructure, and the great interest from the Egyptian government in developing Ain Sokhna, moving and commuting between Cairo and Ain Sokhna has become an easy and quick matter.

Ain Sokhna also enjoys a mild climate and natural beauty that makes it one of the most attractive areas for investors and those looking for comfort and relaxation. Therefore, despite the relative distance, the advantages of living or investing in a project like The Groove far outweigh the potential challenges.

Owner Company Portfolio

The company that owns The Groove project is DM Developments which has already undertaken a number of outstanding real estate projects in Heliopolis, Cairo governorate, and Al-Mokattam.

The volume of investments allocated to complete The Groove project is more than 4 billion EGP, and the implementation is headed by the engineer Ahmed Abdel Hamid, one of the most famous engineering consultants in Egypt and the owner of DM Real Estate, who worked on important projects such as Mostakbal City in New Cairo.

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Get Ready for a New Experience: Choose Ain Sokhna and Discover the Advantages of Modern Living!

Ain Sokhna, studded with its natural gem on the shores of the Red Sea in the Arab Republic of Egypt, follows the Suez Governorate. Its distinctiveness attracts attention to it as a unique recreational and tourist spot in Egypt. This area is famous for its dazzling white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, making it an ideal place for relaxation enthusiasts and water sports lovers.

Ain Sokhna takes pride in its magnificent beach that stretches for kilometers, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy its natural beauty and participate in numerous activities such as diving and surfing. Additionally, the area is adorned with a collection of luxurious resorts that offer tourists all kinds of comfort and luxury through private pools, restaurants, spas, and health clubs.

Thanks to its excellent location, being just 120 km away from Cairo, Ain Sokhna is considered the ideal destination for those seeking a change and enjoying a remarkable vacation not far from the city bustle. This proximity makes it easy for them to plan short visits and peaceful weekend getaways.

In addition to its natural beauty and recreational facilities, Ain Sokhna stands out as an ideal investment destination, whether in real estate, hotels, or tourist resorts. Its continuous development and infrastructure improvement open up new horizons for investment, making living there an added value economically.

Ain Sokhna is not just a tourist destination within the Arab Republic of Egypt, but rather an embodiment of the natural beauty that the Red Sea coast can offer. Visiting this area is not only an opportunity for relaxation but also for a rich and active experience filled with comfort in an enchanting and unforgettable environment.

Beauty, Comfort and Excellence, All in the Heart of Ain Sokhna!

Ain Sokhna represents a prominent destination on the Egyptian tourism map, thanks to its distinguished location on the enchanting shores of the Red Sea, which lies east of Egypt and separates it from Cairo by a distance of about 120 kilometers. This proximity makes it an ideal haven for those seeking relaxation and indulging in a unique beach experience with easy access from the capital.

Ain Sokhna boasts its shimmering white sandy beaches and transparent waves, lending it a special charm that attracts tourists from far and wide. Visitors there can immerse themselves in a variety of water activities such as diving, water skiing, and fishing, in addition to enjoying golf or horseback riding.

The area is replete with a collection of luxurious tourist resorts and hotels with international standards, where visitors can indulge in an atmosphere of luxury and enjoy exceptional services. Ain Sokhna's moderate climate during the spring and autumn months makes it the perfect place for trips during those times of the year.

In addition to its natural beauty and recreational activities, Ain Sokhna is also renowned for its diverse dining options. There, you can find a wide selection of restaurants and cafes offering delicious local dishes alongside international cuisine to suit all tastes.

The Egyptian government places Ain Sokhna among its priorities in terms of tourism development, striving to attract new investments and improve infrastructure to enhance tourism and the local economy. These initiatives aim to enrich the experience of visitors and enable the area to attract more tourists throughout the year.

Ain Sokhna offers an ideal blend of enchanting beaches, rich recreational activities, and high-quality tourist services, making it a preferred destination for anyone seeking relaxation and enjoyment of natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

For Diversity Lovers: Multiple Residential Options Near The Groove Ain Sokhna Village!

