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With Installments Up To 5 years Book a Shop in Z4 Mall Janna Zayed From 96m²

1 Rooms

1 Baths

96 M 2

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The cheapest 96m Shop for sale in Z4 Mall Janna ZayedZ4 Mall Janna Zayed Paradise is one of the most prominent modern shopping centers in Egypt, located in the upscale Sheikh Zayed area. The mall is distinguished by its diverse range of services aimed at providing a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for visitors, as well as supporting investors and business owners. Z4 Mall Janna Zayed Paradise offers spacious parking areas that can accommodate a large number of vehicles, making it easier for visitors to find convenient and secure parking spots. The parking areas are designed to facilitate smooth entry and exit movements. The mall also features an advanced security system that operates around the clock, including surveillance cameras throughout the mall and trained security personnel to handle various emergency situations. This security system enhances visitors' sense of safety while shopping.

Project Name: Z4 Mall.

Project location: Sheikh Zayed.

Developer Name: West Way Real Estate Development.

Discover the cheapest price per meter in Z4 Mall Sheikh Zayed

Unit Type: Store.

Units Space: Starting from 96 square meters.

Units Price: Starting from 7,296,000 EGP (The prices Last Update was in May 2024).

Number Of Rooms: 1 Room. Full details on shops for sale in Sheikh Zayed

Number Of Bathrooms: 1 Bathroom.

Payment systems: Pay a down payment of 40% of the total unit price, and pay the rest over 5 years.

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