Ain Sokhna, one of Egypt's prominent coastal destinations, attracts sea lovers from within Egypt and abroad. With the variety of resorts near The Groove Ain Sokhna village, we showcase here a selection of the most prominent to provide diverse accommodation and relaxation options in this beautiful corner of Egypt.

We'll take a look at some of the resorts near The Groove Ain Sokhna village that you can explore for an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

  1. Aroma Beach Residence Compound in Ain Sokhna:
    Stands out as an ideal destination for those seeking peace and relaxation. With its location near The Groove  village, this resort offers a private sandy beach, in addition to a range of luxurious services and facilities including swimming pools, diverse restaurants, and a health club, making it a great haven for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Ain Sokhna.

  2. Azha Compound in Ain Sokhna:
    This resort offers a unique stay experience thanks to its modern design and advanced services. With sea-view chalets, facilities including swimming pools, water play areas, and a commercial center, Azha is an ideal destination for relaxation and entertainment.

  3. Blue Blue Compound in Ain Sokhna:
    This resort provides its visitors with an exceptional experience thanks to its enchanting location and stunning design. You'll be captivated by the panoramic sea views, private beach, and diverse recreational facilities, such as swimming areas, restaurants, and cafes, for an unforgettable vacation.

  4. Blumar Compound in Ain Sokhna:
    Distinguished by its charming natural scenery and serene atmosphere, it offers a pristine sandy beach that invites relaxation and tranquility. In addition to green spaces and sports facilities, Blumar is the ideal haven for those seeking serenity and natural beauty.

These resorts offer diverse options that cater to the needs and preferences of different tourists, making Ain Sokhna a suitable destination for those seeking relaxation or enjoying recreational activities. Be sure to plan your visit in advance and choose the resort that suits you to ensure an unforgettable experience in this enchanting corner of Egypt.

Start Your Successful Real Estate Investment Journey: Ways to Buy a Unit in The Groove Ain Sokhna Village on!

If you wish to own a residential unit in the prestigious The Groove compound in Ain Sokhna, here's a road map to achieve your dream with ease and convenience:

Phase One: Explore the Internet
Begin your journey by visiting the online platform, where you can find your dream units at The Groove compound. The internet provides you with the advantage of quick and efficient searching from your device, without the need to leave your seat.

Phase Two: Dig Into Options
At this stage, you need to examine the available options for residential units in The Groove compound. Use the advanced search feature on the website to narrow down your search based on your requirements in terms of type, area, and price.

Phase Three: Review Unit Details
When you come across a unit that catches your interest, it's time to study the presented details carefully. This information includes data about the real estate developer, unit features, prices, as well as approximate photos and technical specifications.

Phase Four: Communication
If you succeed in finding the unit that suits both your budget and preferences, contact the responsible real estate developer directly. You can obtain the contact details through the compound's online portal.

Phase Five: Negotiation and Inquiry
Communicate with the Egypt Real Estate team to learn more about the purchasing process in detail. Ask about the required down payment, installment periods, and inquire about all terms and conditions required before proceeding with any step.

Phase Six: Contracting
Once you have made your final choice, you will need to sign the sale and purchase contract provided by the developer. It is essential to read every clause and condition carefully before agreeing.

Final Phase: Payment and Handover
After completing the contracting process and paying the agreed-upon down payment and installments, the time will come to receive your much-awaited unit in The Groove compound, marking the beginning of a new life in your dream home.

By following these simple and well-thought-out steps, you'll find yourself transformed from a mere browser to a proud owner of a unit in one of the most prestigious residential compounds in Ain Sokhna.

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Al-Ain Al-Sokhna, about 120 kilometers from Cairo

1,000,000 EGP


DM Developments.

53 villas

There are different payment systems with long payment periods

83 acres


